Tony the MuscleKid

The Race


By Biceps Lover

About two hours later, I had finished the day's work and was finally going to get some free time before I had to be home for dinner. I headed for my bike, and there by the bike racks was Tony. Back in his sweatshirt (too bad!), he was loading several 25 pound weights into the saddle bags on each side of what I presumed was his bike.

"You're not stealing those, I hope," I said as I walked up behind him.

He gave a jump - obviously he didn't see me approaching. "No way! The coach says I can borrow these as long as I bring them back. I like to add weight when I'm bicycling - it's good for my legs." Now, I hadn't seen his legs yet, as he was wearing the same sweatpants as he was before. As I got closer, I could see that he had three 25 pound weights in each saddle bag - one bag on each side of the bike.

"That's 150 pounds you've got in there. How can you bike with that much extra weight?" I thought out loud.

"Well, you didn't see my legs before. They're as strong as my arms are. Wanna see how strong? I'll race you up the Grade." He gave me that grin of his again, and started riding away - and pretty fast too.

This was something that I was NOT going to pass up. I hopped on my bike and raced after him. Even though he had an extra 150 pounds of weights on his bike, I had some trouble catching up to him until he hit the Grade. That's this enormous hill - about 25 degrees for about three quarters of a mile - just north of the Jr. High School. I used to enjoy the pump my legs would get trying to bike up the grade as fast as I could, which isn't really too fast by the time I got to the top! This time, though, all I could think about was how this 13 year old kid could bike up the Grade with all that extra weight he was carrying. He barely slowed down, though as we raced upwards. With my lightweight bike, and no added weight, I was finally able to catch up with him, and for the last quarter mile of the grade, we were pedaling side by side. By the time we reached the top, we were both breathing hard. My legs felt like jelly, and were burning hot with fatigue. I had never pumped so hard before - this kid really got me motivated!

"Wow" he shouted, as we both collapsed off our bikes onto the grassy shoulder at the top of the grade. "That was great. What a pump" he said, and after resting only a minute or so, he got up and began to do deep knee bends. I laid there for a couple of minutes catching my breath, massaging my burning and totally exhausted legs, and wondering how I would bike the rest of the way home.

"Wanna come over my house and hang out?" he asked. Yeah, right! Me, a 15 year old soon-to-be-sophomore hanging out with a 13 year old Jr. High kid. What would my friends say about that?

"Sure" I said without hesitating, my exhaustion suddenly less noticeable. I just had to check this kid out more. He was too unbelievable. And, I was eager to hear about his workouts, as I wanted to be able to do what he did, grow the way he was growing. Suddenly, all the pride I felt about my own body and the improvements I've made were overshadowed by my fascination with this little kid who surpassed me in both muscle and strength. And, needless to say, I was hot for him!

So, off we went to his house, which was about two more miles away. Arriving, we let our bikes fall on the front lawn, and headed inside and up to his room. He had posters of sports teams on his walls, an old computer, some books, some games, and a couple pairs of heavy dumbbells. Basically, the typical room. But I wasn't there to see his room. It was him I wanted to check out.

I didn't have too long to wait, either. As we entered, he lifted his sweatshirt off his torso and threw it onto his bed. I now got a closer look at that amazing upper body of his.

Getting a close up look, I saw that he was even more impressive than I thought before. He was all pumped up from his workout, and he looked incredible. Huge, almost adult looking shoulders and a big muscular chest hanging over a tiny little-boy sized waist, rippling with muscles, and little-boy sized hips with a butt that stuck out to the rear, round and muscular. Muscular arms with veins snaking everywhere, bulging out without flexing.

"How big are you anyway? Do you measure yourself? I asked. I had gotten into measuring myself during the last year, and I liked to see my progress so clearly defined with numbers

"Yeah - that's my favorite thing. I love seeing how big I'm getting." He then began to flex again, looking at himself in the mirror. I started to get hard again, and my hefty 8-incher began to stretch towards my stomach. I saw Tony glance downwards, and for a second, it seemed like he was checking out my hardening dick. Oh Shit! Now I'm in trouble. This kid could beat the crap out of me, I had no doubt. I quickly went to sit down, to hide my ever expanding dick. He gave me that beautiful smile again, and said "Yeah, there too," and he turned and walked towards his desk. WHAT did he just say? In fear and excitement, I froze.

Tony opened a desk drawer, and pulled out a cloth tape measure. Turning towards me, he said "You'll have to do the measuring, so it's accurate. I'm already pumped up from my workout." With that, he handed me the tape measure and began to flex.

I was in heaven. As I sat on his bed and wrapped the tape around his bulging biceps, I copped a feel. His arms were hard as a rock. I squeezed hard, but couldn't dent that baseball sized bicep he was flexing. I wrapped the tape around the biggest point.

"14 and 3/4 inches." Bigger than mine. Lots bigger. I then moved to his chest, and wrapped the tape around at the nipples. "41 inches" I told him. Which is really huge, considering his height and narrowness of his waist and hips.

Next, I moved to his tiny waist. 25 1/2", and all muscle. Rubbing his midsection was like rubbing a washboard, or maybe a cheese grater. There was no flab, so soft parts. It was all rock hard and rippling.

"Now go lower" he said, and began to pull down his sweats. As I expected after seeing biking up the grade at top speed with an extra 150 pounds on his bike, his legs were beautiful, a perfect match to the rest of his body. Not too big, but rippling with muscle, small veins visible at the tops of the thighs leading up into his hips and waist, and on his hard diamond shaped calves. The thighs cut off sharply into his narrow hips, but his muscular butt stuck out and looked even better than it did covered by his sweats. But the thing that most caught my eye was the bulge in the front on his briefs. It was at least as big as my bulge, and I have a pretty big dick. This kid was only 13, and he seemed to match me down there. Now, I know that that's not normal.

"22-1/2 inch thighs, 15 inch calves," I measured methodically. I loved the look of his muscles as he flexed them for me prior to the measurement. This kid was really into his body.

"Now measure me here," he said, and with that he pulled down his white Calvin Klein briefs to show me his dick, still soft but getting harder by the second. I looked up and saw him staring into my face with that same shit-eating grin on his face.

"Go ahead. I want you to, and I know you want to" he said, and his dick continued to get bigger and harder. In a few seconds he was completely hard, his dick pointing straight up at his huge chest. He was big for a fully grown adult, let alone a 13 year old kid. The tip of his light pink dick reached about two inches above his navel. It looked to be about my size - 8 inches - or maybe even a bit bigger. I put the tape up to it. Sure enough, 8-3/8 inches. On his shorter body, it looked even more huge - a perfect match to his huge muscles.

He then quickly pulled up his sweats, stood up and said "let's go take a swim." I followed him down to his back yard, where we both stripped down and took a quick swim. While it didn't exactly cause my hard dick to entirely subside, it made it bearable. We splashed around, play fighting some, nothing sexual though, and then after about a half hour, we got out, dried off, and went back up to his room. While I started putting on some clothes, Tony grabbed a couple of those heavy dumbbells from under his bed - 80 pounders - and started one armed curls. His biceps, already pumped from his afternoon workout, were quickly bulging again. •

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