Destiny Rewound


By Clarence591

Six weeks had passed and Bryan was back in Dr. Soren’s examination room. The doctor was softly squeezing Bryan’s scrotum in his gloved hand. “Your testicles are smaller than average, but otherwise they feel fine. They appear to be in the proper proportion with your penis. You’re sure they have shrunk.” The doctor asked as he stood up and walked over to the other side of the room.

“Yes, doctor. I used to be a very well endowed man, much bigger than the average guy. I thought I just looked smaller because of the weight I’ve gained since the accident. But during the last two weeks, It seems the shrinking has increased” Bryan said feeling vulnerable, embarrassed and cold standing naked in the antiseptic room. He wrapped his arms around himself for warmth and to cover his unattractive body from the handsome doctor’s view.

“I see”, the doctor said without emotion. The doctor looked over at Bryan’s chubby, pale body and saw him shiver. “You can put your clothes back on. We are through here.” The doctor wrote several notes in Bryan’s file as Bryan got dressed. “I did warn you about the possible side effects of the hormone therapy. Honestly, I have never seen such a negative reaction to steroids in such a short period of time. The symptoms only started two weeks ago?” Bryan nodded his head yes. “Remarkable. The amount of hair loss, the breast tissue formation, and the acne is alarming in just 14 days. However, if your testicles have shrunk as you say, that wouldn’t explain the decrease in the size of your penis. There is no medical evidence of steroids affecting penis size.”

“Now that I’ve stopped taking the steroids, will all the side effects go away”, Bryan asked struggling to button his pants over his bloated stomach.

“It’s difficult to say. The hair on your head may grow back. I’m sorry to say the breast tissue can only be removed with surgery and it’s unlikely your testicles will increase in size. The acne should dissipate and only leave a minimum of scarring. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s wait a few weeks and see what happens”, the doctor said coldly.

“Great, more scars”, Bryan sighed as he ran his fingers over his bumpy cheeks. “I made it through my teenage years without having a single pimple and now this. Doctor I don’t understand what’s happening to me. There’s got to be something else wrong. I don’t even recognize myself anymore.” Bryan said nervously.

“Come on, it’s not like you were a fashion model before the accident. And we all know a person’s looks really don’t matter anyway, right?” The doctor said trying to comfort his patient. The doctor’s words echoed in Bryan’s mind. It really was an asinine and naive thing to say. He understood for the first time why Peter used to get mad when he said the same words. “The good news is you can go back to work in two weeks. The hormones and electrical stimulation have helped your knee heal and there’s nothing else I can do. I’m recommending you see a physical therapist to return more mobility to your leg. I want you to stop using the crutches and use a cane. Over time hopefully you won’t even need the cane to get around. I also want you to become more active. The amount of weight you’ve gained is not good for your knee or your general health. I went over the diet journal you faxed me yesterday and except for nightly chocolate bar, it appears you are eating a balanced diet. Assuming you were truthful in what you wrote down. I’m hoping with the physical therapy and the return to work, you’ll start burning more calories than you are taking in. In the meantime you may want to cut back on the chocolate.”

“I need the chocolate,” Bryan said looking up at the doctor. “It makes me feel better. It’s so difficult staying on a diet. I constantly have food on my mind. I’m always hungry and have these cravings that gnaw at me every waking hour. Living with Peter makes it worse, he’s eats everything in sight whenever he wants and never gets fat. It was never like this before the accident. I tell you there’s something wrong with me”.

The doctor sat down on a stool and looked Bryan straight in the eye. “Bryan, we have discussed this before. I have run numerous tests and did a MRI. Besides your knee, there is nothing physically wrong with you. You know the mind is the most important thing in the healing process. If your mental state is not sound, the body can not be truly healthy. This preoccupation with food and the loss of muscle and genital size you think you’ve experienced since the accident concerns me. Living with a man like Peter, I’m sure does make it more of a challenge. But you are not Peter; you don’t have his genetic advantages. You have to stop comparing yourself to him. You are a different type of person. You have to like yourself for the way you really are, not some imaginary person you think you once were. I’m recommending you go see a psychologist to help you through his difficult time.” The doctor turned away and scribbled more notes into Bryan’s folder.

Bryan had to prove the changes to his body were real, not imaginary. He grabbed the doctor’s arm to stop him from writing and to force him to pay full attention to what he was about to say. “Doctor Soren, I am not crazy. I have pictures and my high school yearbook I can show you. I was handsome and athletic, you have to believe…”

“I hope I’m not too late. One of your nurses offered to give me a private tour of the facilities and I couldn’t refuse” Peter said loudly as he entered the examination room. He was wearing a pair of sneakers, baggy shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt. Outside of work, he wore only sleeveless shirts now to show off his best body part. He enjoyed catching people staring at his arms or better yet having them touch his muscles. He loved people worshiping their size, hardness and strength. Peter saw the desperate look on Bryan’s face as he held the doctor’s arm. “Am I interrupting something?”

The doctor quickly stood up and turned his back on Bryan, “No not at all. We’re all done.”

“But doctor, I want to talk to you”, Bryan stammered out.

“You look very well, Peter. Every time I see you, you look in better shape”, the doctor said ignoring his patient. Bryan was used to being ignored whenever Peter was in the room .The doctor scanned Peter’s physique. Powerful calve muscles ballooned from his lower leg. His thighs were hidden by the long baggy shorts, but nothing could hide the huge amount of meat at his crotch that caused the loose fabric to bulge outward. The tight t-shirt hugged his flat stomach and his thick pecs which jutted out from his broad chest. His bare delts made his shoulders look twice as wide as his narrow hips. The thick veins that ran down each arm fed the huge muscles with blood and proved how lean he was. His perfect tan made him look healthy, young and athletic.

Peter flashed his brilliant smile. “Thanks doc. You’re looking pretty good yourself. Did you get a haircut?”

“Why yes, I did. I can’t believe you noticed.” Dr. Soren said running his hand through his salt and pepper hair. “It’s seems every time I get it cut, more gray shows.”

“I think gray hair is sexy on a man, especially when the man is still young and very handsome”, Peter commented in his deep voice.

“Thank you”, the doctor replied and his face turned red as he blushed. The doctor was embarrassed by his reaction and turned away. “Bryan is all set to go home now”.

Peter looked at Bryan and smiled. He winked at him and mouthed the words “watch this” before turning back to face the doctor. Bryan shook his head no but was ignored again. Peter walked closer to the older man and cleared his throat, “Hey doc, I was wondering if you could do me a favor? I’ve been hitting the weights really hard lately, lifting very heavy and I got his pain in my crotch. I’m worried it may be a hernia. Could you check it out for me? Ill just lower my shorts, I’m not wearing anything underneath.” Peter smiled as he saw the doctor’s body freeze. Slowly the doctor turned around to face Peter. His eyes widened as he took in the masterpiece that was Peter’s body. Having just examined Bryan, the difference in the two men was astonishing. Peter was everything a man should be and more. It was the male form perfected; tall, lean, muscular, tan, powerful, and overwhelmingly sensual. Peter stood there with his shorts down around his knees, he held up his t-shirt with one hand exposing his sculpted abs. Peter tried to hold back a laugh as he watched the blood drain from the doctor’s face and enter his growing cock. “I’m no doctor, but don’t you have to touch me to check for a hernia” Peter said as he cupped his own balls, then pulled on his semi-hard cock with his free hand. Peter loved the feel of his package, it seemed as if it had grown even larger during the past two weeks. The larger it got, the more attention it demanded. His sex drive had sky rocketed. He was almost always semi-hard now. When dressed, each movement of his body stimulated his huge organ. He was jerking off two or three times a day, in addition to having sex with, or being worshiped by, countless partners. The doctor came closer never taking his eyes of Peter’s cock. He slowly moved his hand towards the ultimate goal. Peter’s immense ball sack overfilled the doctor’s bare palm as he gently closed his fingers around the epicenter of Peter’s masculinity. He closed his eyes and started to massage Peter’s balls. After a moment, Peter asked “let me know when to turn my head and cough Doc”.

“What?” the doctor said as he opened his eyes. He saw Peter looking down at him with a smirk on his face. Snapping back into reality, he said meekly “Yes, please turn your head and cough”. Peter followed the doctor’s orders. The doctor let go of Peter’s balls and softly ran his fingers along the length of Peter’s thick rod. Peter enjoyed the doctor’s touch. If he hadn’t just fucked one of the nurses, he would be as hard as a steel pipe.

Bryan could hear what was going on, but couldn’t see anything. Peter’s broad back was toward him, blocking his view. Bryan did appreciate the chance to see Peter’s bare ass. It was round and looked solid. Striations of the muscle appeared whenever Peter flexed one of the cheeks. It was the first time Bryan had seen Peter nude since the accident. Seeing his best friend’s athletic physique made him only feel worse about his own physical condition.

“Does everything check out okay, Doc?” Peter asked in amusement.

“Everything looks and feels perfect”, the doctor said absentmindedly before gaining focus again. “I mean you are in perfect health. No sign of a hernia”.

Peter pulled up his shorts and lowered his shirt. “Thanks doc. Maybe I can check you out sometime. You know tit for tat.” Peter caressed the doctor’s hard cock through his dress pants. The doctor’s body spasmed, then a wet spot appeared at his crotch. “Did I make you do that? I’m soooo sorry Doc. I guess we better be going and let you clean up before your next patient”, Peter said with a smirk on his face. Peter gestured to Bryan to get up and follow him.

Dr. Soren wrapped his lab coat around him to cover his cum spot. Then he went to the doorway and yelled “Peter, maybe we can go out for a beer sometime soon”.

“Maybe, I’ll let you know” Peter said then continued down the hall without turning around. Peter walked quickly into the waiting room and out of the building before bursting out laughing. “Man, that was fun”.

Bryan was limping behind; having difficulty using his new cane. After they got into Peter’s car, Bryan asked, “Why did you do that?”

“Because I could and it was so easy” Peter said as he pulled out of the parking spot.

“All because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should” Bryan said without looking at Peter.

“What’s the big deal? Nobody got hurt. The doctor definitely enjoyed it if you know what I mean. I’m happy, he’s happy all is right in the world. I’ve noticed lately it makes people happy to make me happy. Who am I to deny the citizens of the world happiness? It’s my special gift, it wouldn’t be right not to use it.” Peter responded half-jokingly.

“There’s a fine line between using and abusing” Bryan said sharply.

Peter didn’t like Bryan’s tone. It was the first time Bryan had ever said anything mean spirited to him since the accident. “Hey, you watch how you speak to me. You should be grateful I find the time to drive your fat ass all over town every Saturday. God knows there are much better things I could be doing. Its bad enough you do nothing around the house but sleep and eat. I do all the cleaning and cooking and now you are giving me shit. It would be nice to hear some appreciation coming out of that ugly trap of yours instead of fucking criticism.” Peter spoke loudly and pointed his finger threateningly at Bryan.

Bryan sank low in his seat, leaning away from Peter. He felt so weak and helpless against someone Peter’s size. It was the first time another man had intimidated him into total submission. He kept his face looking down toward his feet. “I’m sorry Peter. I didn’t mean to make you mad. I just haven’t felt very good because of the steroids. Now that I’m off them, I promise to be a better room mate. I am very grateful for all you have done for me. You’re a great friend.”

Peter gripped the steering wheel tightly trying to control his rage. It would be easy for him to hurt Bryan, but he knew that wouldn’t be right. He was much bigger and stronger than Bryan now. Peter listened to Bryan’s sincere words and his anger waned. Peter wondered why he got so mad. If anybody else said the same thing he would have laughed it off or told the guy to go to hell and that would be the end of it. But with Bryan it was different. His opinion meant more to him. Peter didn’t remember Bryan ever abusing his prowess over people when he was the alpha male. In fact, Bryan made a point of making others feel as if they were more special than he was. He constantly went out of his way to make Peter feel important. Peter turned to look at Bryan who was still slouching and staring down at the floor, the pathetic creature next to him made that time seem so long ago. Peter realized he now had to be the better man. “I’m sorry Dude. I don’t know why I over reacted like that. You’ve always been a great friend to me too”. Peter put his hand on Bryan’s knee gently. Bryan put his hand on top of Peter’s and gave a slight squeeze. Peter felt something within him stir. Something he hadn’t felt in months. Did he still have feelings for Bryan?

Peter changed into his running shorts and left the house soon after they arrived back home. He decided to go for a long run. He did his best thinking when running. He questioned every emotion he was feeling for Bryan. Could he still love a man he no longer found physically attractive? Was he being shallow or just honest? It’s human nature to be drawn to beautiful things. Bryan was no longer beautiful, but he was still good-hearted. They had shared a lot over the past six years. But every time Peter thought of something good about Bryan, the conversation he overheard in the dugout between Bryan and Marc resurfaced. How could he ever forgive Bryan for what he said? It was the most painful thing Peter ever had to endure. As his anger increased, so did his running speed. He hoped he could out run his pain. He ran faster and faster around the high school track until he couldn’t run any longer. It felt like his legs were on fire and his heart would burst. He fell to his knees, gasping for air, covered in sweat. But he was still angry and conflicted. This was one area in his life, exercise couldn’t fix.

Bryan was keeping to his promise and began straightening up the living room as soon as he got home. He heard the door bell and looked through the peep hole to see who was there. A huge smile emerged on his face, he flung open the door, “Veronica, I’m so glad to see you. I’ve missed you” he said as he wrapped his thin arms around her. Veronica didn’t say anything as she was escorted to the living room sofa. She stared at the complete stranger sitting next to her, the horror on her face quite evident. Bryan realized this was the first time she had seen him since the accident. The smile left his face and he became self conscience about his appearance again. “How have you been?” he stammered out. Veronica didn’t respond, she just kept scanning Bryan up and down repeatedly. Bryan became more insecure. “I’ve been keeping tabs on your game. Congratulations on your finish at the Australia Open, you played an amazing tournament.”

“What happened to you? I was told you were in a simple car accident. But oh my God, look at you: your face, your body. I can’t believe you’re the same person“, she blurted out.

“Yeah, I know. It’s been over three months since the accident and I still surprise myself when I look in the mirror.” Bryan laughed. He could see Veronica didn’t find it funny. “I know I’m not the man I used to be. And I understand if you don’t want to see me socially anymore. Being seen with me isn’t the best thing for your image” Bryan said trying to make it easier for Veronica to dump him. Veronica said nothing as she just stared at Bryan. It reminded Bryan as a passerby staring at a horrible accident on the road; a combination of concern, disgust and relief it was someone else. “But I can still be your PR rep. I went to the doctor today and he said I can return to work in two weeks. I know Marc’s been handling you since the accident, but his specialty is entertainment, mine is sports. I have a lot of ideas on how we can build on the momentum from Australia and get you more lucrative endorsement deals. I’ve put some ideas on paper, I’ll be glad to go over…”

“No, that won’t be necessary”, Veronica said after the shock of seeing Bryan had worn off. “I don’t think you are the right person to represent me any longer. Marc’s being doing a great job handling me. He is more of the kind of man I want to work with. I hope you understand.”

“Yeah, I understand” Bryan said unable to look at Veronica any longer. The look on her face was like a knife in his heart.

“That’s why I came here today, to tell you that” Veronica said trying to make it seem preplanned. She stood, “It was nice to see you again. I would have visited you, but I’ve been very busy. Plus I don’t like to be around sick people. Did you get the flowers I had my assistant send you in the hospital?”

“Yes, they were beautiful. Thank your assistant for me” Bryan answered softly and walked toward the door to show Veronica out. Bryan was about to open the door, when Peter walked in. His thin, sweat soaked clothing clung to his muscular body. Each muscle still pumped from the return run home. Peter was startled to see Veronica there. The memory of their last encounter still made him look at her as a threat. He was still embarrassed she caught him jerking off in Bryan’s room. Veronica couldn’t take her eyes off Peter; her lustful thoughts were obvious by the look in her eyes. “Veronica, you remember, Peter, my room mate”.

“I see Bryan’s not the only one to have made a major transformation in my absence. However, yours has definitely been for the better” Veronica said as she twisted the ends of her long blond hair around her fingers.

“Nice to see you again, Veronica” Peter said coldly before leaving for the kitchen. Veronica watched his exit intently.

“Goodbye, Veronica. I wish you a great life” Bryan said holding the front door open.

“Thanks. You too”, she said as she left, the picture of Peter’s glistening body still on her mind.

Bryan walked into the kitchen. Peter was making a protein shake. “Is the wicked witch of the west gone?” Peter asked. Bryan nodded. “What did she want anyway?” Peter could see Bryan was upset.

“Just wanted to see how I was doing, that’s all” Bryan answered while looking at the floor to hide his lying eyes.

“Well isn’t that nice. It only took her three months. What a caring woman. She’ll make a great mother one day” Peter said with as much sarcasm as he could muster. “I’m sorry dude; I know she’s kind of your girlfriend I guess.”

“Not anymore. I’m going to my room for a nap. I’ll finish cleaning up this afternoon” Bryan said before shuffling away. Peter continued to make is shake; the noise of the blender blocking out the sound of the back door opening. Suddenly two small arms wrapped around Peter’s torso, startling him. He knocked the top off the blender and splattered the mixture onto his shirt. Peter turned around and found Veronica standing there.

“What are you doing here?” Peter asked.

“I let myself in the back door. I was looking for you. I can’t believe how good you look. I’ve been with some of the sexiest men in the world and they don’t compare to how tasty you look right now.” Veronica said running her hands up Peter’s bulging arms and over his chest. “It looks like you got your shirt all dirty. We better get you out of that”. Veronica grabbed onto the bottom of Peter’s t-shirt and pulled it up over his head. Peter allowed her to remove his shirt, they both knew his large muscles gave him two or three times her strength. She couldn’t do anything he didn’t allow her to do. Veronica began to lick Peter’s chest clean. “You are definitely tasty and smell so masculine. Nothing gets me hotter than the scent of a real man” Veronica purred as she lifted Peter’s left arm and stuck her nose deep into his moist arm pit. With her free hand she traced the ridges of Peter’s hard abdominals before sticking her hand down his tight running shorts. She started to massage Peter’s balls. “I need to feel your huge meat inside of me” she whispered between heavy breathes.

Peter’s cock was beginning to respond to her touch, he moaned, “I thought the only meat you wanted was Bryan’s huge Italian sausage”.

“I could say the same thing about you” Veronica said coyly while twisting Bryan’s expanding cock painfully in her hands. She wanted to punish him for his back talk. She had the power in this relationship. She had information about him that he didn’t want others to know. Peter winced in pain, but concentrated on making his cock grow larger. His pain subsided as the girth of his cock grew beyond the size of her small hand forcing her to release her grip. His muscles weren’t the only things stronger than this woman. Peter loved being a powerful jock. “My, my, Mr. Kolowski. It seems your about to prove Polish kielbasa is even more satisfying than Italian sausage.” Veronica pulled down Peter’s shorts and they dropped to his feet. He kicked them off to the other side of the room. Veronica was in a near frenzy as she saw the magnificent man before her. She quickly undid the side zipper on her one piece dress letting it fall to the floor. Like usual, she wore no underwear underneath. She hooked her hands behind Peter’s neck then lifted herself up, wrapping her legs around his powerful body. She desperately tried to get his hard rod inside of her. Peter became bored with her feeble attempts and effortlessly supported her as he walked to the opposite side of the kitchen and placed her ass on the counter. With a slight adjustment of his hand and a quick thrust of his pelvis, he was inside her. Immediately Veronica started to moan. Within seconds she had her first orgasm. Peter kept pumping away, he could see the amount of pleasure his body provided her with little effort on his behalf. He couldn’t believe how easy it was to please a woman now. Before he had to beg a woman to go out with him, then after several dates, he had to beg them to have sex. Even after performing twenty minutes of foreplay he couldn’t get her off. Now, within minutes of meeting any woman all she wanted was to get his cock inside of her; spontaneous multiple orgasms were almost guaranteed and he just had to get hard. For Peter that was never a problem. Veronica was on her third orgasm. Her senses were on overload. The feel of Peter’s cock filling her completely; the smell of Peter’s manly musk, the touch of his strong hands on her breasts; and the beauty of his face and body were too much for her. She had enough and pleaded him to stop. But he continued to pump away.

“I’m not done yet. Tell me I’m better than Marc”, he demanded.

“You’re better than Marc. Your cock is bigger and harder. Please stop, you’re hurting me.” Veronica said gasping for air, her face distorted in a combination of pleasure and pain as she came again. Peter was enjoying this more than he thought possible; he held back the release of his load. He had to turn away from her face to concentrate. He looked at the toaster sitting on the counter beside them. He saw a reflection of a man standing in the kitchen doorway. It was Bryan. He must have heard Veronica’s loud sensual moans. A sound he was very familiar with. Peter wanted to stop, but all he could think about was the dugout conversation when Bryan said he thought of Peter as an asexual being, like a piece of furniture. He would show Bryan he was a real man., an erotic god.

“Am I better than Bryan?” Peter asked loudly

“Yes, you are the best lover I’ve ever had. You’re too much man for me. I beg you to please stop. I can’t take anymore.” Peter let go and shot his load deep inside Veronica. He looked at the toaster and saw Bryan was gone. After the last spasm of his balls, he pulled out of her and moved to the opposite side of the kitchen leaning against the counter. He picked up the blender carafe and chugged down the protein shake. Veronica sat up and watched his muscles flex as he drank. He put the carafe down and stared into Veronica’s eyes. He took the back of his hand and wiped the outside of mouth. She had never seen a more handsome man in her life. “When can I see you again”, she asked breathlessly.

“This was a one shot deal honey. You’re not my type”, Peter answered smugly.

“Please I’ll do anything you want.” She pleaded. Peter smiled; the power in this relationship had just switched sides. •

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