Cave, The

By M.U.

I had been a small, awkward kid, but as an adult I became more athletic. I really enjoy working out, biking and best of all hiking. All the activity keep me healthy, and I have a nice healthy belly that I was proud of. My 6' frame was handsome; I had 16" arms and a broad, 46" chest. I had a nice dark beard. I was by no means a powerlifter, although in my fantasies I had always wished to become a "freak". I knew at 34 years of age, I'd probably not make the World's Strongest Man Championship, but it never deterred me from striving to become stronger at the gym.

One summer day, I found myself hiking in the woods. I had just broken up with my girlfriend of 3 years, and had no real friends in Vermont. Lost in the thought and enjoying the time away "from it all", I had hiked for about 2-1/2 hours in the Green Mountain National Forest. Realizing the time, I was happy to have put in a great workout, but at the same time was concerned that the afternoon had quickly turned to early evening and that I was at least 10 miles into uncharted territory. I hadn't seen a trail marker for some time and realized that there was really no evidence of human traffic of any kind. The air quickly became chilly and my tank top wasn't going to protect me from a really miserable hike back. After 20 minutes of trying to retrace my steps I realized I was lost. Frustrated and concerned I realized that I'd better find some shelter quickly and find safety from the cold night air and the wolves howling nearby. Walking near a grove of old maples, my foot fell into a hole. As I struggled to pull my leg out, my motions loosened the soil around me and I fell into darkness. The clouded night sky provided no light from above and the complete darkness offered no comfort sake for my lack of injury. I dusted myself off and pulled a match from my backpack and started a small fire. The flame's glow illuminated a spectacle that caught me by surprise.

I stood awestruck as I looked slowly around the cavern to find ancient paintings on the cave walls and ceilings. At first I thought they must have been drawn by the Abenacki Indians that were in Vermont before white man, but then I realized that these drawings were even older than that. They seemed almost ancient. The drawings were of huge beasts- immense frightening images of monsters that were beyond comprehension in terms of muscular size and apparent strength. As I studied the paintings I realized that these beasts were not animal but instead, more like "super" humans. The chalk drawings accurately showed freakishly huge shoulders, necks and arms. Pectorals appeared to be like boulders and bellies like bricks. Most shocking were the "men's" immense members. Their cocks were beyond belief. In fact, I convinced myself that I was not witnessing an archeological treasure but instead graffiti by a perverted, albeit, hot juvenile artist.

Although made horny by the spectacle, my sense of self-preservation got me on track to building a small fire and seeking some type of nourishment. The cave had some water dripping from above which addressed my thirst but I was also starved, having not eaten food since breakfast. Searching the cave for anything that resembled food, I found some berries in the debris near where he had fallen. They must have come down with me. They looked perfectly edible- a cross between raspberries and strawberries- so I gathered a handful and quickly consumed them. Hardly satisfied, I continued to walk through the narrow cavern, again coming across berries. Their bright red shade was beautiful and they had been delicious, but these were apparently growing, no, thriving in the deep darkness of this pit I found myself in. Botany was hardly of concern, I had to feed my hunger and the huge growth of berries would satisfy me until morning. I quickly consumed the supply and felt very content, but a little dizzy. It must have been the day's excitement, so I returned to the fire and laid on the ground thinking about the day.

As I looked at the ceiling at the huge freaks all around me, my vision began to double and blur, my heart began to pound and I felt an aching throughout my body. I'd never felt that way before. I was alone, cold, and in near-pitch darkness. I was scared for my life when the change began.

The pounding of my heart intensified and I began to sweat uncontrollably. My limbs felt as though they were being flooded with blood. I began to whimper as my head pounded and my stomach felt like it was about to rip open. Keenly conscience of my agony, I realized that the berries must have been poisonous. I tried to stand up and find water to flush my system but my legs and arms were immobile. As I stared at the ceiling in a silent panic, tears ran down my cheeks. I knew I was about to die. My arms and shoulders felt like they were being ripped about. I felt my tanktop pulling and binding into my flesh. My legs were flailing as an intense heat fired through every inch of my body. My vision turned red as my sweat poured onto the cave floor. The intensity worsened and it seemed like an eternity-- when suddenly it came to an abrupt end. I quickly felt my body cool in the cave air, and my body felt strangely pumped. In fact I now felt an intense sense of relaxation. But I also felt a stirring in my jeans, a sensation like I had never experienced, not even with my girlfriend, she was no longer in my thoughts.

I was able to lift my right hand over my forehead and sighed in relief. The pounding heart had slowed, the stomach pains were gone and I could once again move my arms and legs. Still trembling, I got up and walked to the dripping water from the hole above. As I cupped my hands to reach for a few drops of water, the full moon beamed light onto my forearms. My eyes nearly bugged out when I saw the thick and gnarly veins covering my arms. I'd always had a few small veins showing from years of lifting weights, but these were unlike any I had pumped in the gym. I slowly glanced at my biceps and saw the thick veins crawling all the way up to my shoulders. Fear took over again as I looked at my chest and legs. My body no longer looked clean and smooth- it was now covered in thick veins and dark thick fur. I had never witnessed such a tortured body. As I felt the deformations under my flesh gain in size, my body tensed and hardened, the pounding began once again. But this time I could witness what the pain was imparting to my body. A swelling of muscles commenced, my legs were ballooning as I stared in disbelief, my arms exploded into monstrous 19 inch guns, than 20 and finally 22-inch monsters. As I gasped for air, my entire body was transforming into a freakish imitation of the painted walls. Thick dark fur sprouted out on my arms, chest and stomach. My mind was out of control; I was drowning in fear but at the same time, turned on beyond belief. My cock had initially shrunk as I feared for my life, but as I began to revel in the transformation, my meat was also turning into a monster of sorts. My cock head was like a grapefruit and the mighty shaft looked like a baseball bat as it ripped through my jeans. My tool was oozing pre-cum as I flexed and pounded my mighty feet into the ground.

Suddenly the change was over, I was no longer the man I once had been. Within minutes, I had become a 350# muscle freak. My entire body was trapped in a layer of veins, thick and visibly throbbing. My arms were frighteningly huge and connected to immense shoulders. My neck's thickness was greater than my head and my quads made walking a difficult new skill to master. Most incredible, was my cock, its immense size required an incredible blood supply to maintain and dominated my thoughts. It was as though my brain's ability to reason and think were lost and my cock was now providing my body with thought and consciousness. The few thoughts that I had were about the intense desire I had for my cock. Standing in the beam of moonlight, I became acquainted with my new body, I flexed every muscle continuously and stroked my cock with ritualistic drive. I never thought of how I would return to civilization, how I would find food, or where I would sleep; my cock was my master and I needed to satisfy its desires. Pounding my immense tool with both vein-covered hands I shot a load so thick and powerful that it echoed through the cave. The blast pounded the cave wall and splattered back onto my body. Rubbing the juice back into my flesh, I instinctively realized that this would be my food source as well. Deep in the recesses of my mind, I knew to lick the cum from my hands and gulped what I could from the puddle near the wall. Never before had I craved my own man-juice, but something was instructing me to feed on it, I needed more cum, much more cum. The thought of consuming my juice would have disgusted the old me, but it is all I wanted or needed now. My cock never softened and I began the ritual again. I had positioned my empty water bottle near my monster dick and stroked my meat with my right hand. In fact I took no precautions as I tortured my nipples and cock until my cum exploded into the bottle. The force and intensity were stronger than before, and I experienced a drive I had never had. I eagerly raised the bottle to my eyes and witnessed the nearly gallon of white fluid that came from my new body. Amazed by the quantity and intoxicated by the desire, I lifted the bottle and enjoyed my cum as it went down my throat, eagerly sucking the bottle for every drop. The fluid quickly filled my insides and my limbs took on a heaviness as they grew slightly more. I felt this change immediately, it wasn't so much in growth as it was in power. I was now in possession of power beyond my wildest dreams. Power controlled by my cock, power that I had a hunger to use. Instinctively, I knew of its use, but I'd have to wait for morning before my cock would lead me through a journey, beyond the change.

As the sun filled the morning sky with light, I awoke from a sleep filled with images of muscle and cock. I lay in a pool of cum, my monster prick had been shooting all night and my dreams had made me want to grow even more. Standing up from where I slept, I realized that this new body wasn't a strange fantasy, and the reality set in. I momentarily experienced some anxiety as I wondered what life would be like, but quickly changed my thoughts as I began to flex and rub the puddle of cum into my hard flesh. I leaned down into the puddle and eagerly drank us much of my own man juice as I could retrieve. My body filled with a sense of strength and power again. I knew my mind was not in charge. I had never spent so much time in the past thinking about sex, and I certainly never enjoyed cum at all. I'd been an average straight guy who never experimented much. But now I was driven by an incredible desire to use my body to achieve ultimate sexual pleasure. I realized that everything I wanted was gay, all I knew now was that I wanted more of it.

My enormous, newfound strength made it easy to scale the cave wall. As I climbed up from the cave, I paused to look at myself in the daylight. My immense size was frightening and my cock was huge, almost 2 feet in length and a foot around. My vascularity made me horrible but at the same time, ultimately masculine. I was pure man-beast, I was beyond manhood, and I loved every inch of myself. My body had definitely grown through the night. I would have jacked off, but I had a sense that I needed to use my cock for a different function. I had an incredible desire to mate. I moved quickly through the woods, back towards the trail. As I came across it, I positioned myself behind some brush, I lay there quietly for an hour, slowly stroking my cock and licking pre-cum. Suddenly, he heard voices, and two women were walking down the trail. Their large breasts looked great under the T-shirts and both women were beautiful. But I saw nothing in them, as I once would have. I stayed hidden, when moments later my patience paid off. A tall guy, about 6'3" came down the path, and my muscular build was evident beneath my ripped and tattered clothes. I noticed that my cock stiffened as I caught a glimpse of Ed. He was rather handsome, with a short reddish-blond beard. He wore a bandana, but I could see thick red hair sticking out. Momentarily, I was confused, I'd never been interested in men, but I had to admit that something had happened with the growth. The desires I had were not just for my own body, but for other men as well. I didn't feel queer; in fact I felt more masculine by my desire. I knew that this man would not get away, I wanted Ed and I was about to get him.

Ed was looking down the trail, as the brush moved and out of the trees launched a monster. He had only a split second to experience shear terror before I-- now a vein-covered beast-- trapped him in my huge arms. Ed didn't have a chance to cry for help as I ran with him in my arms, my cock pressed tightly against Ed's chest, oozing cum into his clothes. We fell back into the cave, Ed was terrified and was certain of his death. As he struggled, I tied his arms and legs with scraps of clothing that remained from the change the night before. Ed was trapped and was finally able to witness what had grabbed him. I paced the cave, my muscles preventing me from walking straight. Ed had never seen anything like me; I was twice the size of any of the bodybuilders that Ed had seen in the Muscle mags at the gym. He had also never seen a cock like the one that I possessed, he was disgusted by the size of it, and the pre-cum that constantly flowed from it. Even more gross to Ed, was the way I kept wiping it with my hands and licking the fluid. I felt an incredible rush of intense excitement surging through every part of my body, enjoying the exhilarating sensation of physical freedom, I had not known before. It felt so wonderful to feel an inner sense of power, testing out my bare muscles. It felt wonderful.... the freedom!

Ed stayed seated for hours, looking at me in both fear and disgust. I paced constantly, staring at Ed with hungry eyes, apparently not quite sure what to do with this man. Hours had passed, and Ed realized that no harm was intended, finally, Ed annoying said, "you got some food around here or are you planning to spend the day walking around?" I looked at Ed, waited a moment, and said, "I've got some berries, you want 'em". Ed responded back, "If that's the best you can do, I'd rather eat something than look at you all day, fuckin' freak". Ed had become angry by creature's constant pacing and he realized that the creature had no interest in harming him.

I brought over the last of the berries in my enormous hands, holding them near Ed's mouth. Ed quickly ate them all, and managed to thank me. I, replied, "no, thank you". But before Ed could ask what that meant, he felt a rush come over him. A dizziness filled his brain, and he could feel his head spinning. As he looked at me, it appeared that he was noticeably agitated, he began to aggressively stroke himself and began to pull off his clothes. Lying naked, Ed looked with fear at me, his eyes were wide open and his face pale with fright. But suddenly, the change began to occur in Ed, he looked at me again, in fact he seemed transfixed by the muscles on his body. As Ed felt the intensity of what was happening, I began to shoot load after load of cum onto my victim's body. I saw the change occurring, Ed's eyes began to show a hunger, and as they did, Ed's mouth began to open. Instinctively, I knew this was the beginning of a mating process and that Ed was my chosen partner. As the berries took affect and Ed's body began to grow, he was untied, and Ed's hands began to run over his growing body and his cock began to swell. Reddish-blond fur sprouted all over his previously hairless torso and legs. Ed was terrified by the change but was also incredibly turned on by our bodies. He was becoming a freak and the only reservation he had was that it wasn't happening fast enough. I commanded Ed to his knees and as he fell to the ground, I stepped forward and with both hands, caressed his huge organ. As he did, the head became a bright crimson, and the veins throbbed angrily. Just as Ed touched his lips to the cock, a huge explosion of cum filled his mouth and covered his face. The burst was so powerful it stung his face, but he eagerly kept accepting more and more. I leaned down next to Ed and licked his face and as Ed neared climax, I went down on my new mate. I experienced my first powerful burst of another man's cum; he enjoyed it as much as my own. We had exchanged our juice and both bodies felt the intoxication of the power and strength that came with it. I knew Ed wasn't gay, but I could also tell his need for come was overpowering. We laid in each other's arms, and I felt the heat emanating from Ed's body as it continued through the process that would turn him into a muscle monster like myself.

Within minutes, Ed's body had gone through the change and was now as terrifying as mine in appearance and size. As Ed pulled away from me, he surveyed his body, then mine, and we both began to laugh. Face to face we started again, except now we just let go and enjoyed the feeling alone together there! It was an incredible sensation of physical freedom, and I craved the bare body contact of our straining flexed muscles touching one another. I tackled Ed to the ground. I loved that thrilling exhilaration and the virile pleasure surging through my naked body, when I finally pinned him down. I was still a bit nervous at my own inner excitement building up within my body. I straddled him with a wrestling type starting position, and grunting and groaning- we wrestled each other down on the cave floor. The match was over almost before it even started, but in our struggle my erection had made it's presence know ever more than before. The thing that surprised me so much inside though was that I really wanted that exciting feeling of wrestling with Ed, and I was enjoying every bit of it. I got back into the starting position once again, eager to take him on ...and wanted - no needed- to wrestle him to the cave floor again!

Both of us were so turned on by each other that we stroked each other freely with no reservations. We seemed so comfortable with each other, that we both freely stroked our massive cocks, enjoying all the excitement that had built up from wrestling together. Face to face we watched each other; watching the other getting an erection, admired each other's muscles, and we pressed our thickly-furred bare chests together. We gently kissed, as we started to grapple forcing one another down onto the cave floor. We slowly wrestled for a while, just enjoying the feeling of our naked bodies rubbing together, and overwhelmed by the mutual excitement, that seemed to transfer from one to the other. I held him in a wrestling hold just to smell his masculine scent, and we both in turn stroked each other's hard penis, moaning with that intense virile pleasure that only two men can ever know. We quivered there locked together, as our nude bodies quaked from the incredible thrill that surged through our bodies. There instantaneously our erections erupted together ...two souls as one!

For me, it was wonderful to have someone to share the experience, but deep in my mind I realized that the mating process had yet to be completed. Unsure about the drive that I felt inside, I knew one thing. I had to fuck Ed, I wondered if Ed could receive my huge meat. But my thoughts were again quickly overwhelmed by the burning desire to mate. The damage I could do to Ed didn't matter, he knew that he had to fill Ed's insides with my cum and he had to begin right away. Ed was still experiencing the incredible sensations of his new body, when I whispered into his ear, "its time". Ed questioned the remark but was unable to fight me off, when I grabbed his tight waist and pulled him closer. My huge cock appeared enraged, its savage vascular appearance was even more horrid because of its purple color. Ed protested loudly as my huge head began to press against Ed's ass. Ed hadn't had enough time to grow and was still weaker than me. I plunged his member into Ed's virgin ass and Ed screamed in horror. As Ed struggled in utter pain he also experienced the warmth of being impaled by the huge rod. As the pumping became rhythmic the pain was quickly replaced by shear pleasure. In fact, Ed began to pulsate with me, wanting more of the huge monster dick in him. I knew it wouldn't be much longer, he was experiencing utter pleasure but still wondered why this act was instinctively so important. Then it happened, I felt my whole body stiffen, my cock became rock hard and I exploded cum into Ed's insides. I pumped and continued to pump with no end for several minutes. The cum wouldn't stop and Ed's ecstasy was constant, he screamed, then growled like an animal. As I finished my climax I pulled away from Ed and let my huge meat drop to the ground, absolutely satisfied, in fact it was the first time my cock had been satisfied since the change. I sat back on the ground and looked at my mate. Ed laid face down on the ground. His huge glutes were beautiful, cum dripping from between them. As I sat watching my friend's massive back I was startled by what I witnessed.

Ed began to grow again. I hadn't thought that the human body could carry more muscle than we both possessed, but as I watched, I saw the lats and traps thicken to an unbelievable size with incredible speed. Ed's arms were beyond anything I had ever seen. The beautiful fur on his body got even thicker. Ed was transforming from freak, to monster, to creature. As the growth continued, Ed rolled over and exposed a cock that more massive than even mine. Its head was at Ed's mouth and he took full advantage by licking the constantly flowing pre-cum. I called to Ed, but there was no response, Ed nursed on his cock and flexed and enjoyed every body part. Ed's eyes were transfixed, they were empty now, he was possessed with the need for sex and nothing could take his attention away. Ed no longer had thoughts of any kind; he simply needed to fulfill his sexual desire. I realized the outcome of the mating process, I knew now that one's mind would be lost as a result. In fear of meeting the same end, I got onto his feet and began to back away from Ed. It was too late, Ed knew his role in the mating process, and it was his turn. As I attempted to flee, my mind was conflicted, I had witnessed the enormity of Ed's body and wanted the same, but I also wanted my mind. Ed started to lose control, moaning loudly and rubbing my ass, triggering us both into another intense wrestling match on the cave floor. From behind, Ed got me into a half nelson, and with his free hand he stroked my giant penis, which felt like it would soon erupt. I reached back only able to freely move my arm, and did the same to him. He then threw me forward, and grappled me into a pin. Ed pounced on top of me and wrestled me onto my side on the cave floor. With our chests pressed together he took both our erections into one hand, and wildly pumped them together. I arched my back in anticipation, and together we ejaculated between one another's hairy torsos. Panting, we rolled apart . he onto his back . me to his side. I moved toward him and laid my head onto his heaving chest, lying there quietly. For some reason, I felt totally submissive to his giant muscular body. Suddenly, Ed rolled me face down onto the cave floor. Ed's cock head entered my ass, seconds later I felt the rush of cum flowing through me, my body filled with heat, I was incredibly aroused by the sense of new growth, an instant later my mind went blank.

Both Ed and I were like zombies wanting only sex from life. Our blank eyes showed no thoughts except for an incessant desire for sex. Our bodies had grown increasingly large from the injections of each other's semen. Our bodies were now covered with thick fur, both front and back. The new found muscle kept us constantly hard, both flexing, posing and stroking for each other. There was no stopping for rest, we knew our muscles could continue growing if we fucked each other and filled our insides with cum. So we took turns throughout the night. The cave was filled with screams of pleasure and grunting like monstrous animals as we both climaxed over and over again. As the night progressed, we showed no signs of tiring, in fact, as we continued to become more monstrous, the sex between us became more savage. Each one pounding the other harder and harder. The cave stunk from the constant sex. Pools of cum covered the floor, both of us eagerly drank as much as we could, but the constant eruptions filled the cave floor. Our heaving bodies were covered in sweat and the rank smell added to the desire both of us animals had for each other.

As morning arrived, the growling continued, but the new day's light was rapidly filling the cave. We were truly able to witness what the cum had done to us. The moon's glow previously provided only a hint of what we were now witnessing in daylight. We had become horribly disfigured by the huge muscular growth. Our bellies appeared to be burdened by the outrageously huge chests, both nearing 70 inches in diameter. Our arms stuck out as our enormous lats pressed them away. Our biceps were 40 inches and still growing. Neither of us were human anymore, these beastly bodies were for sex and nothing else, we didn't even have the need to hunt like a primate. We seemed to thrive on a diet of pre-cum and a load of ejaculation in our insides. Our vocabularies had decreased to only the most necessary of terms, "fuck me". But also with the day's light, another change was revealed. What had been a night of showing off, fucking and pure masculinity was now taking on another shift. For the first time since we had begun the change, our eyes met in the light, and the look of desire was now replaced with a look of love. Both of us realized that we only needed and wanted cock and each other. Luckily for us, we had the largest, most angry cocks available to show that love. Almost instinctively, I reached down for a clump of berries and began to use them to draw a picture of us on the cave's smooth wall.. •

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