Barbells in the Big House

By Bobaroo

Joe picked up a tray and got into the cafeteria line. He still heard the voice saying, "Guilty." The shock had only gotten worse. Here he was in his first day in prison, with eight years to go, unless his appeal came through. His business partner had framed him for the arson that had destroyed their business, and with it his comfortable, middle class life. Now at 30, he was locked up here!

"Hey look, fresh meat," he heard someone call. "Hey sweetheart! Bring that cute ass over here so I can get a better look at what I'm gettin' tonight," the guy continued. He was with some friends, all of them rough looking and grinning at him. Shit! Joe had worried about this and now it was happening immediately - he was slightly built and had worried about getting raped. And he was afraid that if they found out he was gay, it would be even worse.

"Better hurry over, babycakes, if you know what's good for you," the ugly guy called again, a mean look coming over his face.

"And you'd better shut the fuck up and leave him alone, if you don't want my fist and arm up your ass to the elbow," someone bellowed behind Joe.

Joe turned around him and a little further back in the line was a huge guy, drilling holes with his eyes into his tormentors. "OK Dave," the ringleader sullenly grumbled, and he and his friends turned away and left.

Joe could understand why they gave up - no one would want to tangle with this guy. He was about 6'3 or 6'4" and as big as a house. His eyes burned in his rugged face. He looked to be in his mid 30's. His closely cropped dark hair and goatee made him look tough. His body was pure muscle from head to toe. The sleeves were rolled up on his shirt, exposing forearms corded with muscle, two or three prison tattoos etched into them.

Joe looked at him and mumbled, "Thanks." He felt embarrassed that he was picked on so soon, and worried about the future. After he got his food he headed over to an empty table and sat down. As he picked at his food, he heard a chair scraping across from him, and a deep voice rumbling, "Mind if I join you?" It was his rescuer. "Glad for the company," Joe said, brightening a little. "Thanks for helping me out then. I guess I'll have to start sticking up for myself more."

"Fucking right. You can't let these assholes get one inch, cause then they're going to take ten miles." Then he held out his hand and said, "The name's Dave." "Joe." They ate in silence a little, then Dave said, "This is your first day, isn't it?" "Yeah." "So what's your story?" Joe told him about the trial and the false verdict, how some new evidence had come to light, but he was unable to stay out of prison while the appeal went forward. "What about you?" "I killed a man," Dave replied, matter of factly. "Shit," Joe thought to himself. "I've got a murderer for a pal." "It was self defense, of course," Dave continued. About three Novembers ago I was leaving a bar, late at night. Suddenly this guy jumped out of nowhere with a two by four in his hand and said,"Hey fag, time for some plastic surgery," and swung the fucking thing at me. Luckily I ducked in time. I kicked him and he dropped the board. To teach him a lesson I picked up the board and cracked him one in his own face. When he was out, I got a little scared, and went into his wallet, trying to find out his name. **That's** when the fucking cops showed up. I had killed what turned out to be a beloved young member of the community, a promising kid, etc. etc. so that I could steal his wallet. Since it was kinda cool he had been wearing gloves, so only my prints were on the board. So I got sent up here for manslaughter. Six more years, for good behavior, less if my asshole public defender can ever get my appeal through."

Joe was stunned. Could this really happen? Dave continued, "I was a pretty big guy when I got here, since I had worked out to attract the guys. But even so I had to fight to keep from getting screwed by any horny guy who thought a fag, even a killer fag, was fair game. So I learned how to fight, and really hit the weights to get more respect. Now they know better than to fuck with me. And we're gonna have to get you bad and built up quick."

Joe couldn't believe it. From seeming to be at the prison's mercy, it looked like he had found a protector. "Yeah, if you'll help me, I want to learn the ropes here."

After they finished lunch, Dave said, "We might as well go to the exercise yard and start you out." They went outside, where the sun was shining brightly. They approached the weight area, Dave striding confidently along. There were a few other guys working out, and they all greeted Dave with a smile and hello. "This is a new guy, Joe," he said. "We've got to toughen him up some while he's a guest here." The other guys were welcoming, and one huge black guy came up to Joe. "I'm Sharky," he said. "Any friend of Dave's a friend of mine." "Yeah, Sharky's a good guy," Dave said. "And he gives pretty good head for a straight guy - at least he claims he was straight on the outside," Dave said with a grin. "Baby, you know I only had pussy til I got here," Sharky said in mock protest. "Can't help it if there's none here. Got to get off somehow."

Dave had been loading plates onto the bar at the benchpress all the while. He had four 45-pound plates on each side and he slid into position. "How about a spot Sharky?" "Yeah, man, gonna work those big pecs today?" Sharky said as he stood over the prone man. "Gonna work a lot today. And Joe's gonna work too. Soon he'll be able to spot me too." With that, Dave pushed up the weight and smoothly brought it down to his chest. Joe watched as Dave pressed it up and down, only slowing down on the eleventh rep. "Come on man, push that fucker," Sharky urged him as he moved his hands under the bar. "It's all you big man, push that weight." Dave slowly pushed the bar up, then lowered it, and repeated two more times before he put the bar back in the rack.

He sat up and grunted out a "YEAH!" Joe felt his cock getting hard in his pants. This guy was as strong as he was big.

"Getting hot now that spring's almost over," he said to Joe. He started to unbutton his shirt, revealing a broad chest covered in dark hair. He pulled the shirt out of his pants and peeled it off of his arms. Joe was transfixed. Dave had the body of a god. Broad shoulders capped his body. His arms were thickly muscled and well defined. One bicep had a tattoo that he must have had before prison, knotted barbed wire circling the thick muscle. His stomach was flat and the abs formed hard ridges. He noticed Joe staring at him and smiled. "You like what you see?" "Yeah, man," Joe stammered out. Sharky chuckled. "Man, just about everyone likes to look at you. Either because they want to be a big guy like you, or because they want to grab those big muscles while they suck your cock." Joe felt comfortable with the banter going on. "I guess I fall into both categories," and the other guys laughed. "Now it's your turn," Dave said. "How much?" Joe had not worked out for a long time. "One plate on each side, I guess. I suppose that means you're four times stronger than me." "Five times," Dave said with a smile. "That last set I was just warming up. We've gotta get you caught up fast."

He and Joe stripped off the extra plates, then Joe took his place on the bench. With Dave's encouragement, he was sure he did more reps than he ever would have done alone. Other guys came and went, but the two continued working out through the afternoon. Dave was strong as a bull. When he did barbell curls, his biceps bulged up. The sweat was streaming off of them by the end of the workout, and Dave's muscles were pumped hard, blood coursing through the thick veins that showed through his skin. Dave faced Joe and flexed his big guns. "Yeah, strength, big muscles and bad attitude. That's all they understand here." Joe knew that he would be aching the next day, but he liked the manly feeling of working out with his new buddy, seeing his massive body. He got off on how the other guys deferred to Dave, and how Dave almost took it as his due, but didn't seem too cocky about it. And Dave was a stern trainer - Dave knew that he was sure to get muscular if he kept on working out with this stud.

They parted ways back inside the main building, with Joe thanking the big man and saying he wanted to keep up as workout partners. Later that evening, one of the guards came to his cell. "Get your stuff together, Anderson. You're changing to another cell." Joe looked at his cellmate and shrugged, an old counterfiter who just looked back at him blankly. He got his belongings and followed the guard.

"Here's your new home," the guard said as he unlocked the door. "Better just dump your stuff for now. Lights out soon."

Joe looked at the bunks, then saw that Dave was lying in one, smiling at him.

"Hey - what a coincidence!" Joe said.

"No coincidence," Joe replied. "My cellmate got out a few weeks ago, and the warden was giving me some space for a while. He owes me some favors, because he knows I keep the guys in line. So I asked him to transfer your cell."

Joe felt his heartbeat pick up. This stud had asked to have him as a cellmate. He wasn't afraid of rape anymore - he knew that this guy who suffered unfairly because of a queerbasher would never force himself on Joe. But Joe wanted him so badly that he was almost shaking. He looked around the cell. A bodybuilder calendar hung on the wall. There were a few science fiction novels lying on the desk. He saw Joe lying back on the bunk, his shirt open to the top layer of his rippling abs. Just then a bell rang, and the lights went out. Only some lights from the hall dimly illuminated the cell.

"So, what do you think about being bunkmates?" Dave asked.

"It's fine," Dave stammered.

"Want to show your appreciation?" Dave asked. "Come over here."

Joe walked toward the big man, who he could see in the dim light. His vision was adjusting, and he saw Dave with a smile on his face, looking up as Joe walked toward him.

Joe stopped at the bunk and Dave said, "You liked that workout today, didn't you? I saw you getting off when I lifted those heavy weights. You liked seeing my big chest getting even bigger. Why don't you feel it? It's still hard and pumped up."

Joe put his hands on the hairy mounds of Dave's chest. Dave flexed so that his pecs were even harder to the touch. Joe started moaning as he ran his hands through the hair, feeling the big slabs of beef under his hands. "Yeah, man, feel those big pecs. Working hard on them to get them bigger." Joe started pulling Dave's shirt out of his pants. The big man sat up and put his arms around the smaller man. He pulled Joe to him and held him tightly in his strong arms. They began kissing, Dave's goatee scratching Joe's face and neck as they began necking. "Oh yeah, Dave, I want to get big like you," Joe moaned. "Flex those huge arms for me so I know what I can look forward to." Dave obliged, getting hot that his buddy was so into his hunky body.

Their hands wandered over each other's bodies as they kissed and necked. They unbuckled each other's belts and pulled their pants and underwear off. Dave's cock was long and thick, about two inches longer than Joe's own stiff six incher. Both dicks were covered in twisty veins that pulsed as the dicks got harder and fuller. Dave spit into the palm of his hand, then took Joe's cock in his hand and started stroking it. Joe moaned softly, this jerkoff felt so good as he held the bodybuilder's rigid cock in one hand, his thick biceps in the other. The arm muscle bulged and bucked as Dave pumped Joe's cock. Finally, Joe shot his load onto Dave's pecs and arm, barely stifling a scream of intense pleasure.

Dave kissed Joe for a long time, until Joe broke it off and bent down to Dave's cock which was still hard as the metal plates he was lifting earlier. Joe took the musclestud's cock in his mouth and Dave sucked in air through his teeth. Joe's sucking felt good to the muslceman. "Shit, you're ten times better than Sharky!" he laughed softly. "Man, I'm glad I asked them to switch you in here." Joe kept working Dave's cock. He caressed the balls of the big man as he brought Dave's erection deep into his mouth. The suction was getting stronger and stronger, and Joe felt Dave's balls pulling up into his body. Dave put his hands on Joe's head, urging him to suck faster. Dave grunted as he shot a load of cum into Joe's mouth. Joe didn't slow down, and Dave continued shooting load after load into Joe's eager mouth. When he was done he pulled Joe up to him and kissed him. Dave's tongue flicked around Joe's, trying to get a little taste of his own cum.

They lay in each other's arms on one of the narrow bunks. "Having a guy like you is sure going to make the time go easier," Dave said.

"I'm the really lucky one," Joe replied. "I've got a protector, a role model, and a great lover, all in one. And I'm gonna work out as hard as you, cause I want to get a hot muscle body like yours."

Dave kissed him again, then got up to get in the other bunk. "When the guards come around to check on us in the night - if they found us together they'd break us up. Good night."

"Good night," Dave answered. As he drifted off to sleep he began dreaming of the two of them working out together, giant muscles gleaming with sweat. Soon both of their appeals would be heard, and they'd be free. Free to enjoy each other in unlimited sex and friendship. Then he fell asleep, his re-erect cock in the fingers of one hand. •

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