Destiny Rewound


By Clarence591

Bryan walked as quickly as he could down the midway. The day’s rain made the patchy grass slippery and the ground muddy. To make things more difficult he was using a cane again to help keep the weight off his sore knee. He frantically searched for The Great Destino’s tent being careful not to bump into the other people around him. The traveling carnival was laid out practically the same way this year as the last. Bryan vaguely remembered the tent being at the end of midway near the side shows. He came upon a small tent set back more than the others. The black color of the fabric made it almost disappear in the shadows. Bryan thought to himself, “This is it”. He went to lift the flap of the tent to enter but found it was tied shut in several places along its length. Bryan reached down and undid the simple knots of the two lower ties, as he was about to release the last one, a deep voice startled him. “What do you think you’re doing lady?’

Bryan stood up and turned to face the direction of the baritone voice. He saw a large, hairy man with a handle-bar moustache staring down at him. The formidable carny folded his arms over his chest as he realized he was speaking to a man instead of a woman. “I was looking for the Great Destino”, Bryan said sternly, before rethinking his tone. “This is his tent isn’t it?” he added in a more dismissive pitch.

“Yeah, but he ain’t shown up today. So no one is allowed in there”, the powerful looking man said.

“Please I must see him. It is very important. Do you have any ideal where he is?’ Bryan pleaded.

“Listen, old man. I’m not his keeper. I have no idea where in the hell he is. He comes and goes as he pleases. We’re told to set up his tent everywhere we go just in case he graces us with his presence. I don’t know why the owner doesn’t fire his ass. I think he’s actually afraid of the weirdo.” The gruff worker remarked, his breath smelling of smoke and whiskey.

“Can I look around inside for a minute to find out where he’s gone?” Bryan asked.

“I don’t think so. It’s against the rules” the big man said.

Bryan was used to people breaking the rules for him. He smiled then said, “Can’t you bend the rules a little for me”.

The carny got a confused look on his face, then laughed a little. “Get the hell out of here, before I make you leave.”

Bryan forgot he couldn’t manipulate people anymore with just a smile. He quickly injected, “Wait a minute. Maybe this will change your mind’, he reached for his wallet and pulled out a twenty dollar bill. The burly man looked at the money and then back at Bryan’s face without saying a word. Bryan took out another twenty.

The man took the two bills and pushed past Bryan. He undid the last tie on the tent’s door and held it open. “You’ve got two minutes, old man. If you steal anything, I’ll break your fucking hands”.

Bryan squeezed past the worker and entered the tent. He looked around at the small space; it looked exactly as it did the last time he was there. The poster and the scale were the only two items in the room. Bryan scanned the poster and walked up to the scale. There were no clues to where Destino might be. “Does he have a trailer or something where he lives? You know where he eats, sleeps, keeps his belongings.” Bryan asked his host.

“No. It’s like I said, he comes and goes whenever he wants. He never stays more than a couple of hours when he is here. Are you done? Time is running out” the worker responded annoyingly.

“Yeah, I guess” Bryan scanned the room one more time and saw a black vest hanging from the back of the easel that supported the poster. He felt the vest in one hand to see if anything was in the pockets. He felt nothing but soft cloth. Bryan closed his eyes and sighed. He was losing hope that his living nightmare might end. He opened his eyes and noticed a bright white object sticking out of the pocket he didn’t see before. He reached for it. It was a card. Bryan held it in front of him and saw familiar words: One deepest, darkest desire granted to.

“Time’s up, old man. Let’s go” the worker growled.

Bryan grasped the card in his hand and stuck his entire hand into his pants pocket. He limped past the carnival worker and said thank you as he exited the tent. Bryan turned to see the man retying the tent’s flap before he started to walk away nervously, hoping he wouldn’t get caught stealing the card. Bryan turned around again to see the worker watching him walk away. Bryan rounded a corner before stopping to look at the card more closely. This time when he looked, he noticed its intricate design and the beautiful script lettering. He checked around the corner to make sure he wasn’t being followed and looked at the card once more, Bryan gasped as his name now appeared in red letters on the blank line below the card’s few words. Bryan raced down the midway back to the parking lot. In his haste, he accidentally hit someone with his shoulder.

“Watch where you’re going” the angry girl cried out.

“Sorry” Bryan said as he limped passed her. Suddenly he felt a hand grab onto his upper arm forcing him to stop. He thought it was the carny, he gripped the card tightly crushing it in his palm.

“Hey, Quasimodo, get back here and apologize to my girlfriend properly”, a young man’s voice said sternly. Bryan looked not to see the worker, but a handsome teenager in a varsity jacket holding him tightly. The young man reminded Bryan of himself a few years ago.

“Brad, let the pathetic old man go”, the girlfriend said after seeing Bryan’s face.

“He has to learn to be more polite” the strong athlete said, almost lifting Bryan off the ground with one hand.

“I said I was sorry. I didn’t mean to bump into the young lady”, Bryan said humbly, the pain in his arm increasing. “You’re hurting me”.

“You are a pathetic weakling aren’t you, fugly too” the boy smirked releasing Bryan. He stood directly in front of Bryan, “Now, apologize again and this time do it properly.”

Bryan looked up at the boy and felt totally intimidated. Of course every man intimidated him now. He looked at the girl and said meekly, “I am truly sorry for bumping into you. It was totally my fault and I deeply apologize”.

“Sure, whatever”, the girl responded, “Now let’s go Brad. This guy gives me the creeps”.

“Okay, I think Igor here has learned his lesson. Haven’t you”, the boy said loudly to Bryan.

“Yes, sir” Bryan answered and turned to leave. The boy then kicked Bryan’s cane out from under him, causing Bryan to fall to the ground. Bryan was covered in mud, he tried to get up but his knee gave out and fell again. The two teenagers laughed at the sight of Bryan flopping around in the mud. Soon others joined the youngsters laughing at Bryan’s folly. Bryan felt humiliated; he squeezed the card in his hand tighter, closed his eyes and said, “My deepest, darkest desire is to be the man I was and to be truly happy again. I wish none of this ever happened”. The sound of the laughter around him changed. It was no longer the sound of a crowd, but giggles from a couple of girls. Bryan opened his eyes, he saw the young ladies walking by smiling at him. He was still at the carnival but it was different some how. He opened his hand and the card was gone.

“Are you all right?” he heard a familiar voice as he felt someone help him to his feet. When he got up, Bryan looked down and saw Peter. But it was the Peter he knew before the accident.

“Pete?” Bryan asked staring at his old friend intently. “What happened to you? Your face, your body?” Peter looked back at Bryan confused. Then Bryan noticed his own thick forearms, he flexed his biceps and watched them erupt with muscle. He put his hands on his chest, feeling its hardness; he dropped his hands to his ass, feeling how solid and round it felt. Bryan ran his fingers over his face, feeling no scars or pimples. Bryan smiled and looked for a reflective surface. He took a few steps closer to the food cart next to him looking at his image in the glass window. He was devastatingly handsome again. Finally he dropped his hand to his crotch and squeezed the large bulge between his legs. He laughed out loud and said, “I’m me again”. Bryan moved back to where Peter stood watching his friend’s strange behavior. “How long was I out? I had the strangest dream”.

“What do you mean? You just tripped on the guide wire because you were distracted by some admirers. You were on the ground for a couple of seconds.” Peter said with concern.

“That’s not possible” Bryan said deep in thought.

“Maybe you better sit down”, Peter took Bryan by the arm and led him to a nearby bench. He noticed Bryan was limping as he walked. “Did you hurt your knee when you fell?”

Bryan put all his weight on his knee and he felt no pain. There was no reason for him to limp now. “No, I guess not”. Bryan stared at Peter for a few moments thinking how different he looked, or did he not change at all. Bryan’s head was spinning as he tried to make sense of everything. “What day is it?” he asked.

“It’s Friday” Peter said surprised by the question.

“No, I mean the date. What’s the date? What year is it?” Bryan asked in earnest.

“The year?” Peter grabbed Bryan’s shoulder and looked deep into his eyes. “You’ve got me worried, Bryan. Maybe we should go to the hospital. I think you may have a concussion or something”.

Bryan could see the real concern in Peter’s eyes. “No, I’m fine. I just got the wind knocked out of me. Give me a moment to get my bearings”. Peter started to run his hands through Bryan’s thick hair feeling for a bump or cut. “Let me know if you find a bald spot”.

“Very funny, Bryan. Your sense of humor seems intact”, Peter said dropping his hand into his lap after finding no apparent head injury. “Why don’t I get you something to drink while you stay here and rest for awhile?”

“I could really go for a beer right now” Bryan said with a smile.

Peter stood up, “Alcohol is the last thing you need. I’ll get you a cup of black coffee, jus the way you like it. I think there’s some food stands in this direction.” Peter said looking further down the midway.

Bryan grabbed Peter’s hand, “Thank you for looking after me. You’re a good friend, my best friend. The only person I can really count on”.

Peter looked at Bryan. He sincere look in his beautiful eyes confirmed the sentiment was genuine. Peter felt a shiver go through his body. He wanted to tell Bryan he loved him. He wanted to kiss him and hold him tightly in his arms but instead Peter pulled his hand away from Bryan’s and took a couple of steps back. Peter didn’t feel worthy of a man like Bryan. “I’ll be right back with that coffee”, Peter turned and walked away. Bryan watched his friend disappear into the crowd.

Bryan sat on the bench trying to make sense of what happened. Somehow he had traveled back in time. The previous year did not seem to exist to anyone but him; certainly Peter had no recollection of it. Bryan wanted to leave the carnival as soon as possible. This was the day when everything started to go wrong for him. He didn’t want to relive that nightmare year he had just erased. He got up and started walking in the same direction Peter went earlier to search for his friend. Bryan noticed how much easier it was to walk through the crowd now, people moved out of his way when he approached. The only exceptions were a few women who took the opportunity to caress his ass or arm as they passed. Bryan got concerned when he reached a cart that sold coffee but didn’t find Peter. He decided to head back to the bench in case they missed each other, as he turned he saw Destino’s tent on the other side of midway. Bryan’s heart sank. He ran across the grassy path weaving through the crowd, he accidentally bumped into a teenage boy wearing a varsity jacket. The boy turned around angrily and said, “Hey, watch where you’re going”. The boy looked up to see Bryan’s imposing form and almost melted. Bryan recognized him as the same boy, just a year younger, who tripped him. Bryan said “Sorry”, puffing out his chest a little. “No problem, sir. It was probably my fault anyway”, the boy said meekly as he grabbed his girlfriend’s hand and made a hasty retreat.

When Bryan reached the tent, he pushed the flap aside and stepped in. He arrived as Destino was handing Peter his prize. “No”, he screamed and ripped the card from Peter’s hand and tore it into pieces. He let the fragments fall. Bryan grabbed Destino by his lapels, lifting him of the ground. “I’m not going to let you do it to me again. Do you hear me?” Bryan yelled as he shook the much smaller man.

The Great Destino showed no fear. He just smiled and said slyly. “Such a handsome and powerful man, I wonder how you would feel if it was all taken away from you…..Bryan.” Bryan was consumed with fear. He now knew he wasn’t the only one who remembered what happened during the missing year.

Peter was pulling on Bryan’s arm. “Bryan what are you doing? Let him go. You’re going to hurt him”. Bryan released his grip and set the older man down on the ground. He walked backwards toward the way he entered without saying a word or taking his eyes off of Destino.

“Sir, don’t forget your prize”, Destino said to Peter as he pointed to the ground. There laid the whole, undamaged card. Peter searched for the pieces of the card Bryan had destroyed, but none could be seen. Peter picked up the card and looked at The Great Destino in amazement. “After all sir, you are meant to have it”.

Peter pulled Bryan out of the tent. Peter was upset and confused. “What happened in there? How did he know your name? Do you know him from somewhere?” Peter said taking his eyes off his prize to look at Bryan.

Bryan was in a state of shock. Not sure what to do next. “What?” Bryan said only giving partial attention to Peter’s comments. “No I never met the guy before. I guess I went a little crazy. I must be disoriented from my fall.”

“Crazy is the word. You were acting like a bully in there for no reason. You reminded me of Marc”, Peter stated angrily.

“Don’t compare me to Marc. That asshole thinks he can treat people like shit, just because he has a perfect body”, Bryan snapped.

“Do you really think Marc has a perfect body?” Peter asked surprised by Bryan’s words.

“Sure, he can get any man or woman he wants with his looks” Bryan mind was still spinning with a thousand different thoughts, He wasn’t giving his full attention to the conversation with Peter.

“Any man?” Peter asked softly.

Bryan knew he had to talk with Destino again. He had questions that only he could answer. “Look, Peter. You are right. I acted like a big jerk in there. I have to apologize to that guy. I’ll be right back.” Peter just nodded, this time he was the one deep in thought.

“I knew you would return” Destino said with a smirk.

Bryan stayed near the tent’s entrance in case he needed to make a quick getaway. He spoke softly not wanting Peter to hear their conversation. “You seem to know a lot of things about me. But I want to know why you did what you did to me? Was it to teach me a lesson?” Destino did not answer; he just smiled making him look more sinister. “Okay I learned my lesson. Peter was right, I was naive. A person’s looks do matter. And I like being attractive, athletic and masculine. I enjoy the ability to manipulate people, being the center of attention, having things come easy to me. There I said it, okay. Now leave me alone”.

“Oh, I think you felt that way all along. You just didn’t want to admit it to yourself or for other people to think you were conceited.” Destino said moving slowly around the room in a clockwise direction. “But I did nothing to you, sir. I simply gave your friend a gift. It is up to him how he uses it”.

Bryan was forced to move in the same direction to keep his distance from the strange man. “You’re telling me Peter is the one that made me look like that. He took everything away from me? I don’t believe it. Peter is my best friend; he wouldn’t do anything to hurt me.”

“True, I don’t think he intended to hurt you. He used you to become more attractive, he wanted to be the perfect man. His image of the perfect man anyway”, Destino said his languid speech.

“Why would he do that? Peter is a great guy already. He doesn’t have to change, become someone else. Any one who knows him is aware of all his great qualities. Any guy would be lucky to have him.” Bryan commented trying to make sense out of Destino’s words.

“Really, interesting you of all people would say that. Because Peter doesn’t want just any guy, he wants one particular guy doesn’t he?” the man in black said finally stopping his circling.

“He did this for me?” Bryan said, the realization confused him more.

“Come now, don’t be so surprised. You’ve known for almost six years he was attracted to you. You secretly enjoyed how he admired you, even worshiped you. But you pretended not to see it. You didn’t feel the same way for him because he wasn’t pretty enough for you. You thought you deserved a better man.” The carny came closer to Bryan, appearing to float across the room. Bryan couldn’t move. Bryan shook he head no, but he knew it was true. He always said Peter was wrong for being obsessed with a person’ appearance; but Bryan knew he was the truly shallow one. He knew it was wrong to feel that way and he was ashamed. He was always telling Peter looks don’t matter because it was the right thing to say. But he was lying to Pete and himself. He did love Peter, more than any other man he knew. But held back his feelings because of the way Peter looked. Bryan told himself he allowed Peter to suck him off that night back in college for Peter, but he really did it for himself. He wanted to feel Pete’s mouth on his cock without having to show Peter any affection. He still remembered that incredible night so clearly, it was so satisfying. Many times since then he imagined it was Pete blowing him instead of his actual partner.

“You’re right, I was wrong. I’m sorry.” Bryan looked into Destino’s eyes and saw nothing but his own distorted reflection. “I can fix it this time. That’s why you gave me this second chance right?”

The Great Destino laughed. “Destiny is like a videotape. You can rewind it, but once it moves forward again it plays out the same.” The little man began to encircle Bryan.

“I refuse to believe that. Things will change this time around. I’ll find a way to edit destiny. I can’t go through that again. I know Peter wouldn’t wish for it to happen if he knew it would come true” Bryan said defiantly.

“Both your futures are sealed. Peter will become the kind of man he has always desired to be and you will always be linked to him. It was not by chance that you were room mates in college. Your destinies were set in motion at that first meeting. You can’t fight fate, no matter how hard you try” Destino said, his voice trailing off at the end. Bryan looked behind him and around the room, Destino was gone.

Bryan walked out of the tent and found Peter grouching on the ground. “Let’s go home Pete. I’ve had all I can take tonight. I’m sure you’re getting cold anyway”, Bryan said and he started to walk quickly up the midway heading back to the parking area.

Peter stood up and after one more quick scan of the ground, caught up to Bryan. “It certainly has been eventful, dude. But I’m not cold; it’s a beautiful night considering everything. I still owe you a cup of coffee”, Peter said while pulling up his loose fitting pants. Bryan did not respond.

When they reached Bryan’s car, Peter insisted on driving since he wasn’t sure of Bryan’s physical condition. Bryan tossed his keys wildly to Peter, who with lightning fast reflexes snatched them out of the air. Both men quickly got into the front seat and pulled out of the dirt lot. Bryan’s mind was racing as he stared out the car window. Somehow he had to find a way to change their destinies in the next six months. He looked over to Peter who was intently watching the road as he drove. Bryan looked at his face, his nose was a little too big, and he was plain; but something about him seemed different. He was attractive in his own way. If you truly love someone their looks shouldn’t matter. Bryan truly believed that now. Maybe that was the real lesson Bryan was suppose to learn. Peter felt Bryan’s eyes on him and looked at Bryan momentarily, “What?”

“If I asked you to do something for me, would you?” Bryan asked.

“Of course, I wouldn’t think you had to ask me that after six years together”, Peter answered.

“Get rid of that card you got from Destino” Bryan said very seriously.

“What is up with you and that card? Don’t you want me to have my deepest, darkest secret granted?” Peter asked jokingly.

“Aren’t you happy? Don’t you have everything you could want right now” Bryan asked.

“Well, I do wish I was in better shape”, Peter grinned as he patted his soft stomach then returned his hand to the gearshift knob in the center console.

“I think you look great just the way you are” Bryan said as he put his hand on top of Peter’s. The smile left Peter’s lips as he turned and looked at Bryan again. The loving expression on Bryan’s face caught him off guard for the second time tonight.” So will you destroy the card?”

“I still don’t understand what you have against the stupid card, dude, but it doesn’t matter. I lost the card while I was waiting for you outside of Destino’s tent. One minute it was in my hand, and then it just disappeared. I looked for it, but couldn’t find it in the dark” Peter reluctantly moved his hand from under Bryan’s so he could tug on his pant legs.

Bryan’s pulse quickened, “What are you doing?”

“My underwear must have ridden up on me. It’s too tight, my balls are being crushed” Peter answered massaging his crotch.

Bryan started to think. “You had no problem opening my car door, did you?”

“No, I assumed you finally got it fixed. It’s not like I suddenly got stronger” Peter laughed.

“This can’t be happening. No, no, no. It’s too soon. I should have six more months” Bryan mumbled to himself. He realized where he was, he had to get out of the car. “Pull over. Stop the car! I have to get out of here”.

“What are you talking about, dude. We’re almost at our exit”, Peter said calmly.

“I said stop the fucking car, NOW!” Bryan screamed as panic took over.

Peter found an area on the side of a bend in the highway. He pulled off the road and put the car in park. “What has gotten into you, man? Ever since you tripped at the carnival you have been acting crazy. I think we should get you to a hospital as soon as possible.”

Bryan was near hysterics, tears where falling from his eyes. “I know what your deepest, darkest secret is. You want to look like me, but I beg of you not to take everything away from me.” Bryan dropped his head into his hands, sobbing uncontrollably.

Peter undid his seat belt and leaned in to Bryan. He wrapped his arms around him trying to consul him. “Yes, I want to look like you, so would any other man. It’s only natural. But I don’t want to take anything away from you.” Seeing Bryan so vulnerable made Peter feel more like the man in their relationship. His confidence rose and he added, “I just want to be the most perfect man for you as you are for me.”

Bryan stopped crying and looked into Peter’s soft eyes. He did love Peter and it was time he let him know his true feelings. “You already are perfect for me”. Both men leaned in for their first kiss, when suddenly there was a loud explosive noise, then the sound of squealing tires. Bryan looked up and saw a car heading straight towards them. Peter saw the terrified look on Bryan’s face and turned to see what was happening. Bryan screamed “no” as both men braced themselves for the impact.

Bryan woke up in a hospital bed. He saw Peter in the bed next to his. The only noticeable effect of the crash was the bandage on Peter’s nose. Bryan scanned the length of Peter’s body as he laid flat on his back. Bryan’s eyes stopped when it reached the prominent bulge at Peter’s crotch. Bryan’s heart sank. His nightmare was about to be replayed. He looked down at his body and saw a large bulge between his own legs. He lifted the thin sheet and pulled up his gown. He cupped his balls and man meat in his hand relishing their large size. He dropped the sheet and ran his hands over his still hard body. He felt sore in a couple of places but there were no casts or bandages anywhere. He noticed the bathroom on the other side of the room and got out of bed. He laughed when he found both knees in perfect condition. When he got into the bathroom he looked at himself in the mirror, and despite a small cut on his forehead, he looked unhurt and unchanged.

“Mr. Copelli, you really should not be out of bed”, a familiar man’s voice echoed in the small bathroom.

Bryan turned to see his doctor, “Dr. Soren”,

“Yes, have we met before?” the doctor asked. “Because I’m sure you are someone I would remember.”

“Um, no. I just saw your ID” Bryan said thinking fast. The doctor escorted the patient to his bed enjoying the view from the back of the loose fitting gown. “How are we doing, Pete and I”, Bryan asked as he settled in between the bed sheets.

“You are extremely lucky young men. Both of you only suffered minor cuts and bruises. In addition Mr. Kolowski, broke his nose but it was reset by one of Chicago’s best plastic surgeons. He may be the first person to actually look better after being in a car accident.” The doctor joked.

“Yes, I know he will look great” Bryan said staring at his best friend still sleeping. “But you’re sure there’s nothing wrong with me”.

“No, you’re fine. Being in such great shape helped protect your body from injury.” Dr. Soren said as he ran his hand down Bryan’s thick arm. “That’s true for your friend too. We are going to keep you overnight for observation, but you will most likely be released in the morning”.

“That doesn’t make sense” Bryan said under his breath trying to figure out what happened.

“Knock, knock” someone said from the doorway. Bryan looked up and saw Mr. Simmons standing there with several bouquets of flowers in his hand.

“I’m sorry sir, but visiting hours are over for the evening” Dr. Soren announced.

Bryan grabbed onto the doctor’s hand and smiled, “Couldn’t you bend the rules this one time?” he asked.

The doctor looked at Bryan’s angelic face. As Dr. Soren passed Simmons he said, “Just for a few minutes. He needs to rest”. The doctor smiled at Bryan once more before leaving.

Simmons entered the room. “How are you feeling Bryan? You look great as usual”. Bryan said “fine” before Simmons continued. “What a strange evening having my favorite employees in the hospital at the same time. I’m glad to see you and Peter are okay. Oh, I got these for you.” Simmons said handing a bouquet to Bryan. He then put another bouquet on the table next to Peter’s bed. Simmons held on to a third one.

“Are you taking them home with you?” Bryan asked noticing the remaining bouquet.

“No, of course not”, Simmons said, “That’s right you don’t know. The driver of the car which hit you was Marc.” Bryan was stunned, for a moment his heart stopped, he couldn’t breath. He knew Simmons was continuing to talk but couldn’t hear the words. “He’s in a lot worse shape than you two. The police said he wasn’t wearing a seat belt and for some reason his airbag didn’t deploy. He has several broken bones and severe damage to his face. It’s going to be a long recovery. A shame since he was such an active man.”

Bryan realized Simmons had stopped talking. “Yes, it’s a real shame”, he stammered out.

“Well, I better go so you can get some rest. They won’t allow me to see Marc, so I’ll have to leave his flowers at the nurses’ station. If you need to take a couple days off from work, just leave me a voice mail at the office. I’ll see you soon”, Simmons walked out of room.

Bryan was still in shock so much had happened in such a short period of time. Peter started to move and make noise. Bryan was at his side when Peter opened his eyes. “What happened?” Peter asked.

“We got hit by another car. We’re in the hospital. You nose was broken, but besides that we are both fine” Bryan said in a comforting tone as he stroked the top of Peter’s head.

“It figures, my big nose always gets in the way”, Peter said with a forced smile. “I’m glad you are okay, Bryan” Peter added in a more serious tone and grabbed Bryan’s other hand. Bryan brought their hands to his mouth and kissed the back of Peter’s gently. Bryan smiled at Peter and stared deeply into his eyes while continuing to stroke his hair. Peter never felt such tenderness and caring from another man before. He pinched himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. He was surprised by how hard and muscular his thigh felt.


A little more than a year had passed since the accident. Peter came running through the back door of their house with Bryan close behind. Both men only wore high cut onion-skin running shorts and track shoes. Their defined legs and muscular torsos glistened with sweat. “I won, that means you have to do the laundry this week” Peter said trying to catch his breath.

“Okay, but you still have to do the cooking” Bryan said between deep breathes; his massive chest expanding dramatically with each inhale.

“Fine, I’ll make something for us right now” Peter said as he walked over to the fridge and removed several items. He dumped them into the blender, and after a few noisy seconds poured the contents into two glasses. He gave one glass to Bryan.

“I can’t wait until I can eat real food again” Bryan said before taking a gulp of Peter’s protein and vitamin packed concoction.

“Only a couple more days until the nationals, Mr. Illinois and then we’ll have a huge celebratory dinner at the restaurant of your choice. But in the meantime these shakes are what’s helping you maintain those perfect abs of yours”, Peter said running his hand over Bryan’s deeply etched eight pack feeling the muscles work as he swallowed more of the shake. “I noticed the cheerleading squad checking you out today as we made our way around the track”.

“Really, well I noticed that cute little blond boy in the bleachers checking you out when you were stretching”, Bryan remarked back.

“It’s ironic that what I always thought was my worse body part, would turn out to be my best” Peter said as he bent his legs to flex his voluminous calve and thigh muscles.

Bryan reached around behind his room mate and put his hands on Peter’s ass. “And if this perfect ass of yours wins the nationals, I’ll be your sex slave for the rest of my life”.

“I thought you already were” Peter laughed as he ran his hands over Bryan’s bulging triceps. Peter pressed his body into Bryan’s larger frame. He never felt happier then when in Bryan’s strong arms. It was every thing he had ever fantasized it would be. “I love spending time with you away from work”.

“I still can’t believe you were able to talk Simmons into giving us a time off” Bryan said finally letting go of Peter’s perfectly formed globes

“It was easy. When I told him about the contest he could hardly control himself. The image of the two of us on stage all oiled up and in posers almost caused him to shoot a load right in his office.” Peter said in a comical tone. “But he owes us some time. Ever since our promotions we have been working 60 to 70 hours a week. Not to mention all the new clients we’ve brought in.” Suddenly Peter remembered something, “Damn, I forgot to give Marc my expense report for last month”.

“I hope he doesn’t get yelled out by his boss. Raymond seems to be riding that poor guy hard. He runs the accounting department with an iron fist.” Bryan commented after finishing the last of his shake.

“What I hear, Raymond rides Marc outside the office pretty hard too”, Peter said with a raised eyebrow. He began to wash the blender’s carafe in the sink

“Really, well I’m glad they have each other.” Bryan walked up behind Peter and wrapped his arms around him, pressing his masterful package into Peter’s ass. “Just like I’m glad I have you.”

Peter took in a deep breath as he felt Bryan’s expanding cock trying to push apart his ass cheeks through the thin layers of fabric that separated the two men’s bodies. Peter’s deepest, darkest desire was finally fulfilled. The man he loved and wanted, loved and wanted him in return. “Is that a fact, Mr. Copelli?”

Bryan started to kiss Peter’s neck and shoulders, “Yes, Mr. Kolowski. One I want to proof to you over and over again”. •

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