Sugar Packets


By RdyRoger

Tony was 8'3" tall, and with the body of an 18 year old, and with an 18" long soft cock, and softball sized balls... He stood, waiting for the next formula to take effect, wondering what Shap had mixed up for him.

It didn't take long for him to figure out. He felt a tremendous heat in his groin, and his balls and cock started to grow again.

Shap grinned at Tony. "Never big enough is my motto Tony!"

"Fuck man what was in that???" Tony demanded.

" Six red cock growth packets and six green packets." Shap replied. "And if you don't like it, we can always reverse it."

"Fuck!" exclaimed Tony as his balls grew to the size of cantaloupes. His cock swelled enormously thick, and longer, becoming erect as Tony became hornier and hornier. Soon, his engorged cock was completely oversized, 24 inches long. But the growth didn't stop, and Shap stepped close to Tony. Tony rubbed his growing cock on Shap's massive pecs and abs... and then began to ooze a river of precum as Shap rubbed and felt Tony's massive growing cock.. The precum was soon followed by thick hot gooey spurts of cum as Tony shot a massive load onto Shap's muscled stud body. Shap rubbed the cum on Tony's cock and over his massive chest as Tony's cock grew longer than 28" before finally slowing in growth and stopping at 30" erect. After his ejaculation Tony's cock remained hard and erect. It was incredibly obscene... Shap loved to touch it, and he got down on his knees and sucked it and licked it. It didn't take long for Tony to reach climax again. His cock shot and shot, and Shapour reveled in the sensation of being covered in his hot cum.

Finally , after some extended sex play, Tony's cock became flaccid, a hanging, pendulous monster 22" long.

"So I'll be 6'11" and hung 13 1/2 inches soft in a month...?" muse Tony, putting away the tape measure. Shap lounged on the overstuffed furniture, his massive muscle pumped from his recent exertions.

"Unless you take the stabilizer," said Shap, " or the neutralizer."

"or some more packets," mused Tony. "I could use some muscle with my height!!"

"Take some good looks, that way what you have will last stud!" Shap suggested. Tony walked over to the suitcase... and he picked up some packets... he put 4 good looks packets into the glass. Then he opened 8 blue muscle growth packets... and dumped them in. He poured in some water and drank down the glass.

He set the glass down.. Shapour watched, in anticipation. Tony shivered, a reaction to the solution hitting his stomach. Seconds later his muscles became warm as his 8'3" tall body began to become more muscular. His features began to morph on his face, the entire proportions of his body changed subtly. After a few moments, Tony was more massive than Shapour, and his face was blindingly handsome. He smiled at Shapour.. a blindingly handsome smile that made Shap's heart ache with desire. Tony flexed his biceps, which rose massively huge. Only Tony's huge frame could hold the muscle growth. But that wasn't everything, the regularizer did more than make Tony handsome, it made the proportions of his body sexy, dreamlike in his masculine appeal and perfection. His muscle growth continued, his perfect skin expanding to contain the massive size of his muscle, and Tony finally stopped growing. His skin was glowing in health and appeal.

Shapour was hard again, watching Tony. But Tony walked his massive muscle bulk back to the packets. He picked up a black packet and mixed it up, and handed it to Shapour. Shap shook his head at first, but Tony said, "I've always wanted you Shap, since I met you. Just once let me have my fantasy, and then we'll make you twice as big as I am, if you want.

Shap gulped down the black packet. In a moment, he started to shrink. Quickly, he shrank over a foot in height and the muscle melted away from his frame. His 18" erect cock shrunk and became flaccid. In about 2 minutes, Shap had returned to his original 6'3" height and 6" soft cock... he'd always been hung and muscular and handsome, but on a regular scale. Shap looked frustrated at his decrease in size and power, but then he looked up at the massive hung muscle angel, who now stood 2 feet taller than Shap, and gulped at Tony's incredible beauty.

"You are so handsome..." Tony told Shap. "I've dreamed of this for so long!!" Shap put his hand on Tony's massive golden pecs... and they kissed.


Tony awoke to find Shap curled against his massive chest. He looked fondly at the 18 year old Persian stud, knowing that soon he'd be returned to a huge muscle stud. He watched Shap sleeping in his arms, until he awoke. Shap curled up against Tony and cuddled for a few moments. He stood up, went into the bathroom and washed up, and found some clean low rise briefs underwear in the laundry. They looked great on Shap, with his 6" soft meat and big balls. He came out of the bathroom and stretched. Tony went into the bathroom and quickly showered. There was no underwear that would fit him, so he simply wrapped a large towel around his waist. It showed the massive size of his meat. In the sleeping area, Shap had the tape measure. He measured Tony's size, and found he'd already shrunk two inches in height and 3 " in cock length. The formula was starting to wear off somewhat. Mark and David soon joined them, having bathed in the private bath.

Mark was still 6'3" and 10" soft, he'd obviously either adjusted to the doses he'd taken, or had taken a stabilizer.

David had also decreased a lot in size. Mark explained that the more extreme the growth, the quicker it would begin to wear off, but after a few days the loss would decline in speed and after 30 days you would be at about 50% of the initial increase, where it would stabilize by itself.

David was now 8'10" tall, with a 15" x 10" cock, and not so hairy as he'd been six hours earlier. Mark also explained the loss would mostly occur during the body's sleep cycle.

Shap decided to regain the size he'd given up to become Tony's boy-toy, but David wondered if he should.

"Shap, you're only 18 years old!"

"What difference does that make? I'm a legal adult, and I'm a legal resident, I can support myself. "

"Especially if he gets huge again," mused Tony.

Mark laughed. David looked angry. Shap told David, "Look, I'm old enough to make my own decisions. But you think I'll someday regret my decision to get huge. Well, how can you regret this???" Shap grabbed David's huge bicep, trying to squeeze it. "Or this???" Shap grabbed David's huge balls. The more David resisted, the more that Shap wanted to be big... BIGGER.

Shap grabbed the glass off the table and walked to the suitcase. David looked upset but didn't stop Shap. Shap selected from the table. Before, he'd used 8 packets of the original formula, but now he had much more control... and he wanted to do it right. He paused, frustrated.

"Wait a second, Shap." Mark spoke up.

He walked to the suitcase, and flipped open the top cover and pulled out some smaller packets that had been hidden.

"What the hell are those???" Tony demanded, almost jealously.

"Stuff that I came up with that I couldn't trust you guys with earlier. But since you handled Sam so well, I figure you're about the best guys for this... if anyone."

Mark picked up the bundles and opened them ... "This orange packet affects sexual desire, not like the green packets, which have a mild side effect, but also those around you, modifying your pheremones... anyone with this will be very horny, and also make anyone else they are around horny as well. Also, I suspect they'll have a lot of persuasive ability. Shapour, I want you to try this."

Shapour nodded... quickly mixed up a drink of one of the packets, and drank it down. Nothing seemed to happen for a moment or two. Shap began to feel a bit odd.. a bit warm, but that was it for a second. Everyone else in the room began to feel a bit warm too, perspiring just a bit. Shap stretched, looking at his body in the mirrors on the living room wall. He thought he looked really good. He looked at his package, and slapped his hand on his tight abs, and looked at the other men and saw them watching him. "Feels good!!" he said. They all smiled a bit. David seemed to be over his mad.

Shap walked up to David. David smiled fondly at Shap. Shap looked up at the massive stud, a wicked grin on his face, which he couldn't seem to help. David's heart seemed to melt. He grinned stupidly. Shap stretched his arms, slapped his abs with his palm, and dropped his hand, which brushed his briefs, his cock bouncing a bit in his basket.

David seemed to swoon. He started to feel really sexy... his cock started to swell. Shap's cock got hard too... almost 9" he was erect, compared to David's now 20" erect cock, but all eyes in the room were on Shap. He was in control of David, even though David was a huge muscle stud weighing three times Shap's weight.

After a while, when Shap had come twice, and David multiple times, along with the other men jerking off, they took a pause in the action. Shap was having trouble with his third ejaculation, it was pretty dry. He realized that he could fix that though, and quickly emptied 6 green packets ball and semen packets in the glass, and then paused, and dumped in 6 red cock growth packets, and then 6 yellow height packets and 8 blue muscle growth packets, and then he dumped in 6 pink handsome packets, and finally dumped in 3 brown hair growth packets... and then he tore open a purple stabilizer packet and dumped it in. He splashed water in the glass, and mixed up the thick gloppy solution, drank it down, every drop. David walked over and saw the empty purple stabilizer packet on the table. •

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