Ye Olde Apothecary Shoppe

By John Bowling

"Sire, there be three ways to find oneself in the hamlet. Thee may walk, bicycle, or ride a horse. The road be too narrow for buggy or modern conveyance, and, mind ye, 'tiz a fair jaunt." "Do you have bicycles available to rent?" "There be several." They were all ancient, single speed ones that were heavy, with fenders and other useless weighty things. They were all in good shape, as if they were only a few years old. It was a long uphill climb, but I cycle a lot back home and I'm in excellent shape, to the point of being considered well built. I rode a bicycle up the five miles of steep, winding, narrow road to a tiny hamlet that looked as if it had been there since before the dark ages. The buildings were of stone, set close together, at the edge of a dark brooding forest. Most were overgrown with ivy and roses. They had modest windows made from several small, grimy panes set in wood, framed with functional wooden shutters, and appeared as if they were imported from the London of the 1600's. I found the Fair Damsel inn, one of only a half dozen store fronts there, and went inside. Inside I found a wizened woman who appeared to be at least 80 reading a book that looked even older. "We ha' but one. Sev'nt'n L'shm's a f'rtni't." She said before I even asked. "Pardon?" "Ayh, twn'y-fve doll'rs 'Mrc'n." Decently reasonable, I thought. "Per veek." "I'll take it." "Sven!" "Yes, mum." A strapping young man stepped in from the other room. He was a strawberry blond, dressed in dark linen slacks that were tight, more because of his muscular build than any kind of fashion. He wore a white cotton shirt with ruffles, which was also stretched fairly tight in some places. "Show the gent'man to his room, and be sure ye make 'im velcum!" "Yes, mum." He looked over at me and grinned, dimples showing in his handsome face. He must have noticed the way I was looking at him, because the grin turned into a genuine smile and he winked, and then blushed and looked down. "Sven!" "Yes, mum. Sorry, mum." He reached out with both hands and grasped my shoulders, pulled me close and kissed both cheeks. I was rather surprized at it but it felt good to be kissed by such a nice young man. I detected more there than just a kiss of greeting, that his grin was hiding some desire. It was also obvious that he was very strong. "'Tis better, now be off. Mind ye, treat 'im right!" He checked for luggage, and, not finding any, led the way up the stairs. I checked him out, watching his solidly muscled bubble butt cheeks swell alternatly as he climbed the stairs, with his slacks clinging tightly to them. He led me to a hall with a half dozen doors. The walls were all paneled with solid hard wood, oiled often, and dark. He opened my door and held the door for me, grinning. His dimples were cute up close. The door was narrow, and as I stepped past him, face to face, I brushed his body. I felt large, firmly solid lumps in several appropriate spots. I grinned at him as I slid by, and my hand absently brushed over his crotch. Damn, he was hard! I wanted to grab it and play, but all I did was to press against it and then stepped into the room. He was grinning broadly. He came in behind me to turn on the lights. The switches were the old fashioned rotary style, with a pair of frayed cloth covered wires going up to the ceiling. I looked around, enjoying the rustic old room. He opened a curtained door that led out to a balcony. He motioned to me to come out on the ledge and grinned as I walked out past him. He followed very closely, and when I had to stop for the railing, he pressed against me and didn't back up. In fact, he reached around me and gave me a hug to keep me from falling over the railing, grabbing my pecs with his hands. His hard dick pressed against my buttocks. I flexed my pecs and my buttocks. He squeezed on me and shoved his dick hard against my ass. After I had regained my balance he let me loose, and pointed to a door adjacent to mine on the same balcony, said it was his room, and he opened the door and showed it to me. Inside was a workout bench and several heavy weights, and pictures on the wall of several well built men. I reached up and grabbed his bicep, sqeezing it. He flexed and grinned, blushing. He grabbed my bicep and I flexed it for him. That was when I saw the hard, thick buldge running the full length of his crotch. I rubbed my hand against it and he was now blushing a bright red, but grinning. I grabbed him, pressed my own hard dick against his, and wrapped my arms around his muscular body, squeezing him to me. "And I though I would have to spend the next few nights alone. You feel like the kind of guy I'ld love to sleep with." "Yes, yesss, YESSS! Except neither one of us will get much sleep! I can't sleep when I've got a body like yours to play with!" He spoke English with a lot less accent than his aunt. "You play with this body and you'll have your own gorgeous body played with! In fact, I'll play with yours even if you don't play with mine!" He was grinning from ear to ear, blushing a bright red, even brighter than the red of his hair. I squeezed him closer and began to nibble on his ear. I felt him getting even more turned on, his hard body getting harder. I tightened my grip even more, and moved a little to rub my cock against his. Pressing them together, two steel hard, throbbing shafts I began to kiss him. I felt him flexing his muscles, his arms around my chest tightened with his powerfull grip. He rubbed his cock against mine, and we both squeezed harder. Then we were both flexed in the throes of ejaculation, the feeling of the other guy's hard flexed muscles making the climax even better. We held each other for a few moments, than relaxed and sat on the bed. "I guarantee tonight's going to be the hottest night either of us have had! That is if you're available tonight?" I asked. "I'll cancel my date tonight!" "You have a date, and you're cancelling?" "Yea, I've been going with her for a couple of years. We're the only people our age around here, so it's expected. I've never wanted to have sex with her, though. Now I know why!" "You certainly make what would have been a boring trip exciting for me! If you want, I'ld love to have you spend every night and day with me until I have to go back. And we'll do whatever comes up!" I reached over and grabbed his cock, which was still rock hard. He blushed again. "Yes! Only I've got chores to do here. There's lots of work around here and Great Aunt Maude can't do much at her age." "And because you're so strong and well built, you do it all?" "Yea!" "Does that include entertaining the guests?" "Sometimes. If they request it." The look in his eye was begging me to request his company. "Well, I could use lots of help while I'm here. I need a guide, and I may need someone strong to carry some heavy things, and I could also use help at night to take notes and whatever else comes up. And keep me entertained. Know anyone who can do all that?" He lifted his arm and flexed it: "Does this look strong enough for you?" I grabbed it and squeezed. "Damn near perfect! Even better if you know how to use it!" "I may look like a dumb kid, but I'm decently intellegent." "You keep flexing those muscles and we'll be here for a week and neither of us will get anything done. By the way, my name's Terry." "Yea, I should go help my auntie start dinner." He didn't move, just kept his biceps flexed and his dick throbbing, and I continued to feel them. "Yea, and I have some places to go before dark." I unzipped his pants and pulled out his throbbing cock and began to suck him. "Yea, make me cum so I can go soft and be presentable in front of auntie! God that feels sooo good!" He was pulling mine out of my pants and began sucking on it. We finished each other off quickly. "Now, I must go help auntie!" "First, tell me where the rest room is, please?" "Oh, I forgot. Right down the hall here." He walked me over to it, and held the door, brushing me again as I walked in, grinned, and followed me in. There was one urinal and I had to use it. He squeezed in beside me and we both pissed. "Damn, this is going to be heaven for the next few days, entertaining a good looking, well built guest like you!" "Yea, but it would be hell if you wern't here, my gorgeous muscle host." He grinned and blushed again. "Come, let's go get those things done and then we'll be together all night!" We went back down stairs, and his aunt was still reading. "Sven, did ye velcum our guest?" "Yes, mum!" "He sure did ma'm! And I'm going to need a lot of help the next few days. Would it be possible to borrow Sven?" "Fine, only right now he needs to start the dinner. I can't handle those big iron kettles any more, never did handle them well, but Sven's been hoisting them for me since he was a boy. Right strong lad, that Sven!" "Perhaps if I gave you a hand you could show me around the hamlet before dark?" "Yes, if that's ok with you, mum?" "Yes, son, anything our guest vants!" He grinned and we walked into a large kitchen. Apparently the inn had the only restaurant in town. There were three huge iron kettles hanging from the rafters. Sven reached over and grabbed the largest one, lifting it easily. I grabbed the next and was surprized at how heavy it was, and even though it was smaller than his I had to struggle to get it down. We put them down next to a sink, and filled them about half full with water. He grabbed his, about a foot in diamater larger, and with about ten gallons more water than mine, and his biceps swelled hugely as the kettle rose and he carried it about twenty feet over to the hearth, setting it on it's legs. I grabbed mine the same way and couldn't budge it. I tried again and still didn't move it. He came back and grabbed it, lifting it easily. He then did the same for the third kettle, and then put several dried logs under them and got the fire going. "Damn, you're as strong as an ox!" He was grinning and blushed again. He took me out to the street, into every shop, and introduced me to everyone. Mary, his girl friend, was in the seamstress shop, and he told her about the change in plans for the evening, saying I needed lots of help for the next few days. She understood. I suspect she was more than a little bored with being with him all the time, expecially when he didn't respond to her. Next was a general store, the closest thing they had to a grocery, and his uncle Fredrick ran it. I bought us a couple of snacks and root beers. The selection wasn't great, but the root beers were far better than the normal ones back home. Next was a tavern, the 'Stag and Hound', and we went in and met his cousin Gregory. He was at least ten years older than Sven, and his well muscled body made Sven look skinny. We had a couple of draft stouts and talked for while. I told Sven a little about what I was here for, and he suggested we go to the next shop. As we were leaving Gregory whispered to me "Sire, treat the boy right, 'tis 'is first love." I whispered back that I would, and thanked him for being discreet. I thought about it and Sven was acting like a school boy in love for the first time, a real puppy love. I made it my intention to treat him so well it would turn into real, lasting love. We skipped the next shop, which was empty and filthy, and went to the last shop, the one closest to the forest. At first, it seemed empty and deserted also. The windows were dirtier than the last place, and had a large assortment of small, half filled vials and bottles placed randomly. The door creaked, and was hard to move. Naturally, Sven did it easily. We walked in. With the sun going down, the only light was from candles. A decrepit man wearing long robes was reading an ancient tome. It almost felt like we had walked into a ancient wizard's shop. "Ahhh, Sven. Ye've done it this time, gotten yeself smitten. Who's to care for ye old aunte when ye've gone? And to ye, Terry, in answer to ye questions, I be no wizard, warlock, nor other dealer in majik. I be Diatan, alchemist, one of a few true practitioners in ancient 'erbal remedies. I see ye've worked ye majik on Sven." "But, I'm not going anywhere." Sven said. "Ye go with Terry when he be gone. Afore he's gone, ye will 'elp 'im get 'is items. Oh, I've a list 'ere of the items. Ahh, 'ere 'tis." He ambled over to a shelf, moved pile of books and bottles. He lifted a paper that looked ancient, brushed thick dust off it, and handed it to Terry. "Bring 'em ta me afore the moon waxes gibbous, 3 days hense, and I'll prep'r 'em prop'r." "Thank you. How did you know what I need?" "'Tis obvious to a seer." Sven and I left with the list and went back to the inn. His aunt had dinner ready when we arrived, a rabbit stew made with fresh vegetables and herbs, some assorted fresh raw vegtables and fruits, and an apple and berry pie that was marvelous. I helped Sven wash the kettles out. After hosing them out, he held the heavy pots up with his buldging, hard muscles and sloshed the water in them around, then ran a lye soaped brush around and sloshed them again. Actually, I wasn't so much helping as I was watching and feeling his big muscles ripple as he lifted them. After he had finished his evening chores, we went to my room and looked over the list. There was nothing quite so exotic as 'eye of newt', but about fifty items that were mostly herbs, seeds and roots. What was exotic about them was the time they were to be picked and how. Some were at midnight on a night with no moon, or with a blue moon. Some were at dawn or dusk, and others during the fullness of the sun. The other exotic thing about them was the nice, well built young man who was helping me, expecially when he had to lift some heavy boulders to get items below them. There was no moon that night, and a blue moon occured two nights later. We almost didn't get the items that night. The blue moon was so romantic we almost spent the entire night making love beneath it. After we got the items, Sven confessed that he didn't want to live without me. And I felt the same about him. We spent the three days and nights tripping (gayly?) through the woods, working out with his weights (I was *very* impressed with the muscles this young man had), doing a few chores, and making love. Sven mentioned it first, and then I began to notice it too, that my muscles were growing rapidly, and that I was now nearly as strong as he was. Then, suddenly, it was time to take the items to the alchemist, and let him prepare them. It would take him two more days with his morter and pestle to powder and mix them, again at the right times of day, so we went back to having fun with each other. By the time he was done, my muscles had grown dramtically, and I could overpower Sven easily. My muscles were both larger and harder than his. We spent some time in the tavern, and I could even beat Gregory arm wrestling. Then it was time for me to leave and Sven was coming with me. We said goodby to all of his friends and relatives. Every one of them talked to me and said they were glad Sven had finally found a good man, and they knew I would take good care of him. Gregory handed me a list of dates, admonishing me to always keep it, and to visit when we could. We walked down the hill, pushing the bike. After dropping it off, I looked back up the hill and saw a hill without a trail, no hamlet anywhere up there, and even the place I had rented the bike had dissappeared. I turned back to Sven. He hadn't dissappeared. I must have had a puzzled look on my face, and he answered my unspoken question: "It visits this temporal plane every few years, and will be back again. It's off visiting another now." "So that's what this list of dates is, when it visits here. And you'ld rather stay here than go to other places? And leave that peacefull little hamlet!" "I rarely get to see those other places, and the hamlet is boring, and never have I met someone as wonderful or as strong as you." "Ok, but if you want to go back sometime, just say so. I would enjoy visiting it myself again." "A visit would be nice sometime." "Well, the list says then next time is in fifteen years!" "Just about right for our son to be a well built young man!" "Our son? What are you talking about?" "I took two vials of our sperm to Diatan, and he will see that Mary's egg is fertilized by both, so the baby boy will be like both of us." "How?" "He knows a lot more majik than he lets on!" "How much do you know?" "I know what you're going to use those herbs for!" He reached for my bicep and squeezed on it. I flexed and grabbed his. "Yea, we'll both get so huge it'll take ten massive bodybuilders to hold one of us down." "While you were there, many of those herbs were in the food we ate. Because you had never consumed them, but had consumed foods from your normal life, you grew strong quickly. Now that I have left there, eating your foods will make me grow quickly with the herbs I have ate all my life." "Yea, and then after they have been used, we will use these herbs to continue growing. It's too bad it'll be 15 years before they are back. We might want another dose before then." "Living those 15 years with you will be the best 15 years I've ever lived." I grabbed Sven, lifted him and tossed him down to the grass and fell on top of him. We rolled around for several minutes, wrestling and feeling each other flex. I wrapped my now huge arms around him and squeezed, and he squeezed back. Our throbbing dicks were pressed together and we came as we tightened our powerfull muscles. We slept then, and dreamed about our future gigantic muscles. •

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