Destiny Rewound


By Clarence591

Peter walked to his locker with Raymond trailing behind. He stood in front of his locker bending and straightening his arms forcing the blood to rush into his swollen muscles. “God, what a pump I’ve got going. I can almost feel my muscles growing”, Peter said staring at his arms, “Nothing feels fucking better in the morning”.

Raymond, who moved his locker to be closer to is work-out partner, sat on bench exhausted, “If you say so”.

“Thanks for coming in a little earlier this morning, Ray. I just don’t think one hour is enough time to get a real work out. An hour and half doesn’t seem long enough either. Hey, maybe we can do our cardio after work, that way we can concentrate on lifting in the morning.” Peter said excitedly.

“You want to work-out twice a day. I don’t think I can handle that, Peter. I’m already exhausted trying to keep up with you in the morning” Raymond responded after finishing the contents of sports drink bottle.

“How can you be exhausted after that work-out?” Peter asked sitting down on the bench a few feet from Raymond. He started to remove his socks and shoes. “I always get a huge burst of energy afterwards. It’s so exhilarating to feel your muscles work against the machines. Don’t you love the way your mind takes over your body pushing out reps and weights it doesn’t want to do. Making your muscles do what you command, forcing them to grow and get stronger. It makes me feel so alive and powerful”. Peter looked off into the distance only coming back to reality after realizing his cock was starting to get pumped up too. He turned to Raymond who was looking at him with a confused expression.

“You’ve become one of them” Raymond said.

“One of who?” Peter asked while nonchalantly adjusting his cock in his shorts.

“A jock” Raymond answered. Peter just shook his head and laughed as he stood to put his sneakers away. “Don’t laugh, Pete, its true. For the past month, since we started working out again after your accident, you’ve changed. And I’m not just taking about your pretty face. Your body and personality have changed too. You’ve added an incredible amount of muscle in a very short period of time. You have almost no body fat. You attack the machines like a grunting animal. You’ve more than doubled the amount of weight you use on each lift, almost tripling your bench press and curls.”

“Man, you are fucking nuts. True, I’m in better shape than I’ve ever been. But no way in hell am I a jock. Those guys are total jerks. Plus you’re born a jock, you just don’t become one” Peter said as he striped off his sweat soaked t-shirt, revealing his ripped, muscular torso. “And if you call me a jock again I’ll pound your ass into the ground, dude”.

“Did I also mention your increased confidence and aggression”, Raymond said with a smile.

Peter gave a soft laugh and then stepped out of his shorts. He stood in front of Raymond wearing only a jock strap. Peter had only been wearing one for the past 2 weeks. He found he needed the extra support to keep his cock and balls from flopping around when he exercised. “We better get in the showers or we’re going to be late for work”. Peter stretched his body flexing every muscle. When Raymond didn’t respond with his usual sarcastic comment, Peter turned to look at him. He saw Raymond staring at the bulge in his jock. Peter moved is hands to the front of his crotch. It took both hands to cover his semi-hard package. Raymond slowly moved his eyes up Peter’s lean physique until he met his gaze.

Raymond stood up and moved closer to Peter. He put his hand on Peter’s shoulder and whispered into his ear, “I would love to discuss you pounding my ass in more detail.” Raymond walked away down a narrow hall and disappeared behind a door. Peter grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist. He then followed Raymond after scanning the room to make sure no one was watching. He closed the door to what appeared to be a storage closet and turned to see Raymond standing naked in the tiny room. Raymond put his hands on Peter’s upper arms and whispered “flex for me”.

“What?” Peter asked trying to figure out if Raymond was serious. He looked over his partner’s form. He always thought Raymond and he had similar physiques. But now Raymond looked so small and frail. Peter thought it would be so easy to snap his thin arms like twigs. Even his skin was pale compared to Raymond’s olive tone.

“Flex for me please. I want to feel how hard your new muscles are”, Raymond said still caressing the taller man’s arms. Peter raised his arms to shoulder height and bent them at the elbows. His biceps swelled to almost the size of baseballs. Raymond moaned, “Your arms are incredible; so big and hard”. Peter suddenly realized Raymond was worshiping him. He couldn’t believe another man was lusting after his muscles. A rush of pleasure overtook Peter’s body as Raymond started to lick his biceps. After a few moments, Raymond moved his hands over Peter’s shoulders and onto his chest. Peter flexed his pecs instinctively. Raymond licked Bryan’s left nipple. “So strong”, he commented as he moved his hands over Peter’s chest and down the small ridges of Peter’s stomach. Raymond pulled at the towel around Peter’s waist and it fell to the floor. Raymond went down to his knees and caressed Peter’s flexed thighs. He pushed his face into Peter’s jock massaging the growing bulge with his nose and tongue. Raymond put a hand on each of Peter’s hips and grabbed the waist band of the jock strap. He looked up at Peter and asked, “May I”. Peter nodded yes and Raymond pulled down the jock exposing Peter’s manhood. Raymond started to lick and suck Peter’s balls, while massaging his thick cock in his hand. Raymond kept using words like: “huge”, “thick”, “long”, and “hard” over and over between moans. Peter was on verge of exploding. Suddenly Raymond stopped and asked, “Did you want me to continue the blow job or do you want to pound my ass now?” Peter just grabbed the back of Raymond’s head and forced him into his crotch. Raymond started to deep throat Peter’s rod. Peter released his load violently in Raymond’s mouth. Raymond started to choke but didn’t stop sucking; he wanted to take in every drop of Peter’s juices. Raymond put his left cheek on the top of Peter’s right thigh watching his mighty cock deflate. He said “thank you” three or four times as he ran one hand over Peter’s ass and the other over his undulating abs. Peter gently ran his fingers through Raymond’s hair as he caught his breath. After a minute, Raymond stood up and put his clothes back on. As he passed by Peter to walk out the door he stopped and said, “See Peter, looking like a jock isn’t all bad”.

Peter tried to understand what had just happened. Did he really look like an jock? He pulled on his supporter and wrapped the towel around his waist. He started to walk to the showers but stopped when he passed the mirrors in the sink area. He looked around again to make sure no one was watching him, then he started to caress his face. He traced the contours of its bone structure. Turning his face from one side to the other; lifting his chin to see his strong jaw line. Maybe he was truly handsome now. He turned his attention to his body. He flexed his arm and was surprised by the size of his bicep. He ran the fingers of one hand down the center of his chest showcasing his muscle separation. He felt how hard his pecs were and how their squared off shape made him look more manly. He flexed his abs and felt the small individual muscles that made up his eight pack. His skin was so thin and supple without a single blemish. He removed the towel and flexed his thighs feeling the corded muscle that popped out. He pulled the waist band of his jock lower and ran his finger along the grooves created by his hip bones. He couldn’t believe how lean he was now. He traced the thick veins that seem to concentrate around his cock; he cupped his package in one hand trying to understand why it was so much heavier and larger than just two months ago. He felt very strong and masculine. Maybe he did have the body of an athlete. Maybe Raymond was right and he did look like a jock. He started to get hard again. He took his eyes off his on reflection when he noticed someone was behind him. He turned and saw Marc standing there in the nude, watching him. Marc slowly looked up and down Peter’s improved physique before staring into his eyes for what seemed like an eternity. With no expression, Marc just walked away without looking back.


Bryan and Peter sat next to each other in Dr. Soren’s waiting room. Bryan scanned the room until he came to reception desk. There were two attractive nurses staring in his direction with seductive smiles on their faces. It caught Bryan off guard; it had been a long time since anyone looked at him that way. He didn’t realize how much he missed that kind of attention. Since the wound on his face finally healed he did feel better about his appearance. Peter told him he should make up a macho story about how he got the prominent scare; fending off a shark attack while searching for sunken treasure in Bora Bora or in a bar fight against a gang of Hell’s Angels. Bryan did his best to return the seductive look but got no response. Peter put down the magazine he was reading to get a drink of water. Bryan watched the women follow Peter’s every move. Giggling to each other has he bent down to put the paper cup under the low spigot. Bryan’s heart sank. Dr. Soren came out to get Bryan, but not before he talked with Peter for several minutes. Bryan watched the doctor touch Peter repeatedly during their laughter filled conversation.

“You must be ready to get those casts off. The usual six weeks drives most of my patients crazy, I’m sure the past two months seemed like a torture test.” Dr. Soren said as both he and Bryan entered an examination room. The doctor removed the cast from Bryan’s arm and leg. “Your arm is healed, but I’m still concerned about your knee. If it doesn’t heal properly you may end up with a permanent limp. I had hoped your hormone levels would increase by themselves, since you said you were athletic; but that hasn’t happened.”

Bryan looked at his two arms, even though one was in a cast for the last eight weeks, both arms looked equally thin and pale. “Doctor I was a great athlete in high school. I’ve always been a big guy, the strongest man at my gym. I don’t know what’s happening to me. My arms are so thin now and I feel weaker every day. Plus I keep getting fatter even though I’m hardly eating anything. It’s like I have someone else’s body.” Bryan said in frustration.

“There are many diseases that can cause rapid muscle degeneration; but none of them caused by a car accident. I’ll schedule some blood tests and a MRI to eliminate the possibilities to make your feel better. But I’m sure we won’t find anything.” The doctor said dismissing his patient’s concerns while looking like he cared. He didn’t believe the man in front of him was ever an athlete. Nobody sees themselves as the really are. “In the meantime, I think we should increase your steroid doses and try some electrical stimulation therapy on your knee to help your recuperation.” The doctor made a few notes on Bryan’s chart then held it to his chest and with an inquisitive look asked, ”Is Peter dating anyone right now?”.

“What? No, I don’t think he is. Doctor what is electrical stimulation therapy?” Bryan stammered out.

“Oh it’s nothing for you to worry about. I’ll have my nurse schedule an appointment for you. Come now, we mustn’t keep Peter waiting. I’m sure finding the time to bring you here wasn’t easy for a young, active man like him” The doctor said thinking more about Peter than Bryan.

Bryan and the doctor came back into the waiting room. Bryan was out of the wheelchair and on crutches, his knee in a new brace. Peter pulled himself away from the three nurses that surrounded him. “Hey, look at you, back on your own two feet again. Well, almost”, Peter said lightly slapping Bryan on the shoulder. “Thanks for everything Doc. I know if I was laid up in bed, there are no one else’s hands I would rather be in”, Peter winked at the older man. eter helped Bryan navigate through the office door. “Until next time dude and duddettes”, Peter said loudly with a wave of his hand over his head.

“Bye Peter”, Dr. Soren said forgetting Bryan.

“Bye Peter”, the three nurses said in unison between giggles. •

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