By WBHunk

It's always hard to lose your best friend--especially when your best friend is your closet love interest. Now that I look back, there was so much that could have happened, if "Cody" and I had been honest with each other. To you, buddy--I miss you.

"WHAT are we going to beat on Saturday?" Joe yelled, his voice echoing through the locker room.

"THEIR PUSSY ASSES!" we yelled back over the hiss of the showers.

"RIIIIGGGGHHHHHTTTTTT!" Joe growled, a nasty leer on his face. "OK men time to get cleaned up and meet the ladies."

I grinned as I toweled off, the last of the practice field mud dropping around my feet and swirling down the drain. Guys never change-especially when you lock sixty-two of them in a world that consisted of the dorm, the dining hall, and the gym for ten days. Better than Viagra if you can't get it up.

"You coming with tonight, Dan?" Kyle said, flopping down on the bench next to my locker. "We're going to head out and hit all the hot spots. Do a little trolling before we go fishing tomorrow."

"You've already got two of them hooked, don't you?" I joshed back. Kyle had spent a lot of time in the trainer's room during football camp having his sore hamstring unkinked. "You've had Lisa and Deanne's hands on you enough."

"True, my man," he said, clapping me on the shoulder. "But it's a big ocean out there and the shark is on the prowl."

"Not tonight," I said, stuffing the last of my gear into the rusted metal cubbyhole. "I just don't feel like it."

Kyle looked at me like I was crazy, but immediately his eyes softened. "Yeah .you've had a lot to deal with, haven't you. Look, if you ever need to talk-"

"I know Ky," I said. "You guys are there. And thanks," I threw over my shoulder as I headed to the door, barely catching it as it swung open in my face.

"Dan. Excellent timing," said the rumbling voice of the figure filling the doorway. Coach Allen had played Division I ball thirty years ago, but even in seed, he was a pretty big piece of land. He had driven us linebackers like dogs for two weeks. This was only the second time I'd heard him say something other than, "MOVE YOUR TAIL!". "Come up to my office for a second. I need to talk to you."

The vague odor of sweat and disinfectant hung on the air as I followed the big figure down the hallway. What had I done this time? Maybe I stunk it up enough that he was going to yank my scholarship .or give me that speech about how I needed time to grow. Lord knows I'd heard that enough, I thought as we turned in the narrow doorway and sat down in our respective chairs.

The swivels screaked as he turned around and smiled. "I wanted to let you know some good news. You've had a great camp .and you'll be starting on Saturday." His stony eyes softened just like Kyle's had. "I know you've had a lot going on .trust me, Cody would have been proud of you."

Why did everyone have to say that? "Thanks Coach," I mumbled back. "I'll do the best I can."

"You'll do fine," he said. "Go get some rest. It's late already."

The horizon darkened as I walked across the practice field, just like my mood. It'd been thirteen days since the news that had thrown my life into a tailspin. Cody had been my best friend ever since high school. Even with the two-year difference between us, he had immediately adopted the gangly freshman who had run out for his first high school practice with his pads on backwards. He'd pushed me into the weight room and taught me all the little tricks that had made me all-conference and a sought-after recruit. But everyone knew I was coming here the dynamic duo of defense would be reunited and kick some ass.

And now he was dead. Killed in a stupid, asinine car wreck three days before camp started. I shivered as I remembered the feeling of numbness that the call had sent all the way through my body. I still had no idea how I'd gotten here, or barely what had happened since. All I could think about was that he was dead-dead, my mind had echoed as I'd gone through drills, dead, I'd heard over the roar of the crowd during our squad scrimmage. Dead dead dead.

Hinges squeaking, the door to my dorm room opened. I walked in and flopped down on the lower bunk, looking up at the top where Cody would have been. Even the news that I would be playing my first game on Saturday couldn't give me a single reason to be happy. At least I can still sleep, I thought, turning out the lights and drifting off.

"Nooooo!!!!!" I screamed, suddenly coming back to consciousness with a jerk, my hands clutching the mattress convulsively. I sat bolt upright, breathing in short gasps, my heart pounding in my chest. The sweat poured off my chest, the stink everywhere on the sheets as I lay back, trying to calm down.

I had been in the car. THE car-Cody's beat-up Mustang. In the passenger seat. Watching him drive. Watching his body slump, then snap awake, then slump again. Wanting desperately to shake him awake and somehow unable to move. Watching the road spin crazily, then the ditch, then the electric pole, screaming in fear and frustration as we careened towards oblivion.

The bright sheen of a full moon glared in the window, the trees outside shaking in agony, weird shadows casting across the covers. Mechanically, I reached over to turn on the light-and nothing happened. Suddenly my room grew cold, bone-chilling cold, the dresser drawers banging in and out, my alarm clock flashing crazily. With a crack-BOOM, the walls suddenly flashed white, my eyes reflexively closing-and then there was silence. Tenatively I opened them again, looking up towards the edge of the bunk---AND CODY WAS STARING DOWN AT ME!

My breath caught high in my throat, my tongue frozen in my mouth as he looked down at me, that cocked smile creasing his lips. "Caught you off guard, didn't I," he chuckled, his voice the same, but different---more hollow, more echoey. My lips moved, but I couldn't speak above a whisper. "Wh-wh-what .."

"Easy Danny boy," he grinned. "You look like you've seen a ghost. Oh right," he said, clapping his hand to his forehead, "you have!", he said, his head bobbing with laughter.

"What are you doing here," I squeaked, barely above a whisper. "You're dead. This can't be happening."

"You're right," he said. "I am dead. Dead as a doornail. But I left without tying up a few loose ends," he said, swinging off the top bunk and floating down to floor level. I tried to sit up. "Don't bother," he said, looking down at my stiff body. "I've got you frozen for a bit. New trick I've learned Out There."

"Out There?"

"Yep," he answered. "Neat place. But I can't tell you too much about it-or they get mad."

"What are you doing here?" I repeated. "I thought-"

"That once you're dead, you're gone," he finished. "Right and wrong. If you die at the right time, you are. But I died a bit quicker than I was supposed to. So I had the right to come back and finish what I always wanted to do. It even matched up real nice with what you want."

"What I want?"

"Oh yeah," he said, sitting down on the foot of the bed. "You see, you catch a lot of things when you're Out There. I've been watching you all camp-and yes, I am proud. But I also got a replay of what you've asked for ever since you met me. Pretty flattering."

"You don't mean---"

"Yes I do mean. You've always wanted to be just like me. As big as I am, as handsome as I am, all that stuff. Open record now. I know everything."

I flushed slightly. All the fantasies I'd had about growing like him, playing like him-

"And fooling around with him. It was kind of fun watching you jack off. But if it makes you feel better ..I wanted that too."


"God, do you need a helmet-you're such a hardhead! Didn't you notice you weren't the only one with a hard-on every time we wrestled?"

I stared at him. I'd barely been able to admit that to myself. The thought of all those impromptu tussles in his room flared through me, my cock stiffening instantly at the thought of his hard body wrapped around mine, our muscles straining as we tried to overpower each other.

"Perfect, " he said, smiling and moving right next to me. "And now .you're going to get it." Without warning, his arms clenched around me, an icy chill shooting through me as his skin-or whatever it was-touched me. Suddenly I could move, my arms quickly twining around his chest, pulling him tight as I strained to flip him over, his grip on me like iron. An animal growl escaped his lips as I struggled, a sudden stab of pain like an electric shot through my glutes. I felt his ice-cold cock move into my ass as I pulled this way, then that, my athlete's body powerless against his deathly grasp. "Fight," he roared, as he shoved his way in. "Oh yeah. Fight me. Clench that nice tight butt. Work me good." The world started to darken as he shoved deeper and deeper, icicles stabbing up my spine, my mind clouding. "Together again. Now and forever." He leaned back, his mouth opening-and then with a earth-shattering roar, he came, jizz spewing into my ass like meltwater, chilling me to my very being. The room shook, books falling off the shelves as he pumped me full, the sound of a thousand screaming voices around us as the walls began to glow. "My last gift to you!" he shouted, the light becoming blinding. KA-SHAMMMMMM!

The world spun around me as I sprinted across the field, full moon illuminating my path, the ground shaking beneath my massive footfalls as I moved at inhuman speed. The night wind blew across my burning chest, suddenly swirling as I came to the gym door. Without stopping, I crashed through it, the solid steel crumpling like tinfoil before my unstoppable body. Two brick walls managed to slow me to normal speed before I screeched to a halt in the center of the weight room, the concrete floor peeling under my toes.

I stared in the gigantic mirror on the wall, keening with pleasure. Muscles rippling and expanding, shoulders broadening to satellite-dish length as the beach-ball delts rose to meet the bull of all bull necks. Chest expanding into two volcanoes of muscle, protein lava dripping from nips peaking full and round. Abs popping out in relief like speed bumps, waist pouring downward into rippling powerhouse quads, humming and throbbing as fibers raged across them like waves, calves and biceps ballooning outwards and filling, forearms and calves becoming bodybuilder arms and thighs. Fur blossoming everywhere, deep and brown, flowing like a luscious chocolate river over indescribably-beautiful ridges and valleys of striations everywhere. Handful-balls dropping low and deep around a horse-sized cock, dripping wet with precum and throbbing with lust. I was what I wanted. Cody and me, put together. An unstoppable force of pure masculine power. My hands reached down and worked my cock, a plaster-cracking growl rising from my throat as the sensation crashed through me.

Suddenly I heard it-from outside the door. Another voice. A man's voice. "Who's there?" it said, the sound of a key in the lock vibrating my superhuman senses like a thunderclap. Instantly I sprang into position beside the door like a beast, prepared to strike. A hand came through on the doorknob and was seized in my stone-crushing grip, a muffled scream cut off as I bore my lust-prize through the room to the bench. Coach Allen, I thought dimly, as I looked down at my terrified quarry. How perfect. The terror burned in his eyes as he looked upward .then the white-hot flame of lust replaced it. "Danny .oh my god," he said, drinking me in with his eyes, drawn to me like a man-magnet.

"Put me in, Coach .I'm ready to play," I growled. Instantly his hand moved down to his shorts, fumbling with the buttons. I rumbled with pleasure as I saw his nice fat cock, now stiff as a board. I reached down and kissed, then sucked on it with my massive lips, my mustache rubbing over his bush. He moaned with pleasure, his once-mighty hands playing over my massive back and pecs, futilely trying to work my stone nips. With a squeal of pleasure, he shot his little load, barely a droplet to my massive throat. He looked downward, the lust-fire lighting again as my cock surged upward from my canyon groin. With a roar I pushed him downward, forcing him to his knees before the man-god I had become, pressing his face into my man-flame, snaking it back into his throat. He gagged as I shoved him deeper onto me, trying desperately to swallow me, then working me as hard as he could, his frantic breaths blowing through my man-bush. I felt the fire flare brighter, then hotter, my balls throbbing audibly .then FOOOM!, my jizz shooting deep into him, filling him with white-hot iron cum, wave after wave crashing out of my balls.

Suddenly I felt a flash of heat through his body. Surprised, I sprang back .and watched as he transformed before my eyes, gut flattening, then rippling, unused veins popping up to supply the power factories of protein that bloomed before my eyes, body widening, then broadening as muscle stacked upon muscle, skin stretching before my eyes as acre and acre of rock was laid upon his frame, age pouring away before a tidal wave of vitality. With a roar, his remaining clothes shredded away from him, fibers driven into the concrete walls around us, power rippling from every corner of his body, hair spreading across him like crabgrass on a field. He turned and with a flare of lats and biceps, knotted a nearby weight bar into a steel pretzel. Suddenly, his eyes went blank and the voice of Cody came from his lips.

"Thought you might need someone else to look up to."

His eyes returned-and as they met mine, we smiled. •

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