Make a Muscle

Sheila and Barry


By Demetrius

Sheila and Barry had been living together two years. Sheila was 20, a waitress at night at a bar downtown and a fitness instructor at the local gym for the "before work crowd." She was in incredible shape. She worked part-time 4:30 am to 8:30 am and was usually in bed by 9:00 to catch some sleep before Barry got home. Barry was 21 and worked construction from 6:30 am to 3:00 pm. He was a bodybuilder, and had arranged his work hours so that he could be home by 3:30, have great sex with Sheila, eat a bodybuilder's meal, drink his protein shake, and be at the gym by 6:30. He stayed in the gym usually until 9:30. He would workout like a demon for three hours and then head home. He would have his last shake of the day, down his bedtime supplements, and hit the sack to get a good 8 hours sleep before going in to lift bricks and move steel the next day. That work kept him firm and hard! And that's truly what he was! It was perfect as far as he was concerned. He was training for a contest and this schedule and this lifestyle were getting him what he wanted. The way his current routine was working, he was bound to win the title hands down. He arrived at the gym, on time as usual - he was a stickler for routine. Steady and regular - that was going to make him a winner! As he finished putting on his gym shorts he was quite oblivious to the fact that he was being watched by closed circuit TV from a lab in a building far away. Careful, watchful eyes were checking out Barry's daily progress, and recording details that even Barry was unaware of. His height, weight, and every body part measurement - but also there was a sensor recording his thought processes, his brain activity, his mental state. Barry pulled his extremely tight muscle-T onto his massive chest and torso, and struck a side tricep pose in the mirror. He was proud of everything he had accomplished, but he wanted much more! "Let's go make a muscle!," Barry said to himself, and he left the locker room, ready to work out.

At the same time Alex was dispatched from the control room, ready to confront Barry at the end of his workout.

It was Pec and Tri day, and Barry loved it! For the next three hours a camera studied his every move. The tricep presses, the incline barbell presses, the pushdowns, the lying flys. On and on...a complete, grueling workout. Unseen eyes watched the careful attention he paid to speed and the recording of his sets. They also watched him as he paused to flex in the mirror and painstakingly study his pectoral muscles, making sure he was getting at every inch of them. "His is exactly what we're looking for," an unseen voice concluded. Three hours later he was a pumped up, massive mound! He had really worked it today. He returned to the shower area, and went straight to his locker. He immediately downed his post-workout pills, and then stood in front of the mirror flexing and posing, trying to diagnose his progress. "Yeah, today I made a muscle!" he said, and he checked his biceps. The peak was coming along! The separation was good. His tape measured a solid 21" arm that was taking on an incredible shape. He hit a double-bicep pose. "Yeah! Coming along quite nicely," he said as he downed another handful of the pills. "Well, tomorrow's another day." He stripped, showered and changed not knowing that all activities were continuously monitored. He was really pleased with the intensity of the exercise session, and he slowly checked all body parts while he dressed to go home. He completed dressing and then he started toward the door. That's when the messenger, Alex, stepped in his way. The collision almost knocked Alex on his ass. He had hit a solid brick wall. Barry reached out to steady him, and Alex instinctively grabbed Barry's upper arms for support. "My god," thought Alex, almost swooning, "this man is as hard as granite!" "Sorry, little man," said Barry, "didn't see you there." And he practically lifted Alex off of the floor and then set him down upright. He was dwarfed by Barry's 6'3" frame. "Be a little more careful next time, Slim. See 'ya!" Barry said. "Wait!" called Alex. "Could I talk to you a minute? I want to speak to you about your bodybuilding career." Barry paused, taken aback. "What?" asked Barry, looking down on the 5' 3" man, almost a foot below his eye level. "A sponsor. Don't guys like you who do this sport professionally need a sponsor for money for your food and supplements and memberships and other...things," Alex asked? "Go on", Barry replied. "Well..." he said, "I represent a client who would be willing to pay all of your expenses, and he will give you $15,000 a month for 10 months to help you take care of all of the things you will need to get ready for your contest. $150,000 to help you get your dream." Barry was stunned - the answer to a prayer! "A hundred and fifty thousand..! Why?" "I will explain that in detail, but I would like to talk to you and your girlfriend together. "Why?" Barry asked suspiciously. "I mean," Alex continued, "I've seen her here in the mornings, and it's because of the TWO of you that we picked you," Alex said. "You see, I'm part of a research team, and we're looking for the perfect couple to make the perfect child. We've seen Sheila working here at the gym, and we've also been studying you. You both are the perfect physical specimens to make us a perfect child."

"And her genes together with mine (he crunched his pecs together for emphasis) we'll make the kid you are looking for?" Barry surmised, smiling at the thought of some little "muscle-kid" running around the gym looking a lot like him. "Well, yes," added Alex, your genes and a supplement that we wish both of you to take instead of all of the current things you're now on," Alex said. "Would you both start taking them today?"

"How did you know I was on anything?" Barry snipped. Alex smiled. "Like I said, we've been observing you, and I have to tell you, we're quite impressed." Barry looked down at his chest, and then at his arms. He could understand why some egghead would be interested in a mountain his size, and Sheila was as good as they get. "What do you say?" asked Alex. It didn't take Barry long. $150,000! "Deal!" And he shook Alex's hand so hard he almost broke it in several places. "We'll get on it this afternoon!"

"It will take approximately five weeks from conception to the time a conclusive ultra-sound can be read," said Alex. "I will contact you then. In the meantime here's your first $15,000 check. Cash it in good faith. We know you won't disappoint us! And don't forget that you should BOTH begin taking your pills today."

Alex was elated. Barry was amazed! $150,000 for something that he could do in his sleep. He laughed as he flexed his pecs and yelled. "Yeah! $150,000! He kissed the check, and he kissed his biceps too! "Time to make a muscle!" he laughed.

It was 3:30 and Barry had been itching to get off work all day. He had been loading 100 lb. concrete blocks onto trucks all morning, and after lunch he was unloading them at the new construction site. His arms were blasted! The guys working with him had been staring at his arms all day. Barry smiled. He loved it when people got freaked out by his size. To really get them going, he picked up six concrete blocks instead of his usual four, and move them to the stack of bricks with little effort. Then he stretched and flexed for them. They're almost 22 inches!" said Barry - pleased with himself. The guys were in silent awe. "This is only the beginning," Barry said. "I go on a new routine tonight! 6 months from now you won't even recognize me!" The whistle blew, Barry loaded the last 8 pallets of bricks onto the scaffolding, checked his arms one last time, and was gone. Sheila was waiting when he came in.

"Get ready," he called out, "we're gonna' make a muscle!" He stopped at the bathroom sink long enough to grab some water and down the pill Alex had given him. "No more supplements? What the hell is this, anyway?" Barry said out loud.

"Barry, what are you talking about?" she asked from the other room. He came in and shot her a double bicep pose. "This muscle, combined with your perfect looks and body, is going to make the perfect 'muscle baby' and make us rich!" he yelled. Here, take this vitamin. I'll explain later." He had just lied. He didn't know what it was, but it was helping to make him rich. That's all he knew. "A vitamin?," she asked. "Yeah, it's supposed to be phenomenal. All you'll ever need to take. Go on, do it," he coached. She took the pill.

He was completely naked now. She was always turned on by the sheer size of this muscle kid. He was blonde, blue-eyed, tall, muscular - an extreme hunk! Perfect washboard stomach, melon-sized shoulders, great legs! When he flexed she went crazy. She'd do anything for him. By now her clothes were off, and she was ready for him - like she was every afternoon at this time. He came out of the bathroom, and the love making started. Barry went on: "You're getting pregnant right now. Just wait and see. I can't miss if I put my mind to it." His head was becoming a little cloudy, but he was ready to do it right! They were going at it fast and furiously. Sheila was going crazy. The pill was really making her hot. His muscles were pumping, flexing and falling. Mounding and releasing. He head was on fire. His body was on fire. His skin was hot to the touch. "There's a guy at some company who is going to give us $150,000 for making a baby and giving it to him," he said through labored breaths. "He likes our looks and he's sure we'll make the perfect Muscle Child. He's right, you know!" And he tightened every muscle in his body for emphasis and thrust extra hard. "He gave me $15,000 this afternoon!" He was sweating profusely. They were both reaching climax, and Sheila was becoming delirious. He loved the effect he had on her. He was pumping wildly. "Sheila, we're gonna make him a muscle!" He was breathing heavily. Uncontrolled. What was that pill doing to them? "Make a Muscle!" was all he could think. "Make a muscle." "Make a MUSCLE!!" "MAKE A MUSCLE!" What was happening to his head? He continued to chant and pump. "Make a muscle! Make a muscle!" And suddenly the explosion happened. A seemingly infinite number of muscle sperm on their way to make a muscle baby! Sheila screamed. Barry flexed his entire body! One final thrust and they both lay exhausted on the bed. He was sure he'd hit the mark. He woke up at 5:45. Sheila had already left for work.

He jumped up and was heading for the bathroom. He stopped. Something about him was different. That's when he began to notice the change. He had put on the tank top and the shorts that he worked out in earlier, and now they would barely fit! His chest jutted out 6" from his body! He bounced a new set of outlandlishly huge pecs. They bunched up under the shirt stretching the fabric. He was freaking out as he raised his right arm and the bicep peaked into a huge mound of rock hard granite! As he held the pose, new veins popped out. He flexed his boulder sized pecs again and the straps on his tank top broke. His biceps rippled and swelled. Every vein was visible. He stood slowly flexing his massive biceps in the mirror. He was a muscle freak! Suddenly...rrriippp! and his gym shorts were gone! Every part of his body was now growing rapidly. His rod was 9" and sitting completely flaccid! His arms and pecs were monstrous and thick. His abs were rows of hardened muscle. He almost fainted! "I'm a freak! I am HUGE! Four years of pushing weights and working on those construction sites, and in one day I'm a MUSCLE god!" "Where are those pills," he wondered. He found them and took another. "What is this stuff?" he wondered. Whatever it was, it was going to get him a title and a lot of fame and fortune. Turning Pro was a cinch! He marveled at his body. He was bigger than any of the guys he had seen at the shows he constantly attended. His biceps! Triceps! Pecs! Traps! Quads! And his lats were astounding! Far away in the lab the team smiled. "He's in love with himself," Alex said as he watch Barry on the monitor, These changes in his body will keep his time and his mind occupied so we can bring her through a trouble-free pregnancy." Barry just kept flexing and admiring himself. He was sold on the "supplement" he was taking. He couldn't wait to finish his workout so he could take another. At the same time another monitor was observing Sheila in the bathroom at the bar staring at the pill Barry had given her to take. She hesitated. "$150,000," she thought. "And Barry will get the title he wants, and we'll have an easier time of it if we have money. Well, if it will help him." And she took the pill the same way she would every day of her pregnancy, unaware that the "vitamin" she was taking was working with his genes and hers to create a human machine. A human machine whose only purpose would be to "Make A Muscle." Five weeks later they had the report: Sheila was pregnant with a baby boy. Less than 8 months later the "perfect muscle child" would be born. •

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