Muscle Lab, The

Joe Conway hummed quietly to himself as he walked the short distance from his last class to the "Secret Laboratory" as he jokingly called the place where his good friend Dan Martin worked. Joe was a student at Riverdale College majoring in computer science. Dan, an old friend from high school, was heavy into Chemistry and had a part time job working as a lab assistant for Dr. Rick Harris. Dr. Harris was supposedly a brilliant research scientist. But because of his insistence on doing things his own way, Joe had heard that the college refused to sponsor his research. So he had set up a lab near the college and funded it with borrowed money.

Joe often met Dan after Friday night class to go out for a cup of coffee and some company. Joe never seemed to have any dates and was more interested in programming languages than in a relationship. Dan was just as into chemistry as Joe was into computers. The fact that neither of them were what would be termed good looking didn't help either. Actually, plain might be a good descriptive word for them. Dan was 5' 6" tall with narrow shoulders and skinny limbs. He needed thick glasses to see and never really found time to exercise. Joe was a near perfect counterpart to Dan, but stood 5' 9" and had brown hair. They had always been good friends and they liked their relationship just like it was.

Dr. Rick Harris was everything one would expect of a dedicated research scientist. He was in his mid-thirties with thick glasses and unkempt brown hair. His usual dress was a white lab coat over a white shirt and polyester slacks. But he was, indeed, dedicated to his science, so much so that he had made some unwise business deals in order to get the funding he needed to continue his research into 'spontaneous cell regeneration.'

As Joe approached the lab that Friday night, he could tell that something was terribly wrong. The front door had been forced open by someone or something with incredible strength. It was pushed in and broken and the door jam where the dead bolts had been locked was shattered as well. Joe picked his way through the mess and entered the lab. He saw his friend Dan standing by the only table not turned over, raising a test tube to his lips. Before he could say anything, Dan had drank the blueish liquid and set the tube down.

"Hey Dan!" Joe said, "What the hell happened here?"

"Oh!" Dan jumped as he turned to see his friend. "Oh, Joe, thank god it's you! You scared me half out of my wits!"

Joe walked over to his friend as he slumped down on the floor next to the sturdy lab table.

"Sorry. Are you alright? Where's Dr. Harris? Aren't those his glasses? What happened? It looks like there was a small war in here."

"Whoa ... slow down," said Dan, as he held his head, "I'm okay ... I have no idea where Rick is ... yeah, those are his glasses - but I doubt he needs them anymore ... and it's a long story about what happened to the lab."

"Well," Joe said, "I've got all night and I'm all ears."

"Yeah ... I might as well tell you." Dan said as he looked at his friend. "Besides, if you hang around here much longer, you'll find out anyway."

Now Joe was doubly curious. "Well, Rick and I were running some tests on a new formula," Dan began, "he had found a compound that looked really good. It seemed to be doing everything that he had expected and maybe even more. So we started up a computer analysis of the stuff. We use a computer to simulate what would happen to a real person..."

Joe interrupted. "Hello? Remember me? I wrote that program for you, so you guys could speed up the testing process."

"Oh ... yeah," Dan shook his head, "I guess I'm a little scattered right now. I'll try to focus. Any way, we were about done with the run when all of a sudden there was an explosion and the door burst open. Turns out it wasn't an explosion, it was this really huge guy and who had just shattered the door busting it in. He was followed by this really slimy little guy." The slimy guy looks around the lab and says something to Rick about having to pay back the money he borrowed. I guess he got a loan from some local loan shark to pay for all this equipment and was a little late paying it back. So Rick starts talking to the guy, trying to get him to wait for a while. But the twerp says 'No way' and then tells the huge guy, he called him 'Tiny', to start trashing the place. 'Tiny'! The guy is probably 6' 6" and weighs about as much as a rhino. "Well, that's when Rick starts losing it. He starts screaming that if they ruin his stuff, he'll never be able to pay. Then he grabs the little guy to get his attention, but he smacks him so hard that he flew across the lab and landed behind a table."

"I ran over to help him up. But he pulled me down and whispered, 'Did the computer finish running the tests?' I couldn't believe that he was interested in that at a time like this. Still, I checked the monitor and told him what the results were. Then he stood up slowly, carefully picked up a beaker filled with the formula and drank it all in one quick gulp! I said, 'Rick, what are you doing? That stuff might kill you!' But he just clenched his teeth and said, 'Sometimes you just have to trust your scientific intuition, and go for it.'

"Well, pretty soon his whole body began to shake, his muscles were tightening, like they were convulsing or something. He doubled over and I grabbed hold of him to support him. All of a sudden, I could feel his body starting to change, like it was growing, right in my hands. His muscles began to get harder and harder. I was holding his arms and felt them go from soft and small to larger and harder. Soon his arms were so big, I ... I couldn't hold on to them."

"His shaking stopped and he began to stand up. He looked taller than before and a whole lot ... bigger! I was standing behind him, and looked at his lab coat which was usually two sizes too big, begin to fill out, then start to stretch. Then I heard the threads beginning to snap and the back of his coat and shirt slowly ripped open! He was growing so tremendously fast! I could see incredibly thick muscles forming along his spine and rippling outward, like huge bumps pushing against what was left of his shirt. His legs were growing so much that they burst open his pants. And then his feet ripped out of his shoes. "

"Then he turned around and ripped open his shirt with his hands and my god, his pecs came spilling out, now huge, thick chest muscles. He raised both hands and flexed his arms, and I'm not kidding Joe, his biceps tore through his sleeves like two mountains! Then he tore off what was left of his clothes and tossed them aside. He looked magnificent! He was easily six inches taller with muscles on top of muscles. He was practically radiating power!"

"Then he says, 'Wait here, I'll handle these two.' He walks over behind the two slime balls, who didn't see a thing because we were over in a corner and they were really getting into this destruction thing. Rick grabs the little guy by his coat and then flings him right across the lab! I mean the guy literally flew thirty feet through the air! He crashed into a wall and slumped to the floor. And Rick just stood there with this funny look on his face. I guess he didn't know his own strength and was shocked at how strong he had become! But Tiny wasn't shocked. He lowered his shoulder and charged at Rick. He must have caught him off guard because he pushed him into a wall with such force it looked like he had knocked the wind out of him."

"But Rick shook it off and came up hard with a knee in the guy's face, then landed a couple of really hard shots to his stomach. Then he knocked him down with a crushing blow to the head. He just stood over him as he slowly got to his feet. But all of a sudden Tiny jumps up and smashes his big fist right into his chest. Man, you could see the pain on Rick's face. He retreated a ways and he came after him again. "This time, though, he was mad, and he brought his legs into the battle. He connected with a couple of side kicks into his stomach that stopped him cold. I bet he could snap a telephone pole with those legs, they're monstrous! Then he puts everything into one last kick to his head, and Tiny spins around and goes down."

"Rick turned around and started walking back towards me, when suddenly, Tiny's on his feet again and he jumps on Rick's back. He wraps his huge arm around his neck and tries to snap it. But Rick calmly reaches up and grabs Tiny's wrist and hand. Then I hear something that sounds like bones cracking and Rick slowly peels Tiny's arm off him. Tiny is gritting his teeth and crying in pain as Rick bears down on his hand. Now he's really mad! He continues to crush him with one hand and then cocks the other arm back. I could see all of is muscles in his arms, back and legs tense up and grow really huge. He says, 'Say goodnight, Tiny.' and lets go with all of his strength in that one punch. Well, I told you this guy was big, right? Must be 300 pounds easy. That punch lifted him off the floor and sent him flying at least ten feet. That time, Tiny stayed down."

"By the time that Rick finished with Tiny, the other guy had gotten up and was holding a gun to my head, threatening to blow me away. Rick just sighed and then I saw his leg muscles tense. Before we knew it, he was flying through the air towards us. He did a perfect somersault and landed with his legs wrapped around the little guy's head. As they hit the floor, he snatched the gun out of his hand and... I still can't believe this... he bent it in two, just like Superman does in the comics. Meanwhile the poor guy's got his face plastered against his muff and he's screaming and punching his legs as hard as he can. But his legs were so pumped up that I could hardly even see the guy's head, and his punches were just bouncing off of his huge, hard legs. Then Rick flexes those monster legs and pretty soon the guy stops moving and goes limp."

Dan finished his story and then sat back against the table. His body began to shake slightly and he clenched his teeth.

"My god!," Joe exclaimed, "It's all so unbelievable! Where's Rick and where are the two thugs now?"

"Rick picked them up," Dan continued, beginning to feel a stirring inside, "and threw them over his shoulders. He said he was going to pay his loan shark a visit. And who says that doctors don't make housecalls ... any ... more ..."

His voice trailed off as he doubled over.

"Dan?" Joe held his friend by the shoulder, "Are you okay? Wait a minute! That stuff you were drinking when I came in, it's... it's..."

"The formula," Dan finished. "I mixed up some more of the... formula..." Dan stopped shaking.

"I was tired of being... small... and weak..." Dan was dressed in a T-shirt and jeans and Joe could see something was happening to him.

He felt his shoulders begin to get harder and larger. Dan sat up and turned to face Joe.

"When I saw what happened to Rick tonight, I knew," he closed his eyes and tensed his chest muscles, stretching his shirt across his swelling pecs, "that's what I had wanted all my life. I wanted to be big," his jeans began to pop at the seams, "and strong," his shirt began to rip down the back, "and powerful!"

Dan stood and clenched his fists. His expanding biceps tore through his sleeves and his pecs ripped open the front of his T-shirt.

"YES!!" he shouted as he tore off his shirt and ripped his jeans from his waist. Joe could not believe his eyes. He was speechless. Dan was taller, at least a half a foot taller, but his muscles! He couldn't begin to fathom the size and thickness of the muscles on his friend's once skinny body! Without thinking, Joe instinctively reached out and started feeling Dan's incredible body.

"Oh god, Dan," he muttered as he stroked his bulging biceps and tremendous triceps, "is this really happening? Is this really you?"

"That's right, bud." Dan smiled as he flexed is arm. Joe's two hands couldn't even begin to reach around his rock hard bicep. Suddenly, Joe heard the stirring of more fabric. Looking down, he saw Dan's cock shoot straight out of his pants like a torpedo. At its fully rigid, veined glory, his thick rod rhythmically pulsed as a stream of juice oozed from its tip. Dan's smile turned into a look of pure lust as he growled deeply.

"One hundred percent male muscle! And I'm dying to show you what it feels like."

With that, the new super man picked up Joe by his waist and hoisted him in the air. "Geez Joe, have you been losing weight? You feel as light as a feather!" Joe looked down at his friend in astonishment, not only from being practically thrown into the air by him, but also by the way his chest had exploded in size. Dan cupped Joe's ass in one mighty hand and began to curl him.

"How much do you really weigh, Joe? About 160 pounds, right? It feels like I'm lifting about 3 pounds. I could keep this up for hours!"

Meanwhile, Joe was balancing himself by holding on (as best he could) to Dan's volleyball sized shoulder. And at the same time he was finding that he was getting really turned on! The more he felt his huge, hard muscles and ran his fingers across the deep striations, the harder he became until he felt like he was ready to burst! He had never been this hard in all his life. There was something so sexy about his huge powerful muscles, his thick, beefy pecs, the healthy glow that he exuded. Then Dan took Joe by the waist again and placed him between his legs. Slowly he started flexing his mammoth thighs as he squeezed Joe's rib cage. Joe looked in awe as gigantic mounds of muscles burst from his legs, outlined by deep separations. Soon, though, the pain from his scissors grew, and Joe began to try to pry open Dan's legs. Dan ignored Joe's desperate efforts. He was busy feeling his pumped up bicep and marveling at it's size and hardness.

"God, Joe, you just can't believe what this feels like!"

"I'm getting ... a pretty clear ... picture ..." squawked Joe as he hammered with his fists on Dan's legs, trying to free himself. "Could you ... ease up ... a little?"

"Oh, sorry Joe, I guess I got a little carried away." Dan dropped Joe to the floor. "Are you alright? I hope I didn't hurt you. It's just that it feels so ... so fantastic!"

Dan stood over Joe and struck an impressive double-bicep pose that would have brought the house down at any bodybuilding competition.

"Nice. Good muscle size, great definition, nice symmetry."

Joe looked up from the floor towards the door. There was Dr. Harris standing in the doorway, no, filling the doorway! As he walked toward them, Joe couldn't believe his eyes. He was even bigger than Dan. His arms were at least as big as his waist and his monster thighs bulged with each step. His pecs were so thick and hard, they barely moved as he walked up to Joe and picked him up with one finger. He held him in front of his hard nipples that topped off what Joe thought to be the largest pecs he had seen outside of his comic books.

"So you decided to join me, eh Dan?" said Rick, "And what shall we do with you , Joe? I see that Dan has already given you a little taste of what our new bodies are capable of."

Joe was coming closer and closer to an explosion in his pants as he dangled by Rick's finger and stared into his fully pumped chest.

"I don't want word of this to get out just yet." Rick continued, "Do you think you can keep this a secret, Joe? We could make it worth your while..."

To emphasize his point, Rick flexed his other arm. As Joe watched his football sized bicep take shape, he could take no more. His cock burst forth a stream of cum that seemed like it would never end and then, mercifully, he passed out.

The next few weeks were busy ones around the lab. The two men, thanks to their newly developed powers, were able to clean things up quickly and get back to work. The loan shark never bothered them again, and was pleased when money from some of Dr. Harris' other discoveries started flowing in. Dr. Harris outfitted a major portion of the lab with super heavy-duty exercise equipment and was interested in seeing if the two of them might be able to actually increase their already prodigious strength. Joe stayed on as a loyal employee. He maintained the computers and the exercise equipment. If he did a good job, Dan and Rick would reward him by letting him watch them workout and giving them rub downs afterwards. But if he screwed up... well, lets just say that the headaches would last for days! •

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