Matt's Best Friend

By FanTCMan

It happened during the eighth grade. Matt noticed something in gym class that he couldn't believe. His best friend, Sean, seemed to suddenly be maturing faster than any of the other guys, and it seemed to have happened overnight. When he undressed to go to the showers, Matt noticed that Sean had suddenly grown all this hair that he and the other guys didn't have. Matt and Sean were both good looking guys, and were both proud of how they were maturing, getting enough pubic hair that you could actually see it, dark, all around the base of their dicks. They had even grown some under their arms and had started to have to shave their moustaches, and they liked the process of turning into men. But this day, Sean seemed to have grown a year older, and it had only been a couple of days since Matt had seen him naked. He thought at first that he just hadn't noticed, although Matt usually noticed what Sean looked like naked. But he had more pubic hair that any of the other guys. He had more than the ninth graders. And under his arms, he had a lot of hair. Dark hair. Like a high school guy. But Matt didn't say anything. He felt funny.

Then, a few days after that, in gym class again, he noticed that Sean seemed to be spending more time naked, walking around the showers and locker room, and Matt noticed that the hair had grown in even more, and some was starting to grow around his belly button. Still he didn't say anything. But within a week, he saw the changes were becoming more obvious all the time. A lot of fine but dark hair was starting to sprout all over his chest. And something else even more radical was happening. He had to look twice, but he was absolutely sure that Sean's cock was bigger. They had compared, when they started to get more mature dicks, and they both had decent sized equipment. But now, Sean's dick was hanging from his hairy groin like a grown up guy with a nice, big cock.

And the other thing he couldn't help but notice was that his friend was suddenly getting muscular. He had pecs, and his arms made real biceps when he bent them. So he finally decided to say something. Sean laughed and said he'd been wondering how long it would take before Matt noticed. After a lot of badgering, Sean finally told Matt about some special formula his dad had been giving him. He told Matt that his dad was putting him through an experimental program that give him the body he needed to do some serious physique modeling.

Matt asked what it was going to do, and Sean said he didn't know for sure, except he thought it was going to make him real muscular, like his dad, and it was supposed to make his organs grow really big, too. And it sure felt like it was working. Matt said that was obvious. And it looked like it was working pretty fast. What would he do if he started getting really big and all? Being in junior high and all? Sean said he would probably have to drop out of school, but his dad had told him not to worry about that. He would get him a tutor. He was just supposed to enjoy the experience.

Matt asked him if he was enjoying it so far, and Sean said, to be honest, he was enjoying it so much, it was hard to stay focused on school. It felt so hot that he had to go to the bathroom and jack off all the time. So Matt said that he promised he wouldn't tell everyone that Sean was in the bathroom jacking off all the time, if Sean would see if he could get him some of whatever he was taking. Sean said he had already asked his dad, because he thought it would be more fun to go through it with someone else, and especially his best friend.

So that night, Matt went home with Sean after school, and Sean's dad gave him a dose. Matt was embarrassed at first. Sean's dad was a big, hairy chested bodybuilder guy, with equipment that had to be huge, because he had a very large bulge in his skin-tight, Lycra shorts. Very large. Matt couldn't believe it. But very soon after he took the dose, he started to feel different. He got over being embarrassed. He went home feeling very excited, almost high, and looking forward to his own body starting to show the changes he saw on Sean.

He didn't have to wait long. The very next day he could see that his pubic hair had filled in more and he had more hair under his arms. It was extremely exciting to him. He went to the bathroom several time, because he had to keep looking at it, and it turned him on so much that, every time, he got a hard-on and had to jack off. He couldn't help himself. And he didn't want to. He didn't care. He had to do it. It felt so good. In gym class, he saw Sean look at him and smile a knowing smile when he saw it had started to happen to him. He went to Sean's house after school every day to get another dose, and in a few days, he was starting to see himself getting hair the way Sean had, and he also realized it had started making his dick grow. And his balls. He hadn't really expected that, even though when he thought about it, he realized that Sean's balls had gotten bigger, too.

It felt amazingly good to him. He could feel the difference even in his clothes as he walked around school. His crotch was feeling fuller and he loved the way his jeans rubbed against him where he was filling up the material and starting to push out and make a bulge. He found himself checking it out more often in the bathroom and getting off more on what was happening to him every time. He also found that he was fascinated by what was happening to his friend, even though he was rapidly catching up. Not just fascinated. It was turning him on. He realized it when he went to get his dose. Sean had taken off his clothes so they could check out the progress and told him to take his off, too.

The minute Matt was naked, he had an erection, and it was big. He was growing and changing so fast that it always surprised him how big he was getting. And it felt really good, having such a big erection, and showing it to Sean while Sean showed him his. Here they were, two fifteen year old guys with big dicks, hair starting to grow on their stomachs and all over their chests, and quickly growing muscular, like a couple of high school gymnasts. When Sean stepped forward and put his hands on Matt's chest, Matt felt like he had waited his whole life for this moment. They were soon in each other's arms, feeling every inch of their rapidly maturing, muscular bodies, and playing with their new toys, which was just how their big dicks and balls felt to them.

Suddenly, when they were in the middle of their first rush of passionate exploration, Sean's dad came in. They stopped, but he told them not to. He said not to pay any attention to him. It would be good practice for them to do what they were doing while someone watched. He would just mix them up some of the formula while they played. It didn't even seem odd to them to keep right on doing what they were doing, and they did in an exhibitionistic frenzy, finding every possible way to make each other come, each more exciting than the last. Sean's dad gave them their formula, and Matt felt more energized than ever, and more stoned. He was so hot. He kept right on devouring his best friend's body, not realizing that Sean was soon less participating than observing and letting him Matt do what he wanted.

As the minutes went by, Matt kept feeling more and more stoned, and up, and hot, and erotic. And then he began to feel out of control. Their voices all sounded like they were coming from somewhere far away. He felt panic mixed in with everything else. He was so hot and so turned on. He realized was posing like a bodybuilder and flopping his big dick around, and he heard them laughing. He heard Sean ask his dad what he had done, and his dad said he had done what they had talked about. He had given Matt a dose big enough to take him all the way, to see how it would work, what it would do.

Matt didn't know what that meant. He suddenly realized he should be getting home before his parents wondered where he was. But he couldn't leave. He felt way too hot now. He was feeling really muscular when he posed, like a real, big muscleman, and he loved the way it felt to him. He felt like his body was someone else's body. He flexed his biceps, and they bulged like Sean's dad's. Maybe more. He felt his chest, and his pecs were so thick and wide. He felt how big, really big, they were, how they curved under, how they were covered with hair. Oh my God, he thought. He was covered with hair all over his pecs and down the center of his stomach to his groin, all over his arms and legs. His face was covered with thick, heavy whiskers. His hands were all over his body, feeling every inch of himself. This wasn't someone else's body, it was his.

There were huge, thick muscles under his arms. He couldn't even put his arms down at his sides. His abs were like a stack of bricks. His legs had become gigantically thick. His butt stuck out thick and huge and round. And with two hands around his cock, it stuck out so far he could put two more hands around it. Slowly his focus returned. They had tricked him. What the hell was he going to tell his parents? What was he going to do in school? But his initial panic was quickly overwhelmed by the powerful realization how incredible he felt. Fuck them all, he thought. They'll get used to it. Still, he also felt tricked. He asked if he could stay over while he figured out what to do about everything, and he called his folks to tell them he was staying at Sean's.

They asked if he'd been yelling, his voice sounded so low and deep, almost like he was hoarse. He said yes. That night, he relished how much Sean and his dad enjoyed the results of their little experiment. Every inch of his bulging, muscular body throbbed with sexual energy pulsing through the hot veins that snaked all over him. Every thick, dense, heavy, massive muscle was erotic, electric. He was the ultimate masculine sex toy, and no one could love it more than he. He gave them all the pleasure they could handle, although he realized his own sexual energy was so high that he could keep going all night. He must have experienced two dozen of the most incredible orgasms, and still felt horny and ready for more.

Finally Sean and his dad fell asleep from exhaustion, and after some more time in front of the mirror enjoying the result his unbelievable metamorphosis, he thought of how to return the favor. He had watched where Sean's dad kept the formula, and he found it. He knew, from staying overnight there before, that they both had protein drinks for breakfast. He wasn't sure how much he had been given to activate what they had done, so he took they entire contents of the small bottle of liquid and poured it into the milk carton in the refrigerator, after making sure it only held enough for their two drinks. In the morning, he stimulated their sexual appetites again with some posing and some exhibitionistic flopping around of his fifteen-and-a-half-inch cock. He knew he would be able to keep them occupied until the last minute, when they would mix their drinks and Sean would have to run off to school. He knew it would take about twenty minutes for the formula to fully hit, and it took ten minutes to get to school from there. It worked out perfectly. He pointed out the time.

They made their drinks, and he excused himself, saying he wasn't hungry. He also said to Sean that he was going to ditch school that day while he figured out how to handle presenting his new self to his family. So off Sean went. Matt gathered his clothes as soon as Sean had left, but realized they were useless to him now. He asked Sean's dad if he could borrow something he might be able to fit into, like some of his stretch shorts that could accommodate his enormous butt, his huge legs, and his monster balls and cock. Just talking about it made him hot, and he could tell it made Sean's dad hot, too. So Sean's dad went to get him some shorts and a tank top. And when he came back with them, he suddenly stopped in his tracks, dropping the clothes to the floor. Matt knew it had hit him like a freight train. His eyes widened. His breathing grew deep. And in the stretch shorts he was wearing, Matt saw his cock grow rapidly, engorging with hot blood until it was rock hard and making quite a show. Matt grinned. He knew that Sean would be in homeroom now. He would be sitting in his seat right in the front of the classroom and the same thing would be happening to him.

He stared at Matt's dad and couldn't believe how fast he was beginning to change, how his muscles were suddenly, explosively expanding, swelling, growing before his eyes. His cock and balls, too. And he knew that the same thing was happening to Sean, right in front of the teacher and all the kids in his homeroom. Sean's dad was barely able to ask him what the fuck he had done. Sean just smiled. The same thing you did to me, he told him, but, he said, he hadn't been sure how much to use, so he just used it all. Sean's dad said oh my god, but Matt said why didn't he just relax and enjoy it, and while he thought about Sean coming home, and how he would look, and how he would have explained it at school, he walked over to Sean's dad and put one hand on each of his big, hairy pecs to feel them grow.


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