Bear & His Buddies


By myoder

After the wild time in the bar, Bear, Mike and Big Jim went back to their hangout - a cabin in the woods with the biggest basement workout room in the county. Thirty foot ceilings and a concrete floor, dug into the hillside.

They got inside and went immediately to the gym. They liked nothing better than to be constantly pumped, seeing how huge they could get, seeing how strong they could be. If they were gonna go back to the bar they wanted to be even freakier than before.

Jim put on some xxlarge track pants, leather wrist bands and a loose tank top and started with bench presses. Mike spotted him as he started the pump with a massive 700lbs. He grunted and strained against the weight, but his muscle responded by bulging huge and hard. His pecs were swelling and growing, each striation getting thicker and harder. His forearms began to swell bigger too and the cords of muscle twisted like cables under his skin. Mike pushed him on.

"C'mon, Man! Fifteen! 16! 17! Gettin huge, Man! 19! 20!" Jim pushed the weight faster and harder as his pecs grew and stretched the shirt tothe tearing point. His forearms and triceps were bulging when, at 30 reps he put the bar back and sat up. A couple of flexes and his gargantuan pecs tore through the tank top, thick striated bands of muscle and hair flexed and tight. He flexed his forearms and the leather wrist bands snapped and fell away. Jim wiped the sweat out of his thick mustache and off his brow.

Then it was Mike's turn. He moved to a dumbell set and picked up two huge weights - 500lbs in each hand. He started curling and the hefting the massive weight. Veins soon began to rise over his arms, shoulders and chest. Still he pumped the incredible dumbells. Jim was getting so turned on watching Mike heft these weight like it was pillows. He pulled out his hugedick and it flopped over his thigh. He knew Mike would be turned on watching the big dick hardening by itself, that it would give Mike even more power and size. Jim flipped his dick back and forth, and it started hardening standing right out in front of him -- all 13 thick inches flexing up and down.

"Oh, Man! YEAH!!" Mike bellowed as he hefted the 500lb dumbells faster and harder. "GETTIN' FUCKIN HUGE, MAN!!!" His arms bulged and peaked, his shoulders became boulders of massive muscle. He pumped his arms so huge they rose out to his sides, pushed out by his swelling lats. Then he grabbed both dumbells in one massive, hairy hand and started pumping 1000lbs in one hand! Ten reps, 20 reps! Finally at 30 reps in each hand he letthe weights fall to the floor. He raised his arms in a freaky display of mass. The peak on his bicep almost reached his fist. His shoulders looked like pumpkins, deep striations all over them and veins snaked over his shoulders and into the mass of hair on his pecs. Jim started licking Mike's huge 34 " guns then rubbed his massive dong over the ripped muscle. Mike grabbed Jim's thick pecs and rubbed his growing crotch over the hard muscle studs mountainous pecs. Then Mike ripped his shorts open and stroked his 12 inch pole and rubbed it over Jim's massive hard pecs.

Then it Bear's turn. He suited up in a weightlifting singlet, stretched tight over hi huge frame. Muscle bulged all over and his whole body was hairy. His long dirty blond hair draped over his shoulders, and his thick beard rested on his massive pecs. He moved to an open part of the gym. There was a series of thick industrial cables attached overhead to some pullies. The cables reached over the pullies and were attached to two school buses. He called the guys over to watch. He grasped the ends of the cables in his massive hands and stood with his huge legs wide apart. Then he started pulling down on the cables. Nothing happened. His arms and shoulders tensed and flexed as he put more force behind the pull. His triceps started shaking and sweat broke out over his brow. His thick neck bulged and his traps rose in huge mounds as he put more and more strength into the lift.

Then there was a groaning of metal. "C'mon, Freak!" Mike and Jim shouted. "LIFT THAT FUCKIN' WEIGHT! PUMP THOSE FREAKY MUSCLES! SHOW US HOW FUCKIN' STRONG YOU ARE, MAN!!" Bear grunted and pushed out deep breaths through his flaring nostrils. His face was red with the strain of the lift. Every muscle was growing over his 6'8" frame. Every muscle pumping and hard.

Then the buses started to lift. Bear put more strength into the liftand yelled,"YEAH!! BIG FUCKIN' STUD LIFTIN' THESE FUCKIN BUSES!!!" The buses lifted quickly off the floor and 6 feet into the air as Bear curled his huge arms in. The shoulder straps on the singlet gaveway and tore off his expanding shoulders. He continued to curl the buses. Five reps, ten reps, twenty reps! Mike and Jim were naked by now, stroking their masive dicks while they watched this huge musclebear lifting this freaky weight.

"REAL BIG MAN LIFTIN' THIS WEIGHT!!" Bear shouted. "GONNA GET FUCKIN HUGE." Bear's dick was starting to harden and push out the fabric of the singlet. Still he pumped the buses. Every muscle grew and expanded the singlet fell away from his massive hairy torso and his cock was exposed -- first 15" of meat bobbing up and down. "LOOK AT THAT FUCKIN' MAN'S DICK! GETTIN' BIGGER!!" He flexed his huge dick and it grew another 2 inches, while he pumped the huge weight.

"YEAHHHH!!!!!" he finally bellowed as he let the buses crash to the floor. Hestood there, looking incredibly massive - 3.5 feet thick with muscle. His traps like huge mountains beside his neck. His neck like a bull's running into his mountainous hairy pecs which twitched and bulged with every breath. His biceps and triceps were huge - easily 39" and ripped. Veins snaked over his massive hairy forearms. His quads were thick and swollen and his calves were rock hard and huge! And his huge 17" rod flexed and bobbed in his excitement. "FEEL IT, LITTLE MEN!!" He shouted. "FEEL WHAT A REAL FUCKIN'MAN IS LIKE". With a sharp intake ofbreath, he raised his arms in a double biceps and Jim and Mike were all over him. They licked every freaky huge muscle, drove their tongues into his mouth and hot ass. They climbed on this giant of muscle and Bear loved it! His cock was rock hard as Jim stood on it. Bear flexed his dick and Jim bobbed up and down.

"YEAH! YOU NEED THIS FUCKIN' MAN'S COCK DON'T YOU, BOYS!!" Bear flexed and Jim started almost jumping on the monster prick. "JUMP ON THAT BIG DICK! TRY AND HURT ME, MAN!" Jim jumped up and down and Bear kept his cock in place. Mike grabbed a plank and came up to Bear. "HIT ME WITH IT, BOY!!!" Mike hauled off and slammed the plankover Bear's pecs. It shattered into a thousand pieces. Bear was not moved. He stood his ground and soon and stroked his cock.

"GOTTA FUCKIN' SHOOT!!!" he bellowed. Jim and Mike climbed onto the mountain of muscle and beat their own huge dicks, shooting wads into Bear's hairy chest, over his back and onto his massive thighs. Bear stroked his dick only a couple of times and let go of it. Cum shot out of the monster 17" dong and splattered half-ways across the gym.

"Yeah!" Bear said, pulling Jim and Mike off his huge body like theywere little children. "Now let's get back to that bar..." •

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