Sugar Packets


By RdyRoger

Just then the door smashed open and a MONSTER MUSCLE STUD entered. It was Sam, but a Sam that made Shap look SMALL. He was 8' 6" tall, and built enormously. He was so huge that as he wedged through the doorway, the doorframe buckled outward. David quickly dumped the suitcase behind the sofa, grabbing a handful of the original packets. He tore a handful open and dumped them into a glass with water, and gulped it down. Nothing happened. He'd forgotten that his body was already in a downtime, waiting for his previous dose to kick in. How much had he just taken? His eyes glanced to the floor and saw at least 5 on the floor, maybe 6 or 8.

Sam roared as he manuevered into the apartment. He was MAD at Mark, forgetting David and Tony. Mark cowered as Sam reached out and grabbed him.

"Put him DOWN you stupid lug!!!" David yelled, angry at Sam's bully actions. He was really angered by Sam's treatment of Mark. He felt flushed with anger.

Sam threw Mark down, and grabbed David. He leered at David's huge cock, although he was almost as hung. David hit Sam in the chest ineffectually. Sam laughed out loud. "Little man!! You can't hurt BIG SAM!!!" David's fists bounced off muscled pecs thick and hard as steel plates.

David knew he was hopelessly outmatched, but he was so angry he didn't care. He was raging and angry and HOT!

Suddenly his body was racked with pain for an instant. He spasmed, rolling up into a ball in Sam's grasp. Sam roared and threw David out the window, glass crashing as David rolled into the shrubs beside the house. David felt a huge hot flash... he blanked out for a second, and then came to himself as he felt his body expanding enormously! His elbows dug into the soft earth as his arms grew longer and his back expanded.

David could hear the sound of fighting coming from inside his little bungalow... Sam and Shapour were roaring, and he could hear the sounds of massive fists impacting massive muscle.

Tony appeared at David's side, checking to see if David was okay. He quickly helped David to his feet.

David stood up, trying to catch his balance, by leaning on Tony's shoulder. But something was wrong, he kept having to stagger... he was GROWING HUGE, very quickly. David shook his head to clear it, and as he looked up, he realized that he was very nearly looking Tony ... 8'3" tall Tony... directly in the eyes. Tony wordlessly stared in wonder as David's body expanded with huge muscle growth and size. Tony staggered as David quickly grew to 8'8" tall, and his weight pressing on Tony's shoulder was increased dramatically. Tony looked down and saw David's balls enlarging quickly, to the size of small, then large, cantaloupes. The dark hair on David's pubes became thicker, darker, longer, more luxurious, tangling into a dark forest of manliness with a treasure trail of dark hair climbing up his thickening abs and spreading out across his rapidly expanding pectorals.

David's arms grew longer as they also filled hugely with lean striated and veined muscle. David gaped as he realized his arms were at least as big as his legs used to be. Tony stared at the massive muscle beast that David was becoming.. He was enthralled. He stared again at David's massive genitals, noticing in his amazement that David's cock was growing very, very, very, thick... His cock was the proportions of a regular man soft, but massively expanded in every direction until his thickness was over 13" around !!!

David could hear Shap fighting Sam in the apartment, but he knew the much smaller by comparison Shap couldn't have a chance against the massive Sam. Unfortunately, with the rush of growth, David was barely able to keep standing.

Tony gaped as David grew taller... Passing 9' to 9' 2", and finally stopped growing in height. But his musculature grew larger, and David's body hairy chested, a huge barrel chested muscle stud with huge slabs of muscle throbbing on his frame. Finally the growth stopped, and David grunted with relief, but a wild light in his eyes lit and his massive endowment grew humongously erect. David turned and jumped towards the front door. He turned sideways, reached in, grabbed Sam's legs and pulled him out of the apartment. Sam grunted in surprise as David pulled him outside. He quickly gained his feet and jumped David. But with David's huge muscular frame, Sam was barely able to even push at David. He stepped back, looked up at David, and gulped.

"You looking for someone to pick on?" David demanded. "Then pick on someone bigger than you...!" With the flat of his hand he shoved Sam, and Sam went flying. Sam tried to turn and run, but David leaped on top of him and shook him until his teeth rattled.

"Yay!!!" shouted the others, who crowded out the front door. Mark ran forward with a glass of water, and a black packet that he emptied into the glass. David shook Sam again, who gasped, and David poured the neutralizer down his throat.

Sam shook, gagged, and swallowed. He glared furiously at David. "Wait until I get out of here! You can't hold me forever!! I've got all the muscle powder stashed in my car!! I'll make certain you pay for this!"

David watched Sam closely. It seemed he was not quite so BIG as before. Sam shivered once. His body started to shrink, his muscle shrinking, his cock shriveling, his balls becoming smaller and smaller. He lost height, and his voice went from the deep bellow of a massive muscle stud to a baritone. Sam didn't seem to have any idea what was happening to him yet. After he'd lost about a foot of height, David stood back and let Sam up. Sam staggered to his feet. Already, in his stretch spandex shorts, his cock and balls were only average sized.

Sam finally realized that something was going on... and he exclaimed in horror as he watched his biceps shrink and his pecs thin out and even his hair on his head became thin as he developed a bald spot. As the last of the effects of the muscle powder was cancelled, the formerly huge stud was a thin, scrawny, 5'7" tall middle aged bald man. His Spandex pants slipped down and his tiny cock and balls were revealed as the others watched, almost pitying the man who'd had it all, but abused others because of it.

Sam stared at David's huge balls and erect cock, and reached out to touch it. David shrugged back, out of Sam's reach. Sam fell to his knees. David felt pity. "Get lost, Sam, and don't come back until you get some help."

"Aren't you going to?..." Sam began to ask.

"No, I don't need to hurt others. And if I feel that need, I seek out a friend and talk to him about it."

"I don't have any friends."

"Better go find some."

Sam walked to his convertible, and Tony popped the trunk and searched the car and took all the white muscle packets away. Mark pointed out that perhaps Sam had more hidden elsewhere, but David decided that hopefully, Sam had learned a lesson, and would think about it for a bit.

It would take 30 minutes for the black packet to degrade and Sam to be able to grow again. Hopefully, he'd head somewhere else.

David was wondering what to do with his 9'2" body and enormous erect cock... he was enormously erect, very horny from the green packets. He went inside, and they closed the blinds and they broken door. David was very grateful for the 12' ceilings in his old 30's bungalow.

"I should take a black packet!!" said David.

"NO!" all his friends exclaimed at once. "Not yet, anyway," Mark said, eyeing David's huge cock. Mark walked over to the briefcase and selected some packets.. In a clean glass, he mixed up 4 pink good looks packets, 2 golden younger packets, and 6 ball and semen packets. He splashed some water in the glass and drank it down.

In a second, he moaned with pleasure. His golden body melted away the years until he was a young stud, and his features regularized and grew more and more handsome until he was a blindingly handsome 6'3" tall musclebound blonde boy toy. His balls grew, swelling under his 10" soft cock, growing bigger and bigger, until they hung bigger than Tony's softball sized balls. David was very attracted to Mark, and he looked him over avidly. "No red cock growth packets, Mark?" David asked.

"No, replied Mark... , " I want you to be the BIG MAN!"

And they went into Tony's bedroom.

Shapour and Tony were left in the living room. Both were extremely turned on. Shapour walked over and picked up some packets, mixed them up and handed the glass to Tony.

Tony knocked it back. •

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