Danny Gets Big

4th Down and Inches


By StudMscl

Danny welcomed the awe struck looks that met him as he entered the exercise yard. The bright sun beat down on his massive body making his huge muscles glint as they seemingly fought for space under his skin. Dressed only in a speedo and tennis shoes he was massive beyond belief and the denizens of the Pit, already impressed by the big, dark guy who was into his third set of straight bar curls, were blown away by the giant that appeared in their midst.

His body swaying from side to side as his monstrous thighs worked to get around each, Danny reached the dark guy just as he was finishing his set. With a grunt, the now second largest bodybuilder on the scene managed to force his last rep and dropped the bar down onto the curl rack with a crash. He was tensing his right bicep, getting off on the veins that snaked across the head, when he felt someone tap him on the shoulder and ask in a deep voice if he could work in. The annoyed look that came over his face disappeared when he turned and drank in the sight of the mammoth bodybuilder standing with widespread arms and bent legs before him.

Danny felt his dick twitch as the dark guy's eyes widened and tried to make sense of the size of his new body. With a smirk, he obligingly flexed his arms and chest and watched the other bodybuilder inadvertently gasp in wonder. There was no contest as to who was bigger now.

"I asked if I could work in, dude," Danny repeated somewhat obnoxiously.

"Oh, yeah. Go ahead," replied the chastened stud who moved out of the way so Danny could approach the bar. He glanced at the two 45 pound plates on either side and snorted. "Better put some weight on this first."

Danny grabbed two more 45 pounders and loaded them on one side, motioning the other guy to do the same on the other. To be honest, the number of times he'd done any sort of working out could be counted on the fingers of one hand but he had little doubt that he would be able to handle the weight. He glanced over to Mark at the fence to see how the football player was reacting to his even bigger body but was surprised to find him missing. For a second he scanned the length of the fence but there was no sign of Wilcox though there was a crowd of other onlookers, all staring at him and the bar. Well, Mark would have to wait a second, then, and with a glance at the dark guy, who was still scanning his body with disbelieving eyes, he bent down and hefted the weight.

As he'd guessed, the powder had not only increased his size but his strength as well. Even though it was a huge weight he barely felt it as he pulled it up to his waist and then curled it up to his shelf-like chest. Maybe he'd almost never worked out but he knew how to do the exercise correctly from the workout shows on cable he sometimes jerked off to.

His big cannonball biceps bunched up into huge masses as he curled, surprising even himself with their size. As he curled they became even larger as blood rushed to the muscles and caused them to expand. The large vein that ran up over the head of the muscle seemed to pulse with life as he slammed out 10, 15 and finally 20 reps with the bar. Strong as he was, by the time he finished his biceps were burning like they had never burned before. With a shout he finished the set and dropped the bar onto the rack with a far larger crash then when the dark guy had done so.

"Fuck", the other bodybuilder whispered, blown away by the gigantic size of Danny's arms. With a satisfied grin Danny brought both his arms up and flexed them forcing the guy to look with wonder from one bicep to the other. Unconsciously, the other man licked his lips as his shining eyes took in the sight of the former geek's titanic guns. The knowledge that this guy was getting turned on just like Mark had made Danny's huge dick jerk and grow in his speedo, threatening to rip right through the nylon fabric.

"You like these big fuckers?" Danny asked in a low voice.

"Yeah," the other guy breathed, ignoring the crowd of onlookers who had first been blown away by Danny's set and were now staring with growing comprehension at the loaded exchange between the two big men.

"Fuck dude, you ain't seen nothing yet." With a glance at the edge of the pit where there was still no sign of Mark, Danny led the smaller man over to a flat bench and told him to start loading up one end of the bar while he did the same to the other. They packed six 45 pound plates on either side and then Danny sat on the bench and flexed his pecs, preparing himself for the upcoming exercise.

"Get up there and gimme a spot," he ordered his willing assistant, smiling to himself at how quickly the guy moved to obey.

Once again his hulking new body lived up to the challenge and he did 15 strong reps, his chest stretching and contracting as he lowered and then pushed up the overloaded bar. Even under all that weight he couldn't help noticing that the dark guy was staring at his massive pecs with open mouthed desire, and that the bulge in his tight gym shorts was getting bigger. With a roar, Danny finished his last rep, racked the bar and got up from the bench, his pecs so huge and pumped they seemed to stick straight out from his torso, the valley between them deep enough to swallow a man's hand.

"What's your name, dude," he asked the dark guy as he flexed his chest, making the oversized mounds bunch and jump.

"Jose," the other bodybuilder replied, his eyes flicking from Danny's face, to his chest, to his arms and to his groin. If anything, his eyes grew even wider when he saw the huge tube reaching all the way over to Danny's hip, a wet spot at the end marking its head. Noticing the direction of Jose's gaze, the oversized bodybuilder flexed his growing dick and was gratified to get yet another gasp from his admirer. He put a big hand on the dark guys shoulder and pulled him closer, knowing that he could demand whatever he wanted of him at this point, but before he could suggest anything they were interrupted.

"You fags gonna lift or what?"

Danny turned, ready to lay into the guy who thought he could talk to him like that, and came face to face with the biggest man he'd ever seen. He involuntarily stepped back, trying to take in the sight of the grinning muscle stud that stood tensing his shoulders, chest and arms before him.

The guy had blond hair, blue eyes and an amazingly handsome face but Danny barely took note of these, his attention captured by the massive physique the guy was sporting, easily on par with is own. His neck was a thick column of muscle, wider than his head, that was attached to shoulders incredibly broad and thick. His chest was beyond huge, each pec massive, striated and so overdeveloped that both nipples pointed straight down to the ground. His arms were simply huge, with biceps so pumped and thick the cable like veins that ran across them looked like they were the only thing holding them under the skin. His lats were so wide they pressed against his striated triceps and forced his arms to hang at 45 degree angles, but his waist cut in so much he appeared almost top heavy. The rows of abdominal muscles that lined his stomach were hard and deep and formed six lines of ridges across his midsection. His mammoth quads and jutting calves almost finished the picture but the bulge at his crotch was the finale to this huge stud. His obviously semi-erect dick was barely contained by the nylon of his swimsuit and made Danny wonder if the big stud could match his proportions even there.

Danny was first surprised and then turned on by the huge bodybuilder, his chagrin at being matched in size quickly overcome by lust for the stud's overbuilt body. But even as his already bloated dick started getting seriously hard he suddenly realized that the guy's face, and even his body in a strange way, looked familiar.

"Mark? Is that you?" he asked and then answered the question for himself when he saw that the guy held in one huge hand the waist bag he had forgotten in the changing room earlier. And that thought immediately led to the two brown, paper packets that had been left inside after his second transformation.

"You better fuckin' believe it, man," the new improved Mark said swept his arms up into a mind blowing double biceps pose to show his tutor exactly what the results of those two packets were. Mark felt bigger and stronger than he had ever felt in his life and the old cockiness that had wilted in the presence of the muscle stud Danny had become was back in full force now that he had become a muscle monster himself. For Danny, the appearance of a rival on the scene wasn't something he was immediately prepared for, whatever had been in the back of his mind about building Mark up at some point with doses of the magic powder. The idea had been to keep the football stud a step behind himself in that process, but obviously that plan was out the window until he could get back home to the pile of packets on the kitchen table.

At that point the two giants were interrupted by their companion who was still standing next to them trying to believe what he was seeing. Jose had found Danny impossible to believe so the arrival of Mark, yet another massive bodybuilder, was completely beyond belief. In the shadow of those two super hunks the smaller man could only shake his head in wonder while his dick, seemingly with a mind of its own, grew so hard in his shorts he felt like he'd shoot right there. He didn't shoot but he did groan uncontrollably so that Danny and Mark turned to him and saw the blatant lust written on his face.

"Looks like we've got an admirer," Mark said stepping forward so that his chest bumped the guy in the chin. With a smile, Danny moved around Jose's other side so that the smaller man was sandwiched between two walls of muscle.

"I think you're right," said the former geek, bending his knees so he could rub his massive dick on Jose's tight ass, oblivious of the surprised, horrified and jealous stares of the other people in the pit.

Mark took Jose's chin in one big hand and forced his gaze up past his shelf-like pecs to his killer face.

"You got a place around here, scrawny?"

Jose was feeling a firestorm of emotions that he had never felt before. It was all he could do to nod, and even that was almost impossible since his chin almost immediately ran into Mark's rock hard chest.

Mark looked over Jose's head and caught Danny's eye. "Let's skip the weights and go workout at his place" he said, wrapping a massive arm around Jose's head and forcing his face into the cleft between his pecs.

"Sounds like a good idea to me," said Danny who already had one hand thrust down the back of Jose's gym shorts and was forcing apart his muscular ass cheeks. He pulled his hand out and slapped the smaller guy's ass, hard. There'd be time to explore all that in a little while. Laughing, the two muscle studs pushed Jose towards the changing room to get his gym bag and keys, leaving the other denizens of the pit to look after them with wide eyes.

Back home, Danny's father slipped his key into the lock and let himself into the house. The job up on in the panhandle had been delayed, maybe permanently, and he was back early. That was fine by him, since he wasn't looking forward to the weekly trips he'd have to make up that way if things got back on track.

He was a big man, 6 feet tall and over 200 pounds of hard, packed muscle. He'd always been athletic in school and had gone straight into construction after he graduated so he'd never gotten that spare tire that so many other guys he knew ended up with. His wife had died when their son Danny was still a kid so he'd been pretty busy all these years raising and providing for his son, but never so busy he'd slacked off at the gym which he still made it to four or five times a week.

Danny wasn't around, which was a good thing since the kid spent too much time indoors, so it looked like he had the place to himself for a while. It was pretty hot outside and on the drive back from the airport he'd been thinking that a beer would taste pretty good when he got home. Unfortunately, a look around inside the fridge showed that he'd drunk the last of those before he went up north. The only thing left to drink was some iced tea. He grimaced but poured himself a big glass anyway, adding four packs of sugar before downing it. He'd always liked his tea sweet. •

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