Growing Guy

By MassiveBoy

Guy was new at the gym. To say he was built was an understatement; he was fucking huge! But he was also really friendly. We bullshitted about training and stuff before I asked him how he got so big.

He invited me back to his place. I was speechless.

His apartment was a veritable shrine to lifting and muscle building. The weight bench was loaded with a dozen forty-five's. The smallest dumbbells were one-hundreds. I was in awe.

Finally, Guy showed me some contraption stashed in a corner. It appeared to be a homemade computer.

He turned it on and told me to stand against the wall. I wasn't about to argue with him. The machine hummed ominously as it warmed up. The lights dimmed as it drew increasingly more power. I was nervous and excited, enthralled by the sight of Guy's mammoth biceps flexing as he fiddled with the buttons.

Suddenly, a red beam leapt from the machine, slamming into my chest. I was knocked hard against the wall. It hurt like hell, but almost instantaneously, the pain gave way to an erotic tingling that permeated my whole body, like the onrush of some heavy drug. I felt seriously stoned. The only sensation I could focus on was this freaky sexy energy coursing through me. I got a raging hard-on. My heart pounded louder and faster. What a ride! I had never felt so turned on before, although I couldn't quite make out the object of my desire.

Another rush. Then another. Stronger every time. It was amazing. Oh God, I thought, here it comes. Oh, baby, yeah. I was on the brink; not just a simple orgasm, but an all-consuming euphoria, building and unstoppable. Suddenly, as I reached climax, a deep burn began stabbing at every muscle in my body. I screamed, but at the same time, it felt so good, so hot and incredibly masculine. I was drenched in perspiration, convulsing in sync my pulsating dick.

But I wasn't coming. After a few seconds, I was still on the brink, but no end in sight. I started feeling nervous. What was with this?

My clothes were soaked. They also felt uncomfortably tight. I looking over at Guy, watching me, fixated.

A deafening groan emanated from deep inside me. I looked down.

I was changing.

My muscles began to grow with unprecedented size. I was getting bigger. And stronger. Un-fucking-believably bigger and stronger. So, this was Guy's secret.

Awestruck, I watched my pecs begin to swell obscenely and majestically, broadening; twin peaks of masculine chest-beef ominously rising up as if to smother me with their immensity. My shirt stretched tighter across my widening cleavage. Within seconds, all I could see under my chin were these thick, heaving mounds of succulent muscle. It was a dream come true.

And it was only the beginning.

I reveled in the outrageous feeling of my lats flaring and bulking instantaneously, rippling with brutal thickness, assuming that formidable V-taper. Super-masculine traps loomed up around my neck, engulfing my broadened shoulders. My neck itself thickened into a voluptuous column, snapping the collar-button as it spread wider. My swelling arms filled out the sleeves. The shirt was molded to me like a second skin; it couldn't take any more.

I was too big for my fucking shirt, who ever thought I'd have the chance to say that? My blood boiled that I might stop getting bigger after coming this far. No fucking way, man... no FUCKING way. I wanna be HUGE. I want OUT! I chuckled malevolently as the fabric gave way, threads snapping, the seams coming apart...

Roaring ecstatically, my chest burst open the shirt. One by one, the buttons popped off as my monumental pecs defiantly surged forth. My inhuman traps exploded through the reinforced fabric, ravenously cramming the space between my neck and shoulders. My inflated delts cracked the seams; the sleeves tore loose as the three heads blossomed into mind-blowing cannonballs. With an agonizing rip, the back split down the middle, revealing my staggering, swollen lats. The rush was incredible: I was fucking HUGE. Wisps of fabric wafted around my face; ragged tatters hung pathetically from obscene bulges.

My Olympian thighs tugged at my swollen jeans, but my eyes were on my biceps, hanging like slabs of raw meat. My left arm involuntarily flexed with a bulge powerful enough to rupture the sleeve, exposing my surging bicep in all its monstrous glory. The right responded, slower this time; I savored the seductive striptease as the freakish peak lusciously split open the fabric, swelling higher and fuller. My thickening wrists and forearms popped the buttons, shredding the cuffs until they fell away. My guns were unpacked and ready to fire. The power packed inside was devastating, overwhelming. Proudly, I hit a double-bicep, and practically came as those two engorged mothers spectacularly leapt up.

I was naked and glistening above the waist, except for the tatters dangling from my horrific traps. I regarded the new landscape. My heaving pecs began to shred and rip as they bulked up,. My delts were overrun with striations and cuts. But now, it was my lower body's turn to perform.

I groaned rapturously as my superhuman thighs determinedly pried open the Levi's, splitting the sturdy seams like crepe paper The rock-hard heads of my thighs throbbed and flexed, ravaging the skin-tight denim, sensually unpeeling themselves. Thickening. Mutating. Becoming even more inhumanly grotesque, each head clamoring for room on my overcrowded bones. Their girth forced me to spread them wider in order to remain standing. Rrrrip. Tearrr. Yeah, baby. Tear those fuckers. Fuck, yeah. The pants fell in a mess of sopping rags, landing with a squishy thud at my feet.

Suddenly, my fly-button popped. The belt snapped. I felt my raging erection prying open the zipper, one tooth (plink) at a (plink) time (plink). Oh my God... Screaming to free itself from my drenched undershorts. Twisting itself longer and thicker. Oh, Jesus... This was the ultimate... Violently, my dick thrust through my briefs, gasping for air, protruding outrageously, dripping with pre-cum and sweat. The masculine smell was overwhelming. I grabbed the purple shaft, savoring its freakish girth and heaviness; I could barely get my hand around the thing. Its entwining veins pulsed and throbbed excitedly, the luxuriously velvet skin. Coupled with my ridiculous growth spurt, this was ecstasy.

This was what being a real man was about. Fucking huge, fucking muscles. A monster dick. I was getting off on myself, stroking my new self, all the new crevices and valleys. I could feel and hear my skin growing and stretching, frantically trying to cover my devastating muscle mass. I was astounded at my immensity already, but I kept getting bigger. My bulging biceps pushed still farther from my barbarous lats. My linebacker's neck thickened even more insanely; my preposterous traps audibly groaned with ever-increasing gobs of grotesque muscle. The vast expanse of my chest pumped itself higher and more Herculean. I swiped the remnants of my shirt from my colossal shoulders, laughing ecstatically. My heinous quads and calves blew up savagely; the two beefy appendages squished lusciously against each other. I pumped myself harder, beginning to thrust...

My shoes and socks had long since cracked open, My abs swept into a fantastic rippling math table. Freaky veins, thick as garden hoses, protruded beneath my gigantic biceps, now hanging at a cool thirty inches.

I never thought the human body, much less mine, could be so big. I reveled in that thought as I noticed Guy watching me, astonished and hard as a rock. Fuck Lou Ferrigno -- I was the Incredible Hulk, only more incredible! I roared with pleasure at the thought of the now-puny Ferrigno bowing down before me to do my bidding, topping it off with a magnificent double-biceps.

My 6'5 wet dream of a body ran with torrents of hot, succulent man-sweat. My lungs heaved like a mighty bellows. I flexed my fabulous arms again and again , exulting in the orgasmic feeling of insurmountable power, my monstrous beet-red cock, hideously veined, hardening and dripping, mangled my sopping shorts, the last shreds of clothing that could attempt containing this paragon of masculinity.

Then, I began trembling again. Was it over? Was I as big as I would get? But I wanted more; more huge, more phenomenal, more freaky. More pre-cum leaked out, egging my already fantastic physique onto even more massive heights. I thought I was gonna burst!

The machine raced to a higher pitch, the red beam twisting into a lightning bolt of power. I howled like an animal, absorbing even more hulklike strength. My head reeled as it thundered into me, blowing me up beyond belief. I wanted it, needed it. I held my arms directly into the light, watching them explode with towering strength, pumping them fuller, rounder, freakier, the peaks split and swelled insanely. Blood raged through my veins. Deep within my cavernous ribcage, my heart beat ecstatically. Limitless strength fed into me; I raised my arms overhead, screaming as my red-hot dick finally splurged a colossal stream of jism into the air.

The machine stopped.

The only sounds were my breath, my heart, and the steam rising from my body. I stood immobile, reeling in masculinity. Finally, I made it to the mirror. The revelation was unbelievable. I bellowed lustily as another hot shot of jism rose up and burst through my quivering meat. I stood before my reflected image, and continued to pump my magnificent phallus as I surveyed my new "home."

My steaming physique practically glowed; my muscles practically flexed themselves as I gazed at my obscene pecs and delts, my hideously freaky arms, my heinous, barndoor lats. My quads were terrifyingly huge and chiseled. I was inhuman. I reached for my softening dick; the intoxicating sensation was back. I began to pump...

Guy, dazed, made his way over to me. I pointed my hungry dick in his direction...

Ooh, yeah, baby...

He got down in front of me, and slurped down my dripping cock like he was gonna die without it, moaning lustfully. Slathering it with his saliva. Fucking it with his wet pussy of a mouth. I grabbed his head, and rammed it down on my dick. He gagged with delight. I stroked my shredded, heaving pecs as he slid up and down the shaft. I hit a double-bicep, and licked my monster peaks as he nibbled on the soft mushroom head.

Finally, it was time. I braced myself, and whooped like a banshee as he swallowed my mouthful of man juice.

He looked up at me worshipfully, hungrily, his mouth dripping with my love juice. Then he swallowed it. His eyes glazed over, as he remained knelt in front of me. He started to pant, then to tremble. He grabbed my calves in a vice-like grip, not letting go. He let out a savage roar. And then he started to change.

His bulging traps soared up like mountains from his shoulders, his neck spread like a balloon filling with air. Likewise, his biceps, his delts, his massive pecs all inflated simultaneously: blowing up with incredible size, rippling with definition, becoming harder and stronger. Big pecs rippling, shredding, enlarging, oh baby, ocme to me my fucking muscle baby...

I got down on my knees as Guy swelled up beyond belief, and sucked the fuck out of his Big Daddy dick. I felt the thing growing in my hot, lusty mouth as I sucked him. I wanted his juice. I wanted his cum. Big Daddy man-cum. Oh yes, please baby, yeah, give it to me. Baby wants to be bigger. It swelled up like fucking Coke bottle, all hard and veiny and pulsing, and alive in my hot muscle mouth. I felt his huge, heaving, sweaty pecs growing bigger, heavier. He growled deeply as his dick hit the back of my throat, pushing my head down deeper. I gagged, spitting up on his hot red meat-pole, watching it spread and elongate. I couldn't take it for long, and plunged it back down my eager throat. I felt his biceps blow up like vein-entwined basketballs. He flexed 'em for me, the cocky fuck, knowing it made me want to suck him even more.


I pulled on my own dick like a banshee, it was so fucking hot. Feeling myself, my size, my hugeness, feeling him growing still, his thighs and belly forming a muscular wall in front of my eyes. I wanted to suck more size out of him. I wanted to be as big as him. Bigger... •

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