By myoder

I started working in the office about a year ago. That's when I met "Gramps" and I changed my views about older men.

I was sent down to the boiler room to check on the heat. It was a very cold February and the office was old as ice. We could all see our breath and the women in the office told me to look for Gramps in the bowels of the building. I took the elevator down to the first floor and found the stairs to the basement. I hunted and hunted through a labyrinth of hallways and small service rooms. Not finding anyone, I started calling out.

"Hello? Is anyone down here?" I heard a cough from a far room at the end of a long hallway. I walked toward the sound and found a room with the door slightly ajar. I peered in and couldn't believe what I saw.

The man was immense. Easily 6'6" and probably 600lbs. Shoulders a good 4' across, thick muscled thighs in tight, green workpants, a large waist, but big like a powerlifters to hold up the incredible weight of his torso. His forearms, from behind were thick and well-veined with grey and black hair on them. The top of his head was partially balding, short grey hair hitting the top of his collar, itself pushed out by his massivly thick bull's neck. I gasped at the sight.

I guess he heard that, because he turned around sharply.

"Sorry," he said, "I didn't hear you there. Can I help you?"

I gulped hard. My voice was shaking. He wasn't pretty. He looked about 63 years old. His face was weathered and worn, but incredibly masculine. His jaw was square, and he had a tight mustache over his full lips. Not pretty, but very handsome. His eyes were bright blue and sparkled with life. His pecs pushed the work shirt to its limits and tufts of grey hair billowed out of the top. His arms were massive and thick - shoulders that looked like pumpkins. His forearms were thick and well-veined, covered in a thick mat of grey and black hair.

"Are you -- Gramps?" I finally blurted out.

"Yeah, that's me," he said."Name's Ed, by the way." He offered his huge hand to shake.

"I'm Hal, from the 8th floor. The-the heat's off upstairs." His massive hand engulfed my own. I was breathing hard just looking at this incredible hulk of muscle. Every inch of him was huge -- including his basket which looked like it contained a huge cock.

"Well," he said moving toward me. "We can't have that, can we?" He moved to a box on the wall and checked some switches. He played with these a little while then announced, "That should do it."

"Thanks," I said, and I turned to leave. I feared that if he caught me staring he'd rush me like a grape.

"Hold on a sec, Son," he said. "I don't get many visitors down here, you want to sit a while?"

"Sure," I said, thinking that work could wait a little while, while I took in this incredible man. I sat across from Gramps as he made tea. He sat down with his huge thighs spread apart, giving me a good look at the bulk of his crotch. Hesat bak and put his arms behind his head flexing his biceps. The shirt sleeves stretched and then tore a little to acomodate the mass of his arms. My mouth went dry and my hands started to shake.

"Damn!" he said. "There goes another shirt. Third one this month. Can't help it though, they don't make shirts big enough for all this." He stood up and unbuttoned the shirt as he opened it I could see his gargantuan pecs flexing and bulging. My cock was hard immediately. He turned around and took off the shirt. His back was huge and expansive, thick cords of muscle twisting and flexing. There was a fine coat of hair over his lats. He put the torn shirt down and turned around.

"That's better," he said. "Pretty warm in here, son. Why don't you take off your shirt too?" I did as I was told. "Mmmm," he said. "Nice and slim aren't you?" He moved toward me towering over me. I feltthe heat from his massive muscle. He casually flexed his pecs then reached down and ran his huge hairy hands over my body. Then he leaned down and his lips met mine. His tongue explored my mouth and my hands roamed over his hairy pecs.

"Man you're so huge!" I said. "How big are these arms?"

He flexed one massive biceps in front of my face. "Thirty three inches. Get 'em upto 35" when I'm really pumped. Go ahead and feel it." My hand barely covered the peak on the ock hard muscle. "Mmmm, that feels real good," he groaned throwing back his head and showing off the thickness of his neck. He lifted both arms in a double bicep and I gasped as the muscles expanded under my hands.

"Yeah! Feel this big man's muscles! This is what a real man looks like, huh? Need a boy to feel these big arms."

He started hitting pose after pose, showing off the incredible size of his pecs, lats, and arms.

"I gotta get these pants off," he said. Then he opened his fly and took down his pants. His legs were immense! Thicker than tree trunks and cut with huge muscle. His calves were huge. HE was wearing briefs which barely contained the huge cock hidden inside. I stripped off my pant letting my 7" cock spring free.

"Looks good," he said, falling to his knees he took my cock in his mouth and sucked really hard. I thought I'd explode havingthis huge hard muscled older man, sucking me so expertly. His powerful hands roamed over my body while he tongued my cock and asshole.

"Man, that's good," I moaned. "Now it's my turn." He stood up and put his hands on his hips. I got my knees and reached to the top of his briefs. His cock was straining to get free of the material. I pulled slowly down and revealed his grey haired bush. The tio of his huge cock was next, it looked as thick as a beer can.I kept pulling the shorts down and his cok kept moving with them. Longer and longer, his cock finally sprang free and bobbed in front of my face. It had to be 11" long and really thick. The head was dark purple and the huge dong throbbed. His balls were hairy and hung a good 6" down. I licked the end of his cock and slowly sucked in inch after inch. I managed to get about half in before the bulk of it was simply too huge. I stroked the rest of his cock with both hands as I sucked this hot old muscle man. He stood there grinning as I sucked him.

Then he sat down in a chair and grabbed me. He held me on his massive pecs and sucked my cock while I reached back and stroked his cock. I felt the cum rising in my cock.

"I'm gonna shoot!" I cried out, as my cock burst load after load of cum down Ed's throat. He moaned and started breathing fast and deep while he sucked my cock dry. He grabbed his cock in one hand and lifted me into his huge arm in the other. He stroked his huge pole and I rubbed his massive hairy pecs. Then he thrust his tongue down my throat and leaned back, givin his muscle dick one last pull as he shot a huge hot load on the floor of the work room.

We rested a while before I had to get dressed and head back to work.

"You'll have to come watch me workout, sometime, Hal." he said.

"It's a date." I said. •

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