Big Dan


After the encounter in the Biker bar, Dan hit the road. He ended up in Dallas and found a job at a construction site. At 6'8" and an massive 500 lbs of solid muscle, he dwarfed the other men on the worksite. He liked wearing a tight tank top that showed off his incredible 90" hairy pecs and broad shoulders, his thick, veined 37" guns big beyond belief. Mirrored shades hid his eyes and a thick mustache framed his lips.

His foreman was Nick, a little Italian guy tough and hard-assed. He liked giving Dan the toughest jobs. Truth be known, Dan enjoyed having the toughest jobs. Any work that strained his already huge muscles and pumped him even bigger was the work Dan wanted. One day, Nick planned a trick on Dan. Late at night, he and some of the guys half buried a tractor in the ground, watered around it and let it dry. The next day, Dan reported for work.

"What's up today?" he asked Nick.

Nick smiled. "There's a tractor stuck in the dirt, you wanna move it?"

"Sure," Dan agreed. Nick took him to the tractor and Dan folded his massive arms over his chest.

"Cute trick, boss," Dan said.

"Think you can handle it, muscle boy?" Nick laughed.

"We'll see," Dan said. The other guys gathered around as Dan looked over the tractor. He found a hold on the grating at the front. He'd never used his full strength in front of the others, but decided to freak them all out. He grabbed the tractor and pulled. His neck strained and bulged and he grunted as the tractor shifted slightly. Nick scratched his head as he watched this huge muscle man hoisting the tractor out of the ground. Dan's arms bulged and veins were popping out all over as he pulled harder and harder. His huge cock was starting to get hard in his pants as he felt his strength increasing. Showing off the inhuman power of his massive body always turned Dan on.

Then with one massive yell, he pulled with all his strength and the tractor left the earth. His pecs expanded immensely and the flimsy tank top burst open, exposing the massive striated muscle and hair. "YEAH!" he grunted. "YOU LIKE THAT, BOSS?! LET'S PLAY WITH IT!" Dan tugged the tractor closer and picked it up! He stood underneath it and started pressing it! 3000 lbs of steel tractor lifted over his head like a toy! He pressed out about 20 reps with the tractor, hardly breaking a sweat! His cock grew harder and harder as he showed off his incredible superior strength, his arms bulging and pumping bigger and bigger! Veins snaking like thick ropes over his torso. His thighs massive and swelling in his pants. Finally, the pants couldn't take the strain and they tore open in one loud RRRIIIPPP!

His massive 19" cock stood straight out and he continued pumping the huge tractor in his pumped, swollen arms! Nick and the other guys had never seen this kind of freaky power before, and their cocks were hard in front of this god of power and muscle.


The guys obeyed, and started jerking their dicks. Dan tossed the tractor across the yard and started flexing for them. every muscle was striated and thick. His arms had pumped to 39" His chest expanded to nearly 93" and his huge cock flexed and bobbed in front of him. But he wasn't done yet. He walked over to a pile of steel beams and picked one up. He held it over his massive shoulders and pulled it down over his traps. It bent in half! Then he wanted to show off the power in his incredible cock. He walked over to a pile of bricks on a palette. A cable was strung around the palette to lift it to the top of the building. Dan stood on another palette of bricks and pushed his thick hard cock through the loop in the cable. He put his hands on his hips and stood up straight. Then he strained his massive cock and the palette lifted off the ground! Easily 900 lbs of bricks were lifted by Dan's incredible muscle cock! He pumped out a few reps with the monster dick and the other guys were in shock.

"YOU PUNY BOYS WANT A PIECE OF THIS?!" he shouted. "GET OVER HERE AND FEEL A REAL MAN'S MUSCLE!" They flocked around him and wanted to feel him flex his huge muscle. Dan provided them with the show they wanted, lifting man after man on his massive dong and flexing his gargantuan arms and pecs, his thick traps and lats, his inhuman quads and calves as they all started cumming on his mass.

"FEEL IT NICK! SQUEEZE MY HUGE DICK, BOY!" Nick straddled the massive dong and jerked his own 8 incher. Finally, with Nick perched on his huge dick, he flexed it a few times and shot a load that flew for a couple of yards.

The job was finished in a month, and Dan collected his pay and hit the road again... •

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