Trainer, The: A Dream Fulfilled

The Future


By Musclebuff

His apartment was everything I might have expected of him. Male, strong, simple, airy. We strode through the big living-room - life-size photographs of the naked young Zak in very provocative muscle poses spotlit on the dark brown walls.

"Hey, you had hair once!"

"Those were the days! This is your room."

I gaped - "Mine? but -"

"You're moving in with me - we're going to need 24 hour physical contact. You can collect your stuff tomorrow, but we're starting that contact right now."

Oh wow. I was speechless.

"I want you to remember 24 hours a day that, whatever we get up to, you must concentrate on that transference effect - in work and play. Otherwise this ain't going to work out."

"I'm ready."

"Strip, and wait here."

I looked round my new digs. Was I crazy to be going along with this, without a single objection? My fear were soon dispelled when Zak came back ; he brought two huge beakers of his special protein shake - "Get this down you." - but he brought them in stark naked, lightly oiled all over. The only thing he was wearing was a pretty hefty leather cock-strap that pushed his giant equipment proud of his body. He switched on some overhead spots in front of a huge, full-length wall mirror and at once his muscles stood out in huge, breathtaking relief. His dick was semi-tumescent, hanging down almost to his knees, his obliques were as perfectly as a Greek statue's, as they arrowed down into that amazing groin.. He turned slowly round so I could see his giant, batwing, thick back lit in the mirror as he spread his lats and hoisted up the huge mountain of double pecs. He most-musculared and stuck out one huge leg, quads striated and full, a huge sweep at the side from non-existent hips to knees. He shook his quad and snapped it into full flexion - oh, yes he knew all the tricks that were going to turn me on.

"Can I feel?"

"Be my guest." And he obligingly flexed every magnificent part of himself as I wrapped my greedy hands over those oiled-up muscles - every one of them. By now I was at full mast; he grabbed my dick and yanked on my balls. "First lesson coming up - stop admiring me and apply all this muscle to yourself! Imagine yourself clothed in it - sucked inside it! Let them swell as you see yourself as you're going to be."

"And when is that?"

"Sooner than you think! Shut up, and come here! Start your lesson now! First of all I'm going to oil you up and I want you to touch the same muscles on me as I do on you. That's right - really feel those muscles as if they're yours."

I had practically cum by the time that operation was complete but, as usual, he thwacked my dick and pulled me in to him. Our oiled muscles slid greedily against each other as I put my arms round those wide, wide, thick, thick lats (that were to be mine!) and pulled him into me.

"Whose muscles are grinding into you?"


"Good, that's the way I want you to think: you belong to me me but my muscle belongs to you.

"Now, secret info bite number 2. To achieve me, you have to assimilate me - you must never let me cum unless I cum in you one way or another. The vital aspect of your growth depends on assimilating my DNA through my cum. Sometimes you'll have to eat your own too, for balance, and also for balance I must get some of yours every now and then."

I started to moan in anticipation as I clutched him to me, desperately "assuming" his muscle as we ground our torsos together.

"Yeah, I thought you'd like that idea! So you'd better get down to it right now. You'll be surprised at the effect it has on you."

He pushed me down on to the black leather cover of the king-size bed and lowered his full huge weight on top of me as he devoured my mouth and I devoured his tongue. Feeling all that muscle on top of me as we rolled around on the leather made me realise, perhaps for the first time, that this body, all this muscle was to be mine.

He slid down and started to nibble at my nips, squeezing my sore pecs, as I lifted a quad into his crotch and tried to squeeze that tower of Pisa into submission. Small hope. He soon had my mouth in his pits, licking and sucking on those bis, feeling the veins with my tongue. It was his turn to moan again as I started to work on his pecs. When I saw the effect my nibbling had on him I twisted those nips as hard as I could. That found the right button. He went crazy. He straddled my face and sunk his giant member into his mouth. As I licked and sucked greedily and passionately, he plumbed the depths of my throat - not yet big enough to accomodate him completely. "At last I've found something you're good at, wimpy! So fucking good!" Without taking his dick out of my mouth he twisted himself in the opposite direction, pulling my pelvis up to his face to sink his tongue into my joy-hole. Then it was my turn to go crazy.

I couldn't get out from under that giant bulk, even if I had wanted to, but I was forced to squirm our bodies together like a mad thing as he continued to fuck my throat. It was as if neither of us had had sex for a year. I later found out he hadn't, so no wonder he was so crazy now. It can't have been all me!

Pecs sliding against abs, thick long limbs twisting around each other like porn-show wrestlers, hands everywhere but mainly, as far as he was concerned, pumping my cock. I was far too close - I pulled out from under, releasing his huge dong which slapped against my face and his abs.

"For God's sake, fuck me Zak!

"Don't know about God, but for both our sakes that's exactly what I'm going to do." From somewhere he produced some lube and an outsize condom which was slapped on to his huge dick in record time (a few months later we were able to give up using those things, to our mutual benefit). My sore quads were hoisted up over his mighty delts, his hands planted themselves beside my face as he planted a huge kiss on my mouth, in my mouth and, somehow, in this position, without releasing my mouth from his, that giant knob found its way to my hole and pressed hard to demand entrance. I happily opened up to oblige him. Mercilessly, taking my breath away (still in his mouth) he plunged the full thick length into me up to the root. God, it was the best thing I had ever felt in my life!

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Hard and deep!" I roared into his mouth. And he did - he pistoned his power fuck into my ass, bruising the prostate over and over again. He twisted me into every imaginable position - the sideways attack was favorite and deepest and the most threatening to my own orgasm. Hours later, it seemed, I pulled on his balls which I could feel churning below his cockstrap and he started to roar. He pulled out of me, ripped off the condom and plunged his leaking dick into my mouth. Just in time. He exploded like Vesuvius - every shot cannoned into the back of my throat as I sucked and swallowed like a mad thing. Not a drop was to be lost.

"Swallow!" he roared like a bull. Anything that leaked from my lips - and there was plenty - he wiped off my face and then stuck his fingers in my mouth to suck clean. He had come with this sper-massive load and yet - he was still as hard as steel and tall as a chimney.

"Your turn." He sat back against the bedhead, turned me round into a squatting position with my back to him, and lowered my well-pumped ass onto his dick. God, it went in so deep this way round! "Now do your squats!" Up and down I went, feeling his mass probe the depths of my being with every stroke. He pulled me back to lie against him, hids arms round my chest, twisting my nips. I think it was the most heavenly position I had ever been in.

"I want you to come without touching yourself. An organic ejection is twice as powerful as a manipulated one. Let me do the work!" And he pumped himself up and down in to me, leaning me back onto that huge wonderful chest, pulling my hands away whenever they strayed to my greedy dick, finally imprisoning them with one hand while he dealt with my pecs with the other. I felt my own balls churning and turned my lips to his. "I'm going to cum!"

He shoved his dick further in than ever before and held it there, flexing and relaxing it so that my prostate was getting a workout too. How could it hold out against that treatment? Well it didn't and I exploded massively into his cupped hand which found its way there just in time. He sucked it into his own mouth and then joined our mouths again so that we shared that happy, sweet gism together.

Hours later, it seemed, he gently pulled out of my ass, unwilling to let him go. He fetched warm, damp cloths and fluffy dry ones, cleaned me off, made me get up for a moment while he folded the leather spread away and then put me to bed. He climbed in beside me, turned his back on me and pressed that huge physique back against me and folded my arms around him. We lay there, spoon-fashion, my every fibre so conscious of that muscled torso pressed so close and hard against my own.

"Now remember, lesson Number one - these are your pecs you're feeling, your abs, your bis that you are holding on to......"

I was all to happy to obey but soon I sunk into a deep, deep sleep.

I was being gently shaken awake by a giant it took me a moment to recognize.

"Back and tris today."

I groaned, still half asleep and not at all prepared to get up.

"But first it's revelation time. Get up!" And he hauled me up in front of the mirror, still holding me up under the arm.

"Stand up! Chest up! Flex! Come on!"

I obeyed half-heartedly, still yawning.

"Open your eyes and LOOK!"

First I nearly fainted. Then with a whoop of joy I flung myself upon my mentor and hugged that body to die for. In the mirror I saw............

I may not have seen a Mishko Sarcev or a Dennis Newman in that mirror (yet), but I was looking at a true bodybuilder, not a jock with a "swimmer's build" any more. Every muscle was larger, full muscle bellies, tight, hard, vascular - swelling pecs, mind-blowing bis, sweeping quads. Yeah, there were weak points - tris, delts, abs - everything we had not yet worked on in fact - but the changes was so mind-blowing, mega-mind-blowing, I couldn't quite believe I was the same person. I even found myself so sexy that my dick rose higher than it ever had before.

"Wha - ?"

"Yeah, that grows too!"

That was when I let out that whoop of joy and flung myself upon him. He held me away from himself as well as he good and frowned severely at me. "There's something you need to know."

Uh oh.

"We have achieved all this in a very short time because your body was fresh to all the incentives I gave it and your virgin receptors were wide open to receive them. But don't think that you're going to grow daily at this enormous rate. I promise you, you will achieve everything we both want for you, but it's going to get harder and harder as your body gets more used to the new treatment it's getting. Are you going to sulk or flake out on me when it all goes slow on you and you seem to plateau, or are you going to take it as the next hurdle, the next challenge and really work for the size and muscle you want?"

"Oh yeah! I'm sure I'll flake out! How could I when I see what's already happened to me? How could i when I've got you twenty-four hours a day, nagging me, fucking me, pushing me, loving me?"

At last he smiled. I already had my arms round his neck - " Wrap your quads around my waist - it's my turn to offload some pure protein into you!"

He pit his arms rouind my chest and hoisted me into the air so he lower me on to his twenty-inch prick - lowred me so fucking deep I seemed to become part of him. When his love muscle was as deep as a love muscle can go and I could feel that huge thickness ever-thickening inside me, he started to bounce me up and down on his dick, roaring with triumphant laughter, racing round the apartment, impaling me over and over again.

He suddenly stopped, just as I was on the point of jetting over his face and chest -

"Think! All this muscle is yours - and all yours is mine Glory in it! Let it fill you to bursting! Swell every muscle with blood and desire! CUM!"

And with one last mighty up-down thrust he exploded in me and simultaneously I jetted directly into his mouth.until the gism was dripping out of the sides of his lips. It was then that he bonded our mouths, our muscle-juice, our muscles and our hearts forever together.

Will I justify his faith in me? Will I carry out our joint ambition? Will I redeem his past disappointment for him? I'd like to bet I sure will. But that's for another time............ •

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