Payback Time at Lincoln High


By johnd7102000

Tommy and Gunther talked a lot about what had just happened on their way to Tommy's house. Tommy lived in a very nice neighborhood - his parents were pretty rich. When they got there, they went to Tommy's room. Tommy said, "I want to show you some magazines I got this summer, and he brought out all the muscle mags he had collected and read cover to cover." Tommy explained to Gunther that he was tired of being weak and skinny and that he had gotten a weight set and worked out all summer, taking supplements and using some of the suggestions in the muscle mags.

However, as was very obvious, Tommy conceded that all this lifting and eating had only added about five pounds, and not even all of that was muscle. Nevertheless, Tommy was enthusiastic about lifting, and he asked Gunther if he would also like to try lifting some weights and be Tommy's training partner. Tommy knew that Gunther was even weaker than Tommy was, and he figured it would take Gunther a couple of months to catch up. After the humiliation he had just experienced, Gunther was only too eager to do anything he could to build up his scrawny body. He had never touched a weight - in fact he had never gotten even a little exercise, and his emaciated body showed it. He immediately agreed to be Tommy's training partner, and the two boys shook hands with enthusiasm and hope.

Tommy took Gunther down to his basement where the weight set was located. The room was fairly big, and there was a large mirror covering one wall. Tommy would face the mirror as he worked out, hoping to see muscles popping out of his body, but instead only seeing the same old flab. After Gunther had checked out the scene, Tommy suggested that they take their measurements so that they could track their progress. Tommy brought out a measuring tape. Tommy's arms were 11 inches and Gunther's were 10 inches. Since Tommy had already been working out, his arms were bigger than Gunther's, even though Gunther was taller. Gunther's arms were truly emaciated. Tommy and Gunther's chests were the same - 35 inches. Here, Gunther's taller frame and naturally large rib cage made him equal to Tommy. Their other measurements were similar - puny. They both weighed exactly the same - 125 pounds. They were absolutely equal as they were about to embark on their weight lifting program as training partners. Gunther's six foot height made that 120 pounds really look skinny. At 5'9", Tommy's 120 pound body contained quite a bit of fat and he looked just plain slovenly.

Tommy recommended that at the beginning they should work out only three times a week, so that their muscles had time to grow on the rest days. He picked out a beginner workout from one of the muscle mags. In the bench press, Gunther could only do 30 pounds for reps. His arms were wobbly, and Tommy had the spot the weight the whole time. Nevertheless, Gunther insisted on doing three sets, the same number as Tommy. Tommy cranked out three sets with 60 pounds. He felt pretty good, since he was twice as strong as Gunther. In curls, Gunther barely managed three sets with a 20 pound barbell. Tommy did three sets with 35. When Gunther was doing his last set of curls, Tommy thought he noticed an actual pump in Gunther's tiny bicep. Since Gunther had absolutely no fat on his body, even the smallest muscles stood out in relief. Although it was minuscule, the bicep seemed to pump up with the exercise, responding to the weight in a way that Tommy's never had. After Gunther had finished, he flexed his skinny arms and Tommy wrapped his hand around Gunther's bicep. The little muscle was actually pretty hard - even though it was small - harder than Tommy's bigger bicep ever got. Tommy exclaimed "Gunther, my man, your muscles are already growing! Fantastic, dude." They both smiled and Gunther flexed his arms again in the mirror.

After they finished their workout, Tommy gave Gunther some protein supplements to mix as a milkshake. Tommy's parents let him buy as many supplements as he wanted, so Tommy had a big supply. He told Gunther to eat a lot of food, especially meat and chicken but really any kind of wholesome food, for dinner and breakfast and to drink the protein shakes between meals. Tommy was very knowledgeable about nutrition and he knew that Gunther needed to add a lot of mass to his skinny body. As Gunther was leaving Tommy's house, his muscles felt sore but kind of tingly and he was ravenously hungry.

Gunther's mother could not believe how much food he ate at dinner. She had cooked him a small steak with a few pieces of potato and vegetable, his usual portion. He devoured that in about 30 seconds and asked her to cook him three more steaks and lots of potatoes and vegetables. He explained to her that he had started lifting weights with a friend to put some muscle on his skinny body and that he needed to eat lots of food to do it. His mother gladly obliged, since she knew how painful it was for her son to be so tall and skinny. Gunther forced as much food into his stomach as it could possibly take. Then, before he went to bed he drank a large protein milkshake. He flexed his muscles in his bathroom mirror and said to himself "Those two assholes aren't going to push me around any more."

The next morning, Gunther ate a huge breakfast of sausage, eggs and toast, drank a big protein milkshake before lunch, ate a big lunch at school, another shake, a huge dinner and another shake. Altogether, he had increased his protein and calorie intake more that five times from two days earlier. He was force feeding his body so that it would grow big. After resting a day, Tommy and Gunther were eager to work out. Before they started, they got on Tommy's scale. Tommy was still at 120, but in two days, Gunther had gained three pounds. Tommy and Gunther were both thrilled. More remarkably, Gunther could now easily bench press 40 pounds and curl 25 pounds for three sets, amazing gains in strength in only two days. His strength improved similarly in all of his other exercises. At the end of the workout, Gunther flexed in the mirror and Tommy ran his hands over Gunther's muscles, which all seemed to be bigger and harder than just two days before. "Geez, Gunther, your body is amazing. Youve gained more muscle in two days that I did in a month!" Gunther smiled and flexed again. He was still damn skinny, but all of a sudden he felt strong.

Gunther continued to eat like a maniac. Before they started their workout in the second week of training, the boys took their measurements again. Tommy's were the same as the week before, but Gunther's were not! In one week, Gunther had put 1/2 inch on his arms and a full inch on his chest and thigh. And he now weighed 130 pounds, a gain of 10 pounds. And this was all muscle. Gunther still had no fat on his body. His metabolism, together with the weights, seemed to turn every bit of food he ate into muscle. Gunther could now bench press 60 pounds for three sets of 10 reps easy. He had doubled his strength in a week as muscle started to fill in his hollow chest. He curled 35 for three sets. He was now just a strong as Tommy after only one week - three workouts. Tommy was just as thrilled as Gunther and marveled at the hardness and separation of Gunther's growing young muscles. Tommy had thought it would take Gunther two months to catch him in strength. In fact, it took only one week! At this point, Tommy realized that Gunther had genetic potential far and away superior to Tommy's and probably far and away superior to most other boys. Tommy remembered that Gunther had been very poor as a child and had never had decent food or any exercise until very recently. His body had never had a chance to develop its genetic potential - was kept skinny and weak by these factors - and now that it was given the dual gifts of progressive weight training and abundant food and supplements, his body was exploding like a hardy weed in a spring rainfall.

As the weeks went on, Gunther got bigger and bigger and stronger and stronger. He and Tommy remained training partners - that would never change - but the difference in exercise poundages became enormous. Every workout, Gunther was able to lift heavier weights than the time before. During his first month of lifting, Gunther's bench press went up by 30 pounds per week, and his other exercise poundages went up similarly. His young muscles were literally bursting out of his skin as they grew bigger and bigger. At the end of one month, Gunther weighed 155 pounds, a gain of 35 pounds of solid, shredded muscle. Gunther's body refused to put on any fat, even though he was eating huge quantities of food and supplements. He was eating about four times as much food each day as Tommy could possibly eat, plus consuming four huge protein shakes, and it was all turning into muscle. His body was shredded and vascular, the muscle fibers and veins clearly visible under his paper-thin skin. His arms now measured 14 inches, a gain of four massive inches of muscle. His chest had grown to 42 inches, a gain of 7 inches. And he had grown a full inch in height, now proudly standing 6'1" tall. Now 155 pounds at 6'1" is still pretty thin, but compared with his body a month ago, he looked like Arnold Schwartzenegger. His workout weight in the bench press was 150. Five times as strong as just a month ago! He could now curl 65 pounds for reps. Tommy became more than a workout partner - he became Gunther's personal trainer, making sure he was doing the right exercises and eating the right food and supplements to keep his muscles growing at maximum warp speed. Tommy himself hadn't really grown at all, but he didn't care since he was building huge muscles vicariously through Gunther, feeling Gunther's phenomenal growth like it was his own. Since Tommy and Gunther were so close, Tommy really felt great himself as Gunther's muscles started to bulge with powerful mass. The three day a week program gave way to six days a week, working different bodyparts with great intensity on different days. As Gunther's body grew bigger and more muscular, he was able to handle more sets, more exercises and heavier and heavier weights. The bigger and stronger he got, the more power and energy he had to lift even heavier weights. Another example of the strong getting stronger, but this time Tommy wanted this strong boy to become huge. Amazingly, Gunther's body was starting to look like the bodies of those huge, muscular guys in the muscle magazines. Tommy had dreamed of one day having a body like that. He now realized that while his genetics would never let him come close, Gunther's superior genetics, passed down to him by his German ancestors, gave him the ability to become the huge muscle stud that Tommy always wanted to be. And as Gunther's best friend and trainer, Tommy was going to vicariously share Gunther's unbelievable muscle growth. Tommy was in heaven.

Gunther threw himself into lifting and eating with youthful abandon. Gunther's muscles were on a roll, and they seemed to get more massive and stronger with each workout, never hitting a sticking point and making Gunther more and more enthusiastic as he saw results he never dreamed possible. After a few weeks of training, Gunther's shirts became very tight. His delts, pecs and lats had grown so much that the new shirts his mother had bought him a few weeks before for school now stretched across his chest, the fabric barely able to contain Gunther's suddenly muscular upper body. One day in class, Gunther took a deep breath, and the top four buttons popped off his shirt, no longer able to contain the raging young muscles that had grown so quickly underneath. Gunther was embarrassed but also proud that his body had vanquished the fabric. He and Tommy went out and bought some new clothes, but even as they were buying them they both recognized that these new clothes would probably only last a few months on Gunther's amazing young muscles.

Gunther and Tommy continued to work out in Tommy's basement, although Gunther was getting almost too strong for Tommy's 250 pound weight set. Tommy stared in awed amazement as he spotted Gunther in heavy bench presses. Gunther's pecs were big, round and striated with hard cords of muscle. As he pushed up the heavy bar rep after rep, huge quantities of blood were pumped by his powerful heart into his pecs, engorging the muscles fibers and creating the true pump that great bodybuilders get. When Gunther had finished his set, Tommy felt the size and hardness of Gunther's warm pecs, the sinews of muscle feeling like steel cords. Tommy just couldn't believe how big and shredded those pecs had gotten in just one month. After each workout, they both checked out Gunther's pumped, bulging muscles in the big mirror. Tommy would run his hands over Gunther's muscles, marveling at how much bigger and stronger they were than just the week before. Gunther was proud of his body, and felt indebted to Tommy for helping him build muscle on his skinny frame. Gunther liked Tommy to feel his hard muscles, to tell him how big and hard they were and how much they were growing. Sometimes Tommy and Gunther would stand side by side and flex. Tommy would be awed by how much bigger and more muscular Gunther now was. His 14 inch arms now dwarfed Tommy's 11 inchers, which had been an inch bigger than Gunther's a month before. Tommy's cock grew as he took in Gunther's flexing body and touched the hardness and growing mass of his young muscles. Gunther didn't mind this at all and in fact liked Tommy's attention, liked Tommy's appreciation - yes, worship, of his growing muscles. Gunther's cock got hard as he watched his muscles flexing and felt Tommy caressing them. At 6'1", Gunther was endowed with a nine inch cock that seemed to get bigger and thicker as Gunther's muscles got bigger and thicker. Gunther did a set of bench presses, curls, situps, chins and squats to pump up. His muscles rippled under his paper-thin skin with definition that only one in 10,000 men ever achieve. Even at 155 pounds, he looked extremely muscular, buffed and shredded. His shoulders had grown enormously. No longer was the bony arm hanging from the bony shoulder. Now a thick round cap of striated muscle sat atop his shoulder that looked like it could pack a wallop. His veins pressed out from his thin skin. During Gunther's intense workouts, Tommy could actually see the blood pulsing through the big veins. His shoulders were very wide and his hips very narrow, just as narrow as Steve's, which made Gunther's torso look striking and very athletic. His muscular arms were hard and strong and his lats were starting to flare out to the side. His firm, round pecs were now proudly pushing out from his body, the strands of the powerful muscle clearly visible. His muscular butt looked very sexy, the two ass cheeks showing dimples of definition as he flexed them in the mirror. His legs were much bigger and more powerful. He was now squatting with 200 pounds for reps, a six fold increase from the 50 pounds he eaked out just a month ago. His slim waist had only grown a little, just enough to accommodate the slab of hard muscle it now had. It measured only 29 inches and was covered with a flat armor plate of corrugated steel-like abs. His face was drop-dead gorgeous, the sunken cheeks now firm, with his high cheekbones complimenting beautiful blue eyes and a powerful jaw and all sitting atop a columnar, muscular neck. It was hard to believe that this young stud was still only 14 years old and had been a skinny wimp a month before.

Tommy caressed Gunther's pumped muscles and dropped to his knees. Lovingly, he placed Gunther's hard cock in his mouth, licking the big head and shaft with his tongue. Then he gently put each of Gunther's giant balls in his mouth, licking and sucking. The smell of Gunther's sweat from his pubic hair was wonderful - the smell of a young, powerful jock who has just finished a mind-blowing musclebuilding workout. Tommy felt Gunther's flat stomach - his abs shredded with an eight-pack of hard muscle - his strong bubble butt and his growing, hard legs. Then he put Gunther's jock-stud cock back in his mouth and sucked until the hot German boy was pulsating with pleasure. Just as Gunther was ready to cum, he took his cock out of Tommy's mouth and shot his genetically superior sperm all over Tommy's wimpy chest. And simultaneously, Tommy grabbed his cock and shot a big load through Gunther's legs. Both boys shot at least 10 times and both were in ecstasy. After they finished, they held each other tightly. From this time forward, after every workout the boys watched Gunther flex his new muscles in the mirror and then Tommy worshipped Gunther's young body and sucked his throbbing cock until both boys climaxed with intense sexual pleasure. Gunther's growing muscles turned both of them on so much.

The next day, Tommy and Gunther heard about an arm wrestling contest that some of the ninth grade boys were going to have during the lunch hour. Of course Mike and Steve were going to compete, as well as some of the other stronger boys from the class. Mike had always won these competitions and had every reason to believe he would win this one too. When Tommy and Gunther heard about this, they looked at each other and immediately agreed that Gunther should enter. Even if he didn't win, he would be able to show Mike and Steve that he wasn't a skinny wimp anymore. He now weighed even more than Mike and Steve (155 to their 145) but they were five inches shorter and therefore had tighter, more compact muscular bodies. And of course Gunther had been working out for only a month, so he really had no idea of his strength compared to other boys. But he was eager to try out his newfound strength in a real man-to-man contest. At lunch, practically the whole ninth grade class gathered in the playground outside the school. A total of 20 boys entered the contest, all the jocks and a few wannabes. Gunther's first opponent was a big, fat lineman from the football team. He was about 5'10" and weighed about 185, but Gunther could see that most of that was fat. When the whistle blew, Gunther's shredded shoulder and arm muscles exploded with power and the football player's arm went down in about one second. Several girls were watching and shrieked at Gunther's awesome display of muscular force. After the victory, one of the girls exclaimed to her friend, "Gee, he's really cute! Look at his buff muscles! Who is this guy?"

Gunther turned around to see that his next match was going to be with Steve. Gunther hadn't seen a lot of Steve or Mike in the last month, and Gunther's hatred of Steve was obvious from his glare. Gunther's piercing big blue eyes, handsome face and strong jaw and neck were just as beautiful as Steve's, a fact that the ninth grade girls had quickly noticed. While Steve looked like a Nordic god, Gunther now looked like a tall, handsome young German warrior, a strong boy developing into an incredibly powerful stud. As they approached the arm wrestling table, Steve said "Jesus Christ, Kraut-boy, I can't believe you showed up to do this. Don't you remember how I pinned your two scrawny arms with one hand last month? What's got into you?" Gunther then flexed his newly muscular right bicep in Steve's face and said "I've got news for you Stevie-boy. I'm not a wimp anymore and I'm going to kick your sorry ass all the way to China!" "Yeah, sure", said Steve, remembering how he had totally crushed the tall German boy just a few weeks ago. The two boys placed their elbows on the table and locked grips. The whistle blew and Steve pushed his arm against Gunther's as hard as he could. He fully expected that Gunther's arm would come crashing down on the table, but instead Gunther's arm held steady like an iron pipe, the sinewy muscles and veins popping out of his arm and shoulder. Steve pushed again, his own muscles bulging out with the fibers and veins clearly showing. Again, Gunther's arm held steady. Then Gunther smiled confidently at Steve and with a great surge of power in his shoulder and arm, his rippling muscles slowly forced Steve's muscular arm to the table, where it hit with a thud. With that, about 20 girls simultaneously let out loud shrieks. They had all gathered around to watch Steve and now they were blown away by the tall, strong, good looking German boy.

After the match, Gunther took off his shirt to cool off. As he threw the shirt to the ground and stretched his body, there was an audible gasp from all the girls and several of the boys as they stared at Gunther's upper body. Gunther's torso was unbelievable. His muscles were very dense and incredibly defined. Each fiber of his hard, round deltoids was visible under his paper-thin skin and when he moved his arms, the fibers gracefully flexed and unflexed, easily readjusting themselves to their new position. At 155 pounds, Gunther was still somewhat thin for his tall frame, but his muscles were extremely hard and shredded and stood out in bold relief. His abs looked like they had been carved in granite, each ridge cutting deeply into his body, with the veins and muscle fibers showing clearly. His pecs were round and full, so prominent and defined that the fibers of muscle literally burst out from his chest, resulting in cleavage almost an inch deep between them. His lats were visually breathtaking, slabs of muscle flaring out from his wide shoulders and tapering to his very tight, narrow waist and hips. Below his strong back, his powerful glutes pushed out his sexy bubble butt. After catching their breath, several of the girls came up to Gunther and asked him if they could feel his muscles. Gunther happily obliged by flexing his bicep, the hard fibers of muscle bunching up like a ball and the veins showing clearly beneath his thin skin. Tommy beamed proudly. "Ooooooh," said one of the prettiest girls, "your muscle is sooo big and hard." "Gunther smiled at the girl and said Thanks for the compliment, but that's nothing. In a few months my arms will be even bigger and harder and they're going to completely blow you away. " The girl squeezed Gunther's hard bulging bicep, looked into his deep blue eyes and said "I want to feel it when it's bigger. Please let me feel it." "Don't worry," said Gunther, his beautiful eyes and handsome face just melting the girl, youll be able to feel it all you want. My muscles are meant to be felt." She then put her hand flat on Gunther's incredibly hard abs and ran her fingers through the prominent ridges of muscle. She slowly and sensually moved her delicate fingers over Gunther's whole upper body, caressing the firm contours of his hard pecs and erect nipples, feeling the size and power of his awesome delts and lats and the sexy rippled flatness of his abdominal muscles. Gunther's cock started to get hard, forming a noticeable bulge in his shorts. Without warning, the girl slowly slipped her hand under Gunther's shorts and touched his thick cock with her tender fingers. Gunther's cock twitched up, pressing against the fabric of his shorts. The girl squeezed it with her fingers for about two seconds and then slowly lifted her hand, gently caressing Gunther's hard lower abs as she reluctantly pulled her hand out from his shorts. "You're the hottest guy in the whole school," she said in a low voice.

While Gunther was being admired by the girls, Steve had slunked away in shame. He couldn't believe how the absolute wimp of four weeks ago had all of a sudden grown enough muscle to beat him - Steve - one of the studs of the ninth grade class. He went right over to Mike and told him the amazing news. Mike had won all his matches as usual, and he and Steve now realized that the final match was going to be with Gunther. Mike really didn't believe what Steve was saying about Gunther's new strength. After all, the boy was the weakest, skinniest nerd Steve had ever seen. But when Gunther walked up to Mike for the final match with his shirt off and his ripped muscles bulging from his body, Mike could easily see that this was not the same wimp that they had thrashed in the woods. As Mike checked Gunther out, he saw that Gunther was still a little on the thin side at 6'1" and 155 pounds, but he now outweighed the shorter and more compact Mike by more than 10 pounds and his new musculature was visually stunning. The two boys didn't speak to each other as they locked grips. The whistle blew and the muscles of both boys bulged with tremendous strain. Neither boy gave way at first, their arms rocking back and forth in the center. Their shoulders and arms were engorged with blood as their pumped muscles demanded more fuel and oxygen for the battle. Their arms became striated with fibers of red muscle, Mike's arm being slightly bigger than Gunther's although Gunther's was more defined. Finally, Mike let out a grunt and with an enormous display of raw physical power, pushed Gunther's arm slowly to the table. When Gunther's hand finally hit the board, Mike jumped to his feet and flexed his 14 inch biceps in victory. Tommy walked up to him and said "Well, Mikey, you won this time, but it won't be long before Gunther here can crush your fat Italian ass so bad you'll wish you had never been born. See ya later wimp." Tommy never before had dared to talk to Mike like that. Mike's face became red with rage. He instinctively clenched his powerful hand into a fist and coiled back his muscular arm, his muscles buzzing with power, getting ready to punch little Tommy's soft gut so hard that his fist would have hit Tommy's backbone. But then he saw that Gunther was standing right there, his newly grown, shockingly muscular shoulders, chest and arms ready to defend his friend. Mike pulled back his arm and said only "Yeah, see ya later."

Tommy and Gunther both felt great after the arm wrestling contest. Gunther had commanded the respect of the guys and the admiration of the girls, and Tommy bathed in the glow of Gunther's success. Because Gunther had now outgrown the weight set in Tommy's basement, they started working out in the school's weight room. Only the strongest ninth graders dared work out there, and Gunther now fit that description. There were some pretty big dudes in there - some of the seniors weighed over 200 pounds and had 17 inch arms. Under Tommy's tutelage, Gunther redoubled his hard training. Tommy bought even more supplements, which Gunther wolfed down along with tremendous quantities of meat, chicken, rice, potatoes, fruits and vegetables. Gunther's body was like super-efficient machine converting the massive amounts of fuel into pure muscle, with still not a gram of fat under his clear, tan skin. The big Seniors in the gym couldn't believe the intensity that this ninth grader used in his workouts, and they noticed that his poundages seemed to go up every week. Week by week, he was actually becoming bigger and stronger than some of the Senior jocks.

After three months of lifting, Gunther now weighed 195 pounds - a gain of 75 pounds, and it was all massive, rippled muscle. Amazingly, he had also grown another inch in height and was now 6'2" His body seemed to have been unleashed by the heavy weights and the huge amounts of food and supplements he was consuming. His arms were now 17 inches and his chest 47. He could bench press 300 pounds for reps and curl 150 with ease. He was now so much bigger and stronger than Mike and Steve that it wasn't even funny. One day Tommy and Gunther came into the gym when Mike and Steve were working out. They were trying to clean and jerk 135 pounds, but were really struggling with the weight. Gunther walked over and without a warm-up, cleaned the bar and pressed it easily overhead ten times, his huge delts bulging and rippling like shredded melons on his broad 14 year old shoulders. Mike and Steve could only look in awe at their classmate's raw power. After pumping out his reps, Gunther dropped the weight and flexed his massive arm in Steve's face. "Join a gym, punk," he sneered. The big seniors in the gym thought this was hilarious and came over to Gunther to give him high fives. Tommy looked at Mike and smiled.

Tommy now looked forward to gym class, the class he used to dread because of the unmerciful teasing he got from Mike and Steve. Now Gunther was the biggest, most muscular kid in the ninth grade. In gym class he was the new leader - all the kids wanted to do what Gunther wanted to do and since Tommy and Gunther were inseparable, this meant that the kids wanted to do what Tommy wanted also. One day the class had a physical fitness competition, where the boys did pushups, pullups, situps and running. Gunther won hands down, doing 185 pushups, 60 pullups, 650 situps and beating the next fastest kid in the 220 yard dash by 30 feet. He was so strong that the regular calisthenics didn't challenge his muscles, so after the contest Gunther put on a show for the kids by having Tommy lie stomach down on Gunther's back while Gunther did fifty pushups. Tommy could feel the mountain of muscle in Gunther's strong butt pressing on Tommy's cock as Gunther pumped out rep after rep. The big muscles in Gunther's shoulders , chest and arms popped out in bold relief, the fibers and veins showing clearly. After the pushups, Gunther had Tommy hang on him while he cranked out a set of 15 pullups. The other boys stared in awe as their Herculean 14 year old classmate easily pulled up not only his own 195 pounds of muscle but also Tommy's 125 pounds, at total of 310 pounds being hoisted by Gunther's shredded arms and lats. His chest and lats were now so thick that they formed deep canyons of muscle around his sweating armpits. With every rep, Gunther's lats gorged with blood and flared out. When he dropped from the bar, his arms looked like huge hams of muscle, the fibers and veins rolling easily under his skin with every move. Several of the boys developed hard-ons watching Gunther's awesome display of muscle and power. After he had finished, most of the boys came up to him, asking if they could feel his muscles. Gunther was happy to oblige. He loved his new body and he loved to show it off. He proudly flexed his big young muscles as his classmates touched them and marveled at his awesome power.

Gunther continued to get bigger and stronger throughout the school year. After he had been lifting about four months, Tommy bought some creatine monohydrate for Gunther to add to his supplements. Gunther's body responded powerfully. He seemed to have even more energy and drive to lift always heavier weights. Every week he was bigger and stronger than the week before. In February, Gunther and Tommy both turned 15 years old. Gunther must have been one of the biggest, strongest 15 year olds in the state. Tommy looked essentially the same as he had in September.

At the end of the school year in May, Gunther had been lifting a total of eight months. The results of his intense, heavy lifting and his huge intake of food and supplements were nothing short of phenomenal. He had gained another two inches in height, now standing an imposing 6'4". He now weighed a huge 250 pounds, all of it pure muscle. He had more than doubled his bodyweight in eight months, gaining 130 pounds of massive rock hard rippling muscle. Gunther still had absolutely no fat on his body and his big, dense muscles stood out in bold relief. His massive chest measured 58 inches. He could now bench press 450 pounds easily, 15 times more than when he started. His muscular arms had grown to 20 inches, double their size of eight months ago. The fibers of his biceps were now huge cords that looked and felt like steel ropes. He could easily curl over 200 pounds. His triceps were thick and cut. His legs were a massive 29 inches, strong and hard like oak tree trunks and he could squat 600 pounds for reps. His 19 inch calves were shaped like hard diamonds. His waist was only 32 inches, all of it flat, hard, corrugated muscle. He still had very narrow hips, and combined with his super-wide and super-big shoulders and lats his V-shape was awesome. His lats were thick slabs muscle fibers flaring out and bristling with power. He now looked like the most massive, awesome young warrior stud that ever lived.

Even though he was only a 15 year old ninth grader, he was far and away the biggest, most muscular and strongest boy in the whole school. The big Seniors in the gym couldn't touch him in either size or power. The girls just couldn't get over his body, always coming up to Gunther and asking him to flex for them. Gunther loved to do it and some of the girls almost fainted when they felt the size and hardness of his 20 inch guns. Tommy was in heaven, his best friend and lover now the biggest muscle stud in the whole school. After every workout, Tommy and Gunther went back to Tommy's basement, where they would stand in front of the mirror and watch Gunther flex his totally huge muscles. This day, Tommy ran his hands over Gunther's massive arms, remembering that time eight months ago when Gunther's emaciated muscles got their first pump. He remembered how hard Gunther's little bicep felt after its first workout - never could Tommy have imagined that that hard little bicep would blossom into the rippling monster that he was now feeling. Tommy buried his face in Gunther's huge armpit, smelling the masculine sweat and licking and marveling at the slabs of muscle of Gunther's massive delts, pecs and lats. Gunther's firm nipples stood out proudly from his huge pecs, and Tommy lovingly licked and sucked each one as Gunther moaned with pleasure. Gunther loved his muscles being worshipped by Tommy, and his big cock got harder as Tommy ran his tongue all over Gunther's huge chest, lats and arms and sucked his hard nipples. Gunther's cock was now a full 10 inches long and much thicker than Mike's. Gunther's cock had grown along with his muscles.

As Gunther watched his powerful arms flex in the mirror, he said to Tommy "Hey, let me try something. Stand straight and tall." Tommy did what he was told, and Gunther then picked him up sideways with his huge arms and started doing curls with Tommy. Tommy was loving it as Gunther's 20 inch guns pulled him up and down without any strain at all. Gunther could curl over 200 pounds, so the 125 pound Tommy felt like a toy (Tommy had gained 5 pounds over the eight months, compared to Gunther's 130). Gunther's huge biceps gorged with blood, pumping up and getting vascular and hard. Tommy put his little hand firmly on Gunther's flexing bicep, taking in the enormous mass and unbelievable hardness of Gunther's throbbing 20 inch arm. He remembered the first time he touched Mike's hard bicep. Gunther's bicep was now four times as big and twice as hard as Mike's. Then Gunther changed his grip a little and picked Tommy up again, this time pressing him overhead. Again, this was easy for Gunther, since he could military press 275 pounds. He pumped out 15 easy reps, his delts looking like huge cannonballs with striated fibers of rock-like muscle. Tommy put his hands on Gunther's massive delts, marveling that they were so dense and defined. Next Tommy climbed on Gunther's huge back as Gunther did an easy 25 pushups. Tommy tried to wrap his small hands around Gunther's incredibly huge arms as Gunther's triceps writhed like big boa constrictors with each rep. Tommy's hands couldn't even get around a third of those rippling guns that pushed up and down like pistons, the weight of Tommy feeling as light as rag on Gunther's broad back. Tommy wedged his hard cock in between Gunther's muscular ass cheeks, reveling in the feeling of the bulging butt muscles pushing on his cock with each rep. Both Gunther and Tommy's cocks were now harder than steel pipes. After Gunther finished his pushups, Tommy wrapped his arms around Gunther's huge chest and then completely devoured Gunther's gigantic young body and cock with his hands, eyes and tongue. In less than five minutes both of them had cum with huge ejaculations.

It was getting near the end of the school year, and Tommy and Gunther figured that it was now Payback Time. After Gunther got big, Mike and Steve tried to avoid contact with Tommy and Gunther, just as Tommy had previously avoided contact with them. But there was really no place to hide at Lincoln High if someone really wanted to find you. One day after class, Tommy and Gunther spotted Mike and Steve on the playground outside the gym. They were wearing tank tops and shorts, showing off their tan, buff young muscles. They now were about 5'9" and weighed 150, very muscular and strong for 15 year old ninth grade boys but little punks compared to Gunther. Gunther was a more than a half-foot taller, towering over them like a giant. He now outweighed each of them by ONE HUNDRED POUNDS OF MUSCLE. Gunther's huge, shredded 20 inch arms were so powerful and intimidating that they made Mike and Steve's 14 inch arms look puny. Gunther's rippling forearms were two inches bigger than their upper arms. Gunther's massive and powerful 58 inch chest made their muscular young chests look emaciated by comparison. Gunther's oak tree thighs were as big around as the boys waists, 29 inches of incredibly dense hard muscle. Size does matter, and Gunther's muscular size was so awesome that it was abundantly clear to every kid in the school that he could beat the crap out of any boy in the school without even working up a sweat.

Tommy and Gunther walked casually up to Mike and Steve and Tommy said "Hey, do you guys want to make yourselves useful?" At that, Gunther wrapped his huge 20 inch arms around each of their necks and contracted his massive biceps, almost breaking Mike and Steve's necks and completely cutting off their windpipes. Their faces became beet red and took on a look of desperation. Then Gunther let go of their necks and wrapped one big arm around each of their chests, again contracting his powerful biceps. Tommy thought he almost heard their ribs crack, as Gunther literally squeezed the air out of their lungs with one mighty contraction of his huge, muscular arms. Mike and Steve now had a look of extreme fear in their eyes, and after a few more seconds of excruciating pain to their ribcages, Gunther relaxed his vice-like arms and put the boys down. They looked up at his 250 pounds of ripped, angry muscle with complete fear and awe. Come on, said Tommy, lets go for a walk. Mike and Steve knew that it was futile to resist Gunther so they walked with Tommy and Gunther to the same woods they had visited about eight months ago, taking the same trail to the same secluded clearing. When they got there Tommy ordered Mike and Steve to strip and he and Gunther did the same. Mike and Steve couldn't believe how big and muscular Gunther had gotten in just eight months and how big and thick his cock had become. They both wanted to take back everything they did eight months ago, but they knew it was too late.

Then, Gunther walked over to Mike and clenched his strong right hand into a fist. The muscles of Gunther's 16 inch forearm rippled and writhed like snakes as Gunther opened and closed his big hand. "You'd better tense those abdominals, Mikey," Tommy said. Mike tensed as he had done so many times before, forming a wall of muscle in his abs. Quickly, Gunther wound up and punched Mike directly in the abs, the muscles in Gunther's massive shoulders and arms exploding with unbelievable force. This time, instead of being deflected by Mike's muscles, the powerful punch made a huge dent in Mike's stomach and lifted him off the ground. Mike fell to the ground in shock, the wind completely knocked out of him and his stomach in terrible pain. As Mike was trying to recover from the tremendous blow, Gunther pulled him up by his shoulders, lifting him three feet off the ground and then placing him on his wobbly feet. Gunther then landed another devastating blow with his huge fist to Mike's now-tender gut. Mike's ab muscles felt like mush to Gunther as they completely crumbled to the incredible force exerted by Gunther's huge shoulder, arm and fist. Mike writhed on the ground in searing pain, his whole midsection red from the blood vessels that Gunther's fist had broken as it crashed through Mike's formerly-strong abs. Mike just wanted to lie crumpled on the ground, the pain in his body was so unbearable, but Gunther pulled him up again. Mike had a look of total fear in his eyes as Gunther wound up his arm and landed a crushing third blow to Mike's stomach, this time the big knuckles feeling like iron piledrivers as they smashed their way into Mike's pulverized gut. Mike collapsed on the ground in abject pain. He had never experienced so much pain in his life. Mike looked up at Gunther's enormous, powerful body standing over him with a fear that he had never before felt. Gunther looked down at Mike's quivering pulp and said "That's for all the shit you've done to Tommy, asshole. I only used about half of my strength on those punches. From now on you are going to obey Tommy's every command and if you don't, or if you ever again lay a hand on him, or if you even think about trying to get away, I'm going to pound three more punches into your sorry gut at maximum force. Maybe my fist will rearrange some of your intestines." Gunther flexed his huge arms and then brought his fist down next to Mike's face, flexing his massive forearms and triceps. Mike felt a tingling sensation of total fear shoot up his spine.

"Get up," Tommy commanded and Mike painfully and slowly stood up. "Mike, flex your bicep and let me feel it," ordered Tommy. Mike flexed his young bicep - it was just as big and hard as ever. Tommy wrapped his hand around it and felt its hardness. He squeezed hard, but couldn't make a dent in the hard muscle fiber. He tried using two hands with the same result. "Gee, Mikey," he said, "your bicep is really hard. Hey Gunther, feel how hard Mikey's bicep is." At that, Gunther walked over to Mike and placed his thick fingers on the top of Mike's flexed bicep and wrapped his big hand around Mike's upper arm. Then Gunther contracted his huge hand, his massive 16 inch forearms rippling with power. His forearm muscles writhed under his skin, the veins popping out like a river system. Gunther's fingers contracted downward, their tremendous force moving directly into Mike's skin and arm. Unlike Tommy's, Gunther's fingers didn't stop when they hit Mike's flexed bicep. Their power was so enormous that they crushed right through Mike's muscle fibers, literally spitting them apart with unbelievable force as Gunther's hand contracted like a steel vise. Gunther's fingers had the power of a hydraulic piston, crushing anything in their way as they contracted. As Gunther's fingers bore down towards Mike's bone, Mike howled out in excruciating pain. Gunther smiled at Mike with a confident, dominant smile, his blue eyes sparkling, and he wiggled his big fingers back and forth inside Mike's bicep, causing spasms of pain to course through Mike's entire body.

Suddenly, Mike started to cry. Big salty tears streamed down his cheeks. His tough face was quivering like a little boy's. Mike had not cried in 10 years, although his penchant for physical domination and his strong muscles had caused a lot of other boys to cry over that time period, including of course Tommy. Mike had never cared about the feelings of the other boys who he made cry. His only thought was the pleasure he got by physically overpowering them and showing them how much stronger he was than they were. He loved the rush he got when he forced another boy to submit to his will and his muscles pumped up to do the job. The other boy's feelings were totally irrelevant. Now Mike was getting a dose of his own medicine from a kid much bigger and stronger than himself. He now knew how those other boys felt, and more. His stomach was still throbbing with the pain of Gunther's punches and now extreme jolts of exrutiating pain were searing through his arm. "What's the matter Mikey," said Tommy. "Are Gunther's big muscles hurting little Mikey-boy?" Gunther smiled with supreme confidence and satisfaction, as he watched his friend's tormentor sob with the pain that his huge muscles were inflicting. "Hey Mikey's muscles aren't hard at all, Tommy," Gunther said. "They feel just like mush to me." He then opened and contracted his hand several times, crushing Mike's bicep with every flex. After Mike cried with pain for a little while longer, Gunther slowly relaxed his grip and Mike's displaced muscle fibers went back to their normal location. Mike looked at Gunther's hand and forearm with the type of awe that one reserves for a god. Mike just couldn't believe that this 15 year old boy's fingers were so strong that they could drive right through his hard bicep. Mike turned to Tommy and said, "What do you want me to do, sir?" Tommy smiled as he thought of what his next command would be. Tommy was now in complete control of the boy-man that was both his boyhood idol and tormentor.

Gunther looked over Steve, who was visibly shaking, and said, OK, shitface, now lets rumble. I've been waiting for this for a long time! " Gunther walked up to Steve and flexed his huge arms right in Steve's face. Steve gasped in awe at the enormity of Gunther's size. Next, Gunther placed Steve right in front of him and hit a most muscular pose, his huge muscles writhing with power. At 6'4", Gunther towered over the 5'9". Steve, so Steve was looking directly at Gunther's massive pecs, each of which must have weighed 50 pounds. Gunther pushed Steve's face between his pecs and flexed. The huge slabs of muscle squeezed powerfully from both sides. "Not quite the same match-up as last fall, is it prettyboy?" As Steve trembled in fear, Gunther picked him up and lifted him overhead, pressing him up and down several times, his shoulders bulging with massive, striated muscle. Then Gunther threw Steve to the ground and jumped on top of him. Gunther's crushing 250 pounds of powerful muscle mass was almost unbearable. Steve tried to push Gunther away, but Gunther's rock-like muscles were too strong and heavy for him to even budge. Gunther pinned Steve's arms over his head effortlessly with his right hand, just as Steve had done to the rail thin Gunther eight months before. As Gunther held the pin, he rubbed his huge, sweaty left armpit all over Steve's nose and face. The slabs of muscle on his arms, lats and pecs were so massive that Gunther's big armpit completely covered Steve's face. Gunther crushed his armpit down on Steve's face, almost smothering him with the sweaty muscle. "How does that sweat smell, asshole? How do those muscles feel, you little prick. Those muscles have been doing a lot more than pushing computer keys for the last eight months and they're going to crush your puny body today," Gunther said with all the anger and vengeance of the skinny weakling who had been beaten and humiliated eight months ago by the then-stronger boy. Steve drank in the heady sweat of Gunther's huge muscles, not believing the fact that this was the same boy he had so totally dominated last fall.

Gunther twisted Steve's arms and legs into positions that had never been intended for the human body. Steve was able to put up almost no resistance to Gunther's overwhelming power. Steve's legs were very strong, but compared to the force of Gunther's arms they were like twigs. Like Steve had done eight months ago with him, Gunther toyed with the weaker boy's body, crushing it over and over until Steve's pathetic body was a limp pulp, hurting and bruised in every possible place. Gunther wrapped his 29 inch thighs around Steve's chest in a scissor lock and began to squeeze. Gunther only applied a small fraction of the force that his huge, oak tree thighs were capable of. He knew that if he applied the full power of those legs that could squat with over 600 pounds and leg press over 1,200, Steve's ribs would be broken into 50 pieces as Gunther's huge pistons crushed the chest into a third of its former size. As it was, even at reduced power, Gunther's legs quickly squeezed all the air out of Steve's lungs. Gunther kept his python-like squeeze in place as Steve's face turned red and he gasped for the breaths that his squashed lungs could not inhale. Gunther flexed his rock hard quads, and the muscles and veins in his legs almost burst from his skin. Each of his gigantic legs was as big as Steve's waist, only there was must more muscle in Gunther's legs. Finally, When Steve looked like he as about to pass out, Gunther released the scissor hold and Steve took a deep breath. Gunther continued wrestling with Steve for a few more minutes until Steve's body was totally trashed. Gunther's 15 year old muscles had so completely pummeled the formerly strong and handsome boy that he looked like a refugee from a prisoner of war camp - haggard, worn and totally vanquished. Steve was so exhausted that he gasped for air with weak, halting breaths. Gunther's muscles were pumped beyond belief, the fibers shredded and the veins coursing with blood under his thin skin. But Gunther wasn't the least bit tired. For him, his thrashing of Steve had been a light warm up workout, and the adrenaline in his veins was fueling his rage and raw power. His thick 10 inch cock was standing straight up at attention.

Gunther picked up Steve's limp body and lifted him high in the air. Then Gunther set the exhausted boy on his feet and pushed his face into the canyon between Gunther's huge slabs of sweaty pec muscle. Gunther rubbed Steve's nose and face roughly in the sweat, flexing his pecs so that they squeezed Steve's face. Then Gunther forced Steve's head downward, pushing his gasping face hard over Gunther's corrugated abs and jamming Steve's nose inside each ridge of the washboard-like muscle.

Steve could smell the powerful sweat coming from Gunther's crotch. Finally, Gunther shoved Steve down on his knees and held his head firmly with his big, strong hands. Steve knew what was going to happen but he was helpless to stop it. Without warning, Gunther unmercifully rammed his rock-hard 10 inch cock down Steve's gasping throat with such force that the end of Gunther's shaft bruised Steve's esophagus. Gunther was in a frenzy of sexual power and rage, his body now wanting and able to take out eight months of hate and sexual fury on the boy who had so humiliated him. Gunther rammed his thick cock in and out of Steve's mouth, not oblivious to but actually enjoying Steve's desperate groans. "Are you having fun, Steve?" Gunther asked mockingly. Steve looked up at Gunther's huge torso as its muscles pulsated with power. Steve's gorgeous blue eyes begged for mercy from his master, but the big, muscular boy-man would give him none. This was Payback Time. Steve didn't even consider biting Gunther's cock. He knew that if Gunther even felt so much as a tooth on the side of his thick shaft, his powerful fists would bash Steve's head with such force that plastic surgery might be required. After thrusting in an out for a few more minutes, Gunther reached the height of his enormous sexual arousal and power. He let out a deep, loud animal-like grunt, and his huge cock exploded with spurt after spurt of cum gushing down Steve's sore esophagus. Gunther's big hands pushed Steve's head back and forth on his cock, massaging the sensuous tip with Steve's membranes. Finally, Gunther pulled his still-hard cock out of Steve's mouth and Steve was able to catch a few breaths of air.

Gunther's raging teenage hormones allowed him to cum several times in an hour and he certainly wasn't done fucking today. Even after his powerful ejaculations in Steve's throat, Gunther's cock was still rock hard and he was horny, ready for more fucking. And he wanted to give Steve more pay back for the humiliation he had suffered last fall. He turned Steve around and threw him hard on the ground, face down. Steve lay on the ground like a rag, his round, white bubble butt sticking up. Gunther kneeled down and spit a couple of times on the crack in Steve's ass cheeks and on his stiff cock. Steve's face recoiled in horror as he began to realize what was going to happen. Obviously he had never been fucked before. The largest thing that had ever gone into his little white ass was a medical thermometer when he was a kid. His ass was small and his sphincter muscles very tight. God knows what damage Gunther's terrifically thick 10 inch cock might do to this 15 year old boy's firm little ass. Gunther didn 't even try to be gentle. He brought his huge body down over Steve as if he were going to do pushups on top of Steve's body. Then he guided his steel-like cock into Steve's little ass, just far enough in so that he could tell that he had found the right spot. Then with an enormous burst of power from his strong, round glutes, he rammed his cock all the way into Steve's ass with one huge thrust. Gunther's thick, hard rod literally tore through Steve's sphincter muscles and the rest of his ass, the size and hardness of the cock coupled with the power of the muscles driving it completely overpowering the muscles in Steve's ass. Steve let out a loud yell of pain, greater pain than he had ever felt in his young life. It felt like his whole ass was on fire. Gunther immediately started pumping his big cock in and out, at first sensing a little resistance from Steve's tight ass muscles but which resistance was quickly overcome by Gunther's huge cock and powerful, driving muscles. The tightness of Steve's ass felt good on Gunther's cock, and Gunther's sexual arousal got hotter and hotter as he thrust his shaft in an out. When he was all the way in, he could feel the hard muscles of Steve's bubble butt on his crotch. Steve's butt muscles felt real good, exciting Gunther even more. His 250 pound body completely enveloped Steve's and when he put all his weight on a downward thrust, the mass of his body felt enormous on Steve's little ass. Steve moaned and moaned, his pain overwhelming him. Finally, Gunther let out a loud grunt, tightened his muscles and rammed his cock into Steve's body so hard that the tip might have hit Steve's stomach. Gunther's cock exploded inside Steve, with the spurts of cum filling up the insides of Steve's asshole . After he had finished, Gunther crashed his big body down flat on top of Steve, his still-hard cock remaining inside Steve's asshole. Gunther's enormous torso completely enveloped Steve and his weight and strength were so great that Steve could do absolutely nothing to even budge Gunther. "Hey, that was fun," said Gunther, as he rubbed his huge sweaty armpit in Steve's face and wiggled his cock around in Steve's sore ass. " Was that fun for you, asshole?" Steve was hurting so much he wished he were dead.

While Gunther was thrashing Steve, Tommy was punishing Mike for all the shit Mike had given him since they were eight years old. At the same time, Tommy was living out some of his fantasies with Mike, the muscular boy he had always feared. "Get on your knees, motherfucker," said Tommy, and Mike obeyed. Tommy rammed his hard 7-1/2 inch cock in Mike's mouth and started to fuck Mike's face violently. This was obviously a totally new experience for Mike and he started to gag. Tommy's little ass forced his cock deep into Mike's throat thrust after thrust. Mike's eyes pleaded with Tommy to stop and he let out little wimpers of protest, but Tommy was taking out seven years of pent-up rage and Mike's feelings were the least of his concerns. Tommy felt like a king, fucking the brains out of the boy who had dominated him for so many years. He ran his hands over Mike's strong muscles, the muscles that had tormented him but which were now under his complete control. He felt Mike's firm nipples and pinched them hard, holding his grip for several seconds. Mike let out a cry of pain which made Tommy pound his cock into Mike's face even harder. "How does that feel, Mikey-boy, getting totally fucked by the wimp ? How does it feel to be on the receiving end for a change Well, this wimp is going to rule your big Italian ass from now on so you better get used to it," Tommy said with total contempt. Tommy was working himself up to a frenzy, his lust and rage totally out of control. He started hitting Mike in the face with his little fists, alternating blows while his cock was pounding in Mike's mouth and throat. Tommy didn't have anywhere near the power of Gunther, but his punches definitely hurt Mike's face. Mike knew there was nothing he could do about it. Finally, Tommy's cock exploded inside Mike's throat, Tommy's cum spurting out in complete sexual ecstasy, all of his pent-up rage and desire blasting from his dick pulse after pulse. Tommy had never felt so good in his life.

Mike hoped that Tommy was done, but Tommy's cock was still hard after he took it out of Mike's mouth. "Turn around and bend over," ordered Tommy. Mike thought about resisting, but he looked over at Gunther's huge muscles thrashing Steve and thought the better of it. He turned around where Tommy could see the muscular contour of his powerful butt, the tight white ass-cheeks bulging out from his torso. Tommy took a few moments to feel the powerful muscle of Mike's ass and then immediately started pumping his hard cock into Mike's tight butt. Tommy wasn't as strong as Gunther and Mike's ass was very tight and strong, so Tommy's cock didn't exactly slip in, but after a few pumps of his ass muscles, Tommy's solid prick started piercing Mike's sphincter muscles. Tommy's cock forced its way into the strong boy's ass, pushing through all that muscle that had never before been penetrated. Mike screamed out with pain, and the more Mike screamed, the harder Tommy's cock got and the harder he rammed it into Mike's ass. Tommy thrust his cock in and out, while at the same time grabbing onto Mike's muscles with his hands - his shoulders, his arms, his lats and his abs. Tommy loved the feeling of being in total control of this muscular boy. Tommy got more and more excited as he felt Mike's muscles and realized that he and his cock were dominating them. Finally, Tommy ordered Mike to lie down on his stomach and Tommy continued to pound his cock into Mike's ass. Mike's big strong ass felt great when Tommy hit it with his body on every thrust. Mike was totally thrashed - first the devastating punches to his gut, then the crushing of his arm, then the hard face fuck and now his virgin ass being pummeled by a not-so-small 7-1/2 inch cock. He was completely vanquished and exhausted. Tommy fucked his ass violently, literally pounding Mike's body with each thrust. As he became more and more frenzied, Tommy started hitting Mike on the back, punching those big muscles with as much force as Tommy could muster. The punches actually hurt Mike a lot. Finally, Tommy couldn't hold his orgasm any longer and exploded a huge load in Mike's ass, spurt after spurt of jism filling it up. When he had finished, Tommy put his hands on Mike's shoulders, his cock still penetrating his big ass. Mike just laid there moaning, hurt and conquered.

Tommy looked over at Gunther, who was in the same position on top of Steve, but totally enveloping Steve's body with his massive muscles. Tommy and Gunther winked at each other, silently acknowledging mission accomplished. Slowly, Tommy and Gunther got up and put on their clothes. Mike and Steve remained prostrate on the ground, their bodies too sore and exhausted to move. As Tommy and Gunther swaggered away from the clearing, Tommy turned back and said "That was fun, punks. Well have to do it again sometime." Summer vacation was going to be great. •

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