That Quiet Rip

By James Richard

Last night I was coming back from a night out. As I sat on the train, I noticed a guy standing on the gangway just ahead of me. He looked about 18-19 year old, was about 6'1" with short blond hair and was pretty fit looking. His broad shoulders and incredibly pert bum grabbed my attention. It was a wet evening and like the rest of us on the train he was wearing a heavy overcoat.

As the train stopped at stations and passengers got off the seat beside me eventually became free. The young guy looked around and spotted the empty seat. He walked down to where I was sitting and asked if I minded if he sat beside me, I said yes. Before sitting down he took off his overcoat -- I couldn't help but take a peek. As he undid the buttons you could see a very tight t-shirt beneath, his pecs seemed to create an impression of slabs of concrete tucked tightly under his shirt. When the buttons were undone he took of the coat. WOW! I could now see his massive biceps with pulsating veins like canals lining every fibre of muscle. He didn't have any room in his shirt which looked like it might not support the strain on the seams. I was absolutely shocked to see such a young looking guy with such big muscles -- my heart started to pound at the very thought. He reached up to the overhead luggage and deposited his coat. As he did this I had a peak at his bum. I don't know what he does but he must pay special attention to those buttocks because they were perfectly shaped like hard boiled eggs. I quickly glimpsed the size of his waist from his very snug pair of cream-coloured khakis. Not surprisingly he was only a 30" waist!

As he sat beside me I couldn't help but sneak looks at his very prominent chest. I could see his nipples resting on his massive chest thought the wet t-shirt. His arms, which I estimate had 18-19Ē biceps, were frightening. He bent down and took a book out of his bag; I heard a quiet rip. I knew he heard it too, because his face went bright red. I said nothing, but I was very curious to know what had ripped. As he opened the book I heard another louder rip, and though the corner of my eye I saw his shirt peal away from his growing biceps. By bending his elbow his muscles had contracted to such an extent that his shirt gave way. There was no hiding this one. The train approached my destination and I signalled to him that I needed to get off. We both got off and as he walked in front of me I could see a large rip right down his back. I donít think he knew about this one! I pointed this out to him when we got on to the platform, he said it was a cheap shirt that didnít fit property. He then asked if I knew of anywhere that he could change it. I didnít. To my surprise he didnít just put on his coat, he was determined to change his shirt there and then. He took a quick look around both shoulders and saw that there werenít many people standing around. Without any warning he was stripped off his t-shirt. I nearly fainted with shock. Here was this kid standing there in front of me with muscles like a Greek god. His chest was indeed beautifully build and cut like prize cheese. His stomach was ripped with amazing abdominal definition, and his arms had veins coming to the surface of every inch of flesh. He was visibly quite frustrated with the episode and it was a cold evening. When he saw a couple of younger kids pointing a laughing at him, he went over to them and asked if something was funny. I knew at this stage that things could turn nasty. The kids laughed and said he should get a bra to told in his chest. He was furious at their cheek and grabbed both of them by the neck and held them in the air. Every muscle in his body was pulsating and veins were surfacing like a web across every muscle. The kids kicked and punched at his massive frame, but to no avail, each punch bounced off his growing and tensed muscles like rain droplets. The kids apologised and that was it over, he dropped them on the ground and they ran off. He went over to his bad a pulled out another shirt; this one was bigger and sadly fitted too well. Once again he was the kid that I first saw standing on the gangway of the train. An ordinary guy with a very neat but. •

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