Testing Jesse


By FanTCMan

Jesse had pulled his shorts on, struggled to stretch them over his thighs and butt, but his cock and balls were so squashed and the elastic waistband so tight that it cut his circulation off, and he pulled them off again.

"Shit," he said, his voice deep and resonant, "I can't wear those. They're too tight now."

Cole laughed, but his eyes were glued to the mass of Jesse's muscles, the thick hot tangle of pubic hair that spread over his groin, and the enormous cock and balls that hung from it.

Jesse picked up his shorts and tried again to get into them, but they stuck mid-thigh and the material would not give enough to get over the flair of his vein-covered, hairy quads, as solid as rock.

"Shit, what am I gonna wear out of here?" he said.

"Here, man," Cole reached in his locker, "try these."

He pulled out a pair of Lycra boxcut shorts that he wore sometimes to lift weights because he knew that they showed his attributes and made the other guys jealous.

Jesse pulled on the shorts, and they were able to stretch over his body and hold his meat, although they were stretched thin and felt tight, the seams cutting into his lower abs and quads, the butt seam pulled tight into the crack between the thick lobes of his glutes. He looked at himself in a mirror and smiled. If they were any smaller, he wouldn't have been able to get into them, but as it was, they caressed his body as if they were his own skin. He felt so hot, seeing his huge cock lying to the side, curled up like a python in his pants, his balls like oranges stuffed down under it, the hairy flair of his quads pushing the legs high and emphasizing the bulge of his meat, the waistband riding low on his hard abs, the V of veined muscle diving into them, the thick dark hair vine of his new trail plunging down, spreading as it mingled into the thickening of pubes that grew above the waistband, disappearing into the low riding shorts.

"Fuck, man. It's a good thing everyone knows. Couldn't do much to hide this." His hand impulsively felt the contours of his package, so clearly and blatantly displayed, and quickly ran up his abs to the slabs of his pecs where swirls of flat-lying dark hair were already growing more dense. He flexed his right arm, feeling the softball sized biceps that mounded there, first cupping its mass, then tracing the distended veins with a finger. Cole had pulled on his Levis, but not fast enough to hide the bone he had sprung.

"Dude," he said, "who would want to? Come on, let's go man."

Cole tried to hurry Jesse, but Jesse took his time walking out the school, smiling at the kids who stared and said hi and pointed. Some followed along, drawn irresistibly to the transforming Jesse.

Jesse, meanwhile, was feeling an exhilaration he had never known. Here he was, the chosen one, the guinea pig, transforming right in front of the world into some kind of superman, just like the rumors, only it was happening to him, and it felt so unbelievably hot. He was walking with Cole, the superstud he could only imagine being like, and now Cole was watching him, was boned uncontrollably over his body, and he was falling in love with the feelings. He could feel his meat, huge and thick and so heavy in the shorts, moving with each step, growing heavier as they walked. He could feel the mass of his muscles growing more solid and dense as he walked, the eyes of the crowd of kids pouring over every detail of his body. And Cole was watching him too, turning his head as they walked to look at his pecs, his arms, his cock.

Oh, man, his cock. He felt like such a stud. Even that word was completely inadequate to how he felt. They were out on the street, and passing stores, and adults came out to look. Word had already got around, he could tell. And everyone stared at him and his pride was as great as the size of his muscles. He wanted to get to Cole's because he knew that would be so hot, so have Cole Bennett so turned on that he would, Jesse knew for sure, be totally queer for his unbelievable body. But he also wanted to savor this, to relish how he felt, walking down the street, displaying muscles that were feeling more and more like pure masculine erotic power, decorated with hot dark hair, all secondary to the enormous, hot meat in his shorts, right out there for all of them to see.

He realized, as he smiled at the onlookers, nodded hello, almost like a festival king riding a float in a parade, that his cock, his thick, long, oh god, his fucking huge hot cock was started to fill with blood. He could feel it. He could feel it getting heavier, feel it pushing on the material of his shorts. God it felt so hot, right out here, not the slightest bit of embarrassment. It wasn't his fault, they had done, were doing, this to him. Oh, man, it felt so big. Some kid said, "Look, he's gettin' a boner!"

Jesse grinned and kept walking. Every now and then, his hands found his pecs, just to feel how massive he was now, to feel them even thicker, wider. Or he flexed an arm and felt it with his other hand.

He could feel that touching himself, feeling his muscle, getting off on it while they all watched, was turning everyone on. It had to, it was turning him on so intensely. And next to him, Cole was almost whispering a steady monologue of expletives about Jesse's transformation and the body that was morphing into something of such powerfully intense male sexuality that it stirred feelings that bypassed understanding and aroused the animal deep within.

"Fuck dude. Come on, man. You're still getting bigger, man.

Holy shit, dude, your cock, your nuts, man. Jesus, your pecs, your guns, man. Fuck dude, your back is so wide, fuck look at how far out your arms are hanging, man. Fuck, man what does that feel like? Shit, that's gotta feel so hot. Look at your fucking legs, man. Shit.

Dude, your cock, man, look at your fucking cock, man it's even bigger. Dude, fuck man, you gonna bone up right in front of everybody. Aww, man. Oh, dude!"

They turned the corner to Cole's street, and Jesse turned to Cole.

"Okay man, now these shorts are starting to hurt. The legs are cutting into my quads. They're getting way too tight. You might have to get scissors and cut 'em off me."

"No problem, man. Let's just get inside."

The crotch of Cole's Levis revealed the strength of his desire as he opened the front door. He stepped inside, less enthusiastic about a crowd of kids seeing him boned up over some other dude, but Jesse stopped and turned around, his thick cock only half hard and lying across his upper thigh, horizontal, the flare of its head around by his hip, and he flashed a bright smile for the crowd at the sidewalk and struck a double biceps for them before stepping inside with Cole.

Cole slammed the door on the applause, and Jesse dropped his smile.

"Man, get those scissors. This is really starting to hurt."

Cole ran and got scissors and gave them to Jesse. "What hurts, man? Those shorts getting so tight? Go on, cut yourself out of 'em." It was obvious that Cole couldn't wait to see Jesse naked again with the size that was still changing into proportions beyond anything he could have imagined. Jesse took the scissors and started at the waistband at his left hip and cut down carefully.

"Fuck, Cole. It's not just the shorts. I hurt all over, man. It's like some super-flu or something. Like the pain the day after a killer workout when you've laid off for a while and your muscles feel like you can barely move. Only it's my balls, too, man, and even my dick. Fuck," he said as he frantically completed the cut down one side, the material snapping apart, half revealing the veined muscular hip, glute, and groin, "Aww, fuck, Cole," he cut down the other side, "It's really hurting bad, man."

The material snapped away from the other side, held up only by the meat of his thighs pressed together. He stepped his legs apart wide to pull it out, and, dropping the material, looked down at himself while Cole looked on in amazement.

"Oh, Jesus, Cole, look at me, man. What kind of freak are they making me, man? Oh, fuck, it hurts so bad, man."

His dick stood straight out hard as steel, thick veins snaking over its surface, feeding it hot blood as it throbbed and jerked, its weight pulling on his groin. In the gym, it had been an unbelievable eighteen inches, and now it stood nearly two feet long, arching up toward his huge pecs, thick as his wrist, no, thicker, and searing hot, burning with the pain of growing. His balls dropped low in their sac, grown huge to hold their size, larger than oranges now, softballs, so heavy against his thighs, so sore, aching so deeply, throbbing as they churned out hormones he couldn't even imagine. Cole stared at him, his mouth open.

"Jesus, Cole, oh, fuck man." His voice was lower. He moaned, "God, it hurts so bad." He grabbed his pecs at their sides as if to contain them, or to feel how they were expanding, thickening. His lats swelled and pushed his arms up and out and they were growing so thick with mass that they pushed away from his body even as it grew to push them, muscle colliding with muscle. His legs grew thicker, the cords of muscle and sinew straining under his skin, and he had to adjust his stance to keep his balance. His glutes strained and swelled rounder and thicker, mounding high on his ass.

"What the fuck did they do to me, man? Oh, God. The muscle, man, it's so big. It's so big, Cole. They're making me turn into a freak. Oh, Jesus, man, I'm a freak. I can't be this big, man, I can't keep growing. No one can be this big. Look at my cock, man, and my balls. What am I gonna do, man, I feel so, so . . ."

His hands started to move over his huge pecs, feeling their weight and mass. They moved down across his abs, feeling the stack of bricks under his skin, and finally they found the thick dark bush of pubes that surrounded the trunk of his cock and he wrapped both hands around it and lifted it like a baseball bat.

". . . so fucking hot, man. Oh, shit, Cole. Oh, man. I feel so sexy and hot man. I can't help it."

Cole still had his mouth open, staring. Finally, he managed to speak. "No shit, Jesse. Who wouldn't?"

He tried to smile, but his response sounded so weak and stupid. It seemed at though the growing had stopped, or at least slowed. He looked at Jesse, and he found himself so aroused that he couldn't even try, or want to try, to hide the boner that was pressing inside his Levis. He watched Jesse feel his massive muscle, watched his hands rubbing over the hard round contours, over the hair that had grown in dark and short, flat against the skin, like silk, swirling in a pattern of masculine perfection all over his pecs, up to his neck, across to his armpits where thick bushes of dark hair stuck out, flowing together in the center of his chest, in the deep chasm between the huge, hot,powerful pecs, forming a dark line, a trail, and plunging down the canyon between his abs to merge with the spread of his pubic hair. The word masculine was far too weak and insipid to describe what he saw. The legs that supported the body were thick and heavy and covered with the same kind of hair, and where the flair of the upper body and the flair of the gigantic quads came together as though cinched together by Jesse's narrow hips to create a point of focus right at the kid's groin where the center of this newly created god of masculine power had its source and its essence. Jesse's balls hung halfway to his knees and had grown even larger than softballs, and his cock, his cock.

"Fuck, Cole," Jesse was saying. He wasn't even stroking his cock, really, just running both hands together slowly up its entire length as if to help him comprehend what his meat had become. "Oh, man, I feel so fucking hot, man. It's like my whole body is turned on man, like my whole body is my cock. Fuck, man, look at my cock. Look at this fucking cock!" He pulled it toward him, fully extending his arms around his massive pecs to reach its blood engorged head, and he pulled it to his mouth. It was oozing precum now, strands of slippery silvery juice hanging off it, and he put his mouth over it, just to see if he could.

"Fuck, Jesse," Cole said. "What does it feel like?"

"Mmmm," Jesse said, tasting it, feeling it twitch with his touch, feeling the ecstasy of sexual arousal rocket through him, sending shocks of pleasure from his scalp to the soles of his feet. When he looked up from his cock to answer Cole, it was a different guy that grinned.

"How do you think it feels, stud?" His deep voice taunted.

He looked at Cole, and he could read the jealousy in Cole's face.

"You think this is hot, don't ya, stud? You'd love to know what it feels like to be huge with with muscle, wouldn't ya?" He rubbed his hands over his muscles, teasing Cole, letting his monster cock fall, bouncing a few times and finally springing back to straight out, pointing its dripping head right at Cole. "And a huge fucking dick, too. Look at that fucking dick, man. Fucking beautiful, man. Go on, feel it. I know you want to. I know you wanted me to come over so you could check it out. Go on, dude. You're the big stud. Check it out. Oh, fuck man, I feel so goddamn hot. Go on, man. Feel this muscle." He rubbed his huge thick pecs. "Come on. Oh, fuck, it feels so fucking hot man. Come on."

Cole stepped up to Jesse.

"Yeah, dude, I gotta feel it. Fuck, Jesse, you look so fucking hot, man, I can't even imagine how hot you must feel. Those muscles are bigger than human, dude." He reached out to feel the massive slabs of heavy, hard, overhanging beef that hung on Jesse's chest, and when he did, the huge shaft of Jesse's cock stood between them, supported by Jesse's two-handed grip, the flared head, as big as Cole's fist, hovering right between their faces. Jesse grinned as he felt waves of erotic pleasure sweep through his body at Cole's touch on his pecs, grinned at expression of jealous desire on Cole's face, grinned at the sensation of such intense sensitivity that his huge muscles had developed along with their immense size, as sensitive and erotic as his cock had ever been, and he grinned at the ecstatic feeling of masculine power when his eyes met Cole's, and he realized that between them was the head of his magnificent cock, face to face to face.

Cole stared into Jesse's eyes, caught the wicked pleasure and lust there, and quickly shifted his gaze to the throbbing, jerking organ between them, just as Jesse let go his grip, and it thunked against Cole's mouth, smearing his lips, nose, and chin with hot, slippery precum. It slid across his cheek and landed heavily on his shoulder, and Cole let it lay there for a while, so engrossed was he with the thick mounds of muscle his hands were exploring, feeling the silky dark hair that covered Jesse's chest, moving out, across, and down the delts that stood as round as cantaloupes, until he found the unbelievable, hard, veined girth of Jesse's arms, the essence of manhood taken to a level so charged and dynamic that he felt its resonance shake him to the foundation of his own sexuality. He felt up, around, and down the massive biceps, moved around to feel the back of the arms, propped out so far by the flare of thick lats that trapped and squeezed his fingers with the weight of the muscle on muscle as he explored the mounded horseshoe shapes of Jesse's triceps. His eyes darted from Jesse's eyes, which were fixed on him in sexual rapture, to the muscles his hands were touching, and back to Jesse's eyes. The total, uninhibited, raw pleasure of Jesse's masculine sexuality caught him again, and he stood transfixed by the force-field of erotic energy that crackled between them. Jesse grinned more wantonly than before, and he reached up and traced a finger around Cole's mouth, wiping up precum like whipped cream from a sundae, and he put his finger in Cole's mouth. Cole stood with his mouth partly open, then he closed his lips on Jesse's finger and licked the slippery juice off its tip.

"Oh, fuck, dude. I didn't even know I could feel so hot."

Jesse's eyes half closed as his deep voice grew languid, seductive.

"Go, on, dude," he said, "I know you want to. It's cool. Go on. You gotta feel my cock, man. Oh, fuck, it's so hot, man, so beautiful. Big, huge, beautiful fucking cock. Go on Cole, feel it, man."

Cole looked at Jesse's pole lying on his shoulder, twitching, jerking, thicker than his wrist, thick as his forearm, and he wrapped his hands around it. He lifted it so he could look at it, and he studied it's length, from the thick dark tangle up hair at its base, up, up, up to its perfectly shaped head, red rosy pink, full, the flared rim almost purple, precum oozing from its eye. Unbelievable. Jealousy flared up in him but was overridden by complete arousal at the sight, the thought, the very idea of a cock like that. He looked over its length again, this time with both his hands sliding down to Jesse's pubic hair, and up, so slowly, feeling just how long and thick it was, until he came to the head. Jesse's eyes rolled as Cole felt around the rim with his fingers, watching the ecstasy that he was putting Jesse into, around and around. Jesse's hips bucked and he sucked in breath.

"Oh, yeah, Cole, oh man. Jesus, Cole, you are such a hot fucker, man, such a fucking stud. Oh, fuck, yeah, make me feel good, man, make me feel so fucking hot."

Cole tongued Jesse's cockhead, licking up the slippery juice, and then, his eyes on Jesse's, he put his mouth over it.

"Oh, fuck yeah man," Jesse moaned.

The cockhead was too big to fit in Cole's mouth, so he worked it all around, sucking it up the sides, over the top, around the rim, working it with his tongue and his teeth and his lips, all the while stroking its length with his hands, both of them.

"Oh, fuck yeah, man, work that cock. shit, Cole, do you believe my cock, dude? I never dreamed they would do something like this. God it feels so hot, it's so fucking huge man. And my balls ,too. Oh, dude, feel my balls, they're so huge and heavy. I feel like a total stud, man. I don't know why they're doing this, what they want to use me for or make guys like me, but I'll tell ya, I've can't even believer I could feel like such a total man."

Cole reached down as Jesse told him and lifted the balls that hung bigger that large oranges and he just felt their weight and looked at them for a minute.

"Who cares, dude. Fucking look at yourself. No guy has ever been such a total stud."

"I'll never get into any clothes, man," Jesse said, "but I guess they all knew that. I guess if they wanted to make me look like this, I'm not supposed to hide it." He laughed.

"Dude, if I looked like you, I would never want to put on clothes again. I bet if your dick was soft, it would still be over a foot long."

"Does it turn you on, Cole? Does my body turn you on?" Jesse was feeling his muscles and the beautiful hair he'd grown.

"Oh, yeah, man. I want to make you cum. I want to see that huge cock cum."

"Do it, stud. Oh, yeah, man. Put your head in my crotch. Lick my balls man, eat my pubes, stick your fingers in my asshole. Let me feel you use my body man."

Cole had no choice but to give in to his most primal urges, and he devoured the maleness of the little nerd turned superman. He slurped and sucked and used his tongue all over Jesse's crotch, reaching as far up the mammoth shaft as he could. Jesse stepped his legs as far apart as he could, and Cole reached between them and worked his fingers into Jesse's hole."

"Oh, yeah. Oh, man. Use two fingers. I think they made my hole bigger or something. I can hardly feel you in there. You got two in there? Use more man, use your whole hand. Oh, fuck yeah," he said as Cole pushed his hand inside him. "Oh, fuck, man, I could take your arm man. I think they made me so I could take a dick as big as mine.

Fuck, dude, they made me a fag sex toy, man. God, I want it. I want to feel a cock as big as mine in me man."

"Fuck, Jesse. If i could get that stuff, I'd be your dude. I'd give you my cock, man." He fucked Jesse's ass with one hand and arm while he stroked the huge pole with the other.

"Oh, man, Cole. Come back up here, man. Do my cock again. I gotta cum, man, I'm so close. Milk me. Oh, fuck. It feel like I'm gonna explode. Oh yeah, milk my big cock man, it's so fucking huge, feels so hot. Oh yeah, oh, God, oh, oh, oooohhhhh."

He grabbed Cole's head and held it on the head of his cock as he felt the thrill of orgasm gather in his groin, make him quiver, coil hard, and shoot the length of his rod like lava bursting from a volcano. The first volley was so strong it filled Cole's mouth and pushed his head away, but Jesse held it there. Hot, thick cum ran down his cock and shot to the back of Cole's throat and down, and then the next and the next. Jesse was rigid, moaning, laughing, and he came and came, the orgasm lasting a minute, then two, each spasm making him moan louder and louder with the unbelievable rush of pure masculine sexual energy doubled, tripled, and released through his amazing, super sensitive organ.

When he finally finished cumming, his legs were covered with his cum, it was pooled on the ground at their feet, and it was all over Cole's face, chest, shoulders, stomach, running down both their legs.

"Oh, God, man, that was so beautiful, so intense. I wish you could feel it, man. I wish you could feel what this feels like. That would be so hot, man, two of us."

"So do I, Jesse," Cole said. "I want a body like that." He rubbed the cum all over Jesse's pecs and abs, into the hair, feeling the mass, the cuts, the thickness and hardness of his beautiful body.

"Yeah, it would be so hot. We could fuck each other's muscle asses with our huge fucking dicks, man. You loved my cum, didn't you stud? Ever drink a guy's cum before? Fucking stud cum, dude. And you sucked it down like a pig."

"Fuck, Jesse. I would do anything. Anything!!"

Jesse felt his dick softening.

"Yeah, I'm gonna talk to 'em, man, see if they'll do you too."

His cock softened and fell toward the floor, growing shorter, pulling up, until it was completely soft, inching up from his calves to just above his knees, where it stopped. It hung soft and thick still as his wrist, and was twelve inches of hot man meat.

"Look at that, man," Cole said. "I told you. It's a fucking horse dick. Oh, man, I want a dick like that man. I want it bad. And muscles, fuck, I've always wanted to be huge like a bodybuilder, but now, holy shit, man. Those guys are puny."

"Yeah, fuck, it does feel so hot. Look at these guns."

He flexed what had to be thirty inch arms and felt his muscle.

"Oh yeah, man, that would be sweet."

But Cole got a strange expression on his face.

"Oh, man," he said. "I suddenly feel really sick." He grabbed his stomach. "Oh, God, I'm sorry man. I don't know what's wrong. I think I'm gonna puke.

Jesse smiled. "I think I know," he said.


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