Sid Gets Powerfucked

By John Bowling

This is going to be fun to watch. Terry was going to the gym and was planning on bringing Sid home and fucking him. Sid is the ultra-straight macho muscle bound tuff stud at the gym. His arms were at least 25" with a chest of at least 60" and he stood about 6' 6" and weighted over 300. Terry was little in comparison. He was 5'8", 185 lb., 17" arms, and a 45" chest. Don't let those small measurements fool you. Terry was 22 and as strong as a bull elephant. Terry also could look very feminine when he wanted to.

He combed his long (way below the shoulders) blond hair. He had curled it last night, and gave it a red rinse for highlights, and it was the envy of most women. He put on a bra (no padding) that pulled his relaxed pecs into a somewhat tit shape, and put a fancy blouse over it. Most bodybuilding women are rather flat cheated if you don't consider their muscular pecs, so he fit the bill well there. The blouse did reveal his arms, but if he didn't flex them hard they didn't look all that muscular. When he did flex hard he looked like some kind of muscle monster, shredded and ripped, cut to the bone, etc. and you knew he could whip your ass easily.

Back when I was 18 and a well built teen bodybuilder, proud as hell of my 19 inch arms which I showed off as much as possible, Terry was a 14 year old with arms of about 12". He grabbed me when I was flexing and pushed my arms out. I flexed hard but he kept pushing until they were straight and then he forced them behind my back and held me. Now we've both grown and he still whips the hell out of me any time he feels like it. He also holds me down and sets on my hard dick, fucking himself with it until we both cum. Now I was going to watch him do that to this incredible hunk of a man.

We got to the gym and I went in first. Terry (dressed to the hilt as a woman, with a wet leather look) came in a little later, and asked the deskman for a tour. He showed Terry around until they got to where Sid was doing curls with 250 lb.

"Oh my, what big arms you have!" Terry said in a coy way. He reached out and felt (gently for him) the huge biceps as it swelled. "Wow! You're my kind of man!" Sid grinned and set the weight down and flexed his biceps. Terry was all over the huge hunk of man, feeling him as he flexed. Sid proudly flexed as "she" came on to him. Ten minutes later Sid was following Terry out to Terry's rental car and Terry drove him home. I followed about fifteen minutes later. Terry was taking the city tour method of getting to the apartment, making it difficult for Sid to remember where it was. I quietly let myself into the apartment and looked in the bedroom door. The lights were all off and the shades drawn, but I quickly became accustomed to them. I dropped to my hands and knees and crawled into the door and to a corner where I could observe. Terry had removed all of Sid's clothing and most of his own. He still wore the bra and a pair of panties, padded to hide other bulges. Sid was flexing his massive body, and "she" was all over him. Suddenly, Terry flexed, his muscles rippling like mountains being torn out of the earth during an earthquake. His body looked awesome as he forced the massive muscles back and threw the big man down of the bed. Sid's dick was hard as steel and Terry jumped on him, landing so accurately that Sid's huge dick rammed up his ass. Terry held him down and fucked him and then came himself, squirting cum all over Sid's huge chest.

Sid was in ecstasy, and still didn't realize that Terry was male, so Terry continued to hold him and rammed his own dick up Sid's ass. Sid suddenly realized, and began to fight Terry with all his strength. His muscle were even larger than before and were showing a lot of definition themselves. Terry was used to huge men flexing and knew how to handle them, and even though Sid was the largest man he had ever jumped on, he managed to hold the big man down. I was in the corner and was jerking off like a maniac, watching these two super muscled bodies wresting. I walked over and felt both of them. Even though I had felt Terry flexing lots of times, his muscles seemed even harder. Sid's were awesomely monstrous. Sid should have been able to use his huge muscles to push Terry off, but Terry had planned for this and had manipulated him into a position where his muscles wouldn't help that much. Even so, Terry had a lot of power to control just in holding Sid in that position.

Both of them ignored me. If either had paid any attention to me the other would have creamed his ass. Slowly Terry's muscular density and strength was wearing down the monster muscles. His fucking was more intense, deeper, and faster. Sid was getting close to cuming and couldn't do anything to stop it. Terry slammed his steel hard dick up Sid's ass one last time and both of them exploded, sperm spouting everywhere. I quickly slipped a rope I had ready around Sid's wrists and pulled it together around his back. Terry grabbed it and held his huge arms while I tied them. Terry lifted him off the bed and stood him up. I cleaned both of them up, wiping off lots of cum. Terry walked around in front of Sid and hugged him, then kissed him.

"I knew you would be, and you are, a great fuck. Anytime you want it, big man; I'll be there for you. All you have to do is ask."

"Get the hell away from me, you lousy fag!"

"Oh, didn't the big man like sex with a little woman like me? You were more than willing to come home with me and fuck me."

"That's different. I'm a real man and you're a fag."

"The offer still stands, big boy. Anytime you want you can fuck me. Or have me fuck you!"

We took him back to the gym and dropped him off.

"Sid," Terry repeated. "Anytime you want, I'm willing to have sex with you. But just in case you feel that you want revenge for this and decide to do something rash, I will then let the guys in the gym know we had gay sex that you enjoyed. Be nice and they don't need to know anything."

We left him there stunned and a little pissed. I can't be sure, but as we walked away, I think I saw a small grin on his face.

"You rape me like that and I'll beat the shit out of you!" I said to Terry.

He laughed and said: "I'm still horny, and you haven't been strong enough to beat me for years. This time, you get to be the woman fucked by the toughest man you've ever seem!"

I definitely smiled all the way home. •

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