Gym Bully

By John Bowling

I walked into the gym enjoying the taunts. Every man in the gym knew I was gay, and that I liked well muscled men. And at least half a dozen who worked out when I did were built well enough to make me want them bad. And everyone one of them loved to tease me. I took it in stride, giving them a long, lingering once over when they were lifting or checking out their muscles in the mirrors, grabbing some ass or feeling other muscles when I passed by them, and making comments about how great they looked. They tolerated it, and many even secretly enjoyed it, but in general none of them would do anything about it. First, my dad owned the gym, and I was bigger and stronger than anyone else there, including my dad. Around here, I was king of the hill. For all you newcomers, my name is Flex. My real name is Larry, but I insisted that eveyone called me Flex. I think it fits me (I love to flex), and any resemblence to a title winning bodybuilder was deliberate on my part. I bragged about my body being nearly as good as his. As much as I liked looking at those well built guys lifting and flexing, when I flexed every one of them stared in awe. While they wern't gay, I know they wished they were me, even if they had to be gay to be this well built. It also irritated them that a guy who is just 17 made the largest of them look skinny. I have 22" biceps on my 5' 8", 248 pound frame, with a 58" chest, a 29" waist, and 31" theighs. I also keep my muscles in such super shape they always flex rock hard and supurbly defined. It also turned me on to have those guys staring as I flexed. Mayby that was why I loved flexing so much. I loved it when I could help a guy work out, putting a hundred or more extra pounds on his barbell and watch him strain. I loved seeing his big muscles strain, cords rippling as he tried to lift it. Then I'ld kid him about being weak and puny. He'd get pissed, and try it again. Mayby this time he'd lift it on sheer determination. Either way, I'll push him over and pump out 12 reps with ease. I loved the way he would stare as my muscles buldged massively. Especially when I curled 200 lbs with one hand, benched 600, or squatted with 1000. Yea, I had a huge, georgeous body. I loved it, and I took every opportunity to show it off. And I would offer these guys a chance to go to bed with me. I know a couple were temped, and I worked on them harder, but I could never get them to do it willingly. I even caught some of them in the shower alone, and I would grab him and hold them while I pressed my hard dick against theirs, or press it against their ass. Usually I said something like "So what you gonna do, muscle man? You've got yourself into a situation you can't handle. I could easily fuck you right now, and you can't do anything about it." If he got hard, I'd tease him more with my large dick, pressing it in a little. After I teased him for a few minutes, I would jerk us both off with my dick squeezed against his. Some of them avoided getting into the shower when I was around, but there were a few who did want the excuse that I forced them, when they truely enjoyed it. Then HE walked in. I was standing in front of the mirrors, flexing my beautiful body, and watching the thick muscle cords straining with power and feeling the eyes of most of the muscle men there stare at me with envy, desire, or hatred, when I saw HIM walking in. He was immense, not so much in height, about 6' 5", but he had muscles that were gigantic. He must have weighed well over 400 pounds. His legs were at least a foot thick, and with each step he made his thighs buldged like ocean waves. I turned and gaped at him, awestruck. He walked up to me, asked me if I was Larry, and I answered, weakly, "Yes." He then flexed a bicep that looked like it was as big as both of mine together. I stared in awe at it. His definition was even better than mine, and there were veins buldging everywhere. I almost fainted, and he reached his other arm around my shoulders and caught me, pressing me up against him. My hard dick pressed against him. "You call those little things muscles? Get your clothes on, boy, we're going back to my place. Or would you rather I fucked your puny ass right here?" "You want to ... ah ... f.. fu.. uck me? Ah...?" I stared in awe at his huge muscles, and, for the first time in my life was actually scared by another guy and yet entranced at the same time. "Yea. And you'll love it. Now go get yourself ready, boy!" He walked over to where I had been doing bench presses with 600 lbs, and curled the weight easily. Like everyone else there, I was still staring at his incredible body. He pumped out several reps, his huge biceps rippling with the lift, but hardly straining. My cock was throbbing as hot and hard as a poker in the fire. He looked up at me and told me in a commanding voice that could be heard in the entire gym: "Now, boy!" "Yes, sir!" I said and ran to the locker room. I didn't bother to change, keeping my gym clothes (posing trunks and a tight T shirt) on. When I got back, he was posing, flexing his gigantic biceps. I reached up, timidly, and gently felt his right bicep. "Damn it, boy, if you're going to feel it, feel it. For all your big muscles, you sure are a pansy." I tightened my grip. "That's better, but it still feels like some puny girl." I squeezed as hard as I could, gripping it tight enough to have made any other guy here scream from the pain. "Better, but it's about time a real man made a real woman out of you." He continued to speak loud enought to make sure all the guys heard what he said about me. A few were saying "Yea!", "It's about time!", and "Fuck the hell out of that brat!" He grabbed me around the waist with one hand, lifting me up like a sack of potatoes over his shoulder, slapped my ass hard a couple of times, and carried me out. I heard the guys chuckling and clapping as we were going out the door. Once outside he dumped me into the drivers's side of his pickup, shoved me over and making me crawl over the shifter, and got in himself. The truck smelled like it was a farm truck that had been used to haul maneur and had never been cleaned. "You smell that bull shit, kid? That's from real man work! 'Bout time someone made a man out you! I'm going to show you how a real man builds his muscles huge on a real ranch! And you give me any shit and I'll whip your ass first, fuck the hell out of you second, and then make you clean the bullshit out of the barn. Hell, kid, until I came along you ain't never met a real man. Nothing but those puny, pretend muscle kids in the gym, just like you. Hell, none of these pansies are strong enough to even lift my dick when it's soft!" I kept looking at his huge body. "Damn it kid, quit staring and start feeling. And none of that pansy feeling, squeeze my muscles hard! First though, you're too far away. Get over here and get this shifter between your legs." I moved over and lifted my leg over the shifter, sliding it down on top of his. There wasn't room for it beside his massive leg. I felt his muscles, squeezing as hard as I could, and my allready hard dick stiffened so much it almost shoved it's way through my trunks. It was making a tent, stretching the material. He tore them open my trunks, pulled my dick out and grabbed it and the shifter in his right hand. "My muscle turns you on, don't it kid! Hell, you want to feel something nice, grab my cock!" I slid my hand up his thigh, marveling at the thickness of the mountain of muscle there, and how hard it was while relaxed. About half way up his thigh, I moved my hand over a fat mound that was his partially hard dick. "Squeeze it!" I did, and felt it hardening. "It's too big to get fucked with!" "Mayby some regular guy would have problems with it. Not you, kid. I know you've taken lots of big dicks allready. Remember Jeremy, that 11 incher that was 2 3/4 inches thick? He fucked you good just last week!" "God that one felt wonderfull, rammed up me by one strong fucker! But this humongous monster makes that one seem tiny. How'd the fuck you know about him fucking me?" "I fuck him occationally, when he's having a bad hair day. He told me about you. Hell, boy, when are you going to quit being a pansy-assed wimp, and take it like a man? You're taking this dick all the way! And I feel like I could go at it for at least four hours tonight, cumming at least 8 times!" I groaned. Yea, I wanted this super man so bad I could taste it, but I didn't think I could go beyond one time with that monster dick. He'd have me bleeding like a virgin on first penetration. I kept playing with his fat, long shaft. He was shifting holding my throbbing dick and the shift lever in his strong grip. "We're here, boy!" Somehow we had gotten out into the country, and had pulled up to a ranch house. He got out and walked around, and I had opened the passenger door and was stepping out. "Close it, boy!" "Huh." "Close the damn door!" "Uh, oh." I was confused, but I complied. He opened it, offered me his hand, and lifted me out when I took it. "Now, boy, I may be a hard fucking muscle bound brute, but I am a gentleman, and I always open doors for my ladies." "Thanks, lots." I said sarcastically as I winced at him calling me a lady. "I'm no fucking lady!" "You ain't no man either! You're my lady now. Even if you could easily rape every guy in that gym, next to me you're one wimpy, pansy-assed, sissy boy who's about to be whupped by the strongest man you ever dreamed of." To emphasize, he wrapped his huge right arm around my chest and flexed. It hurt like hell when he squeezed on me. His massive bicep was tight against my huge right pec and even though I flexed it as hard as I could, his bicep flattened it as it swelled. Out by the barn, I noticed several horses and cattle, as well as a couple of well built guys without shirts. A couple of dogs barked somewhere. He led me to the house, opened the door for me, and let me walk in. The entrance was into a hallway off the garage, with lots of work clothes hanging on hooks and plenty of boots on the floor. A couple of cats came in with us. We went into the kitchen where the smell of stew, coffee, and baked goods filled the air. A short, young asian guy was chopping vegtables, wearing just tight shorts and an apron, and revealing a short body built bigger and better defined than mine. His calfs alone were larger than my biceps, at least 8 inches across. I almost dropped to my knees then and there and carressed his calfs as I sucked him. I knew I had to do so later. "Dave, this is Larry. Smells like supper is almost ready." Dave grinned, grabbed my hand and shook it. He was stronger. His grip was like a vice, and he was barely flexing. He said "Nice to meet you. It I'll be ready as soon as you've cleaned up, George." "You can call me Flex!" I said. "You flex those little muscles? Why bother?" He still held my hand, and he now squeezed it. It hurt like hell! And when I squeezed on his he just smiled. "You'll need to be a lot stronger than that around here!" "I'll take you on anytime!" He smiled warmly, and said "Yer on, pussy! Name the time and place!" "Girls! Keep it friendly, please. You'll have an opportunity for a cat fight soon." He looked me in the eye and said "You'll lose! But right now we're going to shower up for supper. Davie's a wonderfull cook and one hell of a maid. We wouldn't survive here without her." "Hell, I may be 'maid', but I'll never be a maiden again, thanks to this old muscle bound fucking machine here." Dave carressed George's huge arm. "Go and shower, if you take time to fuck, the stew will be cold." "Then you'll just have to keep it warm." George kissed Dave on the cheek. "I'm too horny to think about food right now. And Larry's been lubricating his shorts with pre-com for almost an hour." "Mayby I should come and help you two scrub." "We can clean behind our ears by ourselves, Mother!" I said. "I was thinking of a place lower than that." "Your mind is always in the gutter!" "In the crotch, George, the best part of a man, especially that monster of yours!" "You can't handle even what I've got down there with that puny body of yours!" I said, I think I was reacting to the insults George was giving me, and had to get back somewhere. "Not only can I handle that little thing easily, but I can force you any time I want, puny! Now get the hell into the shower so we can eat and I can rape your tiny body." We left the kitchen, and George said: "Davie really likes you. He doesn't usually get on that well with most new guys. I think we should have our fun now so you can be his tonight." "You're going to let that cute little muscle bound monster have me?" "You'll love it! And I'm going to let all the other muscle men here take their turns whipping your arrogant, well muscled ass. You may be the dominate muscle stud in the gym, but you're the weakest man here. Now git your cute little whore ass up those stairs." Damn, I thought, was I that arrogant in the gym? Did those guys not like me because I was a little muscle bound tyrant? Then I thought; hell, yes. I loved pushing them around, making them look weak as hell, showing off my gorgeous body. Only now I was someplace where there were men who could whip my ass easily, and who are just as arrogant as I am. And with their bodies, they deserved to be. Hell, here I was nothing more than a tiny, puny, little fag. "Not get out of those sissy, show off clothes! Hell, why take them off!" He reached over and grabbed my shorts with one hand and my T shirt with the other. He pulled up on my shorts and down on my shirt, and ripped both of them off. "You won't be needing those sissy things around here. You can wear some of Davies old clothes that he's grown out of. Real men's clothes! But probably too loose for your mini-muscles." "Now, let's see you pose while I undress!" I loved to pose, showing off me large, well defined muscles, though in front of this muscle giant I felt highly inadequate. He took off his shirt, and revealed a massive chest and tremendous arms, both with lots of hair. I was giving him a double bicep, one that would make any guy in the gym envious. "Fuck, boy, is that all you've got! You gonna flex them, or just play with those tiny bumps? I've seen bigger muscles on women! See this, this is a real muscle!" He flexed his right bicep briefly. I swooned at the immensity of it up close. He then took off his well worn jeans and pulled off his shit kicker boots. My dick was as hard as steel again, seeing this super man's muscles buldge. He grabbed me and carried me into the shower, holding me in one powerfull arm while he turned on the water with the other. For the next few minutes he rubbed me down with soap, not the scented kind I normally used, but with one that had lots of grit in it. I could feel his rough hands gripping my muscles. Where he squeezed gently, my muscles hurt like hell. "Keep them flexed hard, boy!" He throughly man handled me until he had foam all over my body. He took extra time with my cock and balls, not being any gentler than any where else, but making sure I was as cleam and as hard as I could get. "Now, soap me down, if you think you're woman enough!" "Hell, I'm more woman than a prick like you deserves! I'm also more man than you'll ever be, even with these huge muscles and that horse dick." He was immensly strong, and he flexed every muscle as I rubbed the soap over him. I made sure that sensitive spots, such as his nipples, got extra rubbings with all the strength I had against them. I had finished his back, and was standing behind him doing his pecs with my arms barely stretched around his thick chest. My dick was playing around between his legs. When I got to his balls, I grabbed one in each hand and squeezed hard, pressing my hard dick against his clenched ass and rammed it up with all of my strength. He didn't notice my dick at first because of the pain in his balls. Once it popped past his hard spincter, which required every ounce of strength that I had to ram it, it sank all the way in. When that happoned, he screamed at he to take it out. I felt his hard, flexed muscles tense a hot harder and felt him squeezing on my dick like a vice. "Damn you!" He said "I'm gonna fucking cum." I squeezed harder on his balls, and saw his cum shooting up on the wall of the shower. He struck the shower head a couple of times, and it rang like a dinner bell. I came myself, and matched him shot for shot and then did a couple more volleys after he quit. "Damn you! No one fucks me like that, expecially not some puny femme like you!" "Hell, you could have stopped me while I was doing it! Mayby I'm not so puny after all. Mayby I am the master here and you're the slave! Maybe..." He had turned around, and had grabbed me by the neck with one hand and hoisted me up easily. "You little twerp! I was going to make you a very lucky fag, feeling my super body flex as I fuck your damn pansy ass!" I reached over and slapped him, hard, on both cheeks. He lowered me down, with a look on his face that showed anger, defeat, and a hungry desire. "You still are, but I'm calling the shots, not you! This is what you've wanted for years! A strong man that makes you do it his way, and rapes your ass when you don't! And it's what I've wanted for years, a powerfull man with gigantic muscles I could order and push around like he's a boy! "Now, flex those muscles, and I don't want to see or feel any muscle that's not as hard as steel. And get that cock hard again. Now!" He stood there in front of me, flexing, his huge muscles buldging. "Harder!" Cords popped out in his arms, like stretched steel cables, along with veins looking like the criss-cross branching of tree limbs. I grabbed his biceps, lifted myself up, and lowered myself until my ass was above the head of his massive cock. "Shove it up me!" Damn, his fat cock felt like a telephone pole going up into me. I released his arms and was being held up by his powerfull cock as it slowly sank in. I flexed my buttocks, my spincter, and the rings of muscles around my lower intestines. I tightened them down, continually trying to squeeze harder, as I slugged his hard flexing biceps with my fists. I pushed myself away, bending his thick, powerfull dick, and slugged his abs several times. I then lifted my legs up and wrapped them around his waist in a sissors lock. I squeezed, flexing my huge, powerful theighs, and forced his breath out. He reached down with his hands and gripped my theighs, squeezing. I tightened my grip with my legs and on his dick, and felt his fingers digging into my theighs as he reacted. He squeezed as I squeezed, and then I felt his dick swell and jerk in my ass and began to pump me full of spunk. I released him, and let his dick slowly soften, then stood beside him when it lowered me down. As we were rinsing off, Dave opened the door and walked in. "Dinner is ready. Get your butts down there or I'll fuck both your puny asses now!" I reached out and grabbed him and pulled him under the shower. "If you think you're man enough, then get your hard dick in here and do it! But be carefull. I may rape you the way I just raped George here!" His apron came off, revealing his well muscled chest. I pulled his shorts down and grabbed his dick. It was short, thick, and hard as steel. I dropped down and took his dick in my mouth and grabbed his buldging calves. As I squeezed on them, he raised up on his toes, flexing the huge muscles, and giving me boulders to squeeze. Above me, George had grabbed Dave's arms and forced them behind his back. I saw him pushing his dick towards Dave's ass and felt Dave's dick jerk as it entered. Dave's flexed calves hardened even more as George put all of his weight on Dave. I squeezed as hard as I could on those humongous mounds of steel hard muscle and couldn't dent them in the least. Dave's dick jerked again in my mouth, and spit a huge wad of sperm into it, hitting the back of my throat with painful force. After he finished filling my mouth, even as I swallowed rapidly, I stood up and placed my dick along side of George's and forced it up into the cavity along with George's. It took some effort, by Dave's ass expanded to allow it in. "Sure ain't nothing maiden about this maid! Loosest ass I've ever fucked." "That ain't loose, it's muscle control with full relaxation of my spincter. Try this on your soft dicks!" He flexed his spincter, and his lower intestinal muscles, and both George and I felt his powerfull muscles crushing our dicks. As we started to cum again, he relaxed a little. We finished and again rinsed ourselves off. "Now, get your asses down there and eat!" Dave commanded, and then whispered to me: "I'm gonna love fucking with you all night long. Even if you are puny, you've got a great body." "Yea," I whispered back "I love fucking flexing muscle men, no matter how feminine they are. Especially when they use their muscles to fuck me!" "Hey, schoolgirls! Davie, get some clothes for Larry and then I'll see both of you down there. And Larry .. I am in charge around here, and what you did don't cut it outside of this room!" A few minutes later we walked down the stairs with our arms around each other. It was the only way we could fit side by side on the stairs. Dave had slipped into his maid outfit, and the jeans he had grabbed for me were tight and he had shoved my dick down the pants leg so that it could be seen. •

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