Ungrateful Djinn, The

By Felix Lance Falkon

Danny trudged northwards along the beach, still furious at being rebuffed by Eric, a well-muscled hustler who was at his usual spot on the Santa Monica fishing pier. I can so afford to pay him, Danny told himself, but he wouldn't even quote a price, just because I . . . Suddenly all too aware of his own scrawny body, Danny saw an ancient, barnacle-encrusted bottle half-buried in the sand, kicked at it, missed, and fell on his butt. He yelped, grabbed the bottle on his second try -- scarcely aware of the barnacles digging into his palm -- and hurled it at a boulder that poked out of the sand nearby.

Danny saw the bottle, barnacles and all, shatter to bits. He watched a puff of black smoke swirl up from the shards of glass and shell. Smoke? -- yes, a dark cloud of the stuff; and now, as he watched, it shaped itself into a man-shaped, man-high pillar of smoke.

Danny fell back, felt warm sand cushion his fall, and stared at the broad-shouldered, thick-armed figure emerging from the smoke. A moment later, a powerfully muscled man stood before Danny, naked but for turban and loin-cloth.

"You aren't -- you didn't -- who are you?" Danny asked.

The last of the smoke condensed into the big man, who now stood in sharp focus in the California sun. "I am he of the bottle, the djinn Kaliaz, released at last from durance in yonder glass prison."

"A -- a din? A jinny -- a djinn? With wishes and stuff?"

"Were I grateful, yes," said the muscular djinn. "However, when considering thy tardiness --"

"Tardiness?" Danny swallowed hard and ran his tongue over his irregular teeth.

"Know, O condemned one, that had thou released me from that spell-sealed prison of glass in the first thousand years of my captivity, I would have granted thre thrice three wishes and served thee, hand and foot, for all the days of your life."

"A thousand --"

"But thou -- but you released me not. Then, being still not incapable of gratitude, in spite of thy -- of your neglect --"

"I wasn't even thought of that far back!" Danny yelped.

"So, in spite of that neglect, had you released me during the next five hundred years, I would have granted three wishes and served you for not a moment more. But still you ignored my plight. And came you not, even in the two hundred fifty years after that, when the reward was but a quart of rubies. So now --"

Danny tried to keep from squeaking as he said, "You -- you mean, just 'cause I didn't let you go when I wasn't even born yet -- and you and your stupid bottle were at the bottom of the ocean, I don't get any reward?"

"Even less than that, for a mighty oath have I taken, that whosoever ends my captivity after neglecting to do so for these past millennia, so shall he -- now you -- serve me all the days of his -- that is, your -- life."

"You ungrateful --"

"Stop interrupting, O slave. Capable of gratitude am I; but after such a delay, gratitude is unbefitting." The djinn put his left hand to his loincloth and tore it off. "As I was saying, you shall now serve me and tend to my lusts, ever so often as my shaft stiffens."

Danny slowly licked his irregular teeth as he stared up at the djinn's massive organs: impressively big balls, even in comparison to the djinn's splendid physique, and a long, long shaft that stiffened as Danny watched. He stood up, feeling his knees quiver, looked from Kaliaz's rising virility to the djinn's handsome, snub-nosed face.

"So; now I begin." Powerful arms reached for Danny; strong hands grasped his shirt and trousers. The youth felt a jerk; suddenly he stood naked in the ocean breeze, his clothes in a heap off to one side. Dark eyes studied Danny's body, and Kaliaz's nose wrinkled in an expression of distaste.

Danny dropped to his knees, felt them dig into warm sand as he steadied himself with both hands on Kaliaz's thighs. With his right hand, Danny reached up and cupped Kaliaz's balls, felt them stir in their sack; with his left, he gripped the djinn's shaft. Danny opened wide, took in a mouth-filling length of stiffening prong, and began sucking.

"Ah, resigned to your fate you are -- are you -- whichever way it is said."

As Danny sucked harder, he heard a gasp, felt the djinn flinch.

"But -- perhaps I was too precipitate in blaming you for your tardiness -- a bit of mercy, perhaps -- not so hard! -- your teeth -- enough!"

Danny felt big hands seize his head. He sucked harder, tightened his grip on the djinn's shaft; but Kaliaz's great muscles were too strong for the youth; and Danny lay on his back again, looking up at the djinn.

"That's not fair!" Danny squealed, then tried to lower his voice as he said, "I know my rights. You said -- you sweared -- I mean, you swored -- you swore an oath and now you won't let me t-take care of you like you said I could." He winced as he heard his voice go shrill again.

The naked, hard-cocked djinn winced too. "There is that. Would you rather trick me back into the bottle so we can start this -- this arrangement all over again -- no, you demolished that cursed bottle too thoroughly for even me to repair. Perhaps you would accept a measure of gratitude instead of --"

"Fuck gratitude," Danny growled. He got to his knees again. "You said I had to service your mmmmmm --" He closed his mouth on the warm, hard prong again; but as he began to suck . . .

. . . Kaliaz pushed Danny off again. "Oath or no oath, I shall not let you skin me alive with your jagged teeth," the djinn growled.

Danny felt a moment of panic as strong hands gripped his jaws and melted into and through skin and bone and teeth. Then wonder took him as that interpenetrating touch reshaped the curve of his jaws, shifted teeth into alignment, so that, for the first time in his life, Danny's tongue found a smooth, even line of hardness in each jaw. He tried to speak, but his mouth was still filled with Kaliaz's hands.

"What are you trying to say?" asked the djinn, withdrawing his hands for a moment.

"There's a couple missing -- on the left, and -- urgle!" Danny said as Kaliaz reached into Danny's teeth again.

"Now that I have started, perhaps some alteration of your jaw -- these cheek bones just so -- there -- the ears, just a little flatter -- that's it."

Kaliaz's fingers moved down into Danny's neck; Danny coughed, gagged, then sneezed. "What are you doing -- oh." He suddenly realized his voice had dropped an octave from its former pitch.

"That is better. Before, your voice . . ."

"Yeah -- it was pretty bad. But -- uh -- what if somebody sees us -- naked like this?" Danny -- still on his knees -- looked around nervously, and saw that a swirl of fog walled him and Kaliaz from the rest of the beach.

"No one shall wander through what I have wrapped around us." The djinn frowned down at Danny. "Your face and voice are fine now, but the rest . . ." He shook his head. "One is better served -- and serviced -- when the server is more pleasant to one's eyes."

"It isn't my fault that -- hey!" said Danny, as Kaliaz pushed the youth onto his back again and knelt beside him on the sand. "You -- you're going to do -- more to -- to me?" Danny felt the djinn's hands reshape and broaden Danny's chest and shoulders.

"I have this prediliction -- this habit," said the naked djinn, as his fingers sculpted lean, hard muscle onto Danny's chest, "to completely consummate -- that is --" He paused, took a breath. "I like to finish what I start. This, you must understand, is strictly to enhance my pleasure -- I mean, it's so I can enjoy the visual stimulus of -- of watching while you service my much-too-long-neglected lusts. As well, one does achieve status from the appearances of one's servicer."

"Yeah, sure," said Danny, a bit absently since his attention was on his own, now-well-muscled chest and arms and shoulders that were emerging from Kaliaz's hands, with every line and plane sharply defined. Danny propped himself up, elbows pushing into the sand, watching his legs being reshaped by the djinn, beginning with the calves and working toward the thighs. Danny shifted his gaze to the djinn's powerful physique -- studying the broad chest that tapered to lean, narrow hips -- and stopped at the djinn's sexual equipment.

The thick prong was still half-hard, and temptingly close. Danny put his right hand on that prong. Kaliaz grunted; now he was working on Danny's hips. Danny grinned, ran his tongue over the smooth, even curve of his teeth. Then, with a supple twist of his now-muscular torso, Danny brought his head to Kaliaz's prong and engulfed half its length.

"Wait -- I haven't achieved completion -- I'm not finished yet," the djinn protested, but Danny clamped his lips around the shaft and sucked hard. The shaft responded with a swelling, stiffening surge. "A moment more," said the djinn. Danny sucked harder, began working his tongue on the mouthful of warm meat. The djinn tried to detach Danny, but Danny's rebuilt muscles overcame the djinn's token effort.

"Well, if you insist," said Kaliaz. "I just have to finish this -- and this -- and this."

Danny sucked harder, felt the shaft stiffen to full hardness. He kept on sucking that magnificent shaft as he felt fingers sink into his own organs, kept on as the djinn finished his work. Danny sucked even harder, bobbed his head faster as Kaliaz's hips began to pump.

A few more strokes -- two more -- another -- and the djinn went rigid, every powerful muscle straining -- straining -- until his shaft erupted in a sperm-squirting orgasm that went on and on and on, while Danny hungrily drank down mouthful after mouthful. And, at last, he sucked the djinn dry.

"Wow," sighed Kaliaz, falling back onto the sand.

"Yeah," Danny said. He sucked the last of the slippery cream from his teeth, swallowed, and took a deep breath. "There was quite a lot of it, too."

"It has been a long time since . . . yes. But you were so eagerly -- even hungrily -- servicing my shaft that, while working on yours, I was perhaps carried away."

Danny glanced down his lean-muscled torso to his own prong, now stiffly erect. "Wow -- I must be almost a foot long, easy, and -- and --" He slid his right hand down to grasp his shaft, explored his testicles with his left. "-- and balls to match."

"Here, then; I will re-shape your --" The djinn reached for Danny's shaft, but Danny caught the djinn's thick wrists.

The youth opened his mouth to protest, then closed it as his gaze met Kaliaz's. Kaliaz tried again; Danny tensed his own lean muscles, holding his own yet realizing that, though much stronger than he had been, he was still no match for Kaliaz if the powerfully muscled djinn really exerted himself. Danny started to word a protest, then inspiration struck: he grinned, then asked, "Jealous?"

"Well, I am at that." The djinn relaxed, pulled his hands back, and rubbed his own long, thick shaft. "You are somewhat over-endowed now. Are you really sure that . . . ?"

Danny grinned. "Lemme check something." He raised his shoulders, tensed the hard ripple of abdominal muscles, curling up his hips until his shaft thrust his glans into his mouth. He licked the velvety skin for a moment, then tightened his lips and applied suction.

After a moment, Danny uncurled himself, pulling his glans from his mouth, and grinned at Kaliaz. "I've always wanted to do that," he sighed. "It's perfect, just the way it is now. And besides, you're still an inch longer than me."

Kaliaz nodded. "Ah -- yes. But --"

Danny said, "Come on -- try it yourself. Roll onto your back -- that's it -- now curl your hips up and over, so -- that's it -- so your hips are right over your head and shoulders. Okay -- raise your head -- curl harder -- you got it!" The youth watched Kaliaz take his own glans, suck for a few strokes, then straighten his torso and drop hips and legs onto the sand again.

"I never tried that before -- it'll take some getting used to," Kaliaz panted. "But now, while I'm recharging . . ."

"Yeah? Well look, stud; we gotta get a few things straightened out."

"You wish a token of gratitude for your servicing of my shaft?"

Danny grinned. "I had as much fun doing you as you had getting done. Maybe even more. I have never, never -- ever -- swallowed a load like yours before. And you tasted better than anybody else I ever sucked off -- good thing, too: I think I must have swallowed a pint of your ball-juices. But we gotta get real: living out here on the beach won't hack it; I got a place, but it's too small for two of us. We need a bigger place to live in and more money than I'm earning now to live on -- practical stuff like that, if I'm gonna take care of your prong -- and the rest of you -- properly."

"You talk; I'll suck." The djinn rolled onto Danny's legs, chest muscles warm against Danny's thighs. Danny propped himself up on his elbows to watch as, in one smooth slurp, the naked djinn took Danny's shaft to the hilt. He sucked for a moment, then pulled back. "This way, I can listen but I can't --" He took Danny's shaft again, sucked hard, then released it, got up on his knees, and seated himself astride Danny's thighs. The djinn licked his lips, grinned, and said, "I have a better idea; I'll suck you off later. Right now, we both need to talk --"

Danny saw the fingers of Kaliaz's right hand close on a bottle that materialized in mid-air -- a plastic bottle marked SAE 20W--40. The djinn poured oil on his left hand, poured more on Danny's shaft, then set the bottle in mid-air, where it remained, as if on an invisible shelf. Fascinated, Danny watched his rock-hard shaft being lubricated from glans to hilt.

"Now, in this position --" Kaliaz rose up on his knees, shifted himself toward Danny's head, and carefully impaled himself on Danny's hard shaft. "-- I can talk too." The djinn plucked a towel from the air, carefully wiped his hands, and draped the towel over the bottle. He settled himself all the way down to the hilt of Danny's shaft, then sucked his lean stomach into a hard, concave six-pack of muscle. Danny felt the djinn tighten around his shaft, relax, squeeze again. "Well?"

"Wow," Danny sighed. "But why that stuff? I thought you'd go for something exotic, like --"

"I don't make things --" Kaliaz gestured at the bottle and towel. "-- I just take what's close by, or I reshape whatever -- and whoever's available."

"Is that how you learned English? You're getting better at it, too." Danny lay back onto the sun-warmed sand and slid both hands over the taut layer of pectoral muscle that sheathed his newly-broadened chest. He thrust his rigid prong up into the djinn, who squirmed as Danny pulled back, thrust again. "You okay?"

Kaliaz nodded. "How 'bout you?"

"I -- I haven't much room to -- you know -- go in and out."

"Want to get on top?"

"Sure," said Danny. "Next time we can fuck like this, but . . ."

Still impaled on Danny's shaft, the djinn leaned forward, caught the weight of his torso on his hands, then his elbows as his chest settled down onto Danny's. With a squirm and a wriggle, Kaliaz rolled their locked bodies onto their sides, then onto his back with Danny on top. Kaliaz hooked his legs around Danny's waist. Danny's hands, knees, and toes pressed into the warm sand; his torso lay on the naked djinn's. Danny cautiously pulled back till only the tip of his prong was inside Kaliaz, then slid himself hilt-deep again.

"You -- you do go in nice and deep," Kaliaz sighed.

"Well -- I'll find out how that feels when you spike my butt -- like I said, you're still longer and thicker than me."

Danny thrust again; Kaliaz met the thrust with a squirm of his splendidly muscled torso. Danny settled easily into a slow, deep-thrusting rhythm, going all the way in to the hilt of his shaft with each stroke. He said: "Even if you can't build us a fancy Arabian-Nights-type palace, there are usually a few for sale in Beverly Hills or Hollywood, but the prices are way out of sight. I think we ought to aim for a two-bedroom place near the beach."

As Danny's shaft slid in and out, the impaled djinn said, "Of course, I can collect money the same way I did the oil, but --"

"That much money, all at once, the IRS would notice; and it'd be kinda hard on the folks you take money from -- no, we gotta get steady work, like . . ." He grinned as inspiration struck, and the djinn responded by squeezing Danny's prong extra hard. Danny tried to hold back his coming eruption, and found -- to his surprise -- that he could.

"Like -- what?"

"Like what we're doing now, only with other guys, and charge them for it. You take care of guys that go for big body-builders, and I'll do guys that like the younger, lighter look. As soon as the word gets around, we'll make all the money we need and have all the sex we want, and --"

"-- we won't attract too much attention while we're at it. Okay, then," said the naked djinn, meeting every thrust of Danny's shaft, "let's do it!"

"But first," said Danny, speeding his stroke, "we gotta finish this fuck."

And they did: Danny came to a boil, erupted, and pumped himself dry; he and Kaliaz uncoupled; and Danny found his prong still hard, ready for another round.

"One problem," said Danny, as he stood up and wiped himself off with a towel the djinn plucked from the air. "Two, actually: a place to take our customers, and customers to take there."

"Maybe we need advice from an established pro." Kaliaz got up, plucked another towel from the air.

"Well, there's Eric . . ."

"Eric?" Kaliaz drying his own cock, then made both towels vanish.

"Eric. Works out and it shows. Acts like a real muscle-head sometimes. He -- well -- he knows his way around, but . . ."

". . . but -- what?"

"Just before we met. He just shooed me away without even setting a price. So --"

"And you want me to punish him?" Kaliaz flashed a smile that Danny thought had too many teeth in it. "I could make him thin and scrawny, the way you were before, or even worse --"

"But if he hadn't done that, I wouldn't have tripped over your bottle and smashed it, and you'd still be inside. And if you hadn't gotten out, and . . ." Danny slid his hands down his now-well-muscled chest and on down to grip his rock-hard shaft. "I'm mad at him -- and at the same time, I'm grateful to him. Besides . . ." He studied the djinn for a moment. "I'm supposed to be servicing your lusts, not getting you to do things for me -- hey! That's why you got bottled in the first place, isn't it, for hurting studs for the fun of it?"

Kaliaz looked down, shifted his weight from one foot to the other. "There was the time that I -- well, yes; that is what happened."

"And whoever bottled you might still be around. Look: no wishes, okay? Servicing you -- and getting serviced, yes. And you listen when I try to keep you out of trouble, okay?"

"Okay." Kaliaz looked up and met Danny's gaze. "Then Eric . . . ?"

"Let's talk to him."

Kaliaz frowned for a moment, looking toward the fishing pier. "Built like?"

"Nice muscles, 'bout half-way between your size and mine."

"Blond hair, dark roots?"

Danny nodded -- and suddenly Eric was there, naked, and looking stunned. Danny said, "Better get his clothes too," and -- just as suddenly, they appeared in mid-air, then fell in a heap on the sand.

"I'm -- I'm dreaming, right?" asked the blond bodybuilder.

"Wrong," said Danny. "This is for real. After you told me to beat it, I found this bottle in the sand, and . . ."

When the story ended, Eric said, "Hey, dude, I didn't realize . . ." He reached out cautiously, touched Danny's chest, turned to Kaliaz, stroked the djinn's stiff cock, and turned back to Danny. "When I saw you before, you looked -- anyway, I was waiting for a john who wants me to set up a little orgy for him; and if he'd seen you with me, the way you looked then, he'd think -- you know. But now . . ."

"Did he show up?" asked Danny.

"A few minutes after you left. It's all set for tomorrow. Are you two dudes -- available?"

Danny and Kaliaz looked at each other. The djinn raised one eyebrow; Danny nodded, turned to Eric, and said, "Sure. You got a place?"

"Just up the beach. Plenty of room. Wanta take a look?"

"Of course," said Kaliaz. "Let's go." He unwound his turban, spread it out on the sand. "All aboard; I'll -- what's the word? -- drive; Eric, you point which way to go. Danny --"

"-- I'll grab our clothes --"

"-- and away we go."

They went: Kaliaz sitting cross-legged at the front; Eric on his knees, holding onto to Kaliaz's shoulders and giving directions; then Danny, holding onto anything within reach. The flying turban -- now a white, flying carpet -- soared into the sea breeze, along the beach -- undulating a little as a cross-wind caught it. Danny shivered as that wind whipped over his naked body, held on tighter when they swooped down to an isolated house overlooking the beach.

Inside Eric's house, Danny dropped their clothes on a chair, along with the bottle of SAE 20W--40 oil. Kaliaz started to rewind his turban, stopped, shrugged his powerful shoulders, then folded it up and tossed it onto the other clothes. Eric stopped in front of a full length mirror, struck a pose, then turned to Kaliaz and Danny.

"Maybe see how we -- you know. I mean, I'm not -- you know -- that way; I only do it for the money, but --" He glanced down at his stiffening cock, took a deep breath, let it out in a long sigh. "Look, it's -- I mean, I've got a pretty good build -- I wouldn't need as much work as -- as Danny here did, but -- but my hair's getting a bit thin on top, and if I didn't have to bleach it so often . . ."

Danny saw Kaliaz raise one eyebrow, then the other. He and the djinn grinned at each other, then at Eric, who licked his lips nervously as Kaliaz reached for the bodybuilder's head.

"My pecs too -- that's it -- they're thick enough, but if they came together -- yeah, that's it -- and a little tighter, 'cause they droop unless -- yeah," Eric said. "And my abs -- more definition -- perfect. And then -- down there -- hey, wow!"

And as Danny watched the djinn work, he felt his own still-rigid shaft twitch. Kaliaz stepped back. Danny, suppressing a nervous shiver, stepped forward, took Eric's cock in one hand, his own in the other, bent both down to the horizontal, and measured them against each other, side by side, tip to base.

"A perfect match." Eric gripped both cocks, squeezed, then let go. "I -- I owe both of you -- Danny, for -- you know -- chasing you away, and Kaliaz, for the rest." Eric turned to the mirror, patted his hair -- now blond to the roots -- touched his chest, squeezed his cock. "So. Now I gotta do something for you dudes."

Danny carefully licked his lips. "Like what?"

"Like -- we oughta see how we -- you know -- how we fit together. Practice for tomorrow."

"Want to fuck?" asked Kaliaz.

Eric nodded.

Danny licked his lips again. "Who goes first?"

"I want to get spitted on both your cocks at once, even if it fucking kills me."

"Well, okay." said Kaliaz.

Danny grabbed the SAE 20W--40 from the pile of clothes; Eric scowled, picked up a bottle from a table, and said, "This stuff's better. Here." And in a moment, Eric lubed both Kaliaz's and Danny's prongs. A moment more, and Kaliaz had stretched himself out on the rug, on his back.

As Danny watched, his own now-slippery shaft in hand, Eric knelt astride Kaliaz's hips, facing the djinn's feet. He slowly spitted himself on Kaliaz's shaft, then lay back into the djinn's arms. Eric squirmed, relaxed, and said, "Okay so far." He spread his legs wide. "Danny?"

Danny climbed aboard, poked his quivering prong under Eric's massive balls, easing his own prong into the squirming bodybuilder's already-impaled asshole. Half-way in, Danny asked, "Well?"

Eric sighed, "Wow. You two are really filling me up."

"Yeah. Good and tight. Here goes the rest of mine."

"There's -- there's a lot of you -- aaah!"

Danny thrust in deeper, his prong sandwiched between Eric's soft, slippery insides and the djinn's hard prong. "Now I'm all the way in." He felt Eric clamp down hard and then relax, felt Kaliaz's shaft slide against Danny's own as the djinn pulled back half-way, then went all the way in while Danny pulled his own shaft back.

"You still okay?" asked Kaliaz.

"Sure am." Eric squirmed, wrapped his arms around Danny's chest, and pulled Danny close. "This -- this feels almost good enough to make me turn queer."

"Yeah? You're so tight -- and Kaliaz's cock rubbing against mine -- inside you -- like you said, `Wow!'"

"Don't hold back, dudes, fuck me hard."

"Yeah?" Danny speeded his stroke, feeling Kaliaz match him, thrust for thrust. "Next time, maybe -- 'stead of you fucking us -- one at a time -- you and I -- do Kaliaz together -- and then -- you and he -- can fuck me."

"Sounds good to me," said the djinn.

"Likewise," panted Eric. "We got all afternoon -- to find out -- whether getting double-fucked beats fucking a dude whose already spitted on somebody else's spike."

"Yeah!" Danny took a deep breath, felt another load coming to a boil down in the roots of his shaft. "And if that doesn't make you turn queer, nothing will." •

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