Flexing of Rio, The

By John Bowling

"Hurry up, Rio is going to start flexing in just a couple of minutes. Get out here so we can watch!"

"Why? I can watch you flex anytime. Is this guy better than you?"

"Cause Rio makes me look like a fat slob. He's got the tightest, hardest body I've ever seen."

"But his muscles are smaller than yours! You've got at least two inches of biceps on him!"

"Yea, and he's stronger than I am! And his flexing is awesome!"

"All right, I'll come watch. But this better be good!"

"It will be."

We walked back to the main weight room, and a crowd of huge muscled men had gathered around the corner that Rio used to pose. Equipment had been moved back, except for a bench he would use for some poses. Many of the guys there were bigger than Rio, like my lover Gary, who had been muscle man enough for me for over five years. I was smaller, and, like Rio, I was very tight and strong for my small size, but no match for Rio.

Rio was one of those guys that look like a shinny runt normally, but as he strutted out from the shower room, he was looking huge. He had pumped for two hours, and his muscles were thick and solid, even relaxed. I had watched him lift a few times, and as he walked out there now, relaxed, his muscles looked even bigger than when he was lifting. He was wearing just a pair of posing trunks, just enough to cover, barely. The mirrors on both walls gave everybody a view of him from three angles.

He started with a few dance moves, stretching his lithe muscles with the jumps, twirls and cartwheels. He was great on a dance floor. He then moved into some of the classic style poses of the forties, the ones that look sensual and muscular at the same time but with a light touch on the hardness of the flex. After a few minutes he moved to more modern posing, and did the classic poses of bodybuilders in a contest. With each pose he brought the muscles up to full contest hardness flex, holding for a few seconds, relaxing, and moving to the next pose. He did three sets of the poses, and then began a fourth in which he flexed and held the muscles tight as he moved to the next pose. Again he did three sets. He relaxed for a few minutes, and spoke to us.

"Like it so far?" --- lots of agreement "Anyone horny yet?" --- laughter "Want to see more?" --- catcalls and whoops

He began another set, this time he maintained his muscles flexed as he flowed from one pose to another, and held the poses for fifteen seconds each. He relaxed for a few seconds before his next set, and did this for three sets. Watching his superbly defined biceps holding rock solid for fifteen seconds, made everyone else in the room hard as a rock.

"You guys that are about to shoot, I'm just getting started, and as they say, 'You ain't seen nothing yet!'. If you're ready to cum this early, don't forget I'll make you want to cum a dozen times in the next couple of hours. Have you got the stamina to outlast me? Hold off as long as you can! Unless you can cum a dozen times!"

He began another set just like the last, only this time he held the rock hard flex for fifteen seconds and then somehow hardened his muscles so we could see them thicken with steel cords rippling for five more seconds. Again he did three sets.

"How many of you guys haven't cum yet? I see lots of wet trunks out there and not a soft dick anywhere in the room, except for those weird straights ignoring us! Don't you guys ever have sex with your partners? Damn horny bunch we have here tonight! I may have to hose you guys down with my cum just to cool you off!"

"Promises, promises!"

"Hey, that's a threat! You ever been hit full force with a fire hose cum shot?"

"I'm ready!"

"Is his lover here tonight? Beat the shit out of him when you get home tonight!"

"It'll just turn him on more!"

"Speaking of turn ons ---" He began to flex again, this time he added a few poses of his own that emphasized his awesome body. He was still holding the fifteen second flex with five seconds of hard flex, and added another five seconds of even harder flex. He had skin as thin as wet tissue paper, stretched over huge muscles with cords popping out every where and striations along the length of most of them, and veins like trees covering them all, thickening with each beat of his heart. His biceps were now pumped every bit as big as Gary's were but they made Gary look puny. I came as I watched him this time. Again he did three sets.

"I can feel the pump building. It'll take a while yet before it starts to hurt." Rio told us.

Damn, I though, if any normal bodybuilder had flexed like he has so far, they'd be cramped everywhere!

"When my muscles start to hurt, you'll see me get hard, and that's something awesome to see. What I've done so far is just child's play. And I intend to flex so hard the pain of the flex will make me cum!"

This time he walked out to where we were standing and did a double biceps shots; hard, then harder, and held the flex while everyone felt them. I could tell that he was noting who squeezed the hardest. After we all had a chance to try squeezing on his steel hard biceps, he stepped back to the corner. He flexed again and called two guys up. "You guys squeezed me the hardest. Let's see if you can hurt these biceps. Each of you take an arm and squeeze the biceps hard with both hands." He tightened the muscles and let them squeeze.

"Come on guys, I can barely feel it. Squeeze!"

Their forearms knotted with the strain of squeezing him, and they were sweating.

"Is that all the power you guys have? " He called out two more names and had them grab his biceps also. "Come on guy's, really squeeze my muscles. Make them hurt like hell!"

His dick was swelling up in his trunks, stretching them out. "We got any really strong guys out there? These guys can't even squeeze a cotton ball."

The guys holding his muscles bitched about his insult. "We're all fucking strong as hell." "Hey, man, you ever tried squeezing hardened steel?"

And they tightened their grips even more. Eight forearms had snakes writhing along their length as the fingers gripped tight. Reo was handling the power of their combined grips with ease, even making his biceps swell, forcing the fingers out, repeatedly. The cables of muscle in their forearms squirmed like snakes as he did a series of hard flexes of his biceps, the fingers moving in and out each time. The guys squeezing began to complain about cramps.

>From the back of the room, a new guy walked in, carrying a box. This guy was enormous, nearly 400 lb. at 6' 4". He set the box down next to Rio.

"Ok, guys, step back and watch real muscle power crush him." The new guy reached into the box and pulled out two steel balls about the size of shot used for the shot put competitions. He was gripping one in each hand, and he held them out where everyone could see his forearms and his fists. Slowly, he tightened his fingers down, his thick forearms bursting out with a dozen thick, sinuous, snake like cords of muscle. He continued to squeeze until his fingers had sunk into the ball and the steel flowed out between them. His forearms swelled up to 22 inches as he flexed them.

"Rio, you want me to do that to your muscle?"

"Yea, that ought to hurt real bad. But are you sure you can do that to me, Ben? You tried several months ago and you could just barely give me a woody from the pain of your crushing. I need someone to crush them hard enough to make me cum. Real intense crushing pain!"

"Hell, yea. I've been squeezing these balls for several months, and nothing can resist my fingers." He grabbed another set of balls and crushed them in three seconds, and then did a third set. "You ready to get those muscles smashed? I'm about to damage them so much it'll take surgery and physical therapy to make then useable again."

"It would take a 5 ton hydraulic press to damage them! Here, go for it. Smash the hell out of them. First though, get that fire hose guy over here. I'm going to give him a sample of a real cum soaked orgasm. Probably knock him into the next room."

Rio stood in front of Ben facing us. Fire hose (I'm tempted to call him hoser) stood in front of him. Rio lifted his arms and flexed. The huge guy's fingers wrapped around the hard balls of muscle. Rio hardened his biceps as the fingers tightened down. They would make dents and Rio would flex more, driving the fingers back out. The pain was showing on Rio's face, and his dick had thrust itself over the top of his trunks and was pointing straight at hoser (the temptation was too much!). Ben continued to increase the pressure, and Rio's dick jerked. Rio's biceps hardened more, his entire body straining, cords of muscle bursting out everywhere, with his head back, eyes rolled up and back in their sockets, in his effort to flex as hard as possible. The steel like muscle cables that made up Ben's forearms thickened and writhed as he used all of his immense strength trying to crush those small titanium steel biceps. Ben's entire massive upper body was flexed with an intensity that showed size and definition beyond that of top pro bodybuilder during a contest. He had actually lifted Rio off the floor by his biceps and was holding him up. Tears were streaming down the face of Rio, and Ben was screaming with the intensity he was using to crush Rio's biceps. Both men were using all the strength they had, and neither was willing to give up.

Slowly, very slowly, the fingers sunk into the flesh of Rio's biceps. The steel hard biceps continued to get harder and better defined but could not stop the crushing power of Ben's fingers. Rio began to scream with the pain, but refused to relax his muscles. After a couple of minutes of his biceps slowly collapsing, Rio's dick suddenly erupted with a massive burst of cum, splattering all over hoser's chest and rocking him back with the intensity. When he started to cum, Ben's biceps hardened and forced the fingers back out a ways. Several other guys in the room were also cuming, some for the fifth or sixth time. Rio continued to cum for a couple of minutes.

I came, then realized I had grabbed Gary and was squeezing his muscles as he flexed hard.

As we were leaving, Rio was rubbing his biceps, and Ben was massaging his own forearms. Both of them were breathing as if they had just completed a 25-mile marathon run in record time. Even though both were relaxed, their muscles were so pumped they were thicker and better defined than anyone else in the gym would be pumped and flexed hard. I overheard Rio tell Ben that he could crush his muscles anytime, now that he had finally gotten strong enough to do it. He told him to be at his next flexing performance. I thought he even suggested they do a regular daily workout in preparation.

That night in bed, Gary flexed incredibly for me, and we both came at least a dozen times. I knew I was envious of Ben's strength in being able to squeeze Rio's awesome body. The thought of it, and I knew Gary was also thinking of it, especially when I squeezed on his biceps, made our own sex incredible. •

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