Project Venice


By Shawn Stewart

Classification: Delta 12 Clearance or Above.

To: Dr. Richard Bryce, Director Central Intelligence, CIA CC: Dr. Scott Markus, Director Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration Admiral Nicholas Moore, CNC Naval Special Projects, USN General Thomas Maxwell, CNC Special Projects, USMC From: Vice Admiral Mike Stewart, Ph.D, CO Project Venice, USN Re: Completion of Phase One Doctor:

I would like to inform you of the completion of of Phase One of Project Venice as authorized in Doc No. 6433910486-C (Delta 12 Clearance). This phase is a seems to be a complete success. The molecular reorganizer proved to work perfectly in our trial runs. The Platoon of Marines assigned to me has just arrived and we will begin Phase Two Shortly. Will advise of progress.

Signed, Vice Admiral Stewart, Ph.D, USN Commanding Officer Project Venice

Project Venice was started about two years ago by order of Admiral Moore, USN in cooperation with General Maxwell - USMC, Dr. Bryce - CIA, and Dr. Markus - DARPA. My mission was to create a new bread of soldier. One that was stronger, more aggressive, intelligent, and more loyal then anything we currently have in the service. We completed Phase One about a week ago. All the laboratory trials looked good, so I'm going ahead to Phase Two, Human Testing.

Proj Venice Phase 2 Day 1

The marines arrived shortly before the memo to my superiors was sent. I suppose I better meet the men. "Attention!" I heard as I entered the barracks. It was fitting to see a group of fine Marines standing at attention for a Navy officer. I decided to walk up and down the isle inspecting the men. Everything was as it should be, perfect.

"At ease. Welcome to Camp Venice gentlemen. I am Admiral Stewart the CO here. For the next few weeks you men will undergo a series of experimental techniques designed to improve your performance in the field. Don't get me wrong, you are the best the USMC has. Were out to make you better. Are there any questions?" There were none. "Very well. You will each undergo a series of compatibility tests to find out if you are suited for this training. Also, there are very few other Marines on this base. Almost all the personal here are Navy. I am well aware of the rivalry between the branches. Therefore, ANY incident that occurs will have the severest penalties. Another thing I must stress here men. Regardless if you are approved or not you may NOT speak of this to anyone. This experiment is classified. Some of the highest ranking members the military do not have clearance to know about this. Do you all understand?

In unison they all replied "Yes Sir!"

"Excellent. You have 15 minutes to completely stow all your gear. After that I will have Commander Smith come in and take you to the evaluation center. As you were." With that I walked out and headed for Cmdr. Smith's office before I realized it wasn't necessary. I looked down at the Naval insignia on my chest. This was one of the latest ideas from DARPA. Its called a CommBadge. With a single tap I can talk to anyone similarly equipped on the base and everyone here was so equipped. It reminded me of something off "Star Trek". I reached up and tapped the Badge. There was a small beep signaling the device was ready. "Admiral Stewart to Commander Smith."

"Smith here, sir."

"Commander. Would you go down to the barracks in exactly seven minutes and escort the marines to the eval center?" Five minutes earlier then I had told them he'd be there. After all they were Marines were they not.

"Yes Sir."

"Very good. Stewart out." I tapped the badge again to close the channel. CommBadges, What will they think of next. I chuckled thinking about that irony of that statement. I was working on what they thought of next.

Proj Venice Day 2

The test results came back positive. All the men are perfect for this test. They are all in excellent health, well muscled, between 190 and 240 pounds, and all less the 7% body fat. Suburb. We should begin the augmentation within the hour. Still not quite used to the idea of a CommBadge, although DARPA said I would be within a month. They were wrong there, I tapped it anyway. "Admiral Stewart to Commander Smith." Its so damn convenient though.

"Yes Admiral?"

"Have the men ready for augmentation and in the lab in one hour."

"Of course, Admiral. Anything else?"

"No, thank you, Commander. Stewart Out." I decided to head for the lab.

When I arrived in the lab no one else was there so, I sat down at the computer console and decided to adjust the augmentation program parameters a little. Thinking about what I wanted, I began typing. "Let's see..." I said to myself, "We should increase the muscle to strength ratio...overall muscle mass...speed of development ...endurance...bodily hair...and loyalty to a superior, especially me. Anything else? Not yet, we can always make changes later."

When I clicked on Save the Mac beeped and said "Warning...changes to a subjects neurological processes has not been tested. Do you wish to proceed?"

"What do you think?" Of course the computer didn't answer, so I clicked the Proceed button.

Another beep. "This sequence requires vocal command authorization level 5 or above. Please enter voice print identification." Damn, the computer was being annoying today.

"Computer, recognize Stewart, Michial E. Vice Admiral, Delta 12 clearance."

"Clearance confirmed. Please enter authorization code."

"Authorization code...Stewart Alpha Omega 23541. Verify."

"Authorization code verified. Thank you, Admiral." After a long pause "Sequence complete. Changes to augmentation program have been saved and implemented."

I logged out of the system and had a few minutes before the marines arrived. These men are going to be amazing. If this works. After about ten minutes the marines showed up with Cmdr. Smith and formed a line. "At ease, gentlemen. We are ready to begin the process. This is still a prototype so we can only take one of you at a time. What this process does is enhance your physical body. Specifically your muscular strength, as well skeletal and nervous systems. We accomplish this by rearranging the all the atoms in your body. I could see the worry on some of the faces, so I had to ask, "If any of you have doubts about this say so now and you will be reassigned without penalty." After a few seconds no one moved. "Well I guess that means you will all want to give it a shot then. Very well. Who would like to go first?"

A very good looking stud stepped out of formation. "I would sir."

"Excellent Mr. " briefly glancing at his name tag "Wells. I'll need you to complete remove your uniform and step into the chamber. Commander, would you open the chamber please." The door slid open silently as Private Wells striped. What a stud. He was about 210 pounds and his chest was covered with thick black hair, but with his muscular development it hid nothing. I was even more surprised by his cock. It must have been 8 inches soft. It took all my control not to go full mast right there. With these uniforms the men would notice immediately. Finally he got in the chamber after finishing undressing and folding his clothes. I took a final look as the door slid shut. I walked up to the control area to monitor the augmentation. Unfortunately the chamber had no windows. I had to live with sensor readouts. His body was better then I thought. The sensors displayed all his measurements.

Weight - 220 lbs, Height 6'1", Chest - 48", Arms - 19", Forearms - 11", Thighs - 24", Calves - 17", Waist - 33", body fat - 5.2%.

Watching the display as the program progressed I could see that the results were going to be incredible. After about two minutes the first phase was done. We had reinforced the skeletal structure, increased the overall strength of each individual muscle fiber and increase the speed of his nervous system. We had not made any modifications to his size or neural processes yet. That was for phase two.

"Do you want to begin phase two sir?" Commander Smith asked. I was to busy looking at the results to hear the question. There were incredible. "Sir?"

"What, no. Not yet. Let's see how this worked, first."

"Aye sir." The chamber door slid open and Wells came out.

"How do you feel?" I asked Wells on my way down to the chamber.

"No different, sir. What was this supposed to do, Sir?"

"Well it already did the first part. You feel any different?"

"No sir. I'm sorry, sir, but I don't think this worked."

"Well get dressed and let's see if anything has changed." If he stood there naked for one minute longer I know I'd get hard and I can't do that. Not Yet. "Commander, run the program on the remaining men. If it didn't work of Mr. Wells, maybe it will for someone else." We walked over to the test area after he got dressed.

The test area was loaded with weight and exercise equipment, along with various other items. Including a portable throwing machine that will fling baseballs at up to 120 mph at a random time interval. "Okay, Mr. Wells. The first thing I want you to do is catch this ball.", I said as I tossed the ball to him. Of course he catches it easily. "Now I want to see how fast you are. Stand right here." Putting him right in front of the machine. "Okay turn around and when I say 'now' I want you to turn towards me and catch the ball again. Ready?" He nods. Setting the machine to its highest setting. I press the control and immediately say "Now". He already turned around caught it just as easily as when I tossed one to him. "How was that?"

"Sir, that was quite easy. Maybe you could turn it up?"

"How fast do you think it was going?"

"About 15 miles per hour, sir."

"Well your wrong. It was traveling at 120 mph. It seems the enhancements did work."

"Shit, sir. No disrespect, but that's not possible. That should have broke my hand and pushed it back. My arm didn't even move."

"I know. We enhanced your skeletal structure. It should be just about impossible to break one of your bones. We also increased your strength per unit volume of muscle. As well as your nervous systems response time. What do you think?"

"That's fuc... I'm mean, great, sir. If you don't mind me asking, How strong am I?"

"Don't worry about your language here marine. Your strength? I don't know lets find out. Why don't you go over to the bench and I'll put some weight on the bar. What was you max bench before?"

"About 480 pounds, Admiral"

"Let's start with that." I loaded up the bar even though I knew that he could easily do more then twice that. The program had initially increased his mass to strength ratio to 30 pounds per inch of overall size. That means he should be able to bench 1140 pounds.

He grabbed the bar and lowered it to his chest and easily pushed it back up. The smile on his face couldn't have been bigger. Wells continued to press the bar in rep after rep without stopping. He easily completed a hundred non-stop reps and then did something totally amazing he let his right arm fall off the bar. His smile got even bigger as he pressed the weight using only his left arm. He did another hundred before switching to his right arm.

After another 100 reps he put the weight back on the bench and sat up. He wasn't even breathing hard. "Sir, request permission to use the remaining equipment?"

"Not just yet, Mr. Wells. I would like to verify your skeletal strength." I reached over and grabbed one of the Louisville Slugger bats that lined the wall. "Hold your arm out with the elbow facing up and do you best to hold it there."

"Yes Sir."

He looked a little worried but I had to try this. As fast and hard as I could I swung the bat down onto his bicep. When the bat hit his arm there was a loud thud, but his arm didn't even move an inch. My hand hurt like hell. "Damn, that hurt, what did you feel marine?"

"Absolutely nothing, Sir."His smile was even bigger the before. " Mind of I try something?"

"Not at all." After handing him the bat he flexed his bicep and swung. The bat cracked and shattered over his rock hard bicep.

"This is fuckin' amazing, Sir!"

"I must agree with you, marine. Did that hurt at all?"

"No sir. I didn't feel a thing."

"This is excellent. I hope the results are the same for the rest of the men. I should to check on the rest of your unit." I turned away and tapped the CommBadge. "Stewart to Commander Smith."

"Smith here, Sir."

"Commander, what is the status of the rest of the Marines?"

"We have completed Phase 1 on all of them. I'm sorry Admiral, but they report that nothing has changed."

"Well Commander, I must disagree. Mr. Wells was a complete success. Bring the men down to weight training center immediately. I want to show you and them the results."

"Yes Admiral. Smith out" I heard a small beep indicating the channel has closed.

"Well. Mr. Wells, what do you think?"

"Sir, this is incredible. I must be one of the strongest men on the planet."

"One of the 12 strongest actually. If the results were the same on the others then you all should have similar levels of strength. They don't know this yet and I have a particular demonstration in mind." I finished telling him what I had in mind just as the rest of the men arrived lead by Cmdr. Smith.

"Marines, form a line directly in front of me. Beginning from the largest of you to the smallest. Mr. Wells, stand next to me." Once the men fell into position I ordered them to stand at ease. "Now, the Commander here has told me that you don't notice any changes in your physical condition. I assume that none of you can see any change in Mr. Wells here?" No one moved or said a word. "I take that as a no. However, I have just seen the effects and I will be asking Private Wells to give you a little demonstration in a few minutes. Right now I have a couple of questions." I looked at the first two men, "Fisher" and Davis "Mr. Fisher, How tall are you and how much do you weigh?"

"6 foot 3 and 330 pounds"

"And you, Mr. Davis?"

"I am 6 foot 7 and weight 323 pounds. Sir!"

"Very good. I want both of you to stand about 3 feet apart facing each other and no matter what happens do not move. Mr. Wells, Stand between them."

"Yes Sir." They answered in unison as they moved into position.

"Now, Mr. Wells. Please begin the demonstration."

He reached out and grabbed the belts of both men and easily raised them into the air. He began doing shoulder presses with the men acting as if they were dumbbells. After a mind blowing 250 continuous reps he put them down.

"Now what you have just seen is just the beginning. Wells here is capable of much more as are you all. Now I want to all to test your new abilities to the fullest. But first I want to go back to the lab so we can complete Phase 2 of the experiments. Commander Smith, why don't you return to your quarters and get some rest. I'll take care of this."

"Aye Sir. Call me if you need anything." With that Smith walked out. I didn't know how he would react to my modified program, so I figured It would be easier if I ran it myself.

It took about an hour to process all twelve men when they were done the results were astounding. Each man had added hundreds of pounds of solid muscle mass and depending on their height. With the smallest man adding the most with 374 pounds of mass. Mr Davis was now the largest man. He added 309 pounds of solid muscle, almost doubling his size. He was also the strongest man. He could easily bench press over 2300 pounds with a single arm. Each man had equally impressive strength. Their muscle to strength ratio was set to 60. And large amounts of hair were to their chests, stomachs, forearms and legs. The last thing that was altered by my program was their mental characteristics. With this modification these men were incapable of harming me or allowing me to be harmed They also could never disobeying one of my orders.

I was looking at the most powerful and beautiful men in the world. My cock went full mast and started leaking pre cum. Causing a wet spot to form in the front of my paints. The lab was already sealed so I thought what the hell. "Attention!" All the men stiffened. "Mr Wells, front and center." Looking at this massive man standing in front of me I couldn't control myself. I took my paints off and my cock started throbbing even more and the precum was flowing like a small stream. "Now, pick me up and suck every last drop of cum out of my dick."

"Aye Sir!" He reached and grabbed the front of my shirt with one arm and lifted me off the ground. He raised me until my 7" member was directly in front of his mouth and he swallowed the whole thing in on stroke. The vacuum he was applying was amazing. Even the powerful pumps I had sampled didn't come close to what Wells was doing to me. I was is ecstasy. My dick had never had such a blow job before. My cum soon started bursting from the my dick but Wells swallowed it all and continued sucking it. He was using his arm to move my rod in and out of his mouth in a fucking action. The pleasure I felt was overwhelming. I soon came again and then again. Yet he kept sucking. The I remembered, he must have been following my orders to the letter. "...suck every last drop out of my dick." •

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