Moving Day (1)

By Bobaroo

I had called the moving company two weeks ago to arrange for movers for this Saturday. The receptionist had asked me how big an apartment I was moving from, etc. and I told her that I was moving from a one bedroom in a third floor walkup to an apartment in the same neighborhood that was in a second floor walkup. Neither had an elevator. I had a lot of books and records, and an upright piano. I had almost considered getting a company that specialized in moving pianos, because I remembered that it had almost been a disaster getting it up to my current place. The movers had almost dropped it on the stairs because it was so heavy. She took down the info, and said that a truck would be there at 9 am.

At 9:05 the downstairs buzzer rang and I went down to let the guys in. Waiting outside on the stoop was an enormous man. He practically blotted out the light from coming in the double door's glass windows that were 7' high. He must have been at least 6'8" and three feet wide. I opened the door and he said, "You must be Bob. I'm Jack." I craned my neck to look up at his face. He had a thick, black fumanchu moustache and scraggly long black hair. His eyes were dark brown, capped by bushy eyebrows. I quickly ran my eyes over his body, which was unbelievable. His shoulders jutted out from either side of a neck as thick as my thighs. A huge chest pushed out in front of him, barely contained by a flannel shirt with the arms ripped out at the shoulders. His arms were pushed out at a slight angle from his body because his lats were incredibly wide. And his arms, resting at his side, were probably as big around as my waist. His waist was narrow, and then beneath his slim hips his thighs flared out in bulges of muscle that stretched the material of his pants. The top two buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned, revealing a thick mat of dense, black hair. I saw that in one hand he had some thick leather straps, in the other a few cloth mats for padding the furniture.

"Hi, nice to meet you," I said. "I'm upstairs."

"Let's see the lay of the land, and then I'll figure out what to start moving down first," he said.

We started up the stairs and I showed him the apartment, filled with boxes amid the furniture. I pointed out the piano and said, "That was a real bitch to move in here. I hope that you and the other guys can manage it."

"Oh, I'm working this job myself," he said.

"What? What are you talking about?" I asked indignantly. "How am I going to get moved out today if the other guys haven't shown up yet?"

"That's what I'm telling you. I'm gonna move you by myself today."

I went into the bedroom and started looking for the phone number of the moving company. This was bullshit. I know that they were a small, cheap company, but I didn't want this to be a week long affair. While I was searching through a pile of papers on the dresser, Jack dropped the mats and started wrapping some of the straps around the piano. I found the number and started dialling. As it started ringing, Jack crouched down a little, grabbed onto the straps, and hoisted the piano onto his back, effortlessly. I heard him walking down the steps with it when a voice on the other end said, "Hello?"

"Umm, this is Bob at 8th Avenue. I, uh, just wanted to let you know that the mover got here on time," I said, then hung up. I ran to the window and saw Jack walk up the ramp into the truck, the piano on his back. A few minutes later he was returning.

When he came back in he smiled and said, "See, no problem. Hmm, I guess this should go next." He walked over to the sofa, tossed the cushions aside, and bent down to pick it up. He threw it over one shoulder and steadied it with one hand. Then he picked up an easy chair with the other hand and started down the stairs again, the chair held straight out in front of him to clear the banisters.

By now my astonishment had given way to lust. My cock was stiff in my pants as I began to realize the power in this guy's muscles. Jack came back and picked up a carton of books, piled it onto another, then piled those onto two cartons of records. I had had to drag each box along the floor after it was filled, they were so heavy, and here he was picking up all four at once. "I don't want to pile them too high, because they might tip over," he said.

When he returned he said, "You might want to wait down by the truck, just to make sure no on runs off with anything. Oh, this should go in next," and he picked up the platform for my double bed.

I followed him downstairs and watched as he quickly emptied the rest of the apartment. He would strap six or seven boxes together, bringing them down on his broad back as if they hardly weighed anything. His arms flexed with the effort, and he was starting to breathe a little more heavily, but it was still incredible that he could do all of this by himself.

"Well, that seems to be it," he said to me. I locked up the apartment and left the keys with one of the neighbors. Jack got in behind the wheel and I climbed into the cab alongside him.

"HOW did you ever get so strong?" I asked him.

He chuckled as he started up the engine. "I was always a strong guy. I remember in fourth grade in elementary school we had to do the physical fitness tests and to "pass" you had to do 20 chin ups. I did 20, then I did 20 with each arm. My dad worked out, and I started working out with him. Pretty soon I could lift more than the old man. I was benching over 400 by the time I was 15. I just kept on working at it, because I really liked being the strongest guy around."

"Yeah, well it's really impressive," I said, my mouth dry from how excited I was. "You put on quite a show for me just then."

He turned and smiled and said, "Well, the second act is coming up now. And maybe we'll have a big bang for the grand finale. How much do you think I bench now?"

"Six hundred pounds?" I guessed.

"Hah, hah, hah," Jack laughed. "Haven't you been watching me in action? I bench 925 pounds for 10 reps. Pretty soon I'm going to up the weight to 1000 pounds. Do you realize that that's half a ton? I've got to have special weights made for me, I'm so strong. Half a ton flying through the air, pushing up from these giant pecs!"

I felt lightheaded just listening to him talk about it.

We pulled up to the new apartment and I went up and unlocked the doors. Jack was already busy, unloading stuff from the truck onto the sidewalk. Now I was treated to another display of his awesome strength. At one point as he was bending down to lift up a stack of boxes, Jack's shirt started to rip along the seam under one arm.

"Shit," he said, unbuttoned it, pulled it off, and threw into into the truck's cab. His huge hairy torso was now revealed to me. His mountainous hairy pecs thrust out over a washboard stomach of tightly ridged muscles. I could feel that my underwear was wet from all the pre-cum I had been leaking. In what seemed like no time, the truck was empty and everything had been brought up the stairs.

"Well, that seems like it," Jack said.

"There's more that you could do for me," I said. "Why don't you flex those powerful muscles for me?"

Jack was quick to oblige. The first thing he did was flex his right arm . The biceps blasted upward in a hard mountain of muscle. He was pumped from all his exertions as if he had been working out in the gym. The veins in his arms snaked all over his muscles. He brought up the left arm and treated me to an awesome double biceps display. Jack's arms must have been 30 inches around! He put his hands behind his head and scrunched his abs into tight relief. I started unzipping my pants, my cock so hard that it hurt to have it confined in my jeans. Jack kept out grinding the poses.

"Yeah, you saw this muscleman do his thing. You know how strong I am," he said. "You know you want to see more of this muscle freak."

"Yeah, show me more. I need to see your fucking big body explode into freaky muscle," I answered.

"Here, look at this!" Jack cried as he crunched out a most muscular pose. Sinews and veins burst out from the giant muscles of his chest, arms, and shoulders. My cock was pushing out from my briefs, the whole front of my underwear wet from pre-cum.


I went up to him and put my hands on his huge biceps.

"SHIT! IT'S LIKE GROPING ROCKS!" I screamed. I never dreamed that anyone's body could feel that hard.

Jack quickly unbuttoned his pants, unzipped them and stripped out of them and his underwear.

"What about this fucking cock!" he said. "WHAT ABOUT IT!""

His dick was at least 11 inches long, and amazingly thick. THe piss-slit was wet with pre-cum as the monster dong throbbed from the blood pulsing down the veins that bulged out like ropes along his fat shaft. I fell to the floor so that I would be closer to it. Jack stepped onto the kitchen table so that his rod was thrust out over my head. I reached up and wrapped both hands around it. The thick erection was iron hard in my grip.

"This cock is as hard and strong as my other muscles. TEST IT!!!" Jack bellowed. I started flexing my arms, pulling my weight up. Jack's mighty prick stood out as I slowly pulled my body up. I was doing a chin up, using this stud's dick as a bar! I did three more reps, than stood up on my feet. I took Jack's dong in my mouth and slurped down the sweet pre-cum leaking from the mushroom head.

"Ooooh yeah," Jack said. "Suck this big man's cock. Worked hard for you, now you pay him back." He thrust his hips so that his long dick rammed my face. Finally I had to back off to catch my breath and Jack jumped down from the table.

"You didn't have faith in my strength when I first showed up. What do you think now?" he said as he flexed an arm right in front of my face. Huge masses of biceps muscle knotted up in an almost disgusting display of size and animal strength.

"I saw right away I was wrong," I said. "You're stronger than I ever dreamed anyone could ever be. Let me worship your powerful muscle!"

He started flexing, only he was ten times as intense as the other display he had given me. His muscles were even bigger from the lifting he had been doing. I felt all over his hairy chest and shoulders like a god, his arms that stretched to their 30" glory all morning long. He egged me on, goading me to savor his unbelievable strength.

I started jerking him off while my other hand felt all over his body. He followed suit and took my dick in one of his callused hands. He spit into his palm three times to grease it up, and when he put it back on my aching shaft and started rubbing me, I grunted with pleasure.

My head was at his chest level, since he was so tall, and I rubbed my face all over the hairy muscular mounds of his pecs. His nipples were stiff and long, and I started working one of them with my teeth. All the time his hand gripped my cock as he stroked me toward orgasm.

"Gonna shoot my load now," Jack said. "Stand back, it's gonna blow!" And with that I felt the cum gushing through his shaft and blasting out of the big head. Gobs of cum splattered on the floor several feet away as he shot again and again. I held his hand on my dick so he would stop jerking me.

"Flex those hot muscles," I said. "Let me cum worshipping your body." Jack ripped into a posing routine that would have won him any contest. I worked my cock as only I could, sensing every time I was close to cumming and pulling back, extending the moment. Jack was in a frenzy of muscle action. Triceps bulging into relief in a side pose; twisting back muscles springing into action after a lat spread a mile wide, raising on tip toe to highlight the amazing diamonds of his calves - Jack was brutal power in motion.

"UGGGH, UGGGH, AAAAARGGGGH!" came out of my throat as an overwhelming orgasm took over my body. Never had I cum so hard! Spunk shot out of my dick as I kept wanking it, load after load. All the time Jack kept crunching out muscle poses. Finally my contractions slowed and stopped, and I was left exhausted, as Jack flexed in a triumphant double biceps pose.

I exchanged numbers with Jack, and told him that I'd invite him over soon, once things were somewhat put away. •

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