Hermit, The

By myoder

I was in a scrungy part of town and it started raining heavily. There was little cover around so I looked for a building for cover. Lots of warehouses and a few abandoned buildings in this part of town. There were a few homeless people hanging around the entrance to one building, but none went inside. I started into the doorway, and one old woman stopped me.

"Don't goin there!" she said. "There's a monster in that building." She soundd sincere, but I figured it was the ramblings of a schizophrenic. The rain was pounding on the pavement now and I needed cover. I past her and went in through the doors

"Don't say I didn't warn you!" she laughed. The others laughed too. "He's dead, he'll be sorry he went in there," I heard them saying as I went inside.

The building was an abandoned hotel. Inside it was dark, but dry and musty. I sat in the lobby for a while justa happy to be dry. There seemed no end to the rain.

Then I heard something. A low sound, like grunting. I thought there might be a wild dog in the building and my heart started racing. Then I heard the sound of something clunking, and I realized that whatever it was, it wasn't a dog. I wandered up a stairwell toward the sounds.

More grunting. Deep and resonant, followed by more clunking and then I heard deep breathing - like an animal pushing out deep breaths. I became intrigued now. This wasn't an animal, I could tell by the regularity in the sounds I heard, but it was something struggling against something.

The sounds got louder as I walked slowly down a hallway. I was being as quiet as I could. Then the floor creaked and the sounds stopped suddenly. I froze in my tracks. I didn't breathe or move. My heart was racing. I heard footsteps. I thought to turn back and leave, butI was so scared I stood where I was, unable to move. The footsteps came closer. My breathing sped up. Then I heard a door creaking open a few yards down the dark hallway.

There was a window at the end of the hall, casting grey light. I heard rain pounding, and my heart pounding. Then a figure appeared. A huge shadow that looked likea man, but impossible huge. His shadow filled the space of the window blocking the light entirely.

Then I fainted.


When I woke I was in a large room, with high ceilings and dim light. I heard the rain as it continued to pound on the roof and windows. The door creaked and the monster entered. But he wasn't a monster. He was a man - a huge man!

He stooped to enter the door, so I guessed his height at over 7 feet. His brown hair was long and scraggly, and he had a full beard which rose up his cheeks almost maskinghis face with bushy hair. His eyes were dark and deep set behind thick eyebrows. His shoulders had to be three feet wide or more. He was wearing only a tattered T-shirt which barely contained his massive body. He was incredibly muscular. His arms seemed longer than they should be, hangin at his side. His biceps swelled like gargantuan basketballs even unflexed, veins snaking over them. His triceps were deep cut and huge bulking out the back of his arms. His forearms were huge, morelike a man's calves and covered with hair. His hands seemed immense, even onhis body. One hand easily could grasp a medicine ball. His neck was hidden partly by his beard, but was still thick enough to be seen, his traps rose like mountains. His massive pecs were hairy and thick, rippling as he moved, pressing against the thin fabric of the tattered shirt. His gut was thick but proportionate to his body and the abs were ripped and deep. His legs were huge too, powerful trunks of muscle supporting his massive torso, barely contained by a pair of oversized sweat pants. And his crotch was big. A large lump of soft cock, hanging an easy 7 inches down his ragged pant leg.

"You fainted," he said. "You okay?" His voice was gravelly, and incredibly deep. He talked gently, but I was scared to death. What would he do to me? I've invaded his space. Thisis the monster they spoke of. He could easily crush me in one massive hand. He moved closer and sat on the edge of the couch he'd placed me on. He smelled sweaty, not dirty or unwashed like I was expecting. He smelled completely masculine. It was erotic to me.

"I-I'm okay," I said quietly.

"Good," he said standing up.

"I'm Barry," he said, extending his hand.

"Mark," I replied. His huge hand gently squeezed mine.

He walked away and I looked around the room. There were posters all over the wall. Huge musclemen - Dorian Yates, Paul Dillet, Manfred Hoebell, and others. There were no weights in the room, but there were large concrete blocks - like building blocks with steel pieces embedded in them. There were chains attached to even larger building blocks. The giant man walked over to the blocks. Casually, he lifted two in his hands and started curling it. His wildman hair fell into his face, and he gritted his teeth and grunted as the huge heavy concrete blok roseand fell in the powerful hands of this muscle monster. This was the sound I'd heard - the clunking of the concrete blocks and the grunting of this giant.

I moved toward him slowly. Seeing his incredible power and strength gave me a hardon.He continued curling the blocks, pumping out easily 40 reps. Then he put the blocks down and stood up. He looked at his reflection in a mirror nearby and raised his mammoth arms in a double biceps. The muscles peaked incredibly and his huge arms shook with the power in the flex. Veins everywhere snaked over his forearms and thick swelling biceps. I gasped at the sight.

"You like this?" Barry asked twisting his fists to show off the muscle. "Started working out in prison. When I got out, I found this place and moved in. Scare people away I guess, got so fucking big. Had to build these weights myself - everything at the gym's too small. Wanna get real big."

"How big are your arms?" I asked.

"Last I measured, 'bout 32 inches. Wanna touch 'em?"

My mouth went dry. "Yeah, sure." I said. He moved closer and held the huge twisted muscle in front of my face. I reached out and tried to get my hand over the peak in the biceps, but couldn't. The arm was hard as rock and hot to touch. "Man! That's fuckin' incredible," I said.

"Mmmm," he said. "Haven't had any hands on all this beef for a long time. Feels good, keep doin it." I gently stroked his huge arms and Barry closed his eyes. "Yeah, you make me feel real good, man. Real good... Play with my pecs." He stood upright and grabbed the top of his t-shirt. In one swift movement he tore it off his massive body. His pecs twitched and flexed, hairy mountains of pure muscle. I touched his pecs and at first they seemed large and soft, my hands could easily kneed into them. Then he tightened them, and my hands were frozen over rock hard flesh. I couldn't dent the thickness of his pecs. He flexed them over and over while I squeezed and stroked the hairy mass.

"Yeah!" he said "feel those huge pecs. Big muscle man. Feel this big muscle man!" My hands roamed over his huge frame, shoulders like massive shelves, biceps like medicine balls, hard and solid, hairy thick forearms and massive hands clenched in rock hard fists, striated pecs like huge flexed pumpkins, abs like rock hard bricks of flesh. I could tell, too that his cock was getting hard, snaking down his pant leg, pushing out obscenely. My own dick was aching, now, wanting release.

He looked deep in my eyes, then without a word, he moved closer to me, pulling me to him in his huge hands and kissed me. I felt his beard against my chin, felt his tongue probing deep in my mouth, swirling around my own. I groaned as his hands carressed my hips and sides, moving to my crotch. He rubbed my cock through my pants and I groaned even more. I wanted this huge muscleman to take me completely, to feel him deep in me.I wanted to feel his huge arms as he entered me.

Feeling my hardon, he grinned. "Get naked for me," he said. I stripped down. The room was cold but he held me close. "Mmmm, you feel good," he said. I stroked his hardon through his sweatpants. It was massive. "You wanna see it?" he asked. I nodded.

He stood back and slowly pulled down his pants. His unveiled his cock like he knew how to get the most dramatic effect. It turned meon even more. He was teasing me! Hispants kept going down and his thick, hairy shaft was slowly revealed. Finally, when his pants reached his knees, it sprang up, easily 14 inches and as thick as my forearm. It bobbed in front of him. He flexed it and I went crazy. I dropped to my knees and started licking the monster shaft. I could barely get my hand around the thick, veined dick.

"Yeah!" he grunted. "Suck me, man. Feels so fuckin good! Suck that muscle man's dick!" I took as much of thehead in my mouth as I could, but started gagging. I relaxed my throat and managed a few more inches but that was it. I'd never seen a cock so huge as this, and on this incredibly massive body it was enough to send me over.

"You want me to fuck you?" Barry asked.

"Yeah!" I said.

"THen I'll have to loosen you up." He picked me upand carried me to his bed- several mattresses joined together. He lay me down and kneeled above me. He grabbed some lube and greased my twitching hole. Then he slowly worked one, then two, then three fingers into me, with each one he twisted and fucked me. His cock twitched and flexed while he finger fucked me, in anticipation of filling me completely. Finally, he stopped the finger fucking and positioned his dick at my hole. He pushed forward slightly and I felt the head enter me. SLowly he continued pushing his massive dong into my ass, and I pushed back wanting him to be completely in me. After what seemed like hours, his rock hard dick wasallthe way in, and I could feel his huge hairy nuts against my ass.

He fucked me slowly, taking long strokes, occasionally flexing his ok in me and grinning as I groaned withthe pleasure. My ass felt incredible. He put his huge handson either side of my head as he fucked me and I licked his hairy forearms and felt his huge biceps. I stroked his huge pecs and pulled the hair on them as he fucked me.

Eventually, my cok could take no more. Without touching myself, and with Barry's tongue deep in my throat, my cock spurted into thehair on his chest. As my asshole squeezed his dick, I felt his massive muscles spasm and he shot deep in my ass. Flood after flood of hot cum filled me. He kissed me hard and long as he shot into me, then slowly turned me on my side, and with his half hard dick still in my ass, we fell asleep. •

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