I Wish…



It was the summer of 1999, I was 17, and I was lying around the house completely bored! My parents were both at work, but luckily they had left one of the cars. I got off my ass and plucked the keys off the rack. I had no idea where I was going, but I knew I had to get out of the house. As I drove down the highway, I saw the storage company was having an auction. I pulled into the parking lot to go see if there was anything interesting. When I got inside, all I saw were old pieces of furniture and pictures. Nothing good. Then I headed towards the back, and I almost tripped over box that was lying on the ground. I looked down and saw a sign that said, "Junk, free for the taking!" I rummaged through the box and found a dildo! It looked like it was solid gold, and intrigued, shoved it in my short pocket and headed home.

When I got home, I headed up to my room. I closed the window shades, and locked the door to my room. I knew I was the only one home, my parents were at work, and my younger brother and sister were at camp for the next three weeks or so, but I still didn't want to take any chances. I pulled out the dildo, it was enormous! At least a foot long, and incredibly thick! It felt cold, and I knew it was made out of metal. Just for fun I took off my pants and started shoving the dildo up ass. It felt so good, pushing and pulling it out. Just then it felt warmer, and it started to vibrate. "Ohhhhhhhh!"

I moaned in pleasure. How was this happening though? I pulled it out and the vibrations suddenly got stronger and stronger. All of a sudden a huge cloud of smoke appeared. As the smoke started to clear, I nearly fell to the floor. There, floating above my bed on a cloud of smoke was a huge, muscular and incredibly hung dark skinned man. "Greetings, Master," he said to me in a low, powerful voice. "Master?" I asked incredulous.

"Yes," he said, "you released me, so I must grant you three wishes." I couldn't believe it, I had a genie! I began to think of what my wishes would be. "I can have any three wishes I want?" "Yes, anything you desire." I thought for a second, "Ok, first wish, I want to be incredibly wealthy, the richest man in the world!" The genie looked at me and said, "Alright." Then he lowered himself down to the floor and stood in front of me. My god he was giant! His bald head nearly touched my ceiling, and his shoulders were a good six feet wide. Muscles bulged everywhere under his smooth, dark skin. He had a large patch of hair on his chest though, as well as on his pubes. "Did you do it yet?" I asked. "Not yet Master, you must first drink the magical juice that flows from my pleasure region." He gestured to his massive dick. I looked at him, "You mean I have to blow you?" The genie looked confused. "Nevermind, I know what your talking about," I told him. I got down on my knees, and realized I couldn't reach well enough.

I'm not very tall, only about five foot. I stood up and just bent down far enough to do it. I picked up his cock in my hands; even soft it was long, thick and heavy. I looked up a second, and then started to stroke the monster cock in my hands. The genie began to get hard, and his cock seemed to double in size. I began licking it and sucking on the head which is the only part I could really fit in my mouth. The head began to swell and then his cock spasmed and sent a stream of cum into my mouth at the pressure of a fire hose. I swallowed all I could, and looked up. "There," the genie smiled, "it is done."

That was the most incredible thing I had ever experienced, and I had to do it again. I needed to use another wish, but for what? I decided to make this one a lot less selfish. "Second wish; I wish for my family, friends and I to all live long healthy lives." Once again he stood in front of me and I attacked that giant cock.

A few hours later, I was sitting on my bed thinking about what my third wish would be. The genie had long ago gone into his dildo. "I wish I had more than one left," I said to myself. That was it! I picked up the dildo, and started to jerk it off, and see if that would work. It did, and again the genie floated above me on a cloud of smoke. "I'm ready for my third wish," I told the genie. He looked at me and replied, "Very well, Master." "I wish, for unlimited wishes!" The genie's eyes went wide open, "I'm sorry master, I can not do that." I looked at him angrily. "You said I could have any wishes I wanted, and I want this one!" He looked reluctant, and said, "Very well." He floated off his cloud, and down to the ground.

I felt great, I now had as many wishes as I wanted, and needed to start somewhere. I looked at the genie and wondered what it was like to be that big. I raised an eyebrow, and thought "yeah..." I looked over to the genie, and said, "I wish to have a body just like yours!" He nodded approvingly, and came to me. As I was sucking that giant dick, I could hardly contain my excitement. I stood up licking my lips. Just then I felt a sort of vibrating inside my groin, and it spread all throughout my body. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling.

I opened my eyes and looked at my hands. They were growing! My fingers were stretching out, and my palms were getting bigger. I looked at my arms, they were growing longer and as they did, they were swelling with fantastic speed. I watched veins begin to jump up, and my biceps become enormous. I felt a pain that felt like it was far away and looked down to see my shoes ripping apart, bursting. My gigantic feet spread out, and ripped my socks to shreds as well. My shirt was getting too small, I watched it crawl up my stomach, and felt it get tighter as my shoulders began to spread. My arms raised as my back swelled into a massive V shape. The shirt finally couldn't take it any longer, and it ripped apart as my chest came bursting out. My pecs swelled to the size of large melons. I saw my stomach scrunch up and grow to the best abs I'd ever seen! All this while I was getting taller. I looked down, My legs lengthening, and my calves and quads ballooning. I must have been around seven feet tall at that point and still growing. My shorts were incredibly tight. Suddenly they ripped to pieces and fell to the ground. I was left in my underwear, which was getting tighter by the second. Just then they burst as well and two big, tomato sized balls fell down in a giant nut sack. I couldn't help myself, I reached down and grabbed them. My dick then started to grow. I watched as it shot out in spurts, longer and thicker. What had been five inches hard before was now swelling to more than a foot long soft. It had to be three inches thick. I touched it, and a wave of bliss came over me. I was so sensitive and I instantly got hard. I saw my skin turn darker, and watched as my pubes grew longer and thicker. I saw my mammoth chest become totally covered in thick black hair. I continued to grow taller and more muscular for about a minute until I was the size of the genie. •

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