Destiny Rewound


By Clarence591

Bryan looked Peter over as they traveled up in the elevator. He had the confident presence of a fitness model. His too tight shirt clung to his large muscular arms, wide shoulders and powerful chest. The material was loosely gathered around his flat waist tucked inside his dress pants, or more precisely Bryan’s pants. For the past two weeks, the two room mates had started to wear each others old clothes. Bryan’s pants were about an inch too long for Peter’s shorter legs, but otherwise they fit him well. Peter’s old pants didn’t look too short on Bryan because he wore them lower on his hips allowing his larger stomach to spill over the snug waist band. Peter noticed Bryan staring at him and smiled before asking, “Ready?” Bryan nodded as the doors opened. A large crowd started to cheer and sing For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow. Peter stepped out of the elevator first and moved to the side to join the well wishers, clapping along with the beat. Bryan then stepped out of the elevator with a huge grin on is face, warmed by the enthusiastic greeting. As he came into full view of the crowd the singing and cheering suddenly stopped. Peter performed a solo act for a few seconds before he realized what had happened. Bryan saw everyone staring at him, the shocked expression on their faces were becoming all too familiar to him now; but the pain they caused was something he would never get used to. In the uncomfortable silence the sound of the elevator doors closing behind him echoed loudly in the foyer.

“What the fuck?” Marc said staring at Bryan in disbelieve. His disappointment in his former idol overtook his emotions. He stormed away tearing down the “Welcome Back Bryan” banner in his wake.

Mr. Simmons approached Bryan, who now had his head down avoiding eye contact with the others. The boss cleared his throat before speaking, “Welcome back Bryan. Everyone in the office is glad to have back at work. Here’s a card we all signed and there’s a beautiful cake that Mary made in the break room we all can enjoy later.” Bryan looked up and took the card from Simmons and softly thanked everyone. “Yes, well I think it’s time we al get back to work. I know Mondays are always busy around here.” The crowd quickly disbursed. Bryan could hear them talking about his appearance in the murmuring that surrounded him.

Simmons, Peter and Bryan walked to the cubicle the two friends shared. Simmons and Peter talked about Simmons’ two week vacation in Tahiti. Today was his first day back too. Bryan followed behind limping along with his cane. He could see everyone staring at him as he passed. When he arrived at his desk Bryan found a large arrangement of flowers. He read the card to himself; they were from the company’s secretarial pool. He thought they may ask for the flowers back now that they saw what he looked like. He was sure he wasn’t their favorite flavor of eye candy any longer. He tired to lift the heavy vase with one arm, but couldn’t. Peter quickly stepped forward and moved the flowers to the nearby filing cabinet. Bryan sat down at his desk thinking it seemed much larger than he remembered. Simmons looked at Bryan with some concern, “While I’m glad to have you back Bryan, are you sure you’re well enough to return to work.”

“Yes, my knee is still a little troublesome, but besides that I’m fine” Bryan answered. He saw both men staring at him and he shivered; the cold office air was the only thing keeping his body from feeling numb.

Peter saw his friend shake and stood to get the old sweater he kept on the coat rack in the opposite corner of the room where Simmons now stood. Simmons tried to get out of the way, but the small space gave him no option but to lean to one side. Peter stood directly in front of his boss and reached for the garment hanging behind him. Peter pretended to lose his balance and wrapped his arms around the smaller man. Simmons was forced to grab hold of Peter to keep himself for falling backward. He felt the hardness of Peter’s strong body; he inhaled the scent of Peter’s chest. Peter pushed their upper bodies apart while pulling their lower bodies closer. Peter’s legs straddled one of Simmons. Peter ground his immense package into Simmons’ hip. “Sorry about that boss. I guess I’m all thumbs today”, Peter said aloud for everyone in the room could hear. Then he leaned in closer to the older man and whispered just to him, “well not all thumbs” with a slight thrust of his pelvis. Peter then released his boss and brought the sweater over to Bryan. “My old sweater should keep the draft from the air conditioner away from you. It’s a medium, a bit too small for me now. Plus I don’t need it anyway, I’m always warm, some may even say hot”. Peter said with a wink to Simmons.

“A medium; I haven’t worn a medium since junior high” Bryan said as he slipped into the sweater his friend held up for him to put on. The sweater fit him perfectly across the shoulders and chest. Bryan was shocked, had he gone from an athletic cut 2XL to a standard fit medium in only four months. He was literally half the man he used to be.

Peter sat down at his desk. The other two men in the room did not notice Bryan’s distress. “Peter, I wanted to talk to you.” Mr. Simmons said as he walked closer to Peter’s desk. “I spoke with Veronica Terby during my vacation after she left numerous messages on my voice mail and email concerning you. It seems she wants you to represent her. In fact she says she won’t be completely satisfied unless she is under you.”

Peter smirked, “Yeah, I got that impression at our last meeting “. Peter looked at Bryan, who quickly turned away.

“If you agree to take on Veronica, I’ll also promote you to the sports division. They have been short handed for several months now. I’ve delayed filling the spot, but now I see you’re the best man for the job. Do we have a deal?” Simmons said extending his hand to Peter.

“Absolutely, sir. Thank you”, Peter said shaking Simmons’ hand

“But I thought I was going to get that position” Bryan whined without realizing it.

“I know we discussed it before the accident. But I think the athletes will respond better to someone like Peter, someone who shares their interests and goals in life. Professional athletes are strange birds. They can only be truly understood by another athlete. Peter is the perfect man for the job” Simmons said running his hand down Peter’s shoulder and over his thick bicep. Peter pumped his arm causing his muscle to expand, helping to confirm the boss’s decision. “Now is not the time for you to take on more responsibility. The stress of dealing with clients can be detrimental to your recovery. You need to concentrate on getting well.” Simmons said reluctantly turning his attention away from Peter’s bicep and back to Bryan. “Raymond down in accounting has been asking me for some additional personnel to work on the mid-year financials. I would really appreciate it if you could help them out for the next couple of weeks.”

“Mr. Simmons, I’m not an accountant” Bryan responded to this strange request.

“I’m sure you had accounting classes in college and it is mostly plugging numbers into spreadsheets. I have total faith that you will be able to handle the job. I feel it’s the right fit for you now in the organization”. Simmons said, his voice taking on a more authoritarian tone. Bryan shook his head yes. “Good, everything is set. I’ve got to make some phone calls to inform everyone of your new roles. I’ll send the details to each of you in an email later today. Thank you gentleman, have a good day.” Simmons left the cubicle. Peter and Bryan sat in silence for several minutes.

“Isn’t this great? We both got new jobs on the same day.” Peter said finally breaking the silence. Bryan said nothing as he waited for his computer to reboot. “You okay about me getting the sports job. I’m sure when you get back to 100%, you’ll get a promotion too. Simmons is just thinking what’s best for the company and what’s best for you”, Peter stated trying to force Peter to say something.

“Did you ever think this is my 100%, the best I’ll ever be again. I may never look like I used to. This is the new Bryan Copelli”, Bryan said looking directly at his friend. Bryan had started to accept his new lot in life. If he wasn’t ever going to be the man he once was, like Dr. Soren said, he had to let the past go. That thought never occurred to Peter. He always assumed in time Bryan would become the man he was before the accident; the strong, masculine man that made him weak in the knees. Peter didn’t know what to say. He stared back at Bryan with no expression, his mind racing with a thousand different thoughts.

With his booming voice breaking the awkward silence, Marc entered the cubicle, “What the fuck’s going on around here. Simmons just told me Veronica Terby wants you to represent her. She picked you over me. I can’t believe this; the world’s gone fucking insane.” Marc stood in the cubicle opening with his hands on hips, filling the doorway with his muscular bulk.

“Hey, the lady’s got taste. What can I say?” Peter said coyly.

“Why would you want to work with her anyway? You told me many times you love working in the entertainment division”, Bryan responded trying to defuse Marc’s anger.

“Who in the hell was talking to you loser. Shut your ugly face, before I make you shut it” Marc’s anger erupting into his attack on Bryan. He slurred his words, spitting out his venom on the man that had disappointed him as no one else ever had.

Peter stood up and said defiantly, “Don’t you talk to him that way ever again”.

Marc looked over Peter’s athletic physique; his tight clothes making his superb conditioning very apparent with every deep breath. Marc knew he was still the stronger of the two, but now was not the time to put Peter in his place. He would bide his time. “This isn’t over, Kolowski”, he said before quickly leaving.

Peter sat back down at his desk. He felt so powerful standing up to Marc. He must have impressed the jock with his defiance; it was the first time he called him by his real name. Peter looked over to where Bryan sat. Bryan looked wounded by Marc’s sharp words. “Some friend you have there. I told you he was an arrogant jerk”, Peter said with a small laugh.

Peter stared at his computer. The background image on the screen was an old photograph from his college days. It was him and Peter at the beach during spring break. He saw the man he used to be; tan, lean and muscular. Bryan ran his fingers over the image of the handsome stranger with the beautiful smile and said, “I guess I no longer fit his arbitrary standards of beauty.” Bryan put his face in his hands and started to sob uncontrollably. He had gotten used to having strangers look at him with distain, but now he had to deal with his colleagues. It was too much for him to bear. He was tired of pretending that everything was going to be okay. He couldn’t keep lying to himself or Peter any longer. Peter hesitated for a moment, then went to Bryan’s side. He picked Bryan up and held him in his arms. Bryan wrapped his arms around Peter and squeezed tightly, the strength he felt in Peter’s hard body made him feel safe and protected.

The tears flowed for several minutes. Peter slowly rocked Bryan while rubbing his back. It was the first time Peter had ever seen Bryan cry like this. He always thought Bryan was the emotional rock in their relationship. Even after the accident, when it was obvious he was going through hell, Bryan never complained to him. He always counted on Bryan to comfort him during bad times. But life doesn’t always happen as planned. He was glad he was there in Bryan’s time of need. Any anger that he felt for Bryan slipped away, he felt nothing but compassion and sympathy for his best friend. --------------

Peter was looking forward to his evening workout. He usually didn’t exercise on Friday evenings, like most people he was eager to get the weekend started. But he had been feeling guilty for skipping his Monday morning session so he could bring Bryan to work on his first day back. He decided to compensate with this special workout. He entered the gym and found it totally deserted. He went to is favorite stair stepper and started his cardio work. After about twenty minutes he changed to the treadmill for a brisk walk while pumping his arms with five pound weights. After another twenty minutes he went to put away the dumbbells when his attention was drawn to the weight bench. Someone had left a bar with 320 pounds on the bench. Peter usually did just cardio in the afternoon. He worked out on the weight machines with Raymond in the morning: leaving the free weights to Marc and his group of jocks. But he always wondered why Marc and Bryan called them real weights. What made them so different from the machines? Peter looked around once more to make sure he was alone. He lay down on the bench and got under the weight. With a deep breath he removed the weight from the rack and brought it down to his chest. It took more effort than he expected to lift the weight back to the starting position. Peter had pressed the same weight several times on the machine, but it never felt like this. He could feel almost every muscle in his body trying to stabilize the weight as he forced out another repetition. After doing eight more, he put the weight back into place and sat up. He never felt such a pump. He grabbed his left pec with right hand and squeezed it hard when flexing. He did the same thing on the other side before standing up and swinging his arms around. He turned to look in the large mirror. He flexed his pecs making his tight shirt feel tighter. He then beat his fists on his chest like a gorilla. There was something about lifting the iron plates that seemed animalistic, raw and natural. It was muscle battling iron, the animal against the Earth’s basic elements. Peter wanted more. He picked up a set of fifties, and started doing alternate arm curls. He felt his muscles struggle against the weight, but he was able to do several sets before he heard a tearing sound. He put the weights down and did a double bicep pose in front of the mirror. He heard the sound again. It was the sleeve on his well worn t-shirt being torn apart by his growing muscles. He had been wearing the same t-shirts since he started working out. He thought it was a good way to measure his progress. The once baggy garment was now skin tight on him and he had finally outgrown it. He went through several poses trying to break the seams. The thought of his muscles bursting through his clothes was getting him hard. He stopped his posing and watched in the mirror as started to grope his expanding crotch. Just then the sound of the gym door opening startled him, without even looking to see who it was he quickly ran into the locker room. He hoped no one saw him playing with himself in the mirror.

He got undressed and entered one of the shower stalls. Once in the shower, with the warm water cascading down his broad back he started to relax. He lathered up his body concentrating on his prize package. His large balls and semi-hard cock felt so good in his hand. The image of his muscles growing so huge that they couldn’t be contained by his clothes kept playing in his mind. He was on the verge of cuming when someone tore open the shower curtain. Peter felt a hand try to grab onto the back of his thick neck, but couldn’t get a grip. Peter turned and saw Marc standing there in the nude. “Some people never learn. I guess it’s time for another lesson of who’s in charge here”, Marc growled as he stepped inside the stall with Peter. The running water rinsed away the suds to reveal Peter’s steel hard rod standing at full attention. Marc looked down, then back up at Peter’s face, then back down at his hard meat. Marc touched Peter’s cock with one hand first gently caressing its double digit length then squeezing its impressive girth in his grip. Marc wrapped his other hand around Peter’s pole, still unable to cover its entire length. Peter did not move just moaned as he felt Marc’s large, strong hands on his cock. The rough treatment made his cock even harder and longer until it hurt. Peter wasn’t the only one enjoying himself. Marc’s cock was growing too; it reached its full size within seconds. The two cocks were on display side by side. Both men could see Peter had the advantage. Marc couldn’t believe there was another man at work who was larger than him. He was always the biggest man wherever he went. Peter decided to make his move, ever since he heard Bryan call Marc’s ass perfect he wanted to find out for himself if it was true. Peter moved his hand behind Marc grabbing hold of his left ass cheek. Marc came out of his cock worshiping stupor and punched Peter in the gut. Peter’s body fell backwards against the stall wall as he held his stomach: it wasn’t so much the pain from the punch as the surprise. “Did I give you permission to touch me? You don’t deserve the privilege of enjoying my body. All because you’re a little taller than me, had some plastic surgery to make yourself prettier than me doesn’t mean you’re better than me. Once a loser always a loser.” Marc grabbed onto Peter’s cock again. “I am curious though what kind of drugs did you take to make your cock grow like this. And is it the same stuff that allowed you to gain all that muscle mass so quickly?”

Peter just smiled, “I didn’t need any drugs. I just got my second wind”.

Marc slammed his fist into Peter’s gut again. “Don’t be cute with me, loser. I’m still more muscular and stronger than you”.

Peter forced out a laugh, “But for how long”.

Marc was getting frustrated with his inability to intimidate Peter like he did before. But he knew Peter was right, with the rate he was growing it wouldn’t be long before he was the stronger man. He decided to take advantage of the situation while he still could. He grabbed Peter’s shoulders and spun him around. He pulled Peter’s ass toward him while forcing his face into the far corner of the stall. He held onto the back of Peter’s head, his fingers entangled in Peter’s hair. Marc kicked Peter’s legs apart and tried to force his cock inside Peter. Peter resisted. Marc slammed his fist into Peter’s kidney with his free hand. But Peter still held out. Again Marc punched Peter’s lower back. The pain made Peter loose control of his muscles. Marc rammed his cock up Peter’s ass. Peter yelled in pain. Marc pulled Peter’s hair then slammed his face back into the wall “Shut up you loser. Don’t pretend you’re not enjoying this”. Peter was disoriented, his body hurt in so many places. Marc was the biggest man he had ever been with; going deeper inside of him. The strange sensation of pleasure and pain was new to him. Peter’s muscles went limp. He no longer fought against Marc’s invasion. Marc seemed to sense his victory and removed his hand from the back of Peter’s head. He ran his hands over Peter’s sculpted back enjoying the smoothness of his skin over the hardness of the muscles underneath. Marc continued to pump Peter’s ass enjoying it more than he thought he would. He bent his body to meet the angle of Peter’s. He wrapped his arms around Peter and pulled him into a more upright position. Peter could feel Marc’s cock stimulating his prostate more now. Marc ran his hands over Peter’s hard chest and defined abs, playing against the water streaming down his body. Marc’s hand reached Peter’s cock and he started stroking it in rhythm with his own thrusts. It was as if Peter’s superior cock was his own and he was jerking off. Soon Peter joined in the dance and his rod grew with every stroke. Both men’s breathing became more rapid as the pressure built. Peter felt so alive, as one with another man as he had always dreamt. Peter reached behind him and put his hands on Marc’s ass. He could feel Marc’s powerful glutes flex with each thrust.

“My God, your ass is perfect”, Peter whispered. Marc shot his load instantly, causing Peter to do the same. Both men continued to hold each other without moving, not even breathing, for a moment. When Peter let go of the stronger man’s ass, Marc pushed him off of his waning meat. Peter collapsed to the floor of the shower, the water still pelting his limp body.

When Marc looked at Peter, he saw a different person. He had to face the fact that Peter was no longer a wimp, he was a real man; a beautiful, virile man. A man he wanted to spend more time with. After seeing Bryan, Marc knew he was the alpha male again. Peter could be a threat to Marc’s position of dominance. Marc believed in the old adage; keep your friends close and your enemies closer. He stood over Peter and said, “You think you’re a jock now, let’s see how you handle yourself around other jocks. Starting Monday, you work out with me and my men.” Marc stepped out of the shower stall and walked away. Peter sat in the shower hating the fact he enjoyed what had just happened. Being with a muscular man was all he fantasized about for the last six years, but that man should have been Bryan not Marc. He wanted Bryan to be the one to take him to new sexual heights. But he knew that was no longer possible. Bryan didn’t have the physical prowess to set his body aflame the way Marc just did. He wanted things to go back to the way they were. He wanted the Bryan before the accident. Peter was in love with a man that no longer existed. •

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