Amateur Night


By Rad Rx

I had another look around, but it seemed most of the dancers were heading backstage. "Look's like they're about to bring out the main attraction," said my tablemate. "They've had him long enough to prep for his big night."

The crowd's attention re-focused on the dance floor as the lights in our area dimmed. "Hello again, Plexus. Now is the time you've been waiting all month for. When he came backstage he was 6 foot 1 and 210 pounds. By day he does clothing alterations for a big & tall store, so he has a good idea of what he wants, and he's counting on you to give it to him. He's already at over 240 and we can barely keep him down. Guys, let's bring it on for Tailor Made!"

With that the spots focused on the center of the dance floor. `Tailor' was standing head down still wearing his jeans, but they'd put him in some plaid flannel shirt that was at least an XXXL. We could make out some of his build under it, but I guess it was our job to make out all of it. The largest screams came from his table of friends who were obviously enjoying the stage name he'd been dubbed.

As he rolled his head back it appeared that he was in some sort of ecstatic trance. His jeans were already far too tight across the thighs and he accentuated this by stroking his hands across them teasing us by only lifting portions of the oversized shirt's hem at a moment. As these were his original jeans, most of the crowd realized they would be the first to go and the place resounded with their delight to this course of action.

Spreading his feet further apart on the floor, we could now see more of the tight denim straining across the top of his thighs to where it doubled back out across his crotch. He then started rocking up and down onto his toes in time to the music. Giving his thighs another quick massage, he brought his hands up to cover his face which he threw back suddenly as he felt a rapid onset of spasmic growth.

The cuffs of his jeans climbed several inches up over his ankles at the same time his thighs re-defined their outward sweep. We saw the side seams split from the knee up to his waist as the mass pushed outward for all to see and worship. The lower portions suffered a similar fate as his calves likewise erupted. Slowly turning for our appreciation, he squatted slowly for us to savor his ass swelling and tearing out the back of his pants.

Standing to face us again, we could see that he was now more into it. His hands reached in through the side openings of his pants and started massaging his thighs. We could see the outline of his hands shadowing through the fabric as he smiled and arched an eyebrow as if to ask if we wanted to see it all. We screamed for him to continue as he widened his stance in order to increase the pressure of his quads on the remaining denim.

Although the fabric cut too tightly for him to reach his crotch, this fact did not inhibit its excitability at all. If it weren't for the fact that he had just ripped out the rear crotch, we were all certain that the zipper would have been the next victim of his growth. As it were, he stood panting at us and with his fingertips was gesturing for us to `bring it on. Crossing his right arm over his body we could begin to see signs of growth in his back and torso as well, but not enough to have stopped him from fully reaching to the torn seam. He then started to slowly peel the remaining fabric across the top of his leg allowing us to fully view his engorged quad. Mirroring the movement with his left hand, he completed his pair of makeshift denim cutoffs allowing us all to partake in his muscular glory.

Keeping his legs open wide, he arched his back threw out a true Tarzan-like yell. The crowd responded in kind with its own primal vocalizations and were awed at the sight of his legs filling out even more, threatening to tear apart what little fabric remained hugging his hips. Raising his arms above his head we also became aware that, for the first time since he walked out, the hem of the shirt had actually passed up over his waist, giving us our incentive to go on with the show.

Not waiting for unnature to take its course, he then framed his crotch with both palms flat on the fabric of his shorts. Applying the slightest bit of pressure, he smiled as the zipper gave and his endowment sprang forth in several short bursts as if it were gasping for air after a long deprivation. He smiled as each heaving `breath' had allowed it to expand, further filling out the special g-strings designed to accommodate these men.

Eyebrows raised, he feigned an embarrassing "Ooh" with his mouth as he tucked both hands between his thighs and brought his shoulders forward in an attempt to hide his faux shame. I swear there must be a `clavicle curl' machine in the gym for Marilyn wannabe's. He then made a theatrical effort to hide his smirk and, letting his hand drop to caress his pecs, found reason enough to overcome his moment of bashfulness.

Regaining his composure, he then began to swing his arm like a pendulum. Each end of the swing would culminate in a biceps pose to which he would shake his head in disappointment. We got the idea soon enough and challenged ourselves to see if we could focus the bursts of growth to coincide with his flexing. Although he was probably able to feel the bursts coming on, he played along and adjusted his swings accordingly. We could the cuffs and forearms noticeably tightening. He stopped swinging and flexed his hands and wrists a few times to show us his progress. We went ahead full steam as he raised his arms into a full front single biceps pose. We were happy when the underseam finally tore through, revealing a baseball size spot hardening of arm muscle that increased the harder he flexed.

As his shoulders widened we could see the entire sleeve being pulled from the fabric straining over his torso. His other arm, hanging relaxed until now, suddenly shot up to join its partner in a massive display of front double bi's, bursting through its seams as beautifully as the first. Letting his arms drop to his sides, the sleeves then fell down his arms and caught on his wrists. He looped a finger through the cuff buttons and with a quick flick tore them open. He then stood shaking the mass of his triceps back and forth before assuming a fully `relaxed' pose.

We applauded his effort, and he proceeded with his show. Reaching his left arm up under the shirt, he resumed his concentration on massaging his pecs which were large by usual standards; they were not, however, enough to keep him or us sated for long. Pulling his hand out, he then undid several of the buttons down the front of his chest and inhaled. While exhaling he looked took a second to re- button the same set. Looking out at us for the proper motivation, he very deliberately inhaled again. We could see some of the buttons were a bit tighter than before, but we knew now what he wanted.

Repeating himself, he once again undid several of the buttons down the front of his shirt and inhaled. We could tell that he was as surprised at the results as we were, his cock visibly stiffened in its thong, and he gasped several more times. Each inhalation pulled the buttons even further apart. When it was obvious that he would not be able to re-button them, he grinned cockily and started bouncing them.

Standing 'relaxed' for all of us to see, he raised his arms up so that we could see his lats filling out against what was left of the flannel shirt. We encouraged this arrogance and were happy to see that soon his arms would not drop back down to their starting angle thanks to the increasing bulk of mass now tearing down the side seams of his shirt. Inhaling and smiling he raised his arm to his face and started licking and kissing his biceps. Stepping off toward his friends, he then did a most muscular pose that thickened his entire frame. His shoulders spread past the tearing fabric of the yolk so that upon standing the last bit of fabric fell.

At this point a couple of the original dancers appeared on stage behind him. Owing to their time among the crowd they were significantly larger then Tailor and made quite a display of themselves behind him. Mistaking our increasing volume as validation of his demonstration only, he hit a few more poses for our benefit. His face took a total look of surprise as Big John reached down over his shoulder and pulled the last of the shirt from his waist. Rico then came around front and pressed his groin into Tailors upper abs. Recognizing that he was blocking our view, Rico brought the group around so that we could see all three from the side.

Big John started massaging Tailor's chest from the top while Rico ground himself into Tailor's torso using his shoulders to gain leverage. Tailor seemed to have reverted into the ecstatic trance he had first shown upon coming out onto the floor. It was not long before we could see him transforming and growing as massive as the men pinning him in place on the floor. Big John was soon required to give up his over-the-top method of massaging, and squatted down slightly in order to reach them from under Tailor's arms. it was obvious, however, that he didn't want to continue this for long as he soon just lifted Tailor up and thrust his own throbbing member between Tailor's legs to provide more support. Rico used this opportunity to massage his thighs and arms in turn.

We weren't sure how long Big John was willing to keep up his hold on Tailor, but we were surprised at how soon his feet started dropping toward the floor. We were even more surprised to notice that Big John hadn't actually lowered his own arms and that Tailor was actually growing down toward the floor. Big John had been aware of the change and his own arms had swelled considerably in order to keep up with the challenge of holding the swelling Tailor up. He realized, however, that as long as his hands were occupied that he would not be able to enjoy his handiwork. As soon as Tailor's toes reached the ground, John loosened his grip and realized that he was now looking at the back of Tailor's head. Giving him a large welcome hug from the back, he started massaging Tailor's arms as well as grinding his hips forward into Tailor's.

In the audience, we were stunned at Tailor's rapid growth into his new stature, and we couldn't wait to see more. Coming out of his trance slightly, he was very pleased to see that he no longer had to look up at the smiling Rico who was still massaging his pecs and shoulders. Feeling Big John's attention from the rear, he flexed his massive arms to give a show to both us as well as his companions. The feedback from the crowd was all he needed to regain some of his confidence as he started reciprocating with his new friends. Grabbing Rico under his arms, Tailor pulled strongly on his lats to draw him in closer as John continued to massage his massive arms.

This latest development between the trio on the floor visibly and verbally raised the level of excitement within the crowd, and we were anxious to see how far we could help them along. Our question was soon answered as we saw that Tailor had was now several inches taller than even Big John and struggling to keep Rico pulled as close to him due the increased level of excitement visible in his thong. After several necessary adjustments in his stance to accommodate the increasing girth of his thighs, he stopped momentarily to catch his breath and survey himself. Letting his massive arms drop to his sides, he tried several times to force them lower - chuckling at how this temporarily ballooned out his chest with each attempt. Feeling Big John come in under one arm, Tailor reached out for Rico and used a single arm to pull him in. Settling Rico comfortably into his side, Tailor then pushed out his opposite leg and let the massive quad sway for several cycles before popping it into a flex.

This demonstration quickly united the audience, and we rallied behind Tailor in order to assist him assert his superiority. Feeling the massive surge of our energy focusing on him, he stomped down and quickly drank up all we could throw at him. Rico's face registered an extreme surprise as Tailor moaned loudly and started swelling up right before his eyes. In fact, Tailor was actually swelling into Rico's eyes as his chest was now at eye level with Rico and pressing firmly into his face. Rico took advantage of Tailor's inability to hold his arms as close as he had been to step away and watch as Tailor's chest continued to climb until they now hung out easily above his own head.

Letting out a massive "YYYYEEEEAAAAAHHH!" Tailor reached forward for Rico who was not quite fast enough to avoid being caught. Grabbing Rico's shoulders, Tailor then pulled Rico's torso into his own throbbing crotch and proceeded to give him a taste of his own medicine. Big John, in the meantime, had been dwarfed at Tailor's latest growth spurt, but he didn't allow that to stop him from enjoying himself. Dropping his arms from Tailor's massive shoulders, we were able to see him making another reach around Tailor's waist to get ahold of what he could up front.

Around the periphery of the dance floor, we also saw several of the remaining dancers making their way through a fog that was starting to obscure everyone from view. •

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