Muscleman Mutual


By Rad Rx


Jeff groaned as he opened yet another credit card application pre- destined for the shredder. When he opened this one, however, he noted that they had actually included the card within the envelope. He reached for the scissors but stopped when he saw the image on the card. It was an artistic rendering of an incredibly built man leaning against a column. Actually it looked more like an incredibly striated leg that he was resting against.

"Gay bank cards -- what else will these marketing people think of to get business," he mumbled. Just for a grin, he tossed the card into his file pile and went on with the clearing his desk of the mail that had piled up over the past few days.

He didn't give the card another thought until Friday of that week. Coming home from the gym, he'd noticed that there was a package outside his door. He didn't remember ordering anything, and he routinely had things shipped to work since few of the carriers were able to comply with the signature waiver instructions he tried to leave on order forms. Picking it up, he made his way into his flat.

He immediately thought that there'd been some sort of mistake as the box contained a small credit card processor. He was certain that he'd never ordered it. He went through the packaging to look for return instructions but couldn't find any. Turning the unit over, he saw a logo that looked a bit familiar. It was a small grid with points at some of the intersections. The points, however, collectively looked liked a flexed arm. Then he remembered that the credit card from earlier in the week had the same logo on the envelope.

He dug through his pile to locate the card. Sure enough there was the same logo in the hologram on the front. Wondering who was sending him a gag gift, he started playing around with the unit. There were instructions for installation on the back as well as some troubleshooting guides. He plugged it in and located a phone jack for the com port as well.

Just to see what would happen he swiped the card.





He wondered what to do now. It wasn't as if he was buying anything, so if they sent him a bill he could just argue that nothing had been received. After all, there was no sales receipt to justify the charge. Even so, he was sure that he could credit whatever account was affected by reversing the charge.

> 500.00

> TRANSMITTING #500.00 . . .

> DENIED . . .


He hadn't recalled seeing a credit limit with the card, but then again, he had shredded everything in his hasty process that it hadn't even occurred to him to look. He thought for a moment and entered a lower amount.

> 100.00

> TRANSMITTING #100.00 . . .



Shrugging the whole thing off as some sort of practical joke, he turned to head for the kitchen. Without warning, he felt himself tightening up. His entire body went rigid, and just as quickly relaxed again.

"What the hell was that?" he thought as he made his way to the kitchen.

Making his way through the hall into the kitchen, Jeff was quite pleased with the thudding his steps produced on the hardwood floors. "About time these workout efforts started showing," he muttered. Reaching for the pasta, he stopped to admire the way his upper arm curved and felt coming out of the hem of the sleeve. He put the pasta box down and massaged himself. "Damn, I'm keeping this pump longer than ever," he mused. Reaching for the pan overhead, he felt the seam of his shirt pressing tightly into his lats. Putting the pan on the stove, he noticed that his nipples were also hard and that his chest was looking fully pumped as well. He flexed a couple of times and smiled, "didn't even work chest today . . . wait a minute."

Running into his bedroom where his closet doors were basically mirrors on rails, he stared at himself. "This can't be happening," he whispered. Going into the bathroom, he stepped onto the scale where the readout gave 215. "Holy shit, that's 20 pounds heavier than yesterday."

He flexed a couple of times and watched his chest fill out even more. Back to the scales. 223.

He went back into his bedroom for the full view. By the time he made it his legs had pumped up and started to push the lycra workout shorts further up across his quads. He just stood staring at himself. His shirt had started to creep up due to the expansion of his upper body. He felt his arms pressing heavily against his lats and saw his chest filling out even more. His nipples had been teased rock hard as the cotton fabric had been pulled across them.

Jeff stood mesmerized by the increasing bulk of his body for several minutes more. It appeared that every muscle group was pushing to be seen through the shirt including his abs. He regained his composure and started hitting a couple of poses that he'd always seen the guys at the gym doing; he could hardly believe how good it felt to have his forearm stopped before his hand could reach his shoulder by the massive mound of warm, hard biceps that swelled up when he flexed. He reached over and started massaging his arm and was likewise delighted at having to exert in order to reach over and across his expansive chest. He took a few minutes to massage these new mounds of his upper body before checking himself again.

By now his shoulders had thickened and widened enough that the sleeve seam had made its way off of the roll of shoulder mass and closer to his traps. He reached down and massaged his crotch just to see his pec bunch and harden as he squeezed. Laughing he then tried to bounce his pecs. It took several attempts to figure out how to keep his shoulders from hunching as he tried to pop the mounds in place. Finally, he had it down so well that he tried doing it with his hands held over his head. By this point, his chest had expanded with enough mass to make an incredible display in this position as well.

Reveling in the pounding thuds of his footsteps, he headed for the bathroom. Banging his shoulder on the doorjam, he chided himself for not having realized that he would need to be more aware of himself. Feeling a bit of solidity pressing into his underwear, he laughed thinking that that would not be a problem.

Stepping onto the scale, he saw that it now read 295 pounds. He had gained a full 100 pounds of solid muscle in a space of 10 minutes. His reverie was disrupted by the sound of the door buzzer.

"Hey, Jeff, it's Kev," blared the speaker. He recalled that they had planned to head out this evening. Without speaking Jeff buzzed him through and returned to the kitchen to clean up.

He was in the kitchen when he heard the front door open. Kevin made his way back through the hall and into the kitchen. Seeing Jeff from the back but not recognizing him, he quickly excused himself and returned to the front of the flat. "Jeff," he called out "why didn't you tell me you had someone over? You dumbass, I would have . . ." His voice tapered off as he realized that Jeff wasn't in the front of the apartment either.

Jeff in the meantime had laughed and tried to quietly follow Kevin to the front. When his voice trailed off, he reached around and grabbed him in a large bearhug from behind. "Whatsamatter? Didn't recognize me in my workout clothes," laughed Jeff as Kevin struggled to break away. Jeff finally let him go and broke up laughing "Kev, you should see the look on your face!"

"Jeff, what the fuck happened to you?"

Jeff explained about the odd credit card machine and what he'd been going through for the past half hour. "I'll make some impression at Plexus tonight -- especially since it's just a regular night for the place," he laughed. "First I need to find something else to wear." With that, he thudded off to the back door to make his way downstairs to the laundry room wear his clothes were air drying.

Kevin took a look at the credit card machine. He'd always been a bit trimmer than Jeff and relied on his flashy smile to compete for guys. Now that Jeff was a 300 pound stud, he'd have to do a lot more competing. Smiling, he swiped the card.





He wanted to upstage Jeff entirely.

> 150.00

> TRANSMITTING #150.00 . . .


Jeff hadn't mentioned anything about this. He'd said it was just like a standard credit card machine. Not knowing what it meant, he hit 'Yes' figuring that an additional 150 pounds was better regardless of what this meant.



Kevin stood there waiting for several minutes for the tensing sensation Jeff had described. It didn't come. Hearing Jeff open the back door, he put down the card and plopped down on the couch.

"KEVIN!" boomed Jeff from the kitchen. "Did you touch that machine?"

Jeff pounded into the living room breathing heavily.

"Jeff, I just wanted to . . .," began Kevin.

"How much?" Jeff cut him off.

"150, and this time there was something about optimization that I didn't understand so I figured it was a good thing and just hit 'yes,'" stammered Kevin.

Just then Jeff doubled over and groaned. "This is not the same as the first time," he said. "It feels way different - like I'm being pulled apart."

Jeff stood up and noticed that he and Kevin were no longer eye-to-eye.

"Shit, Jeff, you're getting taller! You're almost 4 inches taller than I am."

"The stretching feels like it's stopped. My proportions don't feel that different. I wonder how much I weigh." Jeff turned and made for the scale. He returned a minute later and declared "I'm now at 350. Looks like I've just been magnified to handle the last 100 or so pounds." He inhaled deeply and threw his arms up into a massive double biceps. The sound of the T-shirt giving out at the arm seams aroused both of them but it was easily more evident on Jeff's magnified crotch.

"Oh, yeah," he moaned, "let's see it." He reached for the hole under one of his arms and tore the fabric across his body to reveal his massive torso. Letting it hang loose, he started flexing his massive chest and arms for them both to see. Not even waiting to see if his legs would outgrow the lycra, he simply tore the shorts off a la a stripper. He and Kevin were astounded at the size of his cock pressing outward on his underwear. "Good thing I get the pouch version of underwear," he laughed stroking it into more fullness.

"Go on, Kev, I know how much I like to feel this mass. There's plenty of room for your hands, too."

Kevin grabbed handful after handful of Jeff's still-growing mass. Jeff complied by flexing everything and holding him tightly for some oral inspections of some areas. Kevin could swear that if he held on long enough, some of the muscles would actually grow enough to separate his fingers further apart on whatever he had been clutching.

When they had been going at it for 30 minutes or so, Jeff pulled himself apart so that he could have a look at the finished incarnation. He moaned.

"I couldn't agree more," said Kevin, "can you imagine what they'll say tonight at Plexus?"

Jeff smirked, "They've seen more than my 6'4" and 450 pounds, but never actually squeezing through the door."

"No shit, man. Between your shoulders and the way your arms hold out like that, you'd need to turn sideways to fit through most doorways."

Like most bodybuilders, Jeff took this as an opportunity to 'puff up' and hold his arms out even further pretending that they simply couldn't be forced any lower. Gathering Kevin up, he said "I don't think I can wait to make it to Plexus tonight. You'll just have to do with me for now. Besides, I haven't forgotten that you called me a dumbass earlier." With that he carried him off toward the bedroom to finish what they'd started.

After several hours of exploration, name-calling, teasing and finally dozing off, Jeff heard the phone ringing. Figuring it was some friends calling to find out where they were, he let the machine get it. Looking down, he saw that Kevin was using his chest as a pillow. He did a few pec bounces just to tease.

"Mmmphh. Show-Off," muttered Kevin and used a free hand to clutch a handful of uncovered muscle.

"Oh, yeah," thought Jeff as he wrapped an arm over Kevin and dozed off himself. •

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