New Neighbors, The

The Twin Towers


By Max Mann


I thought it would be another boring Saturday afternoon, until I saw the big studs coming out of the moving van. I knew the Smith's sold their house, but there wasn't much news about the neighbors. I hoped there would be some kids my age to play with. The neighborhood didn't have too many 14-year-olds, so I always had to ask my grampa to drive me to the few friends I had. I didn't have too many of them, since I wasn't very popular, being skinnier than a toothpick.

There were three men, all of them wearing coveralls, and maybe nothing else. All of them had huge muscles that bulged from every seam, and they threatened to burst. They also had hairy chests and faces, one with a beard, and the other two with mustaches. They were all pretty clean-cut, not grungy. The man with the beard looked older than the other two, and those two looked so much alike I guessed they were twins. My young dick was starting to get hard looking at them haul furniture out of the truck. I had already had sex a couple of times with other guys, and liked it. Boy, what would it be like to have sex with one of them? And were they big...everywhere?

One of them saw me on the steps staring at them. He came over to me and said, "Hi, I'm Kevin. We're gonna be neighbors."

Hearing that made my heart skip. "I'm Jason. Who's we?"

"Me, my dad, and my twin brother Kieran. We're gonna be classmates, too, I'll bet."

"Classmates? Since when? You've gotta be in your twenties!"

"Yeah, I know we look older, but Kieran and I are only fourteen." His dad yelled and he left me to finish moving in. I sat on my stoop with my mouth open. Fourteen? I didn't understand. But more than that, my dick was so hard I had to rush into the house and to my bedroom before my 5 1/2 cock burst. It only took a few seconds before I came all over my hands. I cleaned up, and went back outside to watch them.

After they were finished, their dad drove the van away. I went to their house and knocked on the door. The door was open, and I walked in to find a lot of boxes filled with weights. I heard some sounds coming from where I knew the swimming pool was. I walked back there, where I almost fainted from the sight.

I was glad the fence was high, because everyone would've been shocked by the sight of two naked behemoths of muscle. Their backs were to me, so I first got the tasty sight of their wide backs tapering down to two big globes of butt muscle. Their thighs were so wide they had to keep their legs apart, and their calves looked bigger than a bodybuilder's arms. They were laughing and oohing, and then they kissed! My dick got hard all over again watching them swap spit.

And then they turned around. If they were shocked to see me standing there, it was nothing compared to the sight of their bodies. Their chests were broad and thick, and enough blond hair tufted on them to make me jealous. Their abs were like cement blocks, and very well- defined. Their skin was thin enough to see the striations and veins all over. And their dicks...

No, that's not the right word for them. They had schlongs, dorks, firehoses! They were the biggest cocks I've ever seen, each of them hanging down at least a foot, and their hairy balls were as big as grapefruit! My mouth hung open, and I was sure I was drooling.

One of them smiled, a big, sexy, smile, and said, "Well, don't just stand there. Do you want to help us oil up?"

I thought I'd pass out. "Yeah!" I gasped.

"Well, take off your clothes so you do get them messy, and join us."

I didn't care that I was so skinny anymore. I quickly took them off and stood next to them. They had to be at least 6'6" and 350 lbs. both! Nothing but muscle and cock, it was my fantasy come true.

I started on Kieran, rubbing the oil all over his huge chest, into the hair. He moaned, and I noticed his cock stiffening. He took it into one of his big hands and started stroking it to its full size. When it was completely hard, it reached several inches above his navel.

It took a while before the words came out of my mouth. " big is..."

"Seventeen and three-quater inches long, and almost eight around." I looked at Kevin, and his dick was also hard and throbbing. He was stroking himself slowly, licking his sexy lips. "Wanna taste it?"

I couldn't help myself. I grabbed that massive meat with both hands and guided it to my lips. Pre-cum oozed from the tip; I tasted its sweet saltiness. I tried to fit as much of the cockhead into my hungry mouth as I could. Once that was done, I slowly took inch after huge inch into my mouth. I only had about seven before I couldn't fit anymore. Kieran told me to take it easy, and I let go of his huge dong to give my jaw a rest.

In the meantime, Kevin had slicked his schlong with oil, and placed it against my anus. With a huge thrust, the first few inches entered me. I wanted to scream, so I took Kieran's cock back into my mouth and screamed. Soon, though, I was liking it so much my dick was close to cumming.

They were working me over so well I had a non-touch orgasm all over the pool deck. It still took them a few minutes, but Kevin started moaning, "I'm cumming!" I could feel his sperm shoot inside me; it felt like it was hitting my stomach! This was too much for Kieran, who soon blasted his come into my mouth. It felt like I was drinking a gallon of it, and a lot of it dribbled down my chin.

Kevin took his dick out of me with an audible plop, and I felt his cum running down my legs. My ass felt so empty without his huge meat inside me.

I couldn't talk for a minute while I caught my breath. When I did I said, "That was incredible! I never thought I'd have sex with such huge-dicked studs like you!"

Kieran said, "Yeah, even Dad is impressed. He calls us the twin towers. You think we're big, you should see Dad naked. His hard-on is just over two feet long!"

Kevin said, "Yeah, and his cum tastes even better!"

I said, "You and your dad fuck? Wow, I'd love to see that! God, you are so big. I wish I could be half as big as either of you."

"That can be arranged."

"What...what do you mean?"

Kieran said, "Do you think we got this big naturally? Let me tell you about our dad..." •

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