In Time of Need

By F.R.Eaky

Wayne had lost his job. It wasn't that he screwed up or was poor at work; the company downsized. It hadn't been too long ago that he had lost his mother and now he was moving into my house as he wouldn't be able to keep up with the rent payments. He didn't look quite his usual vigorous self as he methodically drug his belongings into the foyer. Normally he was fairly hard to miss. Six four, about 210, thick, feathery, chestnut hair, that framed a very square jaw and deep cocoa eyes. He was an athlete all through high school and college, but he didn't go pro in anything, and yet he had managed to keep his physique up pretty darn well.

I remember seeing that physique shortly after he moved to the area. He was visiting the local dance club and bar I was at that night and someone had dragged him out onto the floor to make him strut his stuff. He wasn't a great dancer, believe me, although I had seen worse. He was a sight to see: nice dress pants just on the tight side so he filled them out well but they didn't conform to every bludge, curve, or groove; nice silk type shirt, that he must have chosen in haste as you new it was an old one and was way too small. He not only had to leave the collar button undone but two buttons further down as well and his chest was still stretching the gap open tight and wide. He was there on an informal type of date. He arrived with some guy... John... I don't know. I think he moved away about three months ago. Anyway he was there to meet the locals, and we ran into each other and introduced ourselves about halfway through the night. He went home alone that night, being new and all he wasn't going to jump striaght into any relationship, although he did catch the eye of another gentleman and they had made plans to see one another a week from them. I could have been jealous, but Wayne and I did have several hobbies and interests in common and we could just hang and bum together quite nicely and we exchanged problems. Ya know, he'd gripe about how things were back home, I'd gripe about the roof of my house leaking and where was I going to come up with the money...yaddah yaddah yaddah. Two years later here we are best friends practically and we have helped one another through many painful and bright moments.

Oh, but inside myself, I began to watch him. He'd come over to talk and help me rake and mow my yard. I'd watch him while he was trimming my bushes, as the sun beat down upon him, making him sweat and gleam, soaking the tank top till it clung to him like seran wrap and then he'd bend over to pick up the clippings, or when he raked up a big pile of leaves, and I'd stare, lust and drool, silently as I watched his butt bubble up and fill tightly the shorts he was wearing and watch as the strong cable of hamstrings pull taught between his thick thighs and and wide calves. He was an adonis to me and my desire for him grew stronger every day. But I knew not to press the issue. If he didn't express affection for me, I shouldn't force it on him.

Anyway, there we were. We'd just come in from walking the back forty of my property, which is gorgeous on autumn evenings such as this. I sat down in a bay window seat with a mug of hot apple cider. Wayne came over to me, knelt beside me, and I gave the top of his head and his feather hair a goof shake and smiled. He hopped up, placed his derrier right in between my legs and leaned back against my torso. Compaired to my five ten frame, he felt so heavy. Not like he was crushing me, but I felt his strength, his solidness, his toned mass and I enjoyed it. Just the feel of him was gonna make me achieve multiple orgasm, but I controlled myself as the situation needed to be calm.

"Dustin, hope you don't mind me actually leaning on you here."

"S'okay. You're not that heavy."

"No, I just ment the closeness, that's all. I don't want to impose."

"S'alright, I'm here. You're depressed. Just kick back and tell me all the troubles."

"Oh you already know all the troubles. It's just that....hey look there! A shooting star! Make a wish!"


"What was the wish?"

"I'm not supposed to tell you. It won't come true. Duh. Everyone knows that."

"C'mon, tell me."

"Wayne, don't laugh, I actually wished that I could help you out."

He sighed a deep long, but satisfying sigh and leaned back into me again.

"That's what I was getting ready to talk with you about. I just wanted to let you know that you are a really great friend, and all your help, well, you make me feel safe. Sometimes guys need that safe feeling to, like their Dad's are there again, ready to protect them from the world. Dad'll march right up, wrap his arms around me and knock down anything that tries to harm me.

"Yeah...I'm that messed up right now. I wish my Dad was here to take care of everything. And you, Dustin, make me feel like that, like you could take care of anything for me. But sometimes, I wish I could have someone to wrap their arms around me and make me feel sheltered." He laughed, "But that's not going to happen is it? I mean I'm not huge, but I'm not a small guy. How big would a guy have to be in order to make me feel like a small protected child?.... I mean really. He'd have to have huge feet. REALLY big, big, BIG feet. I wear a size thirteen, and I remember thinking as a child that Dad's feet were humungous, so my guy would have to have the big, thick, wide feet, that were longer and longer than any pair of feet before."

I was enjoying his little ramble, until I felt a sharp pain in my toes and it kept increasing with his every breath. Wayne kept talking and talking, pouring out his soul and I don't think he ever heard the sound of my shoes ripping apart. I watched my feet burst out of my shoes and continue to grow longer and longer and the toes streched and reach from the bottom of his butt, and continued half way past his thighs, then to his knees. I couldn't believe how they were growing!

"Monsterous feet, like two feet or more long, and nearly that wide. Thick, heavy, masculine feet, but formed well with toes so long they looked like fingers. And then of course, he'd have hands to match!"

NNNgggh! Is that arthritic pain? No, it's my hands, stretching, elongating, my plam broadening. They were resting on his shoulders, now the hands engulf them, good god I think I could cup his entire shoulder blade with these paws.

"Hands that were so long, palms so wide, they could reach, what a two octave scale one handed on the piano. The wouldn't cover a face, but a whole head. A basketball could be held, covered, in one hand. If he went to smack you on the chest, the hand covered BOTH pecs!"

Oh,God! I think I'm gonna spurt and not growth either!!!

"And the rest of his body couldn't be small either. He'd be a giant. To make me look like a child he'd have to be. His legs would be long, longer, longest and still keep on going up and a torso to match. A whole torso, nearly as big as my whole body."

Oh-ach! A stretching sensation in my stomach, and my legs are writhing in a small amount of pain! I watch as my knees, slightly bent and once just barely halfway up his torso, begin making a taller peak, to his shoulders, his head, up above!

"He'd have to stand so tall, that I'd only come up to his waist at the most, and have yard and a half wide shoulders, even without a build because he's so tall and huge."

Whoa! My stomach again. This time I watch as I slowly begin to rise to the top of his head, then I can see over it, and then I can look down upon it, and I realise that his head is now resting against the lower portion of my chest, not the in the crook of my neck and shoulder, with my head competing for room.

"When this guy stands up from a chair...he just continues to stand up and up and up....on and on and on.... is there a house with ceilings high enough? He's making basketball players look like little adolesent boys. He is the tallest in the world! When he kneels down on both knees, it still looks like a fully grown, extremely large man standing next to you. He's kneeling, and you only come up to his chest standing up."

Ah, ha ,ha, ha,.... still growing. Good lord, he looks so short compaired to me. I've drapped my arms around him, engulfing him completely, covering his torso and rocking him.

"And then of course he'd have to be powerful to make me feel as protected as my Dad made me feel, so he'd have to be large and in charge. Fully pumped beyond the max. This guys blows away bodybuilders so much, they don't compair to him cause noone will ever be able to reach that goal....."

I felt it start in my feet, work up my ankles and into my calves. If he talked this up as much as he did the growth, I don't think I'm gonna be able to balance my self in this bay window seat much longer.

"Huge legs that spread out wider and wider in stance, because his thighs are so thick and powerful, looking like their granite columns on top of hard, throbbing, flexing, marble diamond calves. This long road of massive mucles leads up and up and up...."

My jeans hem was already up to my knees I was so tall. I stared in awe as my calves blew out to the size of my thighs, became a pulsing, hard, powerful heart shape and then moved up and start to ballon my thighs which started splitting my pant's leg from the hem on up. Thighs growing and growing, thicker and thicker. I thought they were going to grow together, crush Wayne and my member and balls as well. The left thigh hung out over the seat and the right pushed against the window, and broke a small pane. Wayne never heard a thing....

".....but it tapers in to waist tight and tiny compaired to the rest of him and of course this is topped off with a an eight pack of solid bricks of muscle that are his abs and built around a nice belly button that's almost an inny with just enough to see so it's still an outy. But moving halfway up that torso, the muscles and back and lats and side begin to spread out, widen, broader and BROADER so thick and wide that his v shape almost looks like a semi circle and even then more like a flat plane."

NNggh. Oh ye-AH! Here it comes.

"And on top of that, it this massive shelf of pecs. This guy can use them as a freakin shelf! It's as big as a barrel, no a culvert, an express tunnel under a mountain. If these pecs jumped, popped, stuck out any farther, they'd swear he was originally a woman. Large, round, platter, cupped pecs, that expand and bust shirts with the slightest hint of a breath."

Oh god help me! What my thighs did earlier was nothing compaired to my lats and back. Thicker, wider, broader. They pushed my arms away upseting my balance. My left arm and side of back began to hang free, as I was so tall and become so wide that the middle of my back now rested on the outside corner of the bay window. On the right, the other side of my back pushed my shoulder harder and harder in the window and another pane popped out. This bay seat, large enough to allow Wayne to sleep in was becoming way to small for me.

"That's just what happens to the sides because in order to be connected to that vast spread of a back, he's have to have melon, bowling ball, medicine ball sized shoulders, making his back look even broader than before. He has a wall for an upper torso, at least as seen from the back. His head is attached with a small column of solid stone as his neck is so thick, you'd almost swear it was made from a leg or an arm...."

Pop, pop. Two more panes fall off and I'm begining to bust the frame work I think.

"And then his arms between those shoulders and those massive hands, what else could hang there except somehing that looks like 400 lb hams. I mean his guns have got to be so big, the look like thighs. He has and extra set of legs attached. Biceps that will peak up so high that they rise over his head. Triceps supporting from below and popping as far down as the bottom of his pecs. I think his arms out measure his waist! And if you couldn't believe they were that big, look at his massive forearms which are bigger than most guys calves. Just his forarms alone contain the strength to twist car tops off!"

Shortly after my collar split, my sleves gave in as well. The last part of my clothing screamed a last shout of existance and slipped off my arms as they continued to pump excessively larger and larger, filling up like balloons, going from a lemon, to baseball, to grapefruit, to football, to pumpkin, to a melon. The free arm hung paralled to the floor, never again will I be able to touch my side. The other side still tried to press against glass, but by now half the window had been popped out.

"And if that wasn't enough this emense size does not even account for when he is pumped, for when he is pumped mighty red rivers corse all up and down his body. He looks like a snake god covered in crimson pythons. His pump alone is so big, it inflates him another three inches in size all over his body. Yeah, it'd take a build like that to make me feel small and then secure and prote.....HEY!"

That was the last straw, I watched blood vessels pop up from my skin threatening to tear it open as there was already not enough room due to the muscle mass. And as these circulator snakes appeared and traveled on my body, I watched them feed my musles even more and my muscles grew fat and large off the healthy dose of protein. I became even freakier and lost my balance tipping both of us onto the floor. When Wayne regained his composer he stared at the foot, twice as large as his head, in disbelief and his eye slowly, hungily traveled up the ankle, to the shin, then thigh, abs, lingering on the chest and arms and his breathing fluttered. Finally he looked up into my eyes.

"Dustin.....oh man. I wanted to ask you out before this, cause you were such a great guy and now, I just want to push you further onto the floor and...."

"It's alright, you can do that. I've wanted you for a long time."

"Well, you picked one hell of a way to tell me."

"This isn't my doing. I don't know how or why it happened."

"I'm glad it did."

He picked up my foot and started stroking it, massaging it, kissing it. He commented on how big it was, how thick, how heavy. He slowly started rubbing them and then worked the rub up to my knees, then beyond to my inner thigh. Using long, strong, and slow strokes he explored the length, buldges, and crevices of my heavily muscled thighs. He slid his hands up my thighs, around, over, and past my butt and up to my abs, groping and rubbing each individual brick. Finally after a two hour rub down, he reached my chest and rubbed it hard, smacked it hard, kissed and suckled on my nipples and eventually, after taking off his shirt, laid down on top of me, back to chest and abs.

"Hey, you never finished you discription of this man who would be your new father figure. What about his face, eyes, chin, hair?"

"His face is fine Dustin. He's got beautiful oce blue eyes, and nice narrow pointed nose, a strong square and slightly clefted chin and great blond hair that cascades down just above his shoulders."

I felt dimple in my chin form and my hair tickled my neck as it glided down to my shoulders. Nothing else about my face was changed and felt really happy about that.

With a quivering voice I impled, "And?...."

"And what?"

"There is still one area left untouched. Do you know about that?"

"Not from my father no! Neither my father figure. But I can tell you this, my LOVER has jewels so big that one stone is just to big for my hands....maybe large enough to fill his."

I felt my ball contract just a little and then grow warm and they filled and grew out. Damn, how am I gonna walk? These babies are so big, walking could cause them to be racked in unimaginable ways. As wide as my stance was due to my legs, it would have to be doubled now.

He leaned back on my torso and looked up at the ceiling. I wrapped my arms around him, and he sighed and caressed them. He laughed mubling about feeling like a protected boy once again and shit how big I had to be to pull that off.

"There's still one thing left undefined.......", I said with a hint of teasing in my voice.

"That," he said "is up to my lover. I gave him the power to choose that."

He sighed as if he was going to sleep. Reaching under his arms, I pulled his body so that his butt was on my face. I laid him back so that his arms, chest, and head hit the floor.

"hmmm, what are you do...whoo!"

I allowed my prick to explode from my groin, travel up my torso, rip through his jeans, travel up his butt and nearly fill him completely and I think the thickness was almost akin to my forearms....well, maybe not that bad. However, the quick growth and streching caused a heady and uncontrolable orgasmic sensation so as soon as I entered Wayne's ass, I filled him full of cream.

"Oh, that was, was...was..."

I looked down to see his eyes roll back and his jean front produce a wet spot.

"Great, but to quick. Slow down and can you make it a little smaller, I'd like to be close when we get intimate."

"I don't know. I kind of went overboard by accident and lust. I have no idea if I can shrink or grow again. We'll just have to find out."

"Later, right now, I'm too overwhelmed and surprised and in a fantasy realm."

"You need to head to bed?"

"I've got no job. No need to get up early. I have no idea what your plans are, and I think I've found my bed right here. Even my feet don't dangle off of this bed."

We laid there for about thirty minutes or so in silence. Wayne's hand drifting occassionally over my pecs.

"Wayne, our first night, no surpised together. Where and how would you like it? What type of setting? And, how big do you think I am?"

"hmm, mmfer, mwa....I don't know how big you are, you just dwarf six four me, and I'm not sure where we can go for a first big time together. This is fine for right now. Let me bask in your presence. Where do you think we should and how big do you think you are?"

I didn't answer as I wasn't sure. It is a couple of questions I think I'll ponder for the next week. Where do you think we should go and how big do you think I am? •

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