By MassiveBoy

Henry's head reeled; he couldn't tell if he was standing. The room spun madly; he could only decipher a swirling mess of colors. His forehead pounded in tandem with the insistent, violently accelerated beating of his heart.

He was swept with incredible nausea. He tried to breathing slowly through both his nose and mouth, but his hallucination only whirled more crazily. His heart sounded like a frantic Morse code. What was happening ?

Almost as suddenly as the whole episode started, it ended. Henry found himself sprawled on the ground, panting heavily, drenched in nervous perspiration.

The only thing that hadn't changed was the rapidity of his heartbeat. It was still alarmingly fast, yet he didn't feel out of breath. He felt normal, calm; surprising, considering the scariness of his experience. In fact, he felt good. Warm. Turned on. His penis formed a hardened lump in his shorts.

His heart beat louder, ringing in his ears. His erection throbbed in accompaniment.

Suddenly, his entire body was gripped by overwhelming pain, like a full-body Charley horse. Every muscle, every fiber, seemed to be pulled in the wrong direction. Henry clenched his teeth in agony, trying to extract himself from the vice-like grip. Nothing.

He tried again. Nothing.

He tried harder, bearing down with all his might. One last try...

A grunt emerged from his mouth. But it didn't resemble a sound that would have emanated from Henry. It didn't have his characteristic skinny, tenorish-ring. It was resoundingly basso-profundo.

Henry blinked at the realization, and grunt again.

It wasn't Henry who roared back.

Henry thrashed about, stupefied, but to no avail. Tears of rage and frustration poured down his face, but his sobs bore no trace to his own voice. They were deeper, much more masculine-sounding than any sound Henry had ever uttered. He looked down at his contorted, pain-wracked body, and did a double- take.

He was changing.

His chest was swelling. Poking out, like a woman's breasts, he thought. Growing larger. Not just bigger in size, but muscular. Fucking freaky muscular. He watched the outline of his pecs balloon inside his shirt. His sunken chest bulged bigger, packed with breathtaking muscle. Real masculine muscle. Henry's shirt stretched tighter. He couldn't believe it; he was turning into a muscle dude, a real bodybuilder. Just like he had always wanted. But never in his wildest dreams had he thought it would happen. Especially like this. Enrapt, Henry watched his body press tighter against his clothes, he could feel himself developing. Becoming bigger. Stronger. A real man. He got a monumental hard-on. With every throb of his dick, he seemed to get larger.

Throb...throb...grow...grow...grrrrowww...Henry breathed like he was going to come.

By now, Henry's chest had widened just as incredibly as it had mounded up. Although he couldn't feel them, there was no mistaking those monster-man pecs his shirt, pulling it taut, fighting the buttons that kept it closed. He caught a glimpse down inside the shirt; all he saw an endless expanse of muscular flesh. Bulging. Growing. "Yeah, man, pump it!"

Henry felt his arms being lifted out to the sides; pushed away by bulked-up lats that belonged on some Mr. Olympia contestant, but now his: barndoor wide, juicily thick lats packed the seams of his shirt. His melon-sized shoulders followed suit, swelling, cramming his sleeves. His traps surged up, giving him the appearance of a formidable linebacker. "Bigger. Make me bigger." He was really getting off on getting huger and freakier.

His swollen legs stuffed his pants like sausages. They had already ridden up to mid-calf level. Straining over his protruding pecs, he could make out every single striation and curve of his outrageous quads engorging his jeans. "Fuckin' HUGE, man."

He swooned when he noticed his arms. The former spindles were so tightly packed into his sleeves, he thought they would burst. He regarded the contorted fabric, pulled so tight across those multitudinous bulges. Biceps, triceps, brachs. All his now. Henry's biceps were as big as some men's legs. How much bigger could they grow?

"C'mon, fucker, show me how big! C'mon, fucker,....c'mon, pussy..." He was coming, coming, oh my GOD, OH MY FUCKIN' GOD!"

The simultaneous sensations of his chest lifting, his back spreading, and his traps, shoulders and arms pumping fucking huge was just more than he could take... "OH YEAHHHHH!"

In an explosion of muscular development, , Henry's chest burst open the shirt with an ear-splitting crack, buttons shooting off in every direction. With a vengeance, his moutainous pecs surged up ominously below his chin. His glorious shoulders and traps ruptured the sleeves, splitting them with a sickening rip. Victoriously, his lats blasted a huge hole in the back of the shirt.

Henry stared at his mounding biceps, savoring the straining sounds of the fabric as his developing muscles mercilessly blasted through the sleeves: biceps grotesquely packed with bulging power, topped by a fiendishly freaky peak that grew so ridiculously, it split into a heinous double-peak in its vain search for room on his bones. Veins stood out sharply, pumping more superhuman blood to those engorged fuckers. Henry's triceps hung like juicy slabs of meat, popping the remaining threads that encircled his monstrous appendages.


His attention was grabbed by his legs, beginning to erupt from his cum-stained pants. Ragged strands of blue denim flew up into Henry's face as his terrifying quad development reached the bursting-point, bulging sadistically, splitting the seams lengthwise, prying open the skintight pants. The vascularity of his two death-machines was mind-boggling. Every possible striation was there triplefold, ripped and pulsing, oozing with muscular masculinity.Indeed, they seemed liked animals themselves, annihilating every trace of blue that tried to cover their stunning magnificence.

Henry felt his hideously hulking traps within centimeters of his ears now, the little hairs standing up in ecstatic shivers. The gargantuan mass of his pecs obliterated the view of his feet, even when bending over. His Herculean arms hung at what seemed like forty-five degree angles from his fantastic lat- spread. All Henry could think was "PUMP ME, MOTHER FUCKER!!!

Henry's undershorts were the last to go, contorted beyond recognition between his Olympian abs and the tops of his luscious thighs. The elastic was stretched to the absolute limit, and refused to give anymore. With a painful snap, they relinquished to Henry's overripe ass and cock....oh, lovely cock, big and red and so thick and hanging. Fucking thick as a baseball bat. Henry reached down to stroke its velvety skin; it steamed in his powerful grip. Rock-hard fucking dick, dripping uncontrollably with hot man-cum. Henry grabbed a handful, slathering it over his beast-like body, feeling the superhuman sweep of his thunderous shoulders, the terrifying bulges of those monster-man traps, the majesty of those voluptuous pecs… •

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