Muscleman Mutual


By Rad Rx


Jeff savored his slow, Saturday morning routine of waking up in no particular rush. Looking down he could still see Kevin atop his massive chest. In order to rest comfortably on his back, Jeff had needed both pillows, one even doubled-over, in order to hold his head due to the immense thickness of his back. This had left Kevin with few options for comfort. Jeff recalled that they had tried several options with little success. Jeff weighed more than twice his friend, and they had both managed to get used to it in very short time. The differential had also provided for quite a night as both of them had been almost uncontrollably multi-orgasmic.

Trying to move Kevin off to one side, Jeff could tell from the immediate pull on his own abs that they had been glued together by the sizable loads shot even after falling asleep. Reaching an arm around Kevin, he slowly rolled off the bed and stood up with Kevin's feet dragged off to one side. "You could have warned me," grogged Kevin.

"We're stuck together, numbnuts. If it wouldn't hurt me as well, I'd have just as soon ripped you right off. As it is, I'm headed to the shower which means you are too."

Unable to get his footing on time, Kevin found himself being dragged along in front of Jeff making his way to the bathroom. Giving up completely, he simply grabbed hold of Jeff's arm in order to steady his torso against the small pulling sensation that accompanied each thudding step.

Both of them stood in the shower for several minutes and allowed the water to saturate them before moving. Finally able to stand completely up, Kevin stretched and yawned. Unable to stretch completely overhead, Jeff arched his back forward and stretched his arms out over Kevin's shoulders while squeezing his head between his upper arms.

"Still can't resist showing off?" he teased.

"Would you be able to," Jeff replied and started bouncing his pecs. In the close quarters of the stall, both of them felt themselves being roused and pressing into the other's thighs.

"Maybe I should see about breakfast," Kevin suggested reaching for the door handle.

"I've got a healthy portion of eggs and sausage right here for you," joked Jeff as he pulled Kevin's hand away from the door. Not even waiting for a reply he hoisted Kevin's body and impaled him on his waiting member. They held this position for most of the shower while washing each other down. Needless to say, this unnecessarily prolonged the cleaning efforts. As the hot water began to run down, both mutually agreed to finish up and try not to climax any more.

While Kevin headed to the kitchen to see about food, Jeff returned to the bedroom. Recalling the answering machine, he hit play while tidying up a bit.

"Good evening. This message is for Mr. Jeff Repp. Mr. Repp, this is Muscleman Mutual calling in regard to a couple of transactions to your account that may have been posted in error. If you have any questions regarding your account or its potential abuse, please contact us at 888.555.1212. Thank you."


"Error, how could THIS possibly be an error," he thought surveying himself in the mirror. Wondering what he might find to fit in his wardrobe, he started pulling out baggy, weekend clothes that he had always worn around the house for weekend cleaning. He pulled on a pair of nylon workout shorts whose waistband barely cleared his legs. There was no need to tie the band as they fit so snugly across his quads that the small holes in the weave were actually pulled almost round by the mass of flesh beneath them. Jeff smiled and took a step for a shirt. That single step was all it took to rip through the crotch and both side seam of the shorts. Laughing, he did a most muscular and growled like the incredible hulk. Feeling the crotch tearing up his crack caused him to laugh even more at the sight of his legs pouring out of the fabric. "This is usually the only thing that ever stayed on the Hulk," he smirked "guess I'm one up on him in that department."

He then found another pair of the lycra shorts similar to what he'd been wearing the evening before. Although he was able to pull them up, in order to walk, he'd had to hike them higher in order to clear the largest portion of his legs. The waistband also dropped considerably in front due to the tremendous pull of his cock in its pouch.

Locating a baggy T. Michael, he raised his arms and struggled to pull it down and around the new expanse of his chest and back. It cut across his abs at the level of his navel. Inhaling, he felt the seams under his arms cut and strain. "Fuck it," he whispered and threw up his arms into a double biceps. The fabric gave way with relief, and Jeff smiled at the sight of his upper body stretching a baggy workout shirt beyond its limit in order to stay on. Letting his arms drop, he could start to see the outer curve of his chest bulging through the torn armholes. He smiled again thinking of the amount of fun he was going to have with himself and others. Unable to help himself, he resumed his self massage and enjoyed the slow, sensual feel of his mass flexing and pushing against itself in order to be free from constraint.

Just then the phone rang, and Jeff bent over to grab it tearing the shirt a bit more in the process. "Hello," he said while massaging his groin with his free hand.

"Mr. Repp?"

"This is Jeff."

"Mr. Repp, my name is Dirk Richardson, and I work for Muscleman Mutual. Sir, have you recently used the credit card we sent you?"

"Yeah, it's fucking great. Who can I thank?" Jeff replied.

"Mr. Repp, I think we need to discuss payment terms on your account. While we realize the potential for positive use of your account may seem attractive, we believe that more responsible use should precede such a significant use on the first attempt."

"What are you talking about? I haven't bought anything," Jeff tried to play dumb.

"Mr. Repp, we show two transactions last evening totaling 250 pounds. I'm certain that most people would notice something like that. Did you familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions we sent with the card?"

Jeff didn't say anything.

"Perhaps it's best if we discuss this in person. We have a car waiting out front to transport you discreetly to our offices. Please don't argue, or we may be forced to reverse the transaction without the benefit of further discussion."

Jeff didn't like the tone this conversation was starting to take. "And that would affect me how," Jeff tried to push back.

"With interest and service fees, the total would amount to 270.8 pounds."

"270! I only used 250. That would leave me at . . ."

"174 pounds, most of which would go toward our service fees; for the time used, the interest is actually less than 2 pounds. I understand your concern, Mr. Repp. If you would please be so kind as to discuss this in person we can arrange for a suitable payment plan, and perhaps see about waiving the service charges since you are a new client."

Jeff was shocked. Mumbling something to Kevin, he staggered downstairs to where a black limousine was parked. Although he would have noticed the driver in any crowd, he didn't particularly feel too much like messing around at the moment.

Inside the car, the windows were so dark that he could not make out where they were going, and less than an hour later the car stopped and the driver opened the door.

>From the garage he was ushered through a small reception area. He hadn't expected to see that many people in a bank on a Saturday, but those that were here were definitely worth noticing. All of them were pushing the limits on their work clothing and didn't seem to mind showing it off. A door opened to an office, and Jeff was stunned at the man who reached for his hand.

"Mr. Repp, we spoke earlier. I'm Dirk Richardson. Thank you for coming in today. I think we'll be able to clear things up in very short order."

Jeff was too busy checking the man out to pay much attention to the words. Although he was not as big as Jeff Dirk had definitely put a lot of time into his workouts. Jeff took a seat, and Dirk continued his speech about interest rates, re-payment, &c. Dirk had stepped in front of the window and was now standing still facing Jeff. He was wearing tailored pants that hung loosely from his waist with extra fabric from the pleats draping over the solidly bulging quads beneath. "Damn," thought Jeff, "even in slacks I can tell this guy is seriously packing." Dirk's shirt, although not acceptable in many banking environments, worked very well on him in this one. It was of a gauzy, cotton fabric in a camp style that cut across the top of his upper arms and trimmed nicely at the waist.

>From what Jeff could tell, the basics of his new account required that for each use of the card he would need to be able to put in enough gym effort to pay off the interest on his use. So last night's spree was going to require that he do enough work in a gym to have put on almost 2 pounds of solid muscle.

"Of course, we realize that most gyms won't suit your needs in this area, so we also offer our own facilities. The extra motivation provided here will not only allow you to work off your debts but we'll even let you decide what to do with the excess - you can keep it outright or invest it in your own line of equity. Using this type of access can be very beneficial because using it rather than our line of credit will allow you to pay yourself the interest on your account use," finished Dirk.

"Uh-huh," muttered Jeff.

"So, you ready to hit the gym?" Dirk asked. "I could use a good workout, and it would give me the chance to show you around. First, however, I'll need to put on some weight from my own account."

It figured to Jeff that everyone here had some interest in the facility. "How much do you plan to use?"

"Relax, you may be big out here, but inside the workout area we have equipment that you wouldn't be able to touch. I'll occasionally treat myself to a big weekend, but usually I stick to the same size," Dirk said.

"How much," began Jeff.

"More than I really need," interrupted Dirk. He removed his card from his wallet, swiped it, entered a few numbers, and started to undress. "Sorry, these clothes are not the type I like to damage," he explained while losing all but his boxer briefs. He then asked Jeff to step up against the wall.

"Something wrong?" asked Jeff.

"No, I just like to give a really good show for effect. And it's easier to be interactive if you're also standing up," Dirk explained. Standing several inches in front of Jeff and looking up slightly at him, Dirk then clenched his jaw. Jeff took this as a sign that he was about to begin. Without further indication of the pain that Jeff had gone through, Dirk simply expanded up until he was over a foot and a half taller than Jeff. "Holy shit," thought Jeff.

Dirk spoke. "By my calculations, I'm now about the same weight as you due to the increase in proportions, but I'm not finished yet. I'll probably be close to twice your weight by the time I'm through," he said with a smile looking down at Jeff. No further indication was given, but Jeff was starting to feel crowded against the wall due to Dirk's massive swelling. It was all that Jeff could do not to grab himself and start jerking right there as Dirk's chest ballooned out and into his face. His legs were likewise pinned by the growth of Dirk's, and Dirk kept his hands on Jeff's upper arms just to feel the resistance of their own size diminish with his gains. If Dirk had been packing before, then he could now only be described as packed for relocating. His throbbing crotch had started pressing against Jeff's abdomen as well.

"Not bad," Dirk smiled.

"My thoughts exactly," Jeff was able to mutter.

"I was talking about this," Dirk indicated by squeezing Jeff's erection between his own massive thighs. "We need to take care of that. It's not good form to be losing loads in the workout areas. To much staff turnover." Grabbing Jeff by the waist, Dirk hoisted him easily so that Jeff's crotch was level with his mouth. Jeff pulled himself free of his shorts, and Dirk took him in a single gulp. The strength of Dirk's tongue massaging him was too much for Jeff and he came almost immediately.

"There now. Off to work we go."

Jeff had been surprised that so far they hadn't mentioned dropping his size. He wanted to be sure that he wasn't going to be forced to work out next to Dirk at his normal, or worse, less than normal body weight.

"It takes muscle to make muscle," explained Dirk. "Besides, only the really serious abusers are required to drop size before paying debts.

They proceeded down a wide promenade hall into a vast hall of the largest gym equipment Jeff had ever seen. There was no plate smaller than a standard 45, and a majority were even 100's.

"Now this may look like fun and games, but remember that you're here to work off a debt and try to make a profit beyond that. I'm going to push you hard for most of the day before letting you rest," Dirk explained. "Let's start at this bench here."

Dirk proceeded to load several 100's on each side of the bar until it was at least 700 pounds. Jeff had no idea how much his borrowed body could handle, but since Dirk was experienced in these matters he would trust him. Jeff strained to complete 10 reps, and he could barely take time to enjoy the intensely burning pump that it had given his chest. Dirk was a very positive coach, however, and he completed the set.

"My turn now," said Dirk.

Jeff asked how much more weight he wanted on the bar.

"This is fine for me," replied Dirk and lifted the bar to begin a set of barbell curls. Although it stunned Jeff that he had just struggled to perform this weight for a major body part, he was also excited to see Dirk's arms pumping up massively for the full set of 15 reps. "Always remember to warm up," said Dirk.

For the next few hours Jeff's body was pushed beyond limits he thought possible. By the end of the workout, he was wondering if he would ever be able to walk again without wincing.

At the end of the workout, Dirk walked over to an ATM mounted near the protein bar. He swiped a card and started reading out numbers. "Good job, Jeff. It looks like you've paid your interest and added a couple of extra pounds to boot. We'll go ahead and let you keep that rather than set up an account now. A car is waiting to take you home by which time your body should have returned to 197 pounds. I'll re-send the card information with some extra literature about our offerings." With that he shook Jeff's hand and directed him to a door. Too exhausted to lust further, Jeff collapsed into the car and slept the entire trip home. •

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