Gym Teacher



As Gabe sat on the bleachers, he had his head in his hands and stared down at Mr. Anton. Mr. Anton was the new gym teacher, and he was incredible. Tall, at least 6'6", with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He was also ripped, muscle bulged everywhere on his body, and he showed it off by wearing tank tops and tight shorts when he coached the wrestling team.

That's where Gabe was now, he had joined the team because he wanted to be able to look at Mr. Anton all the time. He didn't know the first thing about wrestling and had just barely made the team. At 5'5" and barely 100 pounds, he was the smallest guy in the junior class. But Mr. Anton must have seen something in him; or else he wouldn't have made the team. He kept a close eye on Gabe as he worked out in the weight room, and spotted him when no one else would. Gabe wasn't the most outgoing person either. He had almost no friends, and kept to himself because he was so confused about the feelings that went on inside of him. He didn't know many other gay people, and hid his feelings all the time.

One day, when Gabe had stayed longer than the rest of the team to practice, he was startled to see Mr. Anton taking a shower in the locker room. He wasn't noticed right away and just kept staring at the rippling muscle. Just then Mr. Anton was in full view as he moved away from the wall. Gabe stared long and hard at Mr. Anton's almost foot-long dick, and his tomato-sized balls. Gabe was about ready to shoot a load in his pants when Mr. Anton saw him. "Hey Gabe, like what you see?" he casually asked him. Gabe turned bright red and started to leave when Mr Anton called to him. "Gabe, come here! You don't need to be ashamed of it. God knows I did the same in High School." Gabe came from behind a corner; "You're gay? I didn't know that." "Well I don't go flaunting it, I probably wouldn't have a job if the parents of the team found out." He was right, Gabe knew exactly how his parents would react to that, see cause his parents were extremely family values and all that anti-gay crap. He didn't dare say anything to his parents about his feelings, and his dad was almost floored when he heard that Gabe was on the wrestling team.

"So, are you going to join me or what? You look like you could use a shower," Mr. Anton said to Gabe. Gabe looked at himself, he was dirty and sweaty and smelly, so he nervously slipped his clothes off and threw them in a pile by his locker. He got into the shower, and turned it on. Just then he felt a hand on his shoulder; Mr. Anton was standing there above him. "Here, let me help," he said, and started to wash Gabe's hair. Gabe felt his 4 inch long dick get hard immediately, and gasped when Mr. Anton reached down and felt it. "Not much eh? Here feel mine. Gabe looked nervously up at his teacher, and then down at the giant boner in front of him. He felt it; it was hard and hot. He started to stroke it and Mr. Anton moaned in pleasure.

Just then Gabe couldn't control himself and got down on his knees and started to lick it. This got Mr. Anton even happier. Gabe reached up and ran his hands across Mr. Anton's rippling abs, and then down to his balls. Mr. Anton then thrusted his dick in Gabe's wide open mouth. Gabe could hardly take half of it without choking. Just then Mr. Anton's dick grew again, and a tidal wave of cum shot into Gabe's mouth and down his throat. They both now laid on the floor of the shower with streams of warm water flowing over them. Mr. Anton rolled over and kissed Gabe, Gabe enjoyed it and kissed him back.

As they got dressed, Gabe made a passing comment that he'd love to be Mr. Anton's size. "I can arrange that," Mr. Anton said. He led Gabe to his desk, and pulled out a bottle of pills. "Here, this is what I used. You take one pill and it lasts for 1 day, you take 2 and it lasts for a week and if you take three, it lasts for a month." Gabe looked down at the bottle; it was a large white bottle with no label. "You take three?" he asked. "Yup, the first of every month." Gabe thought it must be too good to be true, "There aren't any side effects?" Mr. Anton looked at him and said, "Well, there's just one, you have an insatiable appetite for sex. If you don't do it at least once when you're on a pill, you'll go into withdrawal and possibly die." Gabe decided it was worth it. He asked Mr. Anton if he'd be ready for another go and Mr. Anton quickly went, "Always!"

Gabe popped a pill into his mouth. He looked at the clock; it was 7 o'clock on a Friday night. His parents were gone for the weekend for a bible seminar across the country, and the only reason Gabe had gotten out of going was because he had wrestling practice all weekend long. Luckily for him, his parents trusted him at 17 to be OK at home by himself. He had a car and could get around if needed. Mr. Anton asked if Gabe wanted to go back to his house to get more comfortable. Gabe agreed and soon they found themselves standing in Mr. Anton's small apartment. "I feel strange," Gabe said. "That's normal," Mr. Anton replied, "it just means that the pill is starting to work."

Gabe looked down at his hands they were trembling, but they were also growing! His fingers were stretching out, and his palms were becoming larger. The stretching went up his forearms that were now almost as long as his legs. His shoulders spread apart, and his back creaked as it grew longer. He watched his now gigantic feet rip his shoes apart. He saw his shorts creeping up his thighs, and his shirt crawling up his waist. He looked up and saw he was eye to eye with Mr. Anton, and suddenly he was starting to look down at him. Just then it stopped; he looked at his tall lanky body and was incredibly disappointed. "I'm still skinny," Gabe sighed, "I was hoping I'd get to be strong like you." Mr. Anton laughed, "Look at your hands now," he said.

Gabe brought his hands up to his face. They were swelling, becoming thicker. It continued up his arms, his forearms swelling so much that his veins started to appear. His biceps then began to expand. Thicker and thicker, which ripped the sleeves off his tee shirt. Gabe gasped as his now sleeve-less shirt was getting tighter around his chest and back. He saw his stomach scrunch up into the tightest and most defined abs he'd ever seen; the segments just seemed to pop out. Just then he heard a rip and saw that the shirt had ripped down the sides, and his massive pecs were coming through. They were the size of small boulders, and had the hardness to match. A deep canyon was forming between these massive mountains. His enormous arms were lifting up as his back spread into a giant wedge of muscle. He lifted his hand and effortlessly ripped the shirt away. He ran to the mirror and looked at his perfect torso. He was just in time to see his long, thin neck get rounder with muscle. His normally round face became angular and his jaw prominent. A small cleft appeared in his chin. His eyes turned ice blue, and his hair turned a dirty blonde. He heard another rip and looked down to see his shorts, or the remains of them fall to the floor. His legs were thick and bulging with curves of muscle. His calves were now bigger than his thighs used to be. His crotch began to feel really heavy. He gasped as he looked down to his briefs, which began to get tight. Gabe could hardly contain his excitement.

He ripped off his underwear and watched as his previous four-incher hard swelled and lengthened. Now a foot-long soft dick with the thickness of a salami hung out in front of him. He reached down and grabbed his balls, which were now the size of tomatoes as well. Gabe then felt an itch all over him, and watched as thick, dark blonde hair grew under his arms, up his legs, in his crotch, and covering his chest. With that the change was over. He was now six foot eight inches, and weighed close to 350 pounds of muscle.

"I feel incredible!" Gabe's voice had changed from a high squeak to a low, manly, baritone. Gabe looked at his new fabulous body. He ran his hands all over himself. He was getting very horny. It showed too. His now giant dick was getting even bigger as it hardened. It was just about the thickness of a salami, and now a foot and a half in length! "Whoa boy," Mr. Anton said. "Let me get my clothes off first." They went to Mr. Anton's bedroom, which featured a king size bed. Good thing too, Gabe wouldn't fit on any other size probably. Mr. Anton took off his clothes as fast as he could, and laid on the bed with Gabe. Mr. Anton then sat on Gabe's chest and started to play with Gabe's dick. He ran his hands up and down the monster shaft. It took both hands to get all the way around it. He then went down on it. He started licking it, and stroking at the same time. Gabe's low moan signaled his approval. Gabe took his hands and started to jerk Mr. Anton off. The bed shook and finally Mr. Anton got up and did a 69 position with Gabe. Gabe could easily take most of Mr. Anton's meat now. They went faster and faster and suddenly came together as a giant orgasmic wave fell over them. They greedily licked up the cum that was all over each other and settled down next to each other and fell asleep.

The next morning Gabe woke up and opened his eyes. He thought about the wonderful dream he just had. He took his hands up and cupped his face. "No," he said softly. He then jumped about two feet in the air as he looked at himself and Mr. Anton's naked body lying next to him on the bed. Gabe was so overjoyed that it hadn't been a dream. He started feeling himself all over and jerking his massive dick and a flood of cum came shooting out and splattered on the ceiling. It dripped down on him and it woke Mr. Anton. "Ah, couldn't help yourself could you?" He asked. "Now it's my turn to get it out before we go find some clothes for you." He lifted Gabe's legs and began to fuck him in the ass. Oh god it felt so good. Gabe couldn't stand it.

He started playing with himself again, and got hard again immediately. They both pumped and Gabe shot another giant load all over Mr. Anton's face and beautiful chest. This in turn made Mr. Anton cum in Gabe's ass. They both lay together for a second, and then decided it was time to go out. •

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