Big Dan


After his incredible change with the biker gang, Dan headed back to the town he started in. Now at 9' and an inhuman 700lbs of mass he got stares everywhere he went. The largest clothes didn't fit him and he had to have special shirts made to encompass his gargantuan body. His thick, rippling 100 inch pecs were too big for any regular shirt, his 47" biceps ripped fabric at the slightest movement. His 60" quads and 50" calves stretched pants beyond their limit and his huge cock was almost always hard.

He found the gym where it all started and lumbered in like a giant. The men all recognized him, but didn't seem particularly shocked. They went about their routines, lifting weights working out. Dan looked around for John, the guy who gave him the pills, but he wasn't there. He asked one of the guys where John was and was told he didn't hang there anymore, after Dan's transformation, John decided he wanted to get as freaky if not more so and he set up a special gym in his house.

Dan got the address and left to find out what happened to John.

When he arrived at the house, he knocked at the door, and when it opened he was shocked. There in front of him was John transformed into a hulking monster of muscle. He had to be at least 10' tall, dwarfing Dan. John's arms looked as big as Dan's legs and were snaked with long thick veins, his hairy pecs fluttered with huge striated muscles. His whole body was covered with dark curly hair. John had let his hair grow, it was now long and flowing over his shoulders. He looked more like a prehistoric caveman, his dark eyes deep set behind thick eyebrows. A beard trailed off his chin an over his massive pecs. He was ripped and huge.

"Dan," John said. "I'm surprised to see you. C'mon in."

Dan entered slowly. He was shocked to see someone bigger than he was. And he didn't like it. He was determined to get even bigger than this giant before him.

"You been taking those 'roids, John?" Dan asked.

"Yeah. Like it, little man?" John flexed his arm and the biceps crunched into an incredible mass of twisted steel. Immediately, John's flimsy shirt tore open as the biceps cut through the fabric. "Ten feet tall and 900 lbs of steel, little man!" "Shit!" Dan was amazed.

"Yeah, and I'm not even pumped yet, man!" John flexed his arm more and the sleeve tore open to his elbow. Now the whole freaky biceps and triceps were exposed. Covered with hair and ripped.

"Where'd all that hair come from, John?" Dan asked.

"The more I worked out and took those 'roids, I started to become like a fucking caveman. hairy from head to toe! It's so fucking hot having all this hair, man! Feel it!" John flexed his pecs and the shirt popped open, buttons flying everywhere. His massive pecs were exposed, pulsing and flexed.

Dan ran his hand over John's pecs and his cock started getting hard. He'd never seen muscle this huge before, rock hard rippling hairy pecs that responded to his touch. John's nipples pointed straight to the ground under this mass of muscle.

"Yeah," John whispered. "Touch these fucking huge muscles, little man. Feel these huge muscles flex!" With that John started posing. He hit a double biceps and his massive shoulders and biceps ripped the shirt off his giant frame.

"How big are your arms, man?!" Dan asked.

"Measure them." John commanded. He handed Dan a measuring tape and Dan pulled it around the huge guns.

"FUCK! 55 inches!" Dan started licking the huge muscle, and John smiled. Then Dan measured the rest of the monster. Neck - 32", Chest - 120", Waist - 50" Thighs - 60 inches, Calves - 35 inches! "Monster, fucking muscles, little man! Feel 'em! Feel the power in these huge guns, boy!"

Dan squeezed the huge biceps. "HARDER!" John shouted. Dan squeezed the arm with every ounce of strength, but the muscle didn't dent. John just started laughing. "Yeah! You can crush bricks in those huge hands, but you can't dent these guns!" John threw his head back and laughed. "Watch this, little man!"

John stood there relaxed, and Dan watched as the bulge in John's pants grew heavier. The fabric of the pants was stretching farther and farther out. Finally, the front of the pants split and John's massive dong flopped out still hardening.

"Fuck!" Dan was stunned. "How the fuck big is that, man?!" John smiled and handed Dan the measuring tape. Dan measured it - 25" long and 12" around! It throbbed and flexed in front of John an obscene firehose of a cock hard as rock, standing straight out from his massive body.

Dan's own cock couldn't take it any more. With it's own freaky power it burst through Dan's pants and sprang out hard as iron and flexing. John moved toward Dan and thrust his huge prick between Dan's thighs. he flexed his huge cock and Dan felt his whole 700lb body rising off

the floor. Then John hit a double biceps pose and told Dan to hang on. Dan grabbed the thick muscles and John's massive cock pumped Dan up and down. John didn't strain at all with this huge weight sitting on his dick, and Dan's cock rubbed against John's thick hard abs bumping into John's inhuman pecs. After a while of this John decided to have some fun. "Let's do some strength shit, Dan"

They went to John's special gym. Every weight was twice the size as a normal gym, not one plate less than 70 lbs. Barbells were 9 feet long and easily 9 inches around. John loaded barbell with 6 100lbs plates on either side. He started pressing reps. Ten, twenty, thirty with no sign of stopping.

"Press it down, Dan!" Dan went to the top of the bar and pressed down with all his incredible strength. John paused for a moment then pressed up hard. He lifted the whole 1900 lb. for another 10 reps! When he put the bar down he stood up and flexed his hairy mountainous pecs. They were immense, his chin rested on them they were so pumped and thick! His shoulders bunched up like freaky veined medicine balls. His lats pushed his arms far out from his massive torso. He raised his arms and his biceps peaked incredibly. They looked twice the size of his head. Dan grabbed an arm and started doing chin-ups on it. John was into this, his massive cock started throbbing as he felt the superhuman power in his body.

Then it was Dan's turn. He grabbed a couple of 400 lbs dumbells and started curling. Twenty, thirty forty reps! Then he called to John. "Hold my arms back, guy!" John grabbed Dan's massive freaky biceps and pulled back. Dan strained a moment then, his face red and veins rising in his neck he pumped out another 20 reps against the strength of John and the massive weights. Then he put the weights down and stood up. He grabbed a couple of chains and wrapped them around his biceps. Without so much as a grimace of pain, he flexed his massive guns and the chains snapped and fell to the floor.

Now both huge giants were totally into their power and muscle. They flexed for each other, pumped for each other and performed incredible feats of strength. Lifting whole pieces of gym equipment in one hand and pressing it overhead, snapping chains from around their necks and biceps, bending massive pieces of steel over their rock hard traps. Their muscle dicks flexing and throbbing the whole time. Two huge freakish men, into their superhuman power and size, wanting to be bigger and stronger than anyone had ever been.

Finally, in a freakish muscle cock fight, they flexed gargantuan muscles for each other and their monster cocks shot load after load, covering their thick hairy pecs with long ropes of hot cum. After they rested, John went away. When he came back he was smiling. "I have a present for you, Dan." He held out his hand and gave Dan a bottle of the little blue pills. "If you're gonna get big like me, we better get started, little man."

Dan smiled... •

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