Camp Mass

By myoder

I was lost in the mountains of BC Canada. Tall trees everywhere and no one around. My car was starting to run out of gas when I noticed a guy in a truck turn into a side road. I decided to follow him, hoping to find a house where I could find some help and directions.

The road wound through a growth of huge and ancient trees. It seemed to be getting darker even though it was a very bright day. The futher in I went the larger the trees seemed to be. Just as my car was hitting empty and the motor started to sputter, I saw a clearing ahead. As I pulled near the clearing I heard a lot of loud noises. Metallic clanking and crunching, the sound of loud cries. I stopped the car and got out.

"What the hell is this?" I asked myself as I entered the clearing. Then I saw waht I couldn't believe.

This was a camp of some kind. A camp full of the biggest most muscular men I'd ever seen. They were all over the place. Some were dressed, some not. Some looked like burly loggers and bikers - others looked like cops or coporate types. They were younger and older. The youngest looked to be about 16 the oldest I saw looked about 70 years old. Not one of them looked to weigh less than 350 lbs and not one stood less than 6'3". I hid behind a tree and watched, scared to make any noise unless they saw me. Any one of them could tear me to shreds with his huge bare hands.

There were piles of twisted metal all over - old cars, trucks, huge bank safes, weight sets, pullies and winches, piles of logs the size of five story buildings. There were a number of cabins off to the side surounding this bizarre camp.

Suddenly I felt a strong grip on the back of my neck. I looked around and saw the biggest man I'd ever seen. It was the guy I'd seen earlier. He was massive. Wearing a plaid shirt with the sleeves cut off - sleeves could not contain those massive hairy arms, easily 30" around. He stood about 6'7" and had to weigh 500lbs. His hair was short cropped like a marine and he a fumanchu mustache and a few days growth of stubble. Dark sunglasses hid his eyes. Hair billowed out the top of the shirt and there was an obscene bulge in his tight jeans.

"Whatcha doin here, boy?" he grunted. His voice was deep and gravelly. He stared into my eyes with deep blue eyes and looked through me.

"I got lost," I said, "My car ran out of gas. I'll go. I don't want to make trouble."

The huge man laughed. "Can't make no trouble here, a little guy like you." He put me down and started toward the camp. "Well c'mon, boy," he said, "gonna watch the games?"

I followed him toward the camp.

"Name's Clyde," he said.

"Harris," I said. "What is this place?"

"Camp Mass. Only place on earth where real huge guys can get a decent workout. Started coming here about five years ago, when I got out of the marines. I was big then but now-" He stopped and turnedto me. He lifted his right arm in a biceps pose. The huge muscle peaked like a twisted steel mountain, his triceps hanging down thick and hard as granite. He turned his fist from side to side and the muscle changed shape bulging and writhing under his skin. I started to get hard. He noticed.

"Hmmm, See you like this, huh? Well hang around, boy, you'll be in heaven soon."

He took me into the centre of the camp and all eyes turned to me. Not threatening, but because I was so different. A mere slim 5'10" to their inhuman size and shape. I felt like a toddler among these giants of muscle and power.

Clyde walked over to a large contraption of steel gurders, chains and mangled trucks. It looked like a bizarre version of a lat machine. He stood in front of the machine and grabbed the gurders.

"Set it at 15, guys, I'm feeling strong today." Several of these huge men grabbed another gurder and placed it under the fifteenth truck in the pile. Clyde pulled the ends of the gurder and I watched in amazement as the pile trucks groaned and lifted up. He pulled down hard and his lats spread like huge beefy wings. He did rep after rep of pull downs, the metal scrunching and creaking underhis power. His back spread wideerand wider, the thick plaid shirt stretching over his massive back. His shoulders rose like boulders, thick and veined. After about 50 reps he let the pile of trucks crash down and stood there. He flexed his lats and shoulders and the shirt tore away from his inhuman muscle. He clenched his huge fists and his hairy pecs cut into thick striated chunks of flesh.

My cock started to stiffen in my pants as I watched man after freaky man complete incredible numbers of reps on this lat machine. Huge mountains of muscle surrounded me as the supermen ripped their shirts open, each flexing the most massive lats, anc pecs I'd ever seen. These guys started rubbing their crotches, feeling their raw power and size.

Then one man, Jim, went to another machine. Jim was about 65, with shoulder length greying hair and a bushy mustache. He looked like an old cowboy with a tight white t-shirt stretched over mountainous pecs and shoulders. The machine was like a bicep curl but set up with pullies and huge mountains of logs. He lifted five logs, each of which had to weigh a ton into the machine, and started doing curls. His biceps peaked to an enormous size, each vein filling with blood. He grimaced as he pumped out 25 reps. His t-shirt began to split over the swelling muscle and soon his massive 36" guns were completely free of the little shirt. He let the logs fall and stood up flexing his biceps.

"Come here, boy!" he said. "Feel these big guns!" I touched the hot hard muscle. It was like soft steel. The peak on his bicep was bigger than my whole grasp. I ran my hand over his massive arms and he groaned rolling his head back and exposing his thick bull's neck.

"Better stand back," Clyde said. "You got ole Jim real hot." I stepped back and Jim just looked at me as he thrust out his hips and his basket expanded. It grew larger and larger, his jeans stretching beyond their capacity to hold his swelling erection. His cock burst through the pants and sprang up - 13" of thick pulsing muscle. He flexed his cock obscenely.

"Get naked and sit on it, boy! Sit on a real fuckin' man's cock." I didas I was told, stripping naked and straddling his massive cock. He held me inthe air as with the power of his cock and flexed it, giving me a rush like I couldn'tbelieve. My cock was rock hard now and threatening to shoot. But I held off. Jim pulled me closer in his large meaty hands. I ran my hands over his incredible biceps and massive pecs and he kissed me deep, his stache all over my face.

Clyde and the others were getting hot now and started pulling out their cocks, too. Soon I was being passed between all these muscle freaks. Guy, a 16year old stud with long brown hair and a little mustache sat me on his biceps and flexed. I tensed my asshole over his arm and he stroked his 10" dick. Larry, a biker, 6'5" and 400lbs of muscle beard and hair grabbed me and held me over his head with one hand while he sucked my cock, while another guy tried to deep throat his 14" monster.

Then Clyde pulled me to him and kissed me deep. "C'mon, little man. Gonna show you something fun." He carried me in his huge arms to another machine. At one end was a chair. Then there was a long chain attached one on end to a leather strap and a the other to a flat of huge concrete blocks. Each block looked to weigh about 50lbs and there were probably 20 of these on the flat.

"Get me hard," he said. I held his cock in my hands feeling the weight. It a good 10" soft and as thick as my wrist. I stroked it and ran my tongue over the head. Clyde put his arms behind hishead flexing his pumped 33" arms and licking his sweaty hairy pits. I sukced as much of his expanding dong as I could, but it soon grew beyond my ability. I stroked it more and it lengthened to it's full 13". My hands could not reach around it. He flexed his cock a little and said, "Yeah! That's fucking perfect, little man!" He took the leather strap and fit it around his throbbing dick. Then he started to flex his cock. The strap and the weight of the blocks pulled it down, but not for long. He continued tensing his massive muscle cock and the flat of concrete began to shift. He continued flexing his cock and pulling the blocks forward. He built up speed, grunting and gritting his teeth as the blocks moved closer. His cock was actually pulling 1000lbsof concrete across a dirt bed! My cock bounced and twitched like I was ready to explode.

"YEAH! PULL THAT FUCKIN' WEIGHT!" the other guys called. "DO IT, CLYDE!"

"IT'S NOT ENOUGH, FUCKERS! CLIMB ON THAT FLAT, JIM!" Jim and several others climbed on the flat of blocks, but Clyde's superhuman strength pulled it forward. "SHIT, I'M GONNA SHOOT, MAN!" Clyde grabbed me and I wrapped my legs around his hot powerful fuck pole. Clyde kissed me deep and groaned, thrusting his hip forward. I felt the spasm as his cock shot a load that flew 20 feet across the yard. That me and the other guys off and soon cum was flying all over a sea of huge muscle studs.

That was my first day at Camp Mass. •

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