Hot July, A

Saturday in July


By FanTCMan

Chad picked up the small dropper vial and looked at it, but set it back down. He told Hal he would wait till he got there and they would take it together. It had been a week since they had tried it the first time, and neither of them could wait for Saturday to do it again, and do more this time. They were going to take some and then go out and scare up some fun.

Chad couldn't believe what this stuff had done to him and his best buddy. Years of working out together had made them buff and proud of their bodies, but this new super supplement they were testing had done more in the week since that last Saturday than all their workouts had been able to do. And it had felt so good, so amazingly good. In fact, they both agreed, nothing had ever come close to being such an intense turn-on.

He needed to get a little yard work done before Hal got there anyway. The pots around the pool had to be watered, and some trimming he'd been putting off had to be done.

He remembered how they had started fully clothed and how, by the time an hour had passed, they had both got so . . . what? . . . not stoned, exactly, but flying on a charge of sexual energy. At first, they had just laughed about the fact that they felt so good that they found themselves boned so hard they couldn't hide it. Their bodies had felt electric, erotic, and it felt as though their brains had moved into their genitals. Everything they did or thought seemed to originate in their overcharged groins and permeate their entire consciousness. Everything had become sexual. Even their very maleness had become sexual to a point of exciting them in such a powerfully erotic way that it had stunned them, realizing how turned on they were by it, by their maleness, by everything about it, the very fact of being male, guys, dudes together, hard cocks, pubes and pit hair, pecs and hard cut abs, all of it. They were stunned into submission. They could no more resist the feelings than they could resist hunger if they had not eaten for a week. And their hunger was just that strong, like erotic starvation that had to be fed. They had soon undressed, feeling so hot and sexual and free, and they had loved sharing the experience. Seeing each other, being together, naked, buff, beautiful, and boned up had been such a turn-on that they couldn't resist jacking off together. Several times.

Since then, in the course of the week, they had each watched their bodies tighten, their cuts drawing in sharper, their veins popping more into relief, right under the surface of their skin, their muscles feeling as though they were being constantly flexed of their own accord. All day, every day, they felt a constant pumping going on, though it didn't make them visibly flex and relax, which might have been strange with people watching at their respective offices. But they felt their muscles pumping and saw, soon, that they were, as a result, obviously, of the pump they were feeling, actually growing. Growing! Their muscles, of their own accord, were getting bigger, thicker, denser! Ultimately, each of them had gained ten pounds in just that one week.

All week, Chad had found himself checking himself out in every mirror or window reflection. Even in his loose business wear, his butt looked higher and tighter, his pecs showed their perfectly rounded square shape under the oxford cloth of his shirts, his arms moved the fabric when he bent them, and he felt hot, hot, hot. So they had decided to take the second dose together this Saturday, as they were supposed to, but maybe this time, take that feeling out somewhere, see where it led them. Something about it made them want to show their male sexual beauty, out somewhere, where it could be really enjoyed. And, they had agreed, they would take the maximum dose, which the Company had told them to do, anyway. Chad was wearing an old pair of cargo shorts that hung low off his butt and a wife beater tank. It was 11:30, and Hal was supposed to be there at noon. God, he couldn't wait.

He picked up the bottle again and shook it. Maybe he'd just take a drop now, and the rest when Hal got there. He just wanted to get that feeling again. It even made him start to get a little hard in his shorts, just thinking about it. It could be so hot to take just a little, not a whole dose or anything, and then go outside and get his work done, feel it start to come on while he was working. He remembered how the feeling swept over them, like a drug, suffusing every cell and thought with sexuality.

Before he could think any more about it, he had the dropper out, and he watched in the mirror to make sure he didn't get more than one drop under his tongue. He squeezed so carefully, but even so, one drop followed the first, and two landed in the hollow behind his teeth, under his tongue.

"Oh, shit," he said. But the dose they had done last week had been five drops, and the full dose they were going to try was ten, so two didn't seem like such a big deal. He wouldn't even have to tell Hal.

He went to the front yard first, thinking if he started feeling it, he could just go do the back yard work, where he wouldn't be in full view of the neighbors. He was trimming some bushes, trying to keep his mind on the work so anything he felt would take him by surprise. He already felt excited about the onset happening, and it was hard to keep his mind off it.

He was whacking away at the bushes when Bob Johnson from next door appeared, commenting on how yard work was never done. Bob was in his fifties, not bad looking, had obviously been a hunk in his day, but straight and square as they come, a real good churchman. Chad smiled, kept pruning, and agreed, and realized he was already starting to feel really sexy. Bob kept talking, and he kept answering, but his mind was focused on how good he knew he looked, the white ribbed tank clinging to his cut muscled torso, the shorts hanging off his butt. He wondered what Bob thought about the completely nonchalant way he let his shorts fall so low that they showed the top fringe of his dark pubes.

He saw Bob's eyes drop to the expanse of exposed flesh between the bottom of the tank and the waistband of his shorts. It was the briefest of glances, but in that instant, he saw in his mind what Bob's eyes saw, his rock hard belly, the fine trail of dark hairs that trooped down the center for a few inches below his navel, and the rough, dark fringe just above the middle of the waistband.

"Hey, listen," he said, feeling his heart speed up with the rush he felt from that quick view of himself, the extra blood being pumped straight to his groin, "I don't mean to be rude, but I've got a buddy coming over for a swim, and I've got some stuff I've got to get done in back. Jeez, I didn't realize how late it was getting."

He looked at his watch. His dick was starting to bone, and he had to get out of there before his shorts tented right in front of Bob Johnson.

"I'll see ya," he said, and turned and made directly for the house. By the time he got inside, his cock was completely hard. He was flying as high as they had last week, and, man, was he feeling turned on. He realized that Hal would be there in ten minutes now, and there was no way he could make this erection go away. God, he was SO hard!

He'd have to confess to starting ahead of time. And as long as he would have to confess anyway, oh, man, he was feeling so sexy, why not get into some Speedos, quick, and be in back watering the pots, boned as a horny seventeen year old, when Hal got there. He did exactly that, and as fast as he could change. When Hal got there, he saw Chad in a blue speedo, his boner lying sideways, big and hard as carved stone, hosing down the pots of flowers around the pool.

"Dude, did you start without me, man?"

"I couldn't help it, bro. But I only did a couple drops. I waited for you to get here to do the real dose."

"Well, it looks like you're feeling it now, man."

"Shit, Hal. You could give someone just one drop, I bet, and it would turn them into a horny little sex pig, man. I mean, right now, I feel so turned on, not like last week, but still, anybody could do anything with me, man, and it would be a turn on. And I feel like I could get anybody hot, even totally straight dudes, man."

"Well, you could, me, but I guess after last week neither of us can claim to be totally straight anymore."

"Not me, that's for sure," Chad said, grabbing his boner and teasing Hal.

"Well, come on, man. Do I have to beg?" Hal said. He was already shirtless and had a pair of loose soccer shorts riding below the waist of the speedo he had on under it.

"Come on, dude. Let's do it!"

Chad led Hal inside and got the vial. He handed it to Hal.

"Be careful, man. Just ten drops."

Hal watched in the mirror as he dropped ten drops under his tongue. Then he watched Chad as he administered eight to himself. They just looked at each other for a minute, grinning.

"Come on, man, let's get in the pool."

Chad ran out to the patio and jumped into the pool, Hal following, dropping his shorts, almost tripping himself, on his way across the patio. They swam a few laps, then pulled the floating rafts into the water and climbed onto them, floating on their backs, looking up at the trees and the sky. Chad's hard-on was even more obvious now, with his wet suit clinging to him.

"Hey, dude," Hal said, looking over at Chad's boner pushing so hard against the slick material, "your dick got bigger this week, too, man. I can tell."

"Yeah, about half an inch. Thicker, too."

"Yeah, same here, man. I don't know about you, man, but to me that's just as hot as the muscle gains. It makes me feel so hot and sexy all the time, man. Like I can't get my mind off it."

"Yeah, no shit," Chad said. He could feel the full dose hitting now, and he felt like he was on a high speed elevator. His own mind was flying, and it was suddenly focused in his groin. He felt his erection get even harder, if that was possible, and every cell felt electrified with hot, totally erotic energy. He looked over at Hal, and Hal was showing the same effect, the bulge in his wet speedo growing into a long, thick, hard shaft of man meat so fast that even Hal was looking at it grow hard.

"Dude," Hal said, "this is really intense this time." Chad felt his pulse racing. He looked at Hal lying on the float, and his buddy looked so hot to him, he couldn't believe how he made him feel. He looked at the downy blond hair that framed the lower edges of his hard pecs, so cut, now, and looking so hot with their added thickness. He watched his cock stiffen until it was straining at the material, just like his own was doing. But he was also aware, incredibly aware, of his own body, his beautiful musculature, the way his masculinity was enhanced by this formula, how hot he was feeling, more and more so every minute. He would fuck himself if he could do it. He wanted to make love to his own maleness, it felt so overwhelmingly sexy to him. He felt his chest and abs, and he was completely, absolutely, totally turned on by himself. And then he looked again at Hal.

Hal was feeling his own body, too, one hand roaming his tight, hard torso, the other feeling the rod in his trunks.

"Dude, man, you want to jack, man?" Hal said. Or did Chad say it? He was thinking it.

"Yeah. Dude, let's get naked, man. I want to see you, dude, all of you."

"Yeah. Fuck. Look at me, man. I feel like a fucking god, man." They scrambled off the floats and out of the pool and pulled off the speedos.

"Oh, God," Chad said. "What is there, man, besides cock and muscle? What else is there in the world, man? Dude, you are fucking gorgeous. You are a god. Even your pubes, man. You got hairier, man, and it looks so totally hot."

"Yeah, I noticed that, too. I've been jacking in front of the mirror all week, man."

"Me too, dude. And you know what? I was always wishing you were here to watch me do it, 'cause I knew how it would turn you on. And I've been wanting to watch you, too, man. Dude, I fucking love my cock." He started to stroke it, slow, watching, feeling his muscles.

"Yeah. Shit, man, you're so right about cock and muscle. I just want more now. It's all I think about." He stroked his own cock, the two of them jacking slow so they could enjoy the feeling of doing it while the other one watched. "It's like I want to show off my body, man. I almost don't care who sees. I want everyone to see. I love my muscles getting bigger." He felt his own torso as he stroked.

"Yeah. We gotta go out, man, somewhere where we can show off these bodies. I feel like I could be a sex magnet, man. I just know I'm as much a total turn-on as I feel." Chad felt the sensations of his body growing stronger and stronger, amplifying the sense of his own masculinity, and he realized he was drawn just as strongly to Hal's masculinity, every aspect of it. He looked at the dark blond stubble on his buddy's strong, square jaw, and he wanted to feel it with his own face, with his lips, rub his whiskers against Hal's.

"You know what, man?" Hal spoke like he was voicing Chad's thoughts. "This stuff is making you totally fucking gorgeous, man, so totally masculine and hot. It's like you look handsomer and younger, like any movie star would kill to look like you."

"Or you," Chad said. "I can't even imagine what it's going to do to us, now, how it's going to change us during the week."

"I know. Hal, dude, I . . ." He couldn't finish the statement. The elevator was taking him up beyond speech, but he could see that Hal was in the same place.

"Yeah, man," Hal said.

"I know . . ."

And then they were kissing, feeling the roughness of their stubble against each other's faces, their hands groping over hard cut muscles, kissing hard, tongues hot and wet, hands finding each other's cocks and taking over the stroking until they came on each other, in each other's hands, their orgasms lasting for endless minutes of bucking, moaning, spasms of relief.

When the finally stopped cumming, they laughed, briefly, but the horniness did not subside. It was stronger than before, and their hard cocks stayed rock hard. They relished just looking at each other in the state of total arousal, and spontaneously, they flexed for each other, an arm, then double biceps poses, then they rubbed their slick cum across their pecs and flexed the shiny skin until the cum dried in the sun.

They got back in the pool, but they continued to flex and feel the muscles that were so on fire with their masculine sexual energy. They kissed. Then Chad got Hal to lie on a float, his hard cock lying parallel to his hard abs, but so hard it stood above them, and Chad took his buddy's cock into his mouth and sucked him to orgasm while he felt the hard muscles contracting with the power of the formula. And when he finished, making Hal grunt over and over as he jettisoned his load of hot cream down Chad's throat, they switched positions, and Hal sucked Chad to orgasm. When they were done with that, Hal kissing Chad again, sharing Chad's cum on their lips and tongues, Hal spoke between kisses.

"Dude, I gotta tell you something. You know that guy at my work I told you about, the really good looking one that I said I knew was a real gym rat and all? Well, he kept asking me all week about my training, what I've been doing, because he could tell I was putting on muscle really fast. Finally, he was asking about steroids and stuff, and I told him about the formula. I didn't tell him much, didn't tell him about the Company, or the project, just that I had this buddy who had this stuff. Anyway, he begged me, man, to turn him on to it, and I finally said I would ask, and if it was cool, I told him I'd give him a call, and maybe he could come over and try it. I even warned him that it could make you so horny that you might do stuff you wouldn't think you would, and he said he didn't care, he could control himself, and he really wanted to try it. Whatta ya think? He could be our first recruit, man."

"What do I think? I think I want to see what it feels like to have my cock inside you, man."

"Oh, yeah, same here, dude. But we can. We got plenty of time. He's soooo hot looking, man. Can you imagine, just watching him after he gets that shit under his tongue?"

"He's really that hot?"

"Oh, yeah, and he'd be so hot to see grow, man."

"Okay, yeah, let's call. Call him. We'll have to hide these boners when he gets here. They don't seem to go away."

"Yeah, right. But not for long, I think." Hal picked up the cordless phone. "You're gonna love him, man. He's so hot. And he's a real hairy little fuck, too, you can tell. I can't wait to see him get naked, man, watch him when he gets his first major uncontrollable boner."

"Yeah. Full dose?"

"Yeah, full dose." Hal made the call, and while he was talking to the guy, John, Chad managed to work a finger, then two, into Hal's hot hole. •

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