Long Night, A

By James Richard

When I started university a few years ago I had left it rather late in applying for student accommodation, so I was in the unfortunate position of having to share a room with another student. For me this was a very frightening prospect. I was shy, quite skinny and not a great sportsman - your typical swat. On my first day, I was shown up to my room. When I arrived no one else was there so I began to unpack my things. Uppermost in my mind was what kind of person I would be sharing a room with for the next year. Imagine if he were a huge football playing jock with loads of friends of the same type. Assuming my fate I visualised a big guy coming in with this dumbbells and sports equipment ready to show me his impressive set of muscles. He had his friends would probably beat the shit out of me every night. What would be talk about?

Shortly afterwards he arrived and I was pleasantly surprised to see that he wasn't this huge jock I had imagined. Instead he was about 5'11" and had a pretty average build. He was a good-looking guy though with short blond hair and a very fresh face. I was relieved. That night when we both came back from our first night out, I was concerned about having to expose my body in front of him for the first time. What would he think? When we got back to the room we both started getting ready for bed, I managed to change quickly and discretely and hop into bed. We then started chatting about our first night out at university and how good it had been. As we chatted he started to undo the buttons on this shirt. Only then did I begin to realise what was under there. As parts of this chest became exposed I saw his massive pec begin to appear, my heart started beating heavily with anticipation of what was to follow. Within seconds he was standing there shirtless and completely exposed. I couldn't believe it, I had been so wrong. He had two massive pecs decks with little nipples pointing out, his stomach was ripped with an 8-pack set of abdominals, each abdominal muscle showing huge definition under the dim light. His shoulders were huge supporting his massive biceps. His arms were covered with pumping veins and his biceps looked ready to explode. My heart raced, how would I sleep knowing what a hunk lay beside me?

I could see each muscle flex and contract with every move of his body, he bent down to remove his shoes and his biceps burst into action like there were needed for a strenuous task. The beautiful separation on his smooth tanned skin was amazing. I could see movements in his huge pecs as we moved his shoulders, all I wanted to do was feel the strength contained in those booming muscles. After removing his shoes and socks, he unbuckled his belt. My heart stopped. As he undid the top button of his 501s I saw a peek of this bright white CK underwear. His jeans dropped to the floor, exposing his CK briefs to the world. They looked like they would explode with the pressure of his massive bulge hanging down. Never before had I seen something so beautiful. He turned around before getting into bed; his buttocks were pert and very fit. Just before he turned the light out, he whipped off his briefs. By this time I was shaking madly. His 11" cock lay out in full view. I was overcome with shock at such a sight. He put the light out and went to sleep. I however, did not sleep that night. I could not get the picture of his body out of my mind. As me moved in bed, I could picture his muscles expanding and contracting with every movement. I could see his buttocks and cock rubbing against the sheets - and how I wished I was in there with him. I just lay there counting every minute that passed before morning would come and I could witness that beautiful sight once again. What would he do? He must do sit-up and press-ups to have a body like that I thought. Imagine if he doesn't get dressed before the exercises begin, wow… what a sight!

At about 3 o'clock that morning while I was still awake he awoke and got out of bed. He didn't turn on the light, but I could see an outline of him with the light coming thought the window. He took a drink out of a bottle of water and returned back to his bed. I could see his massive cock dancing about between his legs. He then noticed that I was awake and fully engrossed in his beefy cock. I immediately pretended that I was sleeping, and he returned to his bed. As he walked towards his bed I could hear his cock beating the sides of his chunky hairy thighs. That night I remained awake constantly wondering whether he had noticed my fixation on his manhood. 7am approached and the light began to appear though the window. His alarm clock sounded, and slowly he begun to awake. Again I pretended to be asleep, but I had my eyes clearing set on him. His arm moved from under the covers reaching for the shirt that he had worn the night before. Still under the covers hiding that beautiful body he fitted the shirt back on. What was he doing? Did he not want me to see his manly body again? Now I was worried, and very disappointed after a night of expectation. He continued by getting into his briefs without revealing any of that giant cock. Eventually he removed the covers showing only his chunky thighs. Again all I could see was that massive bulge which once filled me with such expectation, his briefs again looked like they couldn't support the strain of the physical weight.

For the next week he ensured that maximum privacy was controlled. I watched hoping just to see some of what I had seen that evening, but to no avail. I did not know why he was being so prudish -- what did he have to hide? Sadly he looks rather disappointing wearing ordinary clothes which tend to be baggy and over sized. Only the very critical eye could see the bulging muscles hiding behind.

That Friday afternoon became the afternoon I would never forget. With the visual picture of his handsome physique fading in my memory, I was becoming ever more desperate to get a glimpse of that body. Whilst I was alone in our room I spotted a pair of his bright white briefs, and without too much thought decided to try them on for a kick. As I did I could feel my cock getting harder and harder, the feeling of my cock rubbing against the same material as what supported his mammoth bulge was sensational. The door opened - my heart stopped. "How's things" he said, before noticing that I was standing there with a full erection in his underpants. What could I do, I'd just pretend it was a mistake. "Oh kinky!" he said with a rather large grin. The door closed and I stood still. "I guess who've seen what I try to hide from others then?" he said, I nodded not knowing what to say. "Ah.. don't worry, it's our secret - right?" Naturally I agreed. He explained that for the past couple of years he'd been attending a gym, but didn't like the type of people who usually bodybuild and thus tried to conceal his body in fear of be labelled. He admitted that his cock was bigger than average and he tried to conceal this too. Now, I was feeling quite honoured in being one of the few to see him nude. He urged me not to tell anyone about him or our conversation. Then out of the blue he asked if I fancied a closer look. "If you don't mind" I said. Like that first night he began to unbutton his shirt. He stripped down to the waist looking at me in a seductive way. "Do you fancy a bit of this?" he said. "Please" I replied. The muscles looked even more powerful in the full light of the day, the veins formed a web covering his forearms and biceps. His chest was so ripped that I could see the muscle fibres stretching across each pec. His abdominals were so fucking cut I'd swear that wasn't enough skin to hold them in. "Throw a punch at those!" he said looking down at his stomach. I ran a few punches into his massive eight-pack. I could feel the resistance on my knuckles, those muscles were like stone. I then ran my finger between each muscle segment, as I did he would tighten them up pinching my finger with their power. My heart was pounding and we both appeared to be loving it. I was his trusted friend and admirer.

Not wishing to take his generosity too far I stopped. "What's the matter - don't you want to play a game?" Before I answered he was unfastening his big leather belt. Within seconds his Levis were on the floor, and his legendary white briefs where on show. We were both wearing his underwear! Then they came off. "Right, I've been a bad boy and I need a good thrashing as punishment. You're the teacher and it's your job." WOW! This guy gets a kick from a beating. My dreams had been answered. My roommate was an 18-year-old Greek God, hung like a horse and wanted me to beat his bulging muscles. He handed me the belt and said "Give it your best". He then grabbed the posts of his bed and bent over aiming is lean little buttocks at me. I beat them with all my power, seeing his muscles contract with every lash. The sweat trickled down his ripped back, but he took the punishment like a man. After I had finished he was physically drained and needed a rest. I could see his muscles spasm, but he looked better than ever with veins like a web covering every part of his exposed body. Now I too was tired, I could sense my underwear feeling the strain of my woody, which now felt great knowing I could compete too. After a brief rest he pulled up this underpants, grabbing hold of his cock before placing it in the pouch. We both began to dress. "You're a powerful guy" he said. I was delighted that I was not a serious contender. Now a competition was due. I stripped off my shirt showing my rather weak pale body and he remained shirtless. "Let's see who has the real strength!" I shouted before tightening his leather belt around my bicep. At this stage I thought I was invincible, but I was to be embarrassed. "Time how long it takes me to beat this piece of shit" I declared. He laughed as I flexed and flexed with absolutely no movement. With every pound of my strength I tried, but he just laughed. "Give it here" he said. He strapped it around his already bulging bicep, flexed once, and the belt pealed away like the skin of a banana. "Enough?", he laughed. I conceded defeat. We finally dressed knowing more fun would follow that night. •

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