Sugar Packets


By RdyRoger

Shap felt the heat through his body pulsing in his muscles and genitals, burning as his body forcibly grew far more than nature had intended. He posed a double biceps and his biceps pumped huge, as big as jr basketballs... Shapour heard a tear as his swim trunks tore completely off his body. He was growing taller and taller, about 2 inches per minute, and he was really starting to worry. Just then the bedroom door opened and David and Tony came into the living room. They both just stood and stared at the huge growing stud who was now 7'2" tall.

Finally David asked, "How much did you take?"

"Eight packets" Shap's incredibly deep voice rasped out. Shap was astonished at the difficulty he had speaking. "Knew you guys would be in trouble with this Mark and Sam- Now they won't give you any trouble with me around!" To illustrate his point Shap posed a double biceps again. Tony stepped up to Shap... his nose just at the level of Shap's massive jutting collarbones.

"Hope you don't mind I'm bigger than you Tony! I just want to make sure you guys are okay! I know how to handle myself in a fight.!

"No..., well, I guess I mind a bit, Shap... I like being the BIG stud. But don't you think you might have overdone it?" As they spoke these few sentences, Shap grew so much taller and muscular that after Tony's short speech Tony's nose was almost level with Shap's incredibly muscled pecs.

"Only for a Day!" Shap's Basso Profundo boomed. "That's what you and David said!"

"Shap... we don't know that... " David blurted out. "We were just guessing!!!"

Shap's eyes widened. He felt the BURN in his muscles as strong as ever as Tony looked down between their legs. Tony's thick 9" flaccid cock was massive, but dwarfed by the meat that Shap was sporting... and still growing. Shap's meat was 11" long soft.. and massively thick. Shap's balls where monstrously huge. Tony blushed looking at the massive genitals.

David stared and just said, "WOW."

"You mean that THIS MIGHT BE PERMANENT?" Shap's voice boomed.

David nodded slowly. "I just didn't think that it might be permanent, or there'd be lots of HUGE guys out there. I figure it must be transitory... it's magic... where is your body getting the mass???"

Shapour nodded, "I understand."

"I mean, it must be some kind of illusion!!" David said. Tony slapped his hand on Shap's pecs. The slap resounded with a deep, meaty, thwack.

"Doesn't sound like an illusion, and you didn't feel like an illusion in there, David you stud!"

Shapour grunted, looking in the mirror.

David said, "Shap, You're getting bigger and bigger still- So Huge Stud!!!!!

"Now I know how you felt earlier, David!" Tony said wryly. David was 5'11" tall, Tony was 6'7" tall, but Shap's massive, hairy, muscled body was now passing 7' 5" in height. He was as tall as the tallest of basketball players, but so much wider, and so completely overmuscled, that he became completely masculine musculature overdefined.

Shapour grimaced, then laughed. He lifted up his flaccid cock and hefted it. It was growing visibly. "Where am I gonna keep this BIG THING?" He dropped it and it slapped his thigh.

"You were always hung, Shap."

"Yes, but this is... HUNG!"

"David, I lied," said Blonde Tony. "I'm completely jealous of that huge stallion!"

"I know..." David said. "I feel like a 12 year old compared to you studs!"

Shapour stepped up to David... and laughed. He was still growing, and over 19" taller than David. "Yeah," Shap said, "You look just like a 240 lb 5'11" tall 9" hung 12 year old!

David grinned. "Hey, Big Daddy!" he said.

Shap leered at David. Even though David knew Shap was harmless to him, it made David shiver.

David reached up and felt Shap's biceps. They appeared to be almost the size of basketballs, from David's perspective. He could feel the hot blood pumping through them. His hands did look small on them, because Shap was so BIG. "You are enormous, Shap!"

Shap continued to grow. He'd been growing for some minutes now. He was reaching 7'8" in height as he felt the burn start to fade.

"God!" said David. He was staring at Shap's incredible Towering muscled bod, his abs thick and strong as steel.

"God!" said Tony. He was staring at Shap's cock.. Flaccid, superthick, and 13" long.

Just then there was a knock at the door. David and Tony pulled on their shorts. David gestured for Shap to go to the back room, but Shap shook his head no. He grabbed a beach towel and wrapped it around his massive quads, glutes and cock.

David opened the door and found Mark standing on the front porch holding a bag and a suitcase. He gulped at the sight of the stud. Sam was no where in sight.

Mark stepped in quickly and pulled the door shut. He looked at David, Tony, and Shap. Shap glowered menacingly and Tony tried to look tough too. He obviously knew what was going on.

"David," Mark said, "I'm sorry about what happened this afternoon. Sam's getting out of control and I need to talk to you! I see you kept some of the packets."

"What do you mean?"

"We came across this muscle growth discovery, and I've been sharing it with Sam. But he's been a complete jerk, and I don't like the way he's acting. I want to get away from him. He's completely out of control. I've brought the stuff from this afternoon, as well as some test formulas... stuff Sam doesn't have."

"Okay, so I believe you!'

"I'm not sure how much of this formula Sam has, but he's been taking some today, and I think planned to take another packet or two before tonight!! He's planning on coming here and making you work for him... Like I was. He's got a crazy idea of trying the be the Big man and control everyone. I made this formula to help people... and to satisfy my fetish!" Mark's eyes studied them, esp Tony and ESP Shap. "These are some component formulas I've developed to work more selectively!" He opened the briefcase. It was stuffed with hundreds of packets. He held up some different colored packets. This red packet develops your cock only... this green develops your balls and semen production only. This pink regularizes your features, making you handsome. This blue develops your muscle only. This yellow makes your skeleton develop, making you taller. This brown packet develops your hair on your body and head!

"But isn't this just temporary? Won't this wear off?"

"The formula will only wear off very very slowly... your growth period is while your body is absorbing the formula... but your body doesn't process the formulas well, about 1/2 will subside in the first month, the remainder might take years and years! Unless... " Mark shook a purple packet in the air. "This is a stabilizer, making everything permanent unless or until you take this black packet, which neutralizes the whole formula, but after about five minutes it too breaks down and you can start over. And this gold packet makes you younger."

"Yeah, but why are you here??" Shap rumbled.

" I need your help tonight... I intend to make Sam take a black packet, and then I'm gonna keep the formula away from him. I intend he return to being a normal person."

Tony spoke first. "I'll help. He deserves to be taught a lesson."

"He won't be here until late, after midnight. We have over 10 hours."

Tony picked up a red packet. "I want to try some of these!"

Mark smiled. "I was hoping you'd say that."

Tony was impulsive. He grabbed a glass and broke 3 red cock growth packets into it, 3 green ball and semen maximizers, and two yellow growth packets. After a minute's thought he added two pink good looks packets. He mixed it up, and looked at Mark. Mark nodded. Tony drank the new solution.

After a moment, he started to pace the room. A moment later, his face became flushed. He could feel his body getting warm... esp in his crotch. They all looked at his bulge in his stretch shorts... 9 " long it was, but then it began to swell bigger.

"YEAH" Tony exclaimed as his cock started to grow bigger and bigger in his shorts. Tony started to become taller, too. He pulled down his shorts and watched his bigger cock flop out. He looked up and David gasped at his incredibly handsome face, and becoming better looking by the moment. Tony kicked off his biker shorts again. He grew taller, but not more muscular, his body maintaining his muscularity as he grew taller, stretching rangier and taller. Already he was 6'7" tall, but his growth quickly carried him towards 6'9" - but the most impressive growth was in his genitals. After just a few minutes his flaccid cock was just over 11" long, and thick. Tony's balls swelled, and he moaned and reached down to support them.

"Damn but I'm getting HORNY!" Tony said.

"It's a side effect of the Ball and semen enhancer" Mark said.

"How much will 3 of those cock growth packets do?" David asked Mark.

"Depends on the person," replied Mark, "but basically, A LOT!"

Tony grinned. "I'm making up for lost time! Want to try some mountain climbing son?" he joked David.

David stared up at Tony, in wonder at his handsome face and muscular height and his cock. Tony was quickly passing 6'11" in height, and his cock, hefted in his hands, was growing toward's 13" flaccid. Tony was thrilled.

"So fucking HOT! I've always wanted to be HUGE!"

David was enthralled.. "But Dude, you're becoming so abnormally big you're freakish!"

"I know," said Tony. "But we've got the black packet, remember, and anyway, even if I wasn't planning on taking the black packet, the formula will decrease by 50% in a month before stabilizing!

Tony passed 7' in height seconds later, and his cock swelled thicker and pushed out to 14" flaccid.

"FUCK YEAH!" exclaimed Mark. He grinned. "I've got a major size fetish!"

"Hey Shap!" exclaimed Tony, "Who's the BIG MAN now?"

Shap laughed. Although he was still taller than Tony, his flaccid cock was 13" long... and Tony's was already 1" longer than his, and growing. Shap was the most MASSIVE MUSCLE MAN, but Tony was already the most HUNG. Tony was getting taller, still far short of Shap's 7'8", but as he grew, his cock seemed to lengthen about 1/2 inch in length for every inch he grew in height. And his balls were becoming enormous.

"I'm still the most massive, Tony, you are the most HUNG!" exclaimed Shap, watching the amazing cock growth with surprise. Mark unconciously licked his lips. Tony's proportions changed as he grew taller and rangier, passing 7'3" in height. Soon, his body was becoming less apparently muscle builder proportions as he grew taller and taller. He was still muscular, but without extra muscle mass he started looking like a HUGE muscled basketball player.

Just then, the growing Tony stepped up to the massive Shapour. He stood toe to toe with him, and they stared into each other's eyes as Tony grew. As Tony grew past 7'5" he was looking up into Shap's eyes. Tony's muscled thighs grew longer and longer. As he passed 7'7", they were almost staring directly into each other's eyes. And as Tony passed 7'8" and began to grow taller than Shapour, Tony smiled.

Shapour flushed. He was still much more massive, but Tony was now 7'9" tall, and still growing.

Shapour looked down between their legs. His own cock was a massive 13", but that suddenly didn't seem to matter so much, as Tony 's massive meat was 17" long. His balls were enormously huge too, like large softballs hanging halfway down the length of his flaccid cock in his large scrotum.

David and Mark stared in awe. Tony continued to grow until he felt the warmth fading again. He was 8'3" in height. David was grateful for the high ceilings in his place.

Tony raised his arms in triumph. He was incredibly handsome, Hung 18", and 8'3" tall. Compared to Shap's 7'8" he was big, compared to Mark's 6'3" he was gigantic, and compared to David's 5'11", well, he was over 2 1/2 feet taller than David, who looked at Tony on a level with his nipples.

"Damn!" exclaimed Tony. "I'm so Fucking Horny right now."

He started to become erect. Mark gasped. "Want some, Big Man?" Tony asked Mark.

They went into a bedroom together.

Shapour and David were alone in the living room. "Shap, I think you should take a black packet, stud. What will your stepfather say?"

"I don't care what he says."

"But you're freakishly huge."

"Yeah, but in a month I'll be 7' 1" tall, and hung only 9 or 10 inches. And I like being big! I should take more now so I can keep the size I have now in a month!"

"Whoa! Big Fella, think about what you're doing!"

"Come on, David, don't you want to be bigger? Besides, what if that Sam jerk gets you alone? He can tear you up at your size."

"I want to be big, but naturally big. Not abnormal."

"So how big is natural for you?" David was at a loss. "Is Mark unnaturally large to you?" Shap demanded.

"No, I suppose not, I mean, he's huge, but men do have his height and size and muscle and cock size naturally, although usually its very rare, and damn rare for anyone to have all that in the same package."

"Well, then, you should be as big as he.. or a bit bigger, to be safe. Right?"

David nodded affirmative. "Besides," continued Shap, " Remember, that almost immediately you'll start to lose 1/2 your size gain in the first month, unless you take the stabilizer. So if you don't like the size, you can wait a few weeks, or even take a black packet and start over! Here, take one and stash it, so if you don't like it, you don't need to worry about it!" Shap tossed a black packet to David, who stashed it under a sofa cushion. As he stashed the packet, Shap grabbed a handful of the purple packets and stashed them on a shelf where David couldn't see them.

"Now," said Shap, "let me mix you a drink."

Shap turned his huge back on David, and quickly selected and emptied a selection of packets into a glass. He quickly poured in water and handed it to David. "Drink up!"

"What did you put into it?" David asked.

"What's wrong, don't you trust me? I gave you a black packet, Dude. I promise it isn't extreme." David looked doubtful.

"David, don't waste it, drink it!"

David reluctantly drank down the glass. He sat for a second. "Now what?" he said.

"Now, David, you get huge."


"Turnabout is fair play, David, remember what you did to Tony? Told him you took 3 packets instead of one?"

"Shap, this isn't funny!!! What was in the glass????"

Already, David felt warmer.

"6 red cock developers, 6 green ball developers, and two gold, to make you a teen again. I want you my age David!"

"What???" demanded David. He stood up, and in a few quick strides he was in front of the mirror. David already looked younger. He felt warm all over, in flashes, and with every wave of heat passing through his body he became younger and younger. His skin smoothed, his hairy chest became smooth until there was only a dark treasure of hair trailing down his abs. After a minute, David was 18 years old again. He looked awesome, being so young, and 240 lbs of muscle. His complexion was perfect.

"You are excellent David! So excellent!"

"But Shap! I'm just 18 again!! I'll get carded everywhere I go!!"

"Just show them your cock and balls if they doubt your age!" Shap nodded downward.

David had been aware of the heat in his crotch. Now he stared in wonder at his GROWING basket. The spandex was actually starting to unravel and tear, it was stretching tighter and tighter. After a few seconds gaping, David pulled out the top hem and gazed down. His cock was already 8 inches long, soft. As he held out his shorts hem to look, his cock grew another 2 inches up and over the edge of the hem. After a minute, David saw the twin bulges of his growing testicles swelling huge, pulling the leg hems of his shorts away from his legs. David pulled down the workout shorts altogether, and a massive set of growing balls slid down his thigh in his rapidly growing scrotum. They were already as big as plums.

"Six of each was it?" David asked. He was feeling horny, very horny, the side effect of the testicle enlarging packets.

"Yeah" Shap said. David grinned. He couldn't help himself. His cock lengthened, reaching downward, stretching with its growing weight, reaching towards 12" in length. David reached down and hefted his balls, now as big as baseballs.

"Fuck man, look at me!" David exclaimed, jumping up and down on his heels with a thump. His growing cock flopped in response, bouncing.

"Look, David," said Shap, moving to stand beside David. "Your cock is as big as my 13" monster!"

"No, Shap," smiled David, "Mine's BIGGER!" And it was bigger, growing past 13". David lifted up on his cock, feeling the weight, the hot thickness of his shaft in his hand. Shap lifted his monster shaft as well. He held his cock in his hand and stared at David's cock next to his, now passing 14" in length. He watched as David's cock grew to 15".

Shapour stared at David's cock. "David, Look!" There was a thickening in David's cock. It grew thicker at the base, then along the entire shaft. David's own hand couldn't reach around the base anymore. His cockhead swelled enormously. His testicles were massive, and still growing, as big as softballs now. David grappled with his massive meat, straddling it, stroking it as it grew huge. In another moment it was 16" long.

David looked up to Shapour. "Shap, it's getting too BIG."

"Never Big Enough" grunted Shap.

In another moment it was 17" long, and then 18" long. Finally, the growth stopped. The cock hung massively between his legs, to his knees.

"Dude, this is too much!" David protested. "I'm 18" long!! Fuck me! I have to take the black packet and start over. Shap reached out and stopped David.

"David, relax. I know you're going to take the black packet, but if you don't, in a month you'll only be hung your original 6" plus half of 12", or 12" total."

"Yeah, but that's freakish, Shap. No offense!" David blushed.

"What about Sam when he comes here tonight? What if he brings some friends, or has taken more of the formula??"

"Dude, I'm not..."

"All I'm saying," rumbled Shapour's basso voice, "is have some fun, play safe for now, and take a black packet later tonight. That's all."

David paused, half convinced.

Shapour went to the packets and quickly mixed up another batch. David stared sourly at the glass, then looked at Shap's huge muscles and abs flexing and bunching on his body. He took the glass, drank it, and turned and stared at Shap furiously.


"Well, I was worried about you David, so I decided to let you get really BIG. I put in 8 yellow height packets and 8 muscle packets.

"EIGHT??? YOU PUT IN EIGHT????" David exclaimed.

"I took eight of the other packets stud.- umm I also put in 3 of the hair growth packets- and I put in two more of the green ball and semen developers too. "

David waited. Nothing happened. Just then Mark and Tony reappeared, freshly showered after their bedroom fun. Mark explained that David's system was stopped until his body was able to accomodate the new changes, which might take just a few minutes or up to an hour or so.

Yeah stud, have to wait a bit to look like THIS!" Tony posed, flexing, his body completely flexing and hard.

"You mean like THIS!!!" Shap flexed. He was still by far the MOST MASSIVE stud in the room, and David gulped to think he would soon surpass the Mighty Shapour.

Shap explained that he'd put in the hair developer to help David look a bit older, at his young 18 year old age now.

Tony decided to lose a few years too. He took a gold packet and mixed it up. Within five minutes he was the hottest 18 year old in the room, Scandinavian Blonde, 8'3" tall, and huge at 18" in cock length, and balls the size of softballs. He compared his cock to David's and shook his head in wonderment at David's size.

"Why did you give David 2 more green packets stud? His balls are already bigger than mine!"

Shapour shrugged. "Its a fetish of mine. I really like HUNG guys."

"Me too!" exclaimed Mark. "Yeah!" said Tony.

Mark got down to feel the weight of David's cock. David decided to go into the bedroom with Mark. •

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