Whatever happened to...?

By myoder

I was working late in my home office and after finishing up a few reports decided to cruise the net and see what I could find. I was on the bodybuilding ring and choosing to skip a lot of sites I'd seen thousand times - mostly hustlers with little boy faces and smooth bods when I found a site that was listed in my city that intrigued me. It read -

"Real men don't eat women. If you like 'em big and you're a bottom that knows what real size and hulking mass can do, email me."

There was only this message and a email link. I decided to take a chance and wrote a message.

"I'm a bottom and if you really are huge - and I mean HUGE, write me back. Don't waste my time if you're less than 300 lbs and your arms aren't as big as your head."

I was surprized at my cockiness, but I figured what the hell, he won't write back anyway. I sent the note and turned off the computer for the night.

A week later I got this message.

"Been bulkin up for you, man. If you really think you can handle a freak come to my place. 1400 Cadman Road at 7 tonight."

"Geez," I said to myself. I wonder if this is some set up. My gut told me no and I decided to risk it. If he was some little kid, or a woman, I thought I could at least sue for false advertising. It was already 6:30pm so I headed off to find this place.

The street was dark. There were a lot of olderhouses in this part of town, Victorian places most of which were pretty run down, but rich folks were moving in and cleaning the street up a bit. I found the address he gave me and walked up to the door thinking that if I needed to I could bolt down the stairs fast enough and make it to my car. I rang the bell and waited.

When the door opened I realized I could never sue this guy for false advertising. Man he was immense! He filled the door frame and stood about 6'5". His neck was thick and his traps high and huge. His shoulders were incredibly wide and thick, his biceps, easily 29", filled a tshirt thesleeves torn off to accomodate his mass. His forearms were thick and hairy with veins all over them, his hands were massive. His pecs were thick slabs of muscle, jutting out from his thick frame and flexing even in their relaxed state. He looked to weigh at least 400lbs. His hair was dark, short and curly. He had chiseled features and a deep furrowed brow. His nose was very roman and hehada shot-cropped beard. He looked really familiar too.

"You Mike?" he asked with a gruff, deep and incredibly sexy voice. My knees felt weak.

"Yeah." I stammered.

"Well come in then. I'm Lyle. Alzado." He backed away from the door and led me into the living room. I couldn't help thinking that I'd seen this guy before. He sat in a large chair across from me his massive legs spread open revealing a huge basket.

"You like what you see?" He got to business right away.

"Yeah," I gulped. "But you look really familiar to me. We haven't met before, have we?"

"You might have seen me in movies.I used to play football, too. That was a long time ago, though. I started getting too freaky and lost a lot of work. I had to disappear, so I faked my death." He was rubbing his crotch making the bulge bigger with every stroke. "They wanted me to slow down on the mass building stuff and I told 'em - fuck you I wanna get so fuckin big you won't know how to cast me, man!" He flexed his bicep then and the muscle twisted into a huge steel ball. "Look at that. Thirty-two fuckin inches, man! Come here."

I moved over to this giant man, kneeling at his feet. He smiled and lowered his bicep ight in front of my face. I could feel his hot breath on my neck, while he twisted and flexed his massive arm for me.

"Touch it," he whispered. My fingers ran over the thick muscle, feeling how huge it was how hard it was. he kept openingand closing his fist, twisting his fist around while I carressed his freaky bicep. My whole hand barely covered the peak of his immense arm."Yeah, big man's arm, huh? You like feelin that big man's arm, don't you? Mmmm yeah storke that 32" fuckin gun. Feel what a real man's arm is."

"Yeah," My breath was coming fast. My cock was hard in my pants. Lyle groaned and growled like a bear as I continued feeling the mass of his biceps, the thickness of his shoulders and the freaky size of his huge, hairy forearm. Finally, he stopped a moment and stood up. I watched as he towered over me. God this man was huge! Bigger than huge, hhe was a giant freak! A mountain of incredible muscle. The bulge in his pants was spreading down his pant leg. He reached under his t-shirt and peeled the thing off over huge thick rippling stomach muscles covered in dark hair. His pecs emereged next also covered in thick fur. Then the shirt was off and he just stood there looking down at me. This was too fucking inredible. He flexed his hairy pecs and raised his arms in a double biceps looking at me the whole time. His eyes were dark and dangerous, but I also knew that he needed my attention. He craved this worshipping - it made him feel even bigger, even more powerful. And I wanted him to feel that way. I needed to worship all that incredible mass and power and size.

I stood up, got undressed and started to feel every inch of him.His eyes followed my hads as they roamed over his massive body. I felt his traps high on his shoulders like they were going to touch his ears. I felt his thick bull's neck the arteries like cables. I felt his shoulders massive and thick like two huge basketballs pumped and ready. I felt his massive thick striated pecs. The hair wasn't really heavy on them and each strand of muscle stood out. As he rolled those huge pecs each fibre of muscle twitched and rolled like great waves of thick manflesh. I felt his huge forearms each one as big as most men's thighs, thick wrists, vascular massive hands. Powerful hands that could crush bricks or lift tanks. I felt his abs, thick powerful and rock hard. I pictured him taking blow after blow from some huge guy and just standing there laughing. Throughhis pants I carressed his quads thick tear drops of muscle tensed undermy fingers. And I let my hand drift over his massive cock - it stretched half-way down his pant leg trapped by the material.

All the time, Lyle was transfixed by my hands. I letmy tongue explore every hairy crevice. he lifted his arms and I licked the sweat from his pits. I toungued his hairy nipples and licked the flex of his pecs. i licked the peak of biceps. I licked every inch of him gently, letting him feel the soft warmness of my adoring tongue slide over his incredible muscle.

"Mmmmm, yeah. Lick this muscleman. Lick every fuckin huge inch of me, baby. Yeah. I wanna taste my sweat on your tongue, man." He cradled my head gently and his tongue swirled around in my mouth, exploring. His hands started to roam over my body and i felt him pick me up undermy ass. He stood there holding me in one huge hand while he kissed me deeply. The feelign of his beard against my cheeks and the breath from his flaring nostrils was incredible. I pressed my cock against his thick hairy bellyand bucked. As I did I felt his finger probing my asshole.

"Yeah, tight fukin hole, man. You like this muscleman's finger ticklin that hole? You want my cock in there, don't you. Yeah, you need a real man's cock in that asshole, huh? Mmmmm."

He carried me though his house and into the bedroom. He stood me on the bed and moved back. He turned away from me and I got to see the immense expanse of his back. It was unreal. Huge lats and his traps rising up. His shoulders were at least 3' across. The christmas tree in his lower back washeavy and striated. He took of his pants and threw them on a chair. Thenhe hit abacklatspread and I gasped. The unrealnss of all that masswas amazing. I felt light-headed seeing that incredible back spread wide and thick huge glutes tight and rock hard. His ham strings were huge and his calves were massive diamonds over his thick ankles. Then he hit a back double biceps and evey inh of him bunched into mountains of twisted contorted muscle. Powerful huge rippling muscle and twisted steel biceps.

As he turned around I gasped again. His cock was incredible! It was at least 9inhes long and it was still soft! In this state it looked about 6 inches around. Man! His cock soft was almost as big as mine hard! He just stood there posing and flexing each muscle group, and I knelt on the bed reaching out to touch each muscle as he flexed it.

"You wanna see me get hard?" he said.

"Fuck, yes sir!"

He laughed and stood away from me. Then I watched as his huge cock grew. It filled and lengthened moving away from his massive body, getting bigger and longer and fatter. He flexed it and it grew a little more. Finally it stopped growing, standing directly out from his massive torso. It looked to be about 14" long and easily 10" around. And it was hard as rock.He hit a double biceps pose and flexed his cock over and over to show me his power and incredible control. I stroked my own 7" cock and licked thehead of his massive fuckpole.

"Yeah, eat that huge man's cock, baby. Make it feel real good." He sat back on the bed and I licked and stroked his huge dick. He'd flex it bringing it closer to my tongue then flex it backward slapping it against his stomach all using the muscle power in his cock. He could make that huge 14" cock stand straight up and when I grabbed it, he could easily flex it out of my hands. "You like that? You like feelin the fuckin power in that huge cock? I can keep this thing hard all fuckin night, baby. Oh yeah make love to that massive fuckin dong, baby!" I stroked him with both hands and licked and sucked him for a long time. He kept his cock hard the entire time, flexing it and showing it off.

"I gotta get off, man. Get this big muscle man off, boy!" He stood up and lifted me in one huge hand. I felt his hairy forearms thicken and each muscle vibrate with power.He walked over to the full length mirror and started doing curls with me. With each lift his cock twitched and flexed. My own cock was bobbing and I felt readyto shoot.

Then he shifted me over his biceps. My asshole twitched feeling that massive arm against it.

"YEAH!! FEEL THAT MAN'S FUCKIN BICEP ON YOUR HOLE, BUDDY! RIDE THAT FUCKIN MUSCLE" He started flexing his bicep while I rode it. My cock bounced on his shoulder, slpping the mountains of huge muscle. His breathing deepened and I watched his cock thicken and lengthen even more. It was wild! This huge man flexing his bicep feeling his power over me, feeling his freaky mass and his cock ready to explode knowing how huge and hard and massive he was. He growled and his eyes went wild. His neck was thick and the veins stood out like cables.His cock throbbed and I felt my dick ready to shoot.

"I'm gonna shoot!" I cried, and my cock started a steady stream of hot white jism over his biceps and shoulder.

"YEAH!" He growled. "I'm gonna shoot, man! Look at that freaky huge dick, baby! AARRRRGGGHHH!!!" He growled in a deep voice, flexed his cock one last time and it shot load after load of cum over the floor.

We lay on his bed. He folded me in his huge massive arms, his semi-hard cock pressd against my ass crack. That was the first night… •

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