Gramps (Revised)


By Ripsnort

I moved into this huge condominium complex about a year ago. That's when I met "Gramps" and I changed my views about older men.

One weekend morning when I called down to the boiler room to check on the heat, the indoor maintenance guy, whose name was "Ripper", said he was just leaving to go out of town for a few days, so he told me to look for a guy named "Gramps" in the bowels of the building. This maintenance guy was a fantastic young bodybuilder whom I happened to meet here the same day I first looked at the condo. He had been up to my place a few times before, ostensibly to fix the plumbing and find some studs in the walls for hanging my many nude bodybuilder pictures, but actually he was getting off of strutting around in front of me in only a ripped pair of denim cutoffs with no underwear. Needless to say, I called him quite often, and with the flimsiest of excuses. He never seemed to mind though, and he usually stayed around after working in my place so he could plop on my couch and drink a few gallons of water. I remember back then he said he was almost 800 pounds of solid muscle, and I was all of 142 pounds at the same height as he, 5'10". So now I was going to meet someone else he'd never mentioned before. Very disappointed, I took the elevator down to the first floor and found the stairs to the basement. I hunted and hunted through a labyrinth of hallways and small service rooms. Not finding anyone, I started calling out.

"Hello? Is anyone down here?" I heard a cough from a far room at the end of a long hallway. I walked toward the sound and found a room with the doorslightly ajar. I peered in and couldn't believe what I saw.

The man was immense. Easily seven and a half feet tall and probably at least a 1800 lbs! Shoulders a good 4' across, but I couldn't see his waist or legs because he standing behind a big worktable. His forearms, from behind were thick and well-veined with no hair on them. His head, and his whole body as far as I could tell, was completely bald which gave his massively thick bull's neck at good show. I gasped at the sight.

I guess he heard that, because he turned around sharply.

"Sorry," he said, "I didn't hear you there. May I help you?"

I gulped hard. My voice was shaking. He was more handsome than any bodybuilder that I've seen. His face, very taut and amazingly muscular, indicated a 50ish man. His jaw was square, and his face was completely smooth and veiny, apparently like the rest of his body. His eyes were emerald green and sparkled with life. His astoundingly developed pecs pushed the obviously custom-made supergiant short sleeve work shirt to its limits and his very muscular cleavage was quite deep, all the way up to his neck. The snaps on his work shirt seemed all ready to unsnap at his slightest movement. His torso was so huge that the fabric was pulled tightly, opening up widely between the snaps so that his magnificent abs were in almost full view. His arms were completely outrageous, at least twice as thick as my own torso, and his thick shoulders looked like large pumpkins four times the size of his head. His forearms were extremely well-veined and almost as thick as his upper arms, astonishingly thick all the way to his hands! His traps were astounding, resting directly behind his ears almost to the tops of the lobes, and they were wider than my own shoulders, rising 8 inches high almost straight up from his deltoid insertions! This man could never wear a collar of any kind! Nothing would fit around all that amazing muscle! His shirt reached way around his traps and finally buttoned to just below his maddeningly superb pec development which pushed out from the rest of his body like a backpack put on backwards! Even under the shirt, anyone could tell his pecs were bigger than my entire body! His chest measurement must have been over 200 inches! And I didn't know a body had so many veins so close to the skin! All over his body, it seemed, his muscles were covered with huge veins, some of them 3 or 4 inches wide and standing out from his muscles so beautifully!

"Are you -- Gramps?" I finally blurted out.

"Yeah, that's me," he said in a deep bear-like growl. "Name's Ed, by the way." He offered his huge giant paw of a hand to shake.

"I'm Hal, from the 8th floor. Ripper sent me down here to ask for your help. The-the heat's off upstairs." His massive hand engulfed my own. I was breathing hard just looking at this incredible hulk of muscle. Every inch of him was huge -- though I couldn't really tell about his basket under that big worker's apron he had tied around his waist. When he came out from behind the worktable where he was bending a long metal pipe by hand, I noticed he had nothing on under the apron and was barefoot too.

"Well," he said moving toward me. "We can't have that, can we?" He moved to a box on the wall and checked some switches. As I followed him, my eyes were fixed on his humongous legs and his deliriously wonderful butt, which must have been ten times more muscular and vascular than ever in my wildest dreams! He played with the switches a little while then announced, "That should do it."

"Thanks," I said, and I turned to leave. I feared that if he caught me staring, he might not like it.

"Hold on a sec, Son," he said. "I don't get many visitors down here, you want to sit a while?"

"Sure," I said, thinking that my weekend plans could wait a little while, while I took in this incredible man. "Ripper never told me about you," I said awkwardly. Ed smiled at me and said, "Ripper's told me about you. Very, very few people know I even exist, much less live down here with Ripper." I immediately wondered what his relationship was with relationship was with Ripper and hoped it was very homoerotic but not monogamous. Then I sat across from Gramps as he made what he said was "tea." He sat down with his huge legs spread apart, leaving the apron to continue covering his obviously unusually large crotch. After handing me a full cup of lukewarm tea, he said, "Drink it down all at once. It'll give your body exactly what it needs. You wouldn't guess that I'm 73, would you?" But I knew he was lying about his age because he just didn't look that old. He sat back and put his arms behind his head flexing his biceps. The shirt sleeves stretched and then tore a little to accomodate the mass of his arms. My mouth went dry and my hands started to shake. "Damn!" he said. "There goes another shirt. Third one this month. Can't help it though, they don't make shirts big enough for all this. I guess I have to start wearing sleeveless after all."

The tea seemed to have strange taste, maybe herbal, so I asked. "Is this tea herbal? It's making me quite thirsty." After a moment of staring at me, Ed stood up and went into the next room. In a few seconds he brought back a gallon jug of what looked like the same kind of tea. He finally spoke, "Actually it is herbal, and I have so much of it here because I grow the herbs myself. Please, Hal, drink the whole jugful." I really didn't know what to say, but I thought I'd at least have some more since he brought it out. I was so thirsty. He stood up and flexed his pecs only a few inches from my nose, causing the top shirtsnaps to pop open. I watched adoringly as he continued to flex and "muscleroll" his ripped but gargantuan pecs bulging spectacularly before my eyes. His nipples still covered by the shirt, I could tell they protruded quite a distance as I became quite eager to see the rest. My cock had been quite hard ever since I saw that maddeningly glorious veiny naked butt of his. He turned around and peeled off the shirt. His lats were huge and expansive, even much wider than his 4-foot shoulders, extremely dense slabs of muscle twisting and flexing. He put the torn shirt down and turned around. Immediately, I couldn't help myself from shouting out, "God DAMN it! Jesus, FUCK, God ALMIGHTY!!" I was completely, absolutely captivated by his totally inhuman musculature!!! Not only was his torso far beyond huge, but his Coke-bottle-sized nipples were steadily oozing what must have been milk!! "Oh FUCK, man, oh, DAMN, DAMN, DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!!!!! "That's better," he said, as though I hadn't said anything. "Pretty warm in here, son. Why don't you take off your shirt too?" Just at that moment I felt extremely warm and funny all over. Something in that gallon of tea I had just finished drinking was making me quite high and giddy. I did as I was told and took off my shirt, which for some reason suddenly seemed very tight. "Mmmm," he said. "Nice and slim, aren't you?" He moved toward me towering over me. I felt the heat from his massive muscle. As he casually flexed his pecs, his Coke- bottle-sized nipples, udders really, squirted out streams of milk into my face. Then he flared his lats out right in front of me, which made me gulp and almost choke at the sheer size of this super wide, cobra-like wall of a man! Then he reached down and told me to sit on the huge palm of his right hand, as he simultaneously was running his huge left hand all over my body. Picking me up with his right hand only, he leaned over and his lips met mine. His tongue explored my mouth and my hands roamed over his huge pecs. As I squeezed his udders, they shot out way across the room.

"Man you're so huge!" I said. "How big are these arms?"

He flexed one massive biceps in front of my face. "91 inches. Get 'em up a lot bigger when I'm really pumped. Go ahead and feel it." My hand couldn't even cover the peak on the rock hard muscle. "Mmmm, that feels real good," he groaned throwing back his head and showing off the thickness of his neck, which was more than twice the thickness of his head. He lifted both arms in a double bicep and I gasped as the muscles expanded under my hands.

"Yeah! Feel this big man's muscles! This is what a real man looks like, huh? Need a boy to feel these big arms."

He started hitting pose after pose, showing off the incredible size of his pecs, lats, and arms.

"I gotta get this damn apron off," he said. As he untied it from behind, I noticed that his legs were much more immense than I had anticipated! Thicker than tree trunks and cut with huge muscle. His calves were huge, probably at least 50 inches around! He held up the apron for a moment but not high enough for me to see what was underneath. "You first," he said. I stripped off my pants and all the rest of my clothing, letting my 7" cock spring free. Just then, he re-tied the apron around his waist.

"Looks good," he said, falling to his knees he engulfed my cock in his mouth and sucked really hard. I thought I'd explode having this huge hard old muscle stud sucking me so expertly. His powerful hands roamed over my body while he tongued my cock and asshole.

"Man, that feels good," I moaned. "Now, reach under the apron without pulling it up. Feel what's under there without looking at it. Better yet, I'll turn out all the lights first. Sit in the chair and I'll come to you." He stood up and put his huge hands on his hips, and in the next twenty seconds, I swear I saw his apron lift about two feet from the rest of his completely amazing body! His cock was beginning to lift up the whole four foot apron on its own. Then he went and turned off all the lights and I heard him drop the big apron to the floor before he walked back. When he got back to me, he stood in front of me as I sat and he put his big musclebutt in front of my face and told me to bathe his butt with my tongue. As I held his magnificently hard butt in my hands, I was tempted to reach to his groin and feel what's there, but I couldn't reach that far. He was so huge! When he bent down, his rockhard butt opened up and his butthole seemed to open up beyond anything I considered possible! He had had a long plastic glove in his hand which he then gave to me, and which I put over my right arm as he instructed. "Go ahead, baby, stick your arm all the way in to your elbow. I've had much bigger than you in there." Slowly I entered my right hand into his butt and then I found my arm in past my elbow! "That's enough," he said, "You're ready now." I pulled out my arm and he slowly turned around. "Hang your arms down aside the chair," he said. I did and immediately I felt a heavy weight of flesh on my lap. "That's 241 pounds of balls, Son, that too heavy for you?" I said, "Yeah, but I don't care." He said, "Feel 'em with your hands, boy." They were so huge and magnificent, like a bean bag chair, but where was his penis? "I'm holding my penis up here by my face, boy, are you ready for it?" I said "yes" but I didn't really know if I was ready or not. As he walked even closer to me, he knelt down in front of me and told me to start feeling his cock, starting from the balls, now spralled on the floor, and going slowly up the shaft. When I felt the base of his penis in the dark, I noticed that is wasn't even hard but it was so wide and vascular, thicker than my own waist! Slowly I kept massaging it as I crept up, up and up toward the penis head. But I just kept going up and up--it was like a great beanstalk that went into the sky! As I was sitting, reaching all the way up, I still couldn't reach the head, and it wasn't even hard yet and Ed was still kneeling!! Then he pulled away from me and told me to close my eyes and wait. In a moment I could tell the lights were back on and again I felt a great weight in my lap. "Keep your eyes closed," he said. It was the penis head in my lap! It was humongous! The head alone must have been 6 feet around and the pisshole was even wider than Ed's butthole was! Longer and longer, his cock finally fell free and hanged down in front of my face. "Alright, open your eyes," he said. I was completely blown away again!!! "Ohhhh, ohhh, ohh, ohhhh, DAMN, fuckin' monstrous, just fuckin' OWWW!!!!," I declared uncontrolably. He stood there grinning about 8 feet away from me with his huge cockhead swelling more and more in my lap. I caressed and kissed his cockhead over and over again. Slowly, I eased his huge member away as it really was becoming much too heavy for my lap. I noticed his cock was swelling up to about seven feet around, ten feet long and becoming more rigid. That huge ten-footer now defied gravity as it slowly rose up from the floor. My tongue hung out in surprise. I gasped again. "So you like what you see, Son?" he said. All I could do was nod my approval. "Wait until you see it fully erect," he said! Just then he turned on some rock music and started dancing with his great muscles and penis bouncing wildly! As he danced, the penis became fully erect at "15 feet, 7 inches" he said! "Good thing this basement is so huge with ceilings 25 feet high! Otherwise, how would I have any room to stretch?" For some reason I couldn't help laughing out loud at that. "Would you like to quit your job and be my new boy here? Ripper and I need more help, but mostly for me so I can start getting my body REALLY big!" I laughed again.

"You're not kidding," I said.

"This is nothing, Hal," he said. "With your help, I could get at least twice this size in just a short time."

"But how?" I asked.

"Look at your own body now, Son. That stuff you call "tea" converts to pure body growth almost instantly. You're about 5 pounds more muscular now than when you came in, and if you also lift weight and jerk off a lot, your gains will more than triple! This stuff is all I ever eat. Currently, I'm up to drinking 68 jugfuls a day. That's 40 jugfuls for maintenance and 28 more for expanding this physique. With your help I could drink five times as much and workout five times as hard! I weigh just over 2000 pounds now, but my goals for the next five years is to quintuple that! Would you help me reach five digit ecstasy?"

"What's that?" I asked.

"Five digits, that's 10,000 pounds, Hal," he chuckled. I don't remember seeing him laugh before.

"Hey, Ed, I'd be totally honored to do anything you want, but I really can't imagine even 4,000 pounds of you, much less 10,000!" I said.

"So, I guess I'll have to stretch your imagination as well," responded Ed. "I can build you up to 4,000 at least, my boy."

The idea, and the drink, had me completely in a daze. "I'm all yours, man!!!," I said as I jumped onto his 16-foot dick and bobbed with it as he danced.

Then he sat down in a chair and grabbed me. He held me on his massive pecs and sucked my cock while I reached back and stroked his huge pulsating cock. Suddenly, I felt a stir in my balls as the cum began to rise in my cock. Instinctively, freeing his cock from my grasp, I grabbed his head and pumped my cock insanely in his warm hot mouth. I face fucked him long and hard, as he greedily accepted every inch.

"I'm gonna shoot!" I repeatly cried out, as my cock bursts load after load of hot milky cum down Ed's warm deep throat. He moaned and started breathing heavily, fast and deep while he continued to sucked my cock dry. Immediately, he grabbed his cock in one hand and with his other hand lifted me high above his head. He stroked his huge long pole and I massaged his massively huge pecs. Then he thrust his hot tongue down my warm throat and leaned back. He gave his muscle dick one last pull as he started blasting huge loads after loads after loads of cum down my throat, blasting, which seemed to never end. When he finally stopped blasting down my throat, I became panicky and afraid my enormous stomach would burst, but he assured me that it absorbs very fast, so I calmed down.

Sweating from the lust and sex, an odor began to take place of hot sweet cum and sweat. It didn't bother me at all, I loved it. He noticed too of the mess and odor, but didn't care at all, as I began to lay down on his massive pecs. With that, he began to cradle me in one huge arm, while the other massaging all over. It was like heaven being cradled with his warm huge hand roaming around my body. As he caressed my hair back with his naked bear paw, he slowly tilted his head forward, bringing his lips to my lips. Then locking our lips as one, it sent shockwaves of pleasure all over my body.

We rested a while before I decided I'd better head back to my condo. As I got dressed, he layed there on the chair with a gorgeous contentment look on his face. He looked absolutely amazing while sitting back with that huge masculine nude body covered with sweat and cum. I love this man.

"You'll have to come watch me workout now, Hal." he said. "I get a whole lot bigger!

"Hey, I wouldn't miss it!" I said. So I stripped again and drank three more gallons of tea as I saw him polish off a whole kegful of it--17 gallons! Man, were those expandinding udders spewing as I rode atop his erect penis and he walked into his big gym down there in the basement. The udders had at least tripled in size since I came in!

"Take your fill, boy," he said, raising up his left udder for me to drink. "Ripper says it works almost as well as the tea."

Though my belly was full already, I couldn't resist the offer. Surprisingly, I found I could hold a lot more than I'd suspected. I suckled him for two more gallons from each udder and my belly now protruded much farther than ever before.

"This stuff absorbs very quickly," he said. "You won't throw up. By the end of our workouts, we'll both be very thirsty again, even though we'll be drinking more throughout the workouts."

"You mean I'm going to workout now too?" I asked.

"The best workout you've ever had, Hal, and from now on, your workouts will be better and better. You won't recognize your own body in a few days. Bring out your own glory, Hal. I want it." He had me completely entranced. And I was exactly where I had always needed to be. As much as I felt like pumping up myself, I just could hardly wait to watch Ed pump up! How magnificent! Oh, I don't have words for such extreme, pure magnificence. And I was about to experience it!

The music was pulsating and so were we. Then I saw the largest weightlifting equipment in the world!--barbells 20 feet long and weight plates 6 feet wide! Each of the plates weighed 300 pounds. Gramps started out his warmup with 15 squats, the barbell weighing 500 pounds and the plates totaling 12,000 pounds!! As I stood there, his astoundingly huge legs pumped larger with each rep. After one set his 75-inches-around legs were 83-inches-around!

"That was just an eight-inch set. In an hour I'll be doing 27-inch sets," he said. In that first hour he pumped every muscle group on his body and helped me push out a few plateless barbell sets during his rest breaks. After each set, he drank another gallon of tea. Now he was inflating just like a balloon, except not with air but with ripped, prime muscle! By the end of the second hour of pumping, he had almost doubled his original 1800 pounds--up to 3500--and then he stopped exercising and did what I then still considered impossible. He drank 51 gallons of tea right before my eyes!! That made his belly even a lot bigger than his then 425-inch chest! And I swear that 16-foot penis had grown an extra 12 inches!--with a head 5 feet across and bigger veins on the rigid mutation!!

Then we both worked out for the next five hours. Ed kept big clamps on his now fifteen-gallon udders, and after each of my sets, I took off one of the clamps and let him spew the supernutritious manmilk down my throat. Then I would return the clamp and alternate between the udders each time. By the end of the workout, Ed had guzzled another 223 gallons of tea and I had guzzled what must have been at least 25 more gallons of manmilk! Once during the workout I had to go to the toilet for longer than expected, about fifteen minutes, and when I returned, Ed's udders had not been relieved during that time. They had swollen to more than double their size! They hung down to his knees, and each about 28 inches wide! He said he had tightened the clamps so they wouldn't come off while I'm away, but even so, little streams were beginning to come out of the udder holes. Then he tightened them up some more so they stopped streaming. When I saw this, he said, "Drink tea for awhile instead. I'm gonna see how big these babies can get." So for about 40 minutes we continued working out and drinking tea, and after every few sets, Ed had to tighten the clamps even more. The udders continued to swell right before my eyes, like the rest of his body was still doing! After 25 minutes of that 40, his udders were dragging the ground as Ed stood, so he instructed me to massage them so they would become erect. Just lifting the 660-pound udders was keeping my now huge biceps pumped! Sure enough, they stuck straight out 7 feet, much like his 17-foot penis! Each fully erect udder was now holding about 54 gallons of precious manmilk! Then Ed decided to work his pecs again. So I tightened the clamps all the way and prepared for an explosion of manmilk such as the world had never seen! With each bench press rep, the veins on his pecs grew and his pecs expanded as never before, and each set pumped more and more manmilk into those bloated udders, which by the end of the first 200-rep set with 20,000 pounds stood nine feet up in the air like huge columns balanced atop mountains of muscle! His arms were so dense that he could barely bend them enough to get a superwide barbell grip, but when he began to lower the weight, he looked way up to the top of his udders and came all the way down with the weight. Then we heard two loud snaps from his arms and at the end of the set we noticed his arms had tripled in size around the elbows! Such wondrous beauty is indescribeable! Now he could bend his arms 90 degrees again. So he did 14 more sets of the same, with each set expanding his pecs and oozing a little more manmilk. Finally, his udders bloated to 12 feet by 4 feet each, he decided to stop exercising and find a way to release and preserve the manmilk.

"Your udders are going to blow any minute now! How about your bathtub?"

"That won't do, Hal. I need something a lot bigger. I planned all this, boy. I have a 400-gallon swimming pool with a small spigot attached down the hall. I keep that room very cold, so this manmilk will stay fresh long enough for my boys to drink it all."

We rushed to that room down the hall and opened the extra wide set of doors to it so Ed could squeeze in. Then he flipped over half of the pool cover and instructed me to take off the clamps. I had barely just touched the clamps and they started unscrewing themselves from the pressure! For the left udder, I had my fingers clamping down behind the clamps until the clamp was completely off, then I let go and a flood of manmilk started pouring into the empty pool. I did the same with the right udder and the same thing happened again. For 12 minutes those huge manmarries were gushing into the pool, leaving a total of 178 gallons of manmilk which Ed said he wanted to see me bathe in and drink while I bathe. But it was cold in there, even though my body temperature had risen a lot from drinking all that tea and exercising.

Ed said, "Drink up the manmilk and that'll keep you plenty warm! But wait until we finish our workout--2 more hours to go."

"Okay, Ed, whatever you say!"

So we both finished our pumping up and drinking lots more tea. By this time I weighed 483 pounds and Ed weighed 5,217 pounds! His udders had completely filled up again! So we added the new manmilk to the pool, now about 350 gallons, and I had my bath as he watched. It smelled wonderful and tasted like irresistable nectar! The more I drank, the thirstier I got! For the next 7 hours, he sat beside the pool drinking tea and spouting manmilk into the pool, and I kept drinking the manmilk even faster than he could refill it. I was careful to piss outside the pool into a corner with a drain--the pissin' corner. After a half hour of drinking, my own nipples began growing into udders and my genitals began swelling very fast! All this activity had made Ed's balls humongously radical! Each ball dragged the ground at 6 feet diameter, almost as tall as Ed's entire body, and they showed no signs of slowing their growth!

Then Ed did something he hadn't warned me about. He started pushing down all the indoor walls.

"Whatchu' doin'?"

"Making more room for getting around. Now that I'm so much stronger, this is easy."

He left the girders in place but all the indoor walls were soon down, many of which were brick! Then he had me take all the debris and dump it down this huge hole he had dug through one opening in one outside wall. It took several hours but I finished and the dust had all been sucked out by Ed's vacuum cleaner.

"How will you ever be able to get out of here? You can't fit in the stairwell or the elevator!"

"No problem, boy. When the time comes, we'll have a great place to go to."

Then we went back to the pool and I continued my drinking, as did he his drinking and spewing. By now both our bellies were the biggest parts about us, and we danced together--him with his now 19-foot erect penis and me with my new 4-foot erect penis! I was completely entranced by the sheer muscularity and size of this man! And I swear he looked younger than when we started!--like he was in his late forties! His arms and lats were so pumped that his arms actually angled upward about 30 degrees at complete rest! His lats were 14 feet across and his upper arms now each 252 inches around! His traps were higher than his ears and his neck was a whopping 73 inches around! When he walked his huge balls dragged the floor behind him by the scrotum between his legs, each over 6 feet in diameter and covered with huge veins. Suddenly I saw him sit down right on top of his megaballsac right behind him! What a throne for such a masterpiece of development! With so much weight now on top of the megaballs, his penis kept gushing high into the air, and I revelled in the ensuing rain of cum which lasted about eight minutes!

Ed told me to bring all my stuff down to the basement while I'm small enough to retrieve enter my apartment. So I put on Ed's big trenchcoat and headed for the elevator with my door key. It took several trips, and on fourth trip back to the apartment, the queer boy from the floor beneath mine seemed to be following me. His queer dad and he had lived on the floor below since before I moved in. The kid suddenly came up to me, and I figured out what he wanted.

"I'm Chris. I live in 216, but somehow I left my keys inside the apartment and locked myself out. Could I use your phone until Dad comes home in about a half hour? I need to use a toilet real bad, sir."

"Yeah, alright. It's unlocked. Go on in."

The kid, Chris, rushed for the toilet but he didn't bother to shut the toilet door as he relieved himself.

"What's your name?"


"You moving out so soon? I was hoping to get to know you before you left."

"Yeah? Well, I'm not moving away. I'm just changing apartments."

"Which one are you moving into?"

"Umm, it's in the basement. I'll be helping out with the building."

"Looks like you've become as BIG as a building! Could you help me with my bodybuilding? I'd do anything to become even HALF as big as you! I'd really like to be your friend."

Just then Chris walks out of the toilet completely naked and with a raging hardon. He was so damn cute. I really felt like devouring him!

Then Chris asked, "Can I help you with anything?"

At that point my new 4-foot penis and balls were beginning to raise up the trenchcoat and my excitement was no longer possible to hide. So I responded.

"Well, shut the front door and come over here and take off my coat. I need a little break."

Chris rushed to shut the door and eagerly unbuttoned and removed my coat.

I asked him, "What do ya think?"

He had the biggest grin on a teenager I'd ever seen. He spoke up, "May I touch you?"

"You can touch me and do anything you feel like. I'm ready for some real attention, boy."

Then I had him suck on my new 14-inch, 2-gallon udders until he had drunk all 4 gallons. "How you feelin', boy?"

"Aw, man, you're the all time BEST! ...I've NEVER been THIS horny!"

I put my coat back on and told him to bring a couple kitchen table chairs and follow me down to the basement. He was very eager to do whatever I said.

"I want you to help me in lots of ways," I said.

"Anything, anything at all. I'm ready for anything!"

The boy was not prepared. •

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