Destiny Rewound


By Clarence591

Bryan entered the deserted restroom and walked up to one of the urinals. He longer needed the use of a cane, but still had an obvious limp. He unzipped his pants and with two fingers searched to find his shrunken dick hidden within the loose clothing and bushy pubic hair. He located his penis and pulled it out through the fly, holding back his pants with his other hand as to not piss himself. Another man entered the room and relieved himself at the next urinal. Bryan glanced over to the other man’s crotch, hoping to see an even smaller cock than his own. But the average sized equipment of the stranger made Bryan look like a prepubescent boy. Bryan raised his glance to the man’s face and saw him staring back. The man said “faggot” before he shook his cock dry, zipped up his pants and walked out of the room. Bryan said nothing as he finished urinating. He let go of his cock and it quickly recoiled back into his pants, disappearing from sight. Bryan thought to himself, “At least I don’t have to worry about getting myself caught in the zipper anymore”. Bryan walked to the sink and washed his hands. As he dried them with a paper towel he looked in the mirror. He checked his face for any new white heads that needed to be popped. Even though he had stopped taking the steroids two months ago, he still was getting new pimples daily. The bald spot on the top of his head wasn’t getting any larger, but it wasn’t getting any smaller either. Bryan stood sideways and rubbed his stomach. He did look a little thinner in his waist. But his thighs and ass were as big as ever. His physical therapist told him he had a bad case of secretary spread. Bryan wasn’t sure if his waist looked smaller due to his new 1,000 calorie a day diet or the small-sized undershirt he wore beneath his dress shirt to help flatten his bitch tits. Maybe it acted as a girdle as well as a bra. The scale told him he had lost over fifty pounds since the accident, but he knew that was mostly muscle. The loss of muscle mass increased dramatically once he stopped taking the steroids. His arms and legs were thinner now than he ever remembered them being. He lifted his right arm and flexed it in the mirror. He pulled back the loose short sleeve of his shirt and ran his left hand over his upper right arm. He felt nothing but soft skin on hard bone, his large hand was able to encircle its entire diameter.

Bryan had become accustomed to his appearance. But he worried a little more about it today, because he had decided to finally ask Robin out on a date. He met Robin three weeks ago, when she joined the firm. She was his age, a little on the plain side, but seemed to be genuinely nice. They shared a cubicle in the accounting department. Bryan had been permanently reassigned to the accounting department five weeks ago, after spending two lonely weeks in the new space he was glad of the company. He got along with her very well. They made each other laugh. Since she didn’t know him before the accident, she didn’t look at him the same way as the other people at work did. She even touched his hand once when she was explaining an accounting procedure to him. Bryan still remembered how it felt when she touched him. It had been so long since someone touched him who wasn’t in the medical field. Bryan decided to take her gentle touch as a sign that she was attracted to him. He remembered how before the accident, he got tired of women always coping a feel. He thought if a man just walked up to a woman and started groping her, the guy would be arrested. But women had no qualms with feeling him up.

Bryan didn’t really feel like dating. His sex drive was basically nonexistent. He used to jerk off several times a day, but now it was once a week at the most. It took so much effort, even after he got hard, he sometimes couldn’t reach climax before tiring out. But he was lonely and needed to become more social again. He was beginning to feel like a hermit, going only from home to work and back again.. He made up his mind today was the day to get a real social life. He was nervous because he hadn’t much experience in asking people out. In the past, the other person always made the first move on him. Bryan straightened his clothes and ran his fingers through is hair trying to cover his bald spot the best he could. He looked in the mirror and said out loud, “You can do this, Bryan. The worst thing she could say is no”.

Robin smiled at Bryan as he walked into their cubicle. “I got your lunch out of fridge, when I got mine”, she said as she began emptying the contents of her bag. Bryan sat at his desk and started to do the same, “Thank you”. Bryan cleared his throat nervously before adding, “Robin I wanted to ask you something”. But before he could finish his thought, he was interrupted by Marc and Peter entering their space.

“Here you are? It was tough trying to find you in this maze. I’ve never been down on the 4th floor before” Peter said with some relief. Bryan hardly saw Peter anymore. While Bryan was on the 4th floor, Peter’s new office was on the 12th. Peter was only at the house occasionally to sleep and change clothes. He spent every night and weekend with Marc and his crew playing sports or partying. Bryan couldn’t believe how big Peter had gotten. The last two months of working out with the jocks had transformed him into a real muscle god. Robin’s eyes widened as she took in the masculine beauty of the two athletic men. Since it was a Friday, both were wearing tight polo shirts and khaki pants. Bryan thought the form fitting shirt must be from the Samson Clothing Company. Bryan signed for the package at home earlier in the week. The lightweight, knit material clung to his muscular body like a second skin even around his tight, flat waist enveloping his deeply etched abdominals. Bryan thought it had to be specially made for a man with a bodybuilder’s physique. The banded sleeves were forced high on his arm above his tan, bulging biceps and triceps. His pants were tight too, the material only wrinkling around his crotch and the point were his ass met his thighs as it strained to contain his mass. “I’ve been planning on visiting you down here for the last couple of weeks, but never found the time. How are things going dude? Liking the new job and the new digs?” Peter asked while slapping Bryan on the back.

Bryan replied slowly, stunned by Peter’s spectacular appearance, “Yes, everything’s great. Umm, this is Robin. We share the cubicle”.

Peter gave Robin a winning smile. “Nice to meet you Robin. This is Marc. We both work on the 12th floor”.

Marc walked up to Robin’s desk and kissed her hand. Robin giggled then said, “It’s my pleasure to meet the both of you”. Her cheeks turned rosy red as she blushed and started to twirl her hair in her fingers.

“How is your new job?” Bryan asked getting jealous of Robin’s reaction to the two other men.

“Great. I’ve signed a couple new clients to the firm. Simmons is happy, so I’m happy. But I’m not here to just see your new office, Bro. I’ve missed you and thought maybe we could do lunch today. We have a lot to catch up on.” Peter said his face beaming with youth and energy. He looked at Bryan’s desk and saw the food items on it; a meal replacement shake in a can with some celery and carrot sticks. “But it looks like we’re too late.”

Marc saw similar items on Robin’s desk. He reached over and picked up the drink from Bryan’s desk. “Yeah it looks like the girls have already started their lunch. A SlimQuik shake; Mango-Kiwi flavored, how fruity”, he mocked.

Bryan was embarrassed. Marc was belittling him in front of Robin. Peter could see the angst on Bryan’s face. “You sure you can’t join us. We’re going to the steakhouse down the street. Marc’s treat. He lost a bet we had, so I pick the place and can invite anyone I want. Of course, I though of you, dude, my best friend.” Peter said trying to make Bryan feel better.

“What was the bet?” Robin asked.

“We both entered a bodybuilding competition and I placed higher than he did” Peter answered in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Really? How exciting!” Robin said, her voice getting higher pitched.

“Not really. It was just for the county’s natural bodybuilder title. I only entered because Marc dared me.” Peter answered trying to downplay his victory.

“Oh my, did you win”, Robin asked, as her excitement increased.

“Yeah, it really wasn’t fair. He has all these genetic advantages. The other competitors and I didn’t have a chance. Look at his strong legs, narrow hips, perfectly symmetrical abs, squared-off pecs, broad shoulders, and split biceps”, Marc explained as every one followed his description of Peter’s gifted body with their eyes. He grabbed Peter’s left arm, raised it to shoulder level and bent it at the elbow forcing his bicep to expand. Peter gave no resistance allowing Marc to manipulate his arm. “he looks like he just walked off the cover of a super hero comic book. And it comes all so easy to him. I’ve only seen one other man with such perfect genetics”, Marc glanced quickly at Bryan, “but he’s dead now”.

Robin inhaled deeply staring at that the mound of muscle swelling on Peter’s upper arm. She reached for it, but stopped short and asked “May I?”

“Sure” Peter answered with a slight laugh. It was nice that someone asked for a change. Usually women just came up to him and started caressing his body like it was a sculpture on public display. He decided to give her a little thrill as a reward for her politeness. As she ran her small hand over his massive muscle, he straightened his arm and flexed it harder several times, forcing the muscle to expand with each pump. The split heads of the bicep became very distinct. Robin was getting more and more turned on by Peter’s display. Marc was getting turned on too watching Robin’s reaction to Peter’s body. As he stood next to Peter, he put his hand on Peter’s upper back and in a slow serpentine motion ran it down to his lower back. He teeHeHHHhen slipped his hand under Peter’s loose waist band and started to squeeze his ass cheeks. Bryan wasn’t sure what angered him more about the display he was watching, Peter being groped by Robin or Marc. Peter lowered his arm and Robin fell back into her chair. She looked flush and her breathing was labored. She forced out the words “thank you” between deep breaths. “Are you sure you can’t join us for lunch, Bryan? Doesn’t a juicy 16 ounce T-bone sound good and expensive?” Peter asked turning his attention back to his friend giving Robin a chance to recover.

“A steak that big for lunch? I can’t imagine the number of calories it has” Robin said trying to keep his focus on her.

“We need to eat about ten to twelve thousand calories a day if we want to continue to grow. Not to mention the added protein. We have the state title competition coming up in a few weeks. And I’m determined to beat him this time.” Marc said finally removing his hand from Peter’s ass and puffing out his own chest trying to impress Robin too. Robin let out a little moan thinking about the hunks getting even bigger and stronger.

“That will be the day. I’ve already beaten you at tennis, golf, soccer, baseball, basketball, football, volleyball, weightlifting, and bodybuilding.” Peter said with a smirk as he folded his massive arms over his broad chest making him look more formidable. “I give you credit for not giving up though”.

“You must be a real natural athlete to win at all those different sports” Robin said breathlessly looking up at Peter.

“I never thought so. But I guess my increased strength and stamina made me more agile and coordinated, and improved my reflexes. Playing sports well seems so easy to me now.” Peter said deep in thought. Robin just sighed.

Bryan was getting annoyed at the way Robin was behaving in front of the two jocks. “Sorry I can’t join you. You see we eat our lunch at our desks so we can go down to the gym during our real lunch break to exercise. I’ve been working out with the ten pound dumbbells for two weeks now.” Bryan said defiantly.

Marc scoffed “Ten pound weights. Are they the pink ones?”

Bryan was getting tired of Marc’s put downs, “I’m starting light, but once my muscle memory kicks in, I’ll catch up to the two of you”.

“Muscle memory? It looks like your muscles have a severe case of amnesia. Hell, they’ve even forgotten you’re a man”, Marc said laughing out loud.

Peter talked loudly to drown out Marc’s laughter, “That’s great Bryan. You do look more, um, toned.”

Bryan liked hearing Peter’s encouraging words. “Maybe we can work out together again, like before” Bryan said excitedly.

“Please, we’re curling ten times that weight.” Marc fired back. He didn’t want Peter working out with anyone but him.

Bryan felt like a little boy being made fun of by his mean, older brother. Robin just sighed again thinking about how strong they were to lift a hundred pounds with one arm. Marc looked at her and smiled devilishly while flexing ever muscle in his body. He knew if Peter didn’t want her, she could be the next notch on his bed post. “Listen Robin, if you aren’t doing anything after work, why don’t you come watch us play basketball at the Y. I’m the captain of the company’s team and we play against other local firms. A lot of the women who work here come to cheer us on. That’s if you don’t mind seeing us all sweaty and shirtless”.

“That sounds amazing. I’ll definitely be there to see you sweat, I mean, cheer our team on” Robin said turning a brighter shade of red.

Peter could see Bryan wasn’t happy with Marc flirting with Robin. Peter slapped the back of his hand into Marc’s hard chest to let him know to be quiet. Bryan decided it would be best for them to leave, “Listen, we’ll do lunch another time then Dude. We’ve got to be going. I’ll see you at home later” Peter said as walked out pushing Marc along in front of him.

“What did Peter mean about seeing you at home later?” Robin asked coming out of her stupor once the real men left.

“We share a house together”, Bryan said keeping his head down while munching on a carrot stick.

“Really? Why didn’t you ever tell me you lived with a man like that? How long have you known him? What is he like?” Robin asked, her speech becoming quicker.

“We went to college together.” Bryan said softly.

“You’re kidding. He looks so much younger, I mean you look much older, I mean more mature than he does”, Robin stammered out. “Is he dating anyone right now?”

“I don’t know.” Bryan blurted out. His growing annoyance of her questions was very obvious.

“I hope you don’t mind me talking to you about men. It’s just I don’t have any other friends in Chicago, since I only moved here a month ago. I consider you my closest friend; we’re like girlfriends. We can share anything.” Robin said trying to make Bryan feel better.

“I can’t be your girlfriend, I’m a man” Bryan said a little hurt by the comment.

“I know that. But I don’t see you as a man, man. There’s no physical attraction between us, so we can avoid all those silly man-woman games and just be ourselves. That’s what I meant. It was a complement, Bryan” Robin said placing her hand on his.

“I see” Bryan said realizing that he was wrong earlier. There was something worse she could say to him besides turning him down for a date. He stood up and walked out of the cubicle. Robin asked where he was going, but he didn’t respond. Bryan found himself in front of the vending machine staring at the candy bars. He selected the dark chocolate one, he’s favorite. He quickly unwrapped the treat and inhaled the sweet aroma. His joy was interrupted as he heard the loud booming voices of Marc and Peter coming from around the corner. Bryan hid on the opposite side of the vending machine holding his breath as the two dominant males passed by. Bryan watched them walk down the hallway creating chaos in their wake as the other people moved out of their way, many hoping they would get noticed by the two hunks. But the two men were oblivious to the turmoil they caused. They paid attention only to each other, loud laughter and bold hand gestures punctuated their conversation. Many passer-bys stopped to enjoy the view of the athletes both coming and going. Soon the men were out of view and earshot, everyone returned to their normal routines.

Bryan moved back to the front of the vending machine as two women approached. They didn’t seem to notice him standing there as they talked to each other. “Just once before I die, I want to have a man that beautiful make love to me”, one of the middle aged women said.

“Peter makes passionate love to me every Friday night during the Late Show” the other woman replied. Bryan listened to the conversation intently as he bit into his candy.

“What?” the first woman asked in surprise.

“Don’t worry, it’s only in my mind.” The second woman replied. “I imagine his gorgeous face and perfect body on top of me when I’m with my husband. And you’ve seen my husband; it takes a lot of imagination.”

“You are bad. But at least your have a husband. I have to do the same thing when I’m alone with my vibrator.” The first women confided.

“The twelve incher?” The second woman asked softly with a raised eyebrow.

“You know it. And what I hear, it’s right to size.” The first answered. The two women laughed and Bryan started to choke.

The women turned their attention to Bryan, finally noticing him standing there. One of them asked. “Are you okay?” Bryan nodded yes as he swallowed hard. He took another large bite of chocolate. The woman continued, “Dark chocolate huh? I know how you feel, girlfriend. I’m having one of those kind of days too.”

That was twice today he was referred to as a girl. “I’m not your girlfriend. I’m a man” Bryan said angrily, the words muffled by his chocolate filled mouth.

“Okay, calm down, Mr. Macho. I’m sorry” the woman said as she and her friend started to walk away. Bryan heard the other woman say. “He’s the one who’s sorry; a sorry excuse of the man that is.” The two women laughed. Bryan looked at his reflection in the vending machine’s glass door and threw the rest of the candy bar in the garbage before heading back to his cubicle.


Later that night, Bryan was sitting at home watching television when Peter and Marc entered through the front door. Both men were still dressed in athletic wear, baggy shorts and tight tank tops. The scent of their masculinity filled the room quickly. “Hello, guys. How was the game?” Bryan said after inhaling deeply.

“Great, we killed the other team. I came home to shower and change before heading out for the night”, Peter said. Peter noticed Bryan looking at Marc. “When I’m done, I’m driving Marc to his place so he can do the same. His car’s in the shop. Did you know he lives less than a mile from us?”

“Yes, I know” Bryan replied having spent some time at Marc’s home before the accident. Marc did not say a word as he made himself comfortable, sitting in the chair furthest away from where Bryan sat.

“Why don’t you join us, Dude?” Peter asked Bryan.

“No thanks. I’m a little tired tonight”, Bryan answered.

“Is that why you haven’t cleaned up this place yet”, Peter said looking around the room. “I don’t understand why you are always tired; you sleep ten hours a day. I get like six hours and I have energy to spare.”

“Well I guess we’re just different” Bryan said in a sharp tone. Marc made a small laugh that sounded more like a snort.

“Maybe,” Peter said, “Did you go to physical therapy today?” Bryan shook his head no and looked down at the floor like a child caught in a lie. “Is your therapist giving you a hard time again? He only rides you because he wants your knee to get stronger.” Bryan kept looking at the floor. “Do you want me to talk to him again about going easier on you?”

“No, he already spends the entire session asking me questions about you from the last time you spoke to him” Bryan said in an annoyed tone.

“How cute, he must have a crush on me”, Peter said with a laugh. “Speaking of crushes, Robin asked me out on a date after the game tonight. I told her I would let her know. I wasn’t sure if you were interested in her. I could get her to go out with you if you want me to.”

“No, I don’t want to force her into anything. We’re only friends” Bryan said finally looking up at Peter. “Plus I can fight my own battles and get my own dates, thank you very much”. Again Marc made a snorting noise.

“Okay. I was only trying to help”, Peter said as he walked into the kitchen. Bryan looked at Marc who was avoiding eye contact. Peter yelled from the kitchen, “Bry, did you go grocery shopping like you were supposed to do. We’re almost out of bottled water”.

“Yes, I had the bag boy put it in the trunk of my car. It’s too heavy for me to bring in” Bryan yelled back. Marc snorted once more.

“I’ll get it”, Peter replied and Bryan heard the back door open. Marc and Bryan sat in the room in silence. Marc picked up the newspaper on the coffee table and started to read it. Bryan heard the back door open again. A moment later, Peter returned to the living room drinking a bottle of water and gave one to Marc.

“That was fast”, Bryan commented.

“There were just four cases, so it only took one trip.” Peter said before taking another swig of water. Bryan forgot how strong Peter was now. “Well, I’ve got to get into the shower. I reek”, Peter said out loud as he sniffed his underarm.. Marc started to get up, “You wait here. It will be faster if I’m alone”. Marc and Peter smiled at each other. Marc went back to reading the newspaper and Peter disappeared into the other room.

Bryan stared at the newspaper hiding Marc’s face for several minutes. Finally Bryan spoke, “I remember a time when you wanted to join me in the shower”. Marc did not say a word, ignoring Bryan completely. “Why are you such an asshole? You treat me like shit. Why have you changed so much?”

Marc slammed the newspaper shut and threw it back on the table. “I’m not the one who changed, you fucker. The fact that I ever allowed you to touch me makes me want to vomit. Look at you, with your saggy tits, bloated gut, and fat ass, you remind me of my ninety year old grandmother. And your face covered in pimples and scars, you’ve even got a fucking bald spot and you’re still in your twenties. Just looking at you disgusts me.”

“It’s not my fault. The accident…” Bryan stammered out, frightened by how much anger Marc was showing towards him.

“The fucking accident was six months ago. Peter was in the same accident and look at him. He’s more of a man now, than you ever were. You should check the hospital records; I think they transplanted your balls inside of him. It’s like you two switched bodies or something; but I know that’s not what happened, your just lazy and don’t care anymore. And for that I despise you.” Marc said his rage ebbing, the volume of his voice lowering.

“I’m trying. I’m on a diet and working out again”, Bryan answered with tears in his eyes, all his insecurities about his appearance were tormenting him once more.

“Oh, I bet you are trying. We all know how you try.” Marc got up and stood directly in front of Bryan. “We were a lot alike at one time. I bet our circumstances were very similar growing up. As a little boy, you were always told how cute you were. Then when you hit puberty your body changed. You couldn’t figure out why you were so much taller and more athletic then the other boys. When you reached high school and started to lift weights, your body filled out faster than every one else’s did. You didn’t know why all the other boys weren’t as strong or as muscular. You didn’t work any harder than the scrawny ones or the fat ones, your muscles just came easy to you. Than it dawned on you one day, they other boys didn’t look like you because they couldn’t. They didn’t have the right stuff, your natural advantages. All through school you were always one of the tallest, strongest, best looking, best built, best hung guys. And it came so fucking easy, it didn’t seem to matter if you worked at it or not. You ate what you wanted and worked out when you felt like it. Why bother trying when nature will do all the work for you, right? That’s why former high school jocks end up as fat old men, because they get lazy. I’m not going to let that happen to me. Being with Peter makes me appreciate what I am. Not growing up with our advantages, he’s thankful for every ounce of muscle he gains. He makes me try harder, keeps me from taking the easy road.” Marc leaned down putting a hand on each side of Bryan as he sat on the couch. Their faces only inches apart. “After the accident, things weren’t so easy any more for you were they? You had to deal with broken bones and severe injuries. You could have risen to the challenge and became what you once were, but instead you took the easy way out and gave up. You’re now the fat former high school jock and that makes you nothing in my book.” Marc moved one of his hand to Bryan’s battered knee and squeezed it. Bryan gasped in pain. “Now I want you to apologize for ever touching me and for saying you were the better man”. Marc squeezed harder.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Please stop, my knee isn’t completely healed, you’re going to do permanent damage”, Bryan said between deep breathes.

Marc ignored his pleas and squeezed even harder, “Tell me what you are. Tell me you’re a wimp; a loser; a big, fat, ugly nothing”

“All right, I’m a wimp, a loser” Bryan wanted to scream for Peter’s help but knew that would only anger Marc more. Marc squeezed his knee even harder. “I’m nothing; I’m a big, fat ugly nothing. Now please stop hurting me”.

Marc stood up after lightly slapping Bryan across his face, “That’s a good little wimp”. He walked back to the chair he came from and picked up the newspaper again.

Bryan got up and limped to his bedroom, wincing in pain as he applied weight to his sore knee. Hating what he had become a helpless weakling who couldn’t defend himself. When he reached his room, he looked at himself in the small mirror above his bureau rubbing the tears from his eyes. Was Marc right, did he do this to himself? Did he look this way because he was lazy? Just then Peter walked into the room wearing nothing but a pair of tight boxers, his hair and body still wet from the shower. “I need to borrow some more clothes because someone didn’t do the laundry.”

“Sorry, take whatever you want. But I don’t think I have anything left that will fit you, you took it all”, Bryan said turning away from Peter so he wouldn’t see he was crying. He walked over to his bed and sat on the edge with his head down.

“Well it’s only fair, I gave you all my old clothes” Peter said going through Bryan’s closet. Bryan didn’t find anything in the closet, as he shut the door; he caught his image in its full length mirror. He flexed his muscles briefly. “But if it makes you feel better. I hope to outgrow your clothes in a few months, then you can have them back. I want to pack on more muscle to enter a national competition”, Bryan started to flex his leg muscles, “I just wish my lower body grew as fast as my upper body. I mean I just walk into a gym and I gain an inch on my arms and chest”.

“What did you say?” Bryan looked up. Something about those words seemed familiar.

Bryan’s long cock was jostled by his posing and it flopped out through the fly of his underwear. “Boxers had to be designed by a woman, there’s no way a man would have made them so they don’t hold your junk”. He slipped his hand under the waist band and forced his meat back inside the confines of the thin fabric. Bryan was mesmerized by what he was seeing. Peter walked over to Bryan’s bureau and searched the drawers. “A pair of jeans, great” he said as he pulled them out from the back of the bottom drawer where Bryan had hid them.

“No, they’re mine” Bryan said softly still trying to comprehend what was happening.

“I guess I won’t need these after all”, Peter joked as he stepped out of his boxers. Peter’s nude body was flawless. Bryan couldn’t believe this was the same man he had known for six years. He was the perfect male specimen now, no longer the oddly shaped geek from just six months ago. Every muscle was fully developed without a trace of body fat. His skin was tight, tan and perfectly smooth. Peter stepped into the jeans and slid them up his muscular legs. He lifted them over his round ass and adjusted his prominent package before carefully zipping them closed. “These must be your old pussy jeans. I thought they were lost in the accident. I guess that explains the big hole in the knee. I think it makes them look even sexier” Peter ran his hand along the defined outline of his cock. “Funny I always thought you were hung so much better than I was. But it seems we’re the exact same size” Peter said staring at his reflection not really paying attention to Bryan’s response. “I finally have the body I’ve always desired.”

“No, take them off. They’re mine” Bryan said as he got more upset. They were his jeans, his pussy jeans, his most favorite article of clothing. They belonged to him and only he could wear them.

Peter continued to admire how he looked in the well-worn jeans. He always lusted after Bryan when he wore these pants and he was amazed how well they fit him. Maybe he looked as good as Bryan used to look in them. “They fit perfectly, as if they were made for me”, Peter commented absentmindedly.

Bryan rushed at Peter, “No, no, no. They’re mine. Take them off, take them off, take them off”. Bryan screamed as he started to pound his fists into Peter’s exposed upper body. Peter turned to face Bryan. Bryan’s fists were bouncing off Peter’s thickly armored pecs doing no real damage.

“Stop it Bryan. You’re going to hurt yourself” Peter said calmly as Bryan continued to pound away at his chest. Peter was getting annoyed, he grabbed Bryan by the shoulders and lifted up off the ground. He carried him over to the bed and threw him down. Bryan continued his tantrum screaming “take them off”. Peter held Bryan down on the bed by his shoulders and shook him. Peter commanded in his deep voice, “Stop it. What is your problem, dude?” Bryan finally stopped from exhaustion, but the tears continued to flow from his eyes. Peter let go, his arms falling loosely to his side as he stood over Bryan. Bryan opened his eyes and saw the beautiful man towering over him. He looked so strong, handsome, virile and dominant. The tight jeans showcased his tight waist, narrow hips, powerful thighs, and impressive package. Suddenly Bryan felt a tightness in his own pants as his cock started to expand. Bryan saw Peter look at his crotch then back at his face. Bryan grabbed his pillow and placed it over his small bulge. “I don’t have to see your cock to know what you’re feeling, Bryan. I’m all too familiar with that look in your eyes. I felt the same way whenever I saw you in these jeans. I lusted after you for six long years and you choose to ignore me. And now, when you finally want me I don’t….” Peter stopped himself before he said something he would regret later. He looked at Bryan’s chubby body and felt nothing. He then looked into Bryan’s sorrowful eyes and saw the soul of the man he loved. He felt sorry that such a beautiful soul was now trapped in such an ugly body. Peter’s eyes started to tear up too. Peter put his hand on Bryan’s thigh and moved it down, underneath the pillow. Peter started to massage Bryan’s engorged rod, thinking it felt so small in his hand.

“Stop Peter” Bryan pleaded as he put his hand on Peter’s vein wrapped forearm. “I know what lust looks like too. And that’s not what I see in your eyes. I see only pity.”

Peter released his grip on Bryan’s crotch and lifted his hand to meet Bryan’s hand. “I’m sorry, Bryan. I’m so sorry. I want to want you. I really do.” A single tear ran down Peter’s cheek.

“I know. Believe me I know how you feel”, Bryan said sincerely as he squeezed Peter’s hand lovingly.

“What the hell is going on in here?” Marc said as he entered the bedroom still carrying the newspaper he was reading. “Wow, look at you. Are they the pussy jeans? You look so fucking hot in them.” Peter pulled his gaze away from Bryan and walked back to the mirror. Marc followed him staring at the bulge in the jeans. “He never looked as good as you do in them. You’re so ripped and cut. He never had abs like this because he wasn’t willing to give up the pizza and beer”. Marc said while caressing Peter’s sculpted mid section. Marc sensed something bad had just happened between the two friends. Like usual he wanted to take advantage of the situation. “You have it all now: a great career, a perfect body with a trophy to proof it. And you can have any man or woman on the planet. You must have everything you ever wanted.”

Peter looked at Bryan’s reflection in the mirror, “Yeah, everything”. Peter composed himself and he realized what Marc was doing, “Did I give you permission to touch me?”

Marc quickly withdrew his hand and took a step back. He said meekly, “no sir”. His face looked like a puppy that just got yelled out by his master.

Peter grabbed a white tank top out of Bryan’s top dresser drawer and pulled it over his muscular frame. He turned to Bryan not sure what to say. “I’ll be home late. Try to get some of your chores done tonight. Okay?” Bryan nodded before Peter walked out of the room

“Yeah, clean up this place. It’s a real pig sty” Marc said tossing the newspaper into the air, the pages scattering everywhere. Marc laughed and left the room following Peter.

Bryan heard the front door slam shut and he laid back down on the bed, thinking about what had happened. Pages of the newspaper where slowly floating down onto the bed around him. One page landed on his face. He went to remove it, but something on the page caught his eye. It was an advertisement for a traveling carnival. It was the same carnival he went to with Peter last year. Bryan couldn’t believe a year had passed since then. It seemed so long ago. It was the one of the last times the two friends were completely happy. He wished he could go back to that day and relive it all over again. Bryan continued to scan the ad. One of the attractions was The Amazing Destino. Bryan remembered the card that Peter won from that strange man. He tried to remember what was printed on the card. “One deepest, darkest desire granted” Bryan said out loud to himself. He remembered the last time he saw that card. It was at the diner the night of the accident. Bryan started to recall the details from that night. The fight he had with Peter. How angry Peter was and all the horrible things he said to him. Peter had the card when he left for the restroom, but it was gone when he returned. He remembered how his body suddenly felt strange while he was in the bathroom and how different Peter was too when he got back to the table. The things people had said to him tonight replayed in his mind..

“I just walk into a gym and I gain an inch on my arms and chest.” “We’re the exact same size.” “They fit perfectly, as if they were made for me.” “I finally have the body I always desired.” “It’s like you two switched bodies or something.”

Bryan realized somehow it was the card Peter won from The Great Destino that made him this way. Bryan looked up and saw his own reflection in the mirror, “He did this to me”. •

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