Santa Shapes Up

By Bobaroo

Santa Claus sighed as he walked into his workshop. All the elves were busily at work building toys, machines humming, hammers and pliers being wielded with amazing speed. Santa just stared and sighed again.

"I don't think I can go through with this again this year," he thought to himself. "Better tell the boys now." "Listen up everyone," he said loudly. "I have important news." The elves all looked up, put down their tools and stopped their machines and walked over to where Santa stood, shoulders slumped.

"I'm not doing Christmas this year," Santa said.

Cries of disbelief rose up from the elves.

"But Santa, why? All the children will be so disappointed!" Oliver, the head elf said.

"I'm just too tired," Santa replied. "All that climbing up and down chimneys with those heavy sacks of toys. I just don't have the energy or stamina for it anymore. Taking a bite out of every cookie some kid leaves for me - you know how many cookies that adds up to be in the course of the night? I get fatter and fatter every year. Last year I almost got stuck in a chimney in Buffalo. And the last few years the reindeer have been trying to take advantage, trying to stay on the rooftops rather than flying. I have to yank like crazy on the reins to get them going, and that really wipes me out. No, I'm going to retire this year. Sure, the kids may be disappointed this year, but they'll get used to it. So I guess you guys can start shutting down the workshop." And with that he shuffled out of the room.

The elves looked at each other, aghast at what Santa had just said.

"We can't let this happen," Snowball said. "The kids will have a miserable Christmas."

"Forget about the kids, what about us?" Oliver snapped. "There aren't exactly a lot of employment opportunities up here. I don't feel like flipping seal burgers at some Eskimo village in Greenland, or working as a gofer at some oil rig in Alaska."

"I have an idea!" said Greensleeves. He was the smartest of the elves. "Come on into the workshop, this should only take an hour or two."

Later that day the elves went into the room where Santa was dozing in an easy chair and woke him up.

"Santa, come with us, we have a present for YOU," Oliver said.

Santa slowly hoisted himself up and followed the elves. He saw a strange contraption in the center of the room. It looked like a satellite dish had been grafted onto a small device, and tubes like flourescent lights stuck out along the sides.

"What's that thing?" he asked.

"It's a special floodlight system," Greensleeves said. " We think that you're just suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder because it's so dark at the North Pole now. This light treatment will help break your depression."

"I don't know," Santa mumbled. "You'll be having me taking Prozac next. Oh well, guess it can't hurt. What do I have to do?"

"Just stand there," Greensleeves said, and Oliver flicked the switch.

The tubes lit up with a strange, purplish tinged glow. The dish seemed to focus the beams at Santa, and he noticed a warming feeling.

"Mmmmm, feels a little like a heat lamp," he said. "I feel better already."

The elves started exchanging looks. "It looks like it's working," Snowball whispered.

"This feels great!" Santa said. Then he looked down and said, "Hey, what's going on?"

Santa's pants were starting to droop down a little, because his stomach was starting to get smaller. At the same time, he felt his jacket getting tighter across his chest and shoulders. He looked down and it seemed as if his chest was getting bigger. Then he looked at his sleeves - they were getting tight as well, as if the suit were shrinking. But it wasn't the suit that was getting smaller, Santa could see that his arm was swelling even as he was looking at it.

"What?" Santa said and scratched his head. As he did so the seam of the jacket started to tear under his armpit. The material had started to give way when his arm movement made his lat muscle spread out. The seam along the arm was the next thing to go. Santa instinctively clenched his fist and flexed his arm. A peaked bicep erupted through the top of the material.

"It's working, it's working!" Greensleeves was jumping up and down. "I knew it would. Look at him now!"

Santa's pants had now dropped down to the floor. What had previously been like a bowl full of jelly was now a tight waist with rippling abdominal muscles chiselled into it. His quads were growing thicker, the striations of the different muscles becoming more and more apparent. The rest of the jacket was getting shredded by the expansion of Santa's massive shoulders. They were the size of the basketballs that the elves were churning out in huge numbers this year.

The elves stared in amazement as Santa continued his transformation.

"Ho, ho, ho, this feels fantastic," Santa laughed. He crunched into a most muscular pose and the remnants of the jacket tore to shreds and fell in tatters to the floor. Every muscle group was now visible on his body. Though only about 5'9" his close to 300 lbs of flab had been transformed into the same weight of hard, cut muscle. His pecs were huge mounds of muscle jutting out over a tiny midsection. As he hit a double biceps pose his biceps exploded into highly peaked mountains of muscle, criss crossed with thick veins. Santa's shoulders were thickly muscled, flanking either side of his neck which was now as thick as a reindeer's. As Oliver flicked off the switch, he noticed that Santa's boxer underwear had also fallen down, revealing a thick, long cock laying atop heavy low-hanging balls.

Santa continued to flex his arms and legs, showing off his new muscles. His skin had turned a deep tan, which contrasted with his snow white hair and beard and twinkling blue eyes.

"What was that thing?" he asked.

Greensleeves spoke up. "We couldn't let the fact that you had gotten out of shape disappoint all those kiddies."

"And us," added Oliver.

"So we made this machine. We hooked up a tv dish, tanning bed, a VCR with a World's Strongest Man video that some kid named Michael had asked for, and a few other odds and ends. And I guess it worked better than we thought."

"Well I feel great now!" Santa roared. "Wait til Mrs. Claus sees me!"

"Yeah you really do look great," Oliver said while Snowball nodded and licked his lips.

"But my suit, it's ruined," Santa said.

"I have an idea," said Northstar, the elf who did most of the sewing of doll's clothing. He grabbed up scraps of the suit and ran into the workshop. While he was gone, Santa continued to flex now and then.

"It's bigger than Cupid's," Oliver murmured to Greensleeves as he stared at Santa's crotch.

"Hmmm?" said Santa, looking up from watching his thick forearm, which he had been making twitch and jump by rotating his fist around.

"Uh- I said I hope he doesn't make something that looks stupid."

Soon Northstar returned and said, "Here Santa, try this on."

He had taken the scraps and made them into a tight pouch that just barely contained Santa's impressive basket. And he had taken some of the old reindeer reins and made them into a leather harness that Santa could put on to hold up the posing strap. The straps of the harness pressed slightly into the hard muscles of Santa's pecs, making it look as if taking a deep breath would snap the leather. The straps dug in around the massive deltoid muscles and then made a V as they converged on Santa's hard waist. All the elves were staring at the thickly muscled man before them.

"Santa, you are quite a stud now," Greensleeves finally said. "Can I feel your muscles?"

"Sure," Santa answered, and he flexed his swollen arm, bending down a little so that Greensleeves, who was only about four feet tall, could put his hand on the gigantic bicep muscle. Greensleeves grabbed onto it with both hands, then hung suspended in midair.

"Let me feel, Santa," yelled Northstar, then cries of "Me too, let me," came from all the other elves. They all gathered around the musclebound man as he flexed and posed for them. Their hands went all over his body, and soon Oliver noticed that Santa's new briefs looked like they were being stretched out in front.

"Let's be naughty," Oliver said, as he slowly reached out to Santa's crotch. He was just about Santa's height, and he brought his face to Santa and started to kiss him as he stroked the stiffening cock within the briefs.

"OOOh, this is nice," moaned Santa. Snowball unhooked the harness and pulled the briefs down. A beefy cock sprang up, a foot long at least.

"Look at that head," Northstar said. "Bigger and redder than Rudolph's nose."

Santa was getting into it at this point. He liked having all the elves worshipping his body, running their hands over his new muscles as he tightened and flexed them. Oliver had gotten on his knees and now had the big dick in his mouth. Santa groaned as Oliver tongued his shaft and licked around the thick knob of his cockhead. The tights that the elves wore all were being stretched out by their erections of varying lengths. The elves were all from 4 feet to 5'7" tall, and their cocks were of all different sizes, though none as big as the firehose that Oliver had down his throat. The elves were pulling down their tights, grabbing their cocks while they felt all over the writhing muscles that Santa kept flexing.

Greensleeves had pulled himself up from Santa's arm and was now straddling one of his massive shoulders, while Santa's tongue darted around his stiff little cock. Northstar had his legs wrapped around Santa's waist and had his face pressed against Santa's broad chest, his mouth clamped onto one of Santa's nipples. Other elves were licking along the muscle separations in Santa's quads as he flexed them. Santa was flexing still, covered in a mass of eleven bodies, their hands and mouths all over him. And Oliver kept up the suction on the big man's cock.

Oliver let the huge dong slip out of his mouth and then started jerking it hard and fast.

"Shoot it Santa, shoot that load. We want a white Christmas!" he yelled.

Santa was moaning, every muscle in his body tight. Oliver grabbed Santa's balls with one hand while he continued jerking with the other. Santa's nipples, mouth, ass, all were being serviced by the elves. Santa let out a deep shout and Oliver felt the cum starting to pump out from the huge man's balls. Squirt after squirt came shooting out as Santa roared with pleasure. Oliver's own 7 inch dick started spurting its load. All the elves now were cumming, little and big loads landing on Santa's pecs and abs, on the floor, everywhere. Finally all were spent and the elves collapsed to the floor as Santa ground out one last double biceps pose.

"That was great guys," Santa said. "I wish that you had made that present for me years ago."

The elves had started getting dressed, cleaning up the workshop, putting things back in order. There was a strange sound, like ripping cloth that made Santa and the elves turn around. Greensleeves had turned the machine back on and pointed it at himself. He flexed his arms and ripped right through the cloth of his shirt - 17 inch arms at 4 feet tall and still growing.

"We'll have to have all of you guys stand in front of that thing, and have some real fun then," Santa said. And then we'll have a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year." •

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