Big Dan

Dan's Gang


After Dan's transformation at the gym, he was now too huge to wear regular clothes. He had the guys bring him a set of XXX large sweatpants and tank top. He decided he didn't want to cover too much of his incredibly powerful, massive muscle - it was too sexy to cover up he thought. He wanted to show the world his size, and he spent a lot of time looking in mirrors admiring his 37" biceps thick and veined; his monstrous hairy pecs, rolling and flexing at the slightest movement; his basketball sized shoulders 40" across; his huge 48" thighs and 38" calves and his dick, which even soft hung down his leg a good 10 inches.

He had to have his bike altered to accept his enormous weight. At 500 lbs the little harley would be crushed. He reinforced the frame and widened the seat to accommodate his mass. After that he hit the road to see the country.

In Memphis he came across a biker bar he used to haunt and decided to waltz in and freak the crowd out. As he entered, all the head in the place turned. At 6'8" with all that freaky muscle, he was sure to get anything he wanted- and anyone he wanted. He sauntered over to the bar and started chugging a beer. The biggest guys in the place looked like skinny teenage boys next to Dan, and he liked that. He knew his power was more than all of them combined. Thinking about that started to give him a hardon. Soon his 19" cock would be apparent down his pant leg. At that point, a really huge guy walked in. He was about 6'10" and looked almost as big as Dan. His arms stretched the fabric of his flimsy T-shirt and his chest was thick and rippling with muscle. He had long hair and a beard that trailed over his massive pecs. He caught sight of Dan and immediately walked over to him.

"Hey," he said in a deep voice.

Dan smiled back, "hey."

"You new here, boy?" the big guy said harshly. "I ain't seen you afore. They call me Tank."

"Dan," Dan said offering his hand. "You the head honcho here?"

"You got it, boy," Tank said flexing his pecs in a display of muscle power.

Dan flexed back hard. So hard that his own tank top started to tear at the top. "Oops," Dan said. "Better be careful, or I'm likely to tear this thing off just by flexing."

The guys in the bar started gathering around to watch the two massive musclemen square off.

Tank looked shocked, but flexed back. "Ain't no one here stronger than me, boy. 450lbs of muscle and power!" He flexed his amazing 27" biceps. Then he grabbed a beer can and crushed it into a small cube in one hand, tossing it away.

"I think I am," Dan answered. "Watch this." He grabbed an empty keg from behind the bar and squeezed it in his massive 37" arms. It crushed like a grape and he tossed it over his head.

The crowd gasped, and then let out a cheer as Dan muscled the keg into a cube. Tank wasn't through yet, though. He crawled under a pool table and started benching it! He pumped out 30 reps and called out, "Not enough fucking weight, man. Get on top of this thing!" Seven big guys, each weighing about 300 lbs climbed onto the table. Tank strained at first and then lifted the table for another 10 reps with 2400lbs! He stood up and flexed his pumped arms. Veins snaked their way over his massive tattooed forearms and pumped 29" guns. His shirt started tearing under the stress of all that growing muscle. And he was getting a huge hardon from showing off all that incredible strength. Then it was Dan's turn. He crawled under the table and told the guys to get on. With little effort he lifted the table and started pumping out reps. Ten, twenty, thirty reps with 2400 lbs! Then he stopped.

"Can't do no more, wussy boy?!" shouted Tank.

"Just warming up, Tank," Dan replied. He then pressed one hand under the table and lifted. He pumped out 10, 20 30 reps with one hand! Then he shifted hands and pumped out another thirty!

Everyone was amazed! They were all getting hard knowing this muscle man was out powering their leader. Dan put the table down and stood up.

He took a deep breath and his huge 90" pecs swelled. The tank top stretched and tore open, falling to the floor! He flexed his gargantuan hairy pecs and lifted his arms in a double biceps. His pumped 39" guns blasted out in relief and the peaks on his biceps touched his fists! The cuts in his hairy pecs were deep and he just smiled as his huge, and rock hard 19" cock tented out his sweat pants causing them to tear over his massive quads! He held his head back and laughed, flexing his mountainous traps and shoulders, holding his arms out wide displaying his superhuman build.

Even Tank was impressed and getting turned on by Dan's power. He ripped his shirt off and popped open his jeans. His 12" dick sprang out slapping his stomach. The 2 huge muscle bikers starting posing down, flashing their huge guns, flexing their outrageous pecs face to face and hard dicks rubbing together. Then Dan shoved his huge pole between Tank's thighs and flexed it hard! Tank lifted off the ground as Dan's muscle dick hoisted his 450lb frame into the air!

Laughing, Dan flexed his cock up and down, and Tank's own dick seemed to get another inch or two longer as he was being dick-curled by Dan's powerful cock.

"LIKE THAT, TANK?! LIKE THAT BIG MUSCLE DONKEY DICK BETWEEN THOSE CHEEKS?!" Dan bellowed , feeling the power rising in his body. He called over to the other guys, who were all jerking their hard cocks in awe of this superman of power and muscle. "CLIMB ON, WUSSY BOYS! THERE'S PLENTY OF ME FOR ALL OF YOU!" They guys climbed on Dan, who flexed his incredible mass. The guys took turns straddling his monster cock, sucking and licking at its length, and a few were riding his biceps. Dan loved it! Here were all these hot bikers, each of them strong enough to bend steel bars, and all of them worshipping his magnificent muscle and power. He snarled like a beast as he flexed every grossly exploded muscle for the men. He was so turned on having these puny men as fuck toys, his cock seemed like a steel beam, and it grew even longer maxing at 20 obscene inches!

Dan and Tank were two huge studs, both of them pumped and hard as a rock. Tank started lifting some of the other bikers like pillows and curling them in his massive 29" arms. He and Dan took turns lifting guys on their rock hard cocks - Tank seemed to gain more and more power, inspired by Dan's freaky size and strength. Tank started lifting two and three guys at the same time - curling them like dumbells. "FEEL MY POWER, FUCKERS!" Tank bellowed as he used the little men to pump his freaky huge biceps. Dan was getting off watching this muscle biker getting into his own freaky power and it pushed Dan even further as he curled man after heavy man on his thick 20" dong. Pretty soon he couldn't stand it anymore.

"I'M GONNA BLOW BOYS!" Dan shouted pulling the men off his huge body and grabbing his monster prick in both hands. Then he hit a most muscular pose and flexed his huge cock! The other guys started coming all over the place seeing Dan's brutally huge muscle blow out, and Dan shot an incredible load, streams of cum covering their hard bodies and faces.

After they were all done, Tank offered his submission. "Guess you're the big man, here, Dan," he said.

But Dan told him no. He had other places to go and other adventures with this new incredible strength.

"Tank, you take this group," he said, "But remember I may be back to take that sweet ass again!"

He climbed on his bike and rode off. •

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