Big Dan

Dan and the Angels


Dan was driving down the highway, wearing nothing more than a pair of sweat pants, so that everyone could see the inhuman size of his muscles as he rode his Harley. His massive arms bunched and twitched as he grabbed the handlebars. He liked the feeling of the wind hitting his huge hairy pecs. Everytime he stopped he got stares - and he would at 6'8" and a gargantuan 500 lbs of solid freaky muscle. He'd pose and flex for anyone who wanted it, showing off his 37" guns, ripped and veined, his striated pecs rolling and flexing with his slightest movements.

One morning, he'd been camping under some trees in a wood. When he woke up, he found himself staring at a gang of 10 massive men. A biker gang had found him and he was on their turf.

"Hi, guys," Dan said sitting up. "Any problem?"

"You're on our turf, dude," said the biggest one. He was 6'10" and looked about 480 lbs. Rock hard, huge muscles bulged through a tight t-shirt. He had a full beard over his massive pulsing pecs and his biceps looked about 34" and pumped. He silently stared at Dan flexing his pecs in a show of power.

"Didn't realize, guys. Sorry. I'll be heading out soon." "No one lands on our turf, pussy boy." said another. This guy was smaller than the first but still must've weighed about 350 lbs. His neck was thick and stretched his plaid shirt. His lats spread his arms out at an incredible angle and his thighs bulged in his tight jeans.

"Bronco," asked another, "We gonna show pussy boy what happens to fuckers who land on our turf?"

Bronco, biggest one replied. "Yeah, let's play cowboys and indians with the pussy boy."

With that, the whole gang descended on Dan. They were huge! The smallest of them was 6'4" and 280 lbs of rock hard muscle. Dan was quickly overpowered and they chained him to a tree. Even with Dan's incredible power, these men held him fast.

"How'd you guys get so fucking strong?" Dan asked.

Bronco pulled out a pill bottle. It was full of the little blue steroids Dan had taken before to get as huge as he was. Obviously, these guys were into being as freaky and huge as Dan. As Dan was chained to the tree the chains dug into his flesh, he struggled but the guys were obviously as strong as him and the chains must have been specially made to hold freaky big bodybuilders with more power than a team of horses. They left him chained to the tree and rode off to return later, spitting on him as they drove away.

It was a few minutes later that Dan noticed the pill bottle had fallen out of Bronco's shirt and lay a few feet away on the ground. He struggled for about an hour and managed to move his foot within an inch or two of the bottle. He knew that the pills were his only hope of breaking free of these chains, and the bikers.

Just as his foot shifted the bottle closer, he heard the bikers returning. He struggled his arms down and grabbed the bottle. He heard their voices approaching, as he managed to open the bottle and tip it to his lips. The first one appeared as Dan swallowed three of the blue pills and the bottle slipped behind him out of sight.

"How you doin', pussy boy?" Bronco came up and spat in Dan's face. "Chain's too tight? Cant' break 'em with those big wussy muscles?" Dan felt the steroids starting to take effect. He felt the rush of hot blood in his veins and immediately sensed his body growing.

"Just resting," Dan said. "But I think it's time to end this game." He pumped his fists and felt the surge of blood enter his arms. They started to grow. All of Dan's already massive body was growing too large for his clothes. The biker's watched in disbelief as Dan's thick muscles expanded and his body grew taller. His plaid shirt was stretched further and further over his enormous body and the seams started separating. His pants were stretched too, as his quads and calves swelled to immense proportions. Finally the flimsy fabric could no longer contain the huge muscles and his shirt ripped to shreds falling off his body. His pants split as his freaky quads burst through.

Then Dan clenched his fists again and flexed every massive muscle as hard as he could. Bigger than any human had ever been. He was now nearly 9' tall, 600 lbs and his 45" biceps, his 100" chest and his 25" neck broke through the chains like they were pieces of yarn! The gang members backed up, watching as Dan became an inhuman beast of muscle and freaky power.

The chains around his ankles, standing naked, his 19 inch cock hardened as he felt his power increase. He flexed his gargantuan arms in a double biceps. "YEAH, PUNY BOYS! YOU LIKE THIS?! YOU THINK YOU CAN WHIP ME NOW! HEHEHE!" His laugh was maniacal as he felt the strength in his body. He stood there flexing his hairy pecs, his traps now massive mountains that raised to his ears and his lats, like sides of beef pushing his arms out at an incredible angle. Even relaxed his muscle was huge! Veins like ropes snaked over his massive body, superhuman biceps as big as any man's torso and forearms as thick as thighs, hands like massive hairy paws, obscenely striated chest, beachball sized shoulders, thick bull's neck and massive cut quads and calves.

"Get him!" Bronco told the guys, as he ran toward Dan. They grabbed Dan's arms and started pulling. Dan smiled as the huge men tried to overpower him. He flexed his arms in to his chest and the men moved with them. Then Dan flicked his arms out, and the whole gang fell on the ground. Then he turned around and grabbed the tree he'd been chained to. He pulled up and without breaking a sweat, the tree was uprooted! He held it over his head - several tons of tree hoisted in the air. He started pressing the tree in a show of inhuman power. His cock was flexing hard as he showed the whole gang his incredible superiority. After pressing the tree for 20 reps he tossed it away like it was a broom. Then he grabbed a nearby boulder. It must've weighed 2 tons. He lifted it and started pressing it in an insane show of his incredible strength. Finally, he tossed it away like a small rock. It disappeared over the ridge.

"C'MON, BOYS - I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS. LET'S PLAY." Dan flexed his massive cock and grabbed two of the biggest guys in each arm. He started curling these huge men like they were little weights! He pumped his incredible biceps to 48" and his massive cock was throbbing madly. The guys were jerking their own huge dicks as they watched Dan using their friends like dumbells.

"BEIN' PUMPED BY A FUCKIN' MONSTER! YOU LIKE BEIN' MY FUCK TOYS?! FEEL THESE MONSTER ARMS! FEEL THESE FREAKY FUCKIN' PECS!" He flexed every muscle as the guys felt him and ran their hands over his incredible body. It was an orgy of huge hard muscle. They were flexing and posing for each other, jerking their big dicks and watching the monster of muscle lift man after man on his rock hard prick.

Finally, after hours of this Dan stood over Bronco. He flexed his cock and hit a most muscular pose, every ripped muscle bursting into incredible definition. He started spewing streams of jism, all over Bronco, who started cumming at the same time. Spent and tired, the gang slept while Dan pulled together some kind of covering for his frame. He gathered his things and hit the road. Bigger and better than ever. A giant of inhuman power and mass. He knew he could have anything he wanted... •

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