Uncle Joe

By myoder

I moved in with Uncle Joe after Aunt Mary died to help around the house. He was in his fifties and wasn't used to looking after himself (male ego thing I guess). I'd never talked with him about my being gay, I didn't want to freak him out - he was such a redneck.

He worked construction and had developed quite a good body - big hard muscles on his massive frame. He was about 6'3" and easily 300 lbs. His gut was big from too many beers, but it was hard as rock and you could see his jutting abs through the mat of dark hair that covered them. His face was weather-worn and rugged - thick eyebrows over his blue eyes, a graying, bristly, macho mustache over full lips and an unshaven chin. His chest was huge - thick muscular pecs that bunched as he moved, little puckers in the heavy muscle just above his nipples. His chest was hairy too, a little gray falling through the mats of curly brown. His hair was graying at the temples, and was thinning a bit, but was otherwise still there. His arms fascinated me. They were big, thick and rock hard - not as defined as a bodybuilder's but really big - about 20inches. Veins snaked over them into his furry forearms. I remember as a kid feeling the hairy on those forearms - strong and sinewy, leading to his massive hands. I always wanted to feel those big hairy hands holding me. Strong hands holding my hips close. Uncle Joe came home late one night and had obviously been drinking. He strode into the house and plunked onto the couch. "Hey, Mike." he slurred. "You know what I think?" "What, Uncle Joe?" I sighed. Since Mary had died, he went through this every now and then. "I think I'm fucking horny!" His breath smelled strong of beer. He sat there rubbing his crotch, the bulge getting bigger with each stroke. I'd only ever seen his cock soft before when we went swimming - a good 5 inches soft, I always wondered how big it would get. He stroked his cock in his pants and as he did, his muscles flexed and rippled under his shirt. Even though he was my uncle, I felt very hot looking at this huge muscular man rubbing his crotch. He started trying to unbutton his shirt but was unsuccessful. His large fingers fumbled. "Help me here, son," he said. "Help your uncle get his shirt off." My heart raced as I sat next to him and unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his huge hairy pecs and his big hard gut. "Mmmmmm," he groaned as he continued to rub his crotch. "Do you think your Uncle's a hot guy?" I was taken aback. What should I say? "Yeah, I guess." I hoped that was the right answer. If he got pissed at me he'd easily pound me to a pulp. "You guess?! You guess?!" he said pulling his shirt over his wide shoulders. He stood up and looked down at me. "You know how many women want this body? Lots! When I walk in a bar, they all faint! They never seen a stud like me. Your aunt never knew that. Women like these big muscles." He raised his arms in a double biceps. The muscles bunched and peaked, rock hard and massive. "Wow, Joe - your arms are huge!" "Yeah! I got big fuckin' muscles, son! Real strong, too! Come here and feel my arm!" He stood there with his arms flexed and he stared at them as I ran my fingers over the corded biceps. My hands cupped the peak on his arm and he shuthis eyes and groaned. "Mmmmmmm, that feels good. Feelin your Uncle's big muscles! You like your uncle Joe's big hard muscles, don't 'ya?" "Yeah! - you got really big muscles. Biggest around!" I found myself sounding like a little kid, impressed with his big uncle's hard body. My 7" cock was getting harder, and by the looks of it, his was getting huge! I let my hands roam over his thick shoulders feeling his traps and landing on his pecs. He lowered his hands and flexed the massive muscles rolling his hairy pecs under my hands. He threw his head back and I saw how big his bull neck was. My fingers ran through the hair on his chest and I brought my head towards his nipple. My tongue darted out and circled the hardening tit. "Mmmmmm," he groaned. "Yeah, baby. Lick that big hairy muscle!" Joe was obviously in some private fantasy, but i was getting off on it! "Lick your big uncle's tit!" My right hand cupped his pec and my left traveled over his hard stomach to his crotch. I ran my hand over the huge bulge in his pants. He bent his head down to my ear and whispered, "Better let him out, son." I undid his zipper and his hardening cock flopped out. I undid my own pants and let my boner out too. His cock was about 9 inches and not completely hard yet! It stuck straight out as it throbbed and pulsed with blood. His huge hairy muscles flexed as he stood there - his own son stroking his cock to increasing hardness! "Flex your big muscles for me, Uncle," I whispered in his ear. "Yeah! You like your big strong uncle's muscles, don't you, son?" He hit a most muscular pose and his traps rose like mountains beside his thick neck. His hairy chest mounded and striated thick and hard, his arms were corded and rock hard. My hands fell over his whole body, feeling his broad back and shoulders, his biceps, triceps and massive hairy forearms. I got on my knees and felt his thick hairy legs my hands sliding back to his hard calves. He stood there and his cock flexed in front of my face. "Suck your uncle's big cock, son! Suck my muscle dick, boy!" he said, his eyes still closed. I licked the 11 inch shaft and tongued his hairy nuts. I reached around and grabbed his hard hairy butt. He flexed it tight in my hands. "Yeah, big muscle man! Women want this big man. You got him now. You're better than your aunt at this, son. Suck my big prick!" I sucked him in hard and he groaned. Then he reached down and grabbed me under my arms and lifted. In one swift move he brought me to his face, and thrust his tongue in my mouth. He was like an animal! His huge muscled arms held me close as he kissed me deep. I felt his biceps curled into bowling balls, and he tensed the huge muscles as I squeezed. His mustache rubbed my lips and cheeks as he kissed me hard. Then he shifted my weight and held me in one arm while he fisted my cock with his free hand! I groaned as he kissed me and stroked my swollen dick. I could feel myself getting close, but wanted to prolong this. "Let's go to the bedroom," I whispered. He carried me through the house his huge cock bobbing in front of him and took me to his room. He put me on the bed and his full weight was on top of me as his lips locked with mine and his huge pole pressed between my legs. "Gotta fuck that sweet ass!" He whispered. He grabbed some lube from the side table and shoved three fingers in me. I lubed his huge shaft as he fingered me and we continued necking. Then he pressed his huge dick at my hole and slowly worked it in. As soon as he was in me, he raised himself above me and looked straight into my eyes. "YEAH! You're takin your uncle's big dong, Son! All the way! Big muscle dick in you! Feel it!" He flexed his cock in my ass and I was heaven. He grabbed my dick and fisted me while his cock slid in and out slowly and with incredible rhythm. I felt the cum rushing into my cock and groaned load as I shot my hot load over my chest. Uncle Joe continued fucking me while I came, then he dropped my cock and sat back. His huge body towered over me and he raised his arms in a double biceps, kissing the thick muscle and fucking me. I reached up my hands running over his hairy pecs and his huge arms. With one strong thrust he grunted and I could feel his cock spewing into my guts. Load after load of his cum in my tight ass. We lay there and slept, his huge arms wrapped around me. •

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